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  1. +1 Thank you. "Look at this kit! It's just like the tooling of the old 1973 AMT kit. Except it's smaller. And better detailed. They should be ashamed!"
  2. It's like Christmas, every time I come in here. Such amazing detail...
  3. Wow, nice job. What rims?
  4. Appears to be Sophie Ellis Bextor, according to Tin Eye: http://tineye.com/search/151042f530b60d1f8c4e29a0ba6dff42b9384809/?pluginver=
  5. Two observations: 1) Is the "parts breakdown" in a kit considered proprietary? Because similar parts breakdown between two different kits (of nearly identical subjects) really doesn't seem that unusual to me. 2) Wherever one kit had superior detail, it was always the Moebius kit. I'm going through my kit right now ('69 Model King version) and fit and finish look pretty good. Not sure why all the sturm und drang here, but the kit is pretty good so far...
  6. Gotta say, I don't understand where all this vitriol is coming from towards people who'd like to see pictures before purchase. Y'all may have purchased from plenty of resin companies and had great experiences... but seriously, you're comfortable buying from from someone for the first time, site-unseen, upwards of $80? Testimonials from folks here (modelers who are often lightyears beyond the entry-level modeler), while appreciated, are not necessarily a replacement for judging if the buyer can handle the project. I'd buy from Modelhaus (even without pics)... but I've done plenty of resin kits. The tenor of these thread was for any hypothetical new owner to add pics to an online catalog. Sounds like a pretty good plan, IMHO, especially if loyal Modelhaus customers are curious if this hypothetical owner is doing a good job. And none of this detracts from the quality work that the Modelhaus Team has done for all these years.
  7. Y'know, I appreciate honest reviews of kits I'm considering. Good and bad, warts and all. I don't need cheerleaders. But I don't need trolls, either. The new "scuffed" finish has been discussed ad nauseum in these forums, and that it doesn't harm the painted finish a bit.
  8. Geeze-a-loo, ANOTHER ONE. I never would've picked this topic to visit, but clicked in here by accident to find another fantastic model... Congrats on the build so far-
  9. The WalMart item is a toy, right? (Like, with oversized parts and pushbuttons on the roof?) What I'd like is a 1/24 kit of the CT660, maybe as a mixer, but I'm open to ideas. Wonder if anyone will kit it....
  10. Ok, thanks. I'll look for DrCranky's take on the subject. Good luck with the rest of the build. Best-
  11. Sorry, I need a /kidding tag. Kit looks nice, I probably will pick one up. Though, if I were skilled, I'd want to open the hood and drop in a decent facsimile engine...
  12. Nice. I think I'll pick one up. *checks sprues* Closed hood? NO ENGINE? (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
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