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  1. djflyer added a topic in Car Kit News & Reviews   

    The new HRM Chaparral 2
    The new HRM kit of the Chaparral 2 just arrived so here's a look at what you get.  It is definitely a re-pop of the Cox slot car, which is a pretty good place to start.  It has the feel of styrene so I'm not sure what the process is making these is but does fit together well.
    The upper and lower body are bagged together with three smaller bags for HRM's excellent wheels and tires, the structure pieces and smaller detail parts.  Everything is molded in white except the tires, windscreen and taillights.   Not pictured is about 12 smaller pieces that detail the suspension - my camera apparently doesn't like very small bits of white plastic.

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  2. djflyer added a post in a topic Fujimi 15" wheels and vette sawblades.   

    I have some photos and will put them in the News and Reviews

  3. djflyer added a post in a topic Fujimi 15" wheels and vette sawblades.   

    I will see if I can get some good photos and post them.
  4. djflyer added a post in a topic Fujimi 15" wheels and vette sawblades.   

    Not to steal the thread but my HRM Chappy got delivered yesterday.  Typical really nice stuff you can expect from him.  Only odd thing is the body feels more like plastic than resin but no worries there.
  5. djflyer added a post in a topic 1979 Artz VW Golf Bodied Porsche 928.   

    Excellent!!  I had seen some pictures of this car not long ago and added it to the future "build list".  I will definitely be following this one as I picked up the Gunze 928 with the complete driveline.  One thing I noticed from the pictures is it looks like the top has been chopped on the 1:1 (at least compared the Golf/Rabbit kits I have).
    One question is did you extend the engine compartment to fit the chassis?
  6. djflyer added a post in a topic 70 AAR Cuda-Revell   

    I did look through the old threads, unfortunately many of them suffer from Photobucket-blight so many of the pictures that illustrated the problem(s) are no longer visible.
    The post by Darin Bastedo from 2007, Fixing The Revell Aar 'cuda, showed a fix where he chopped the roof and hood area from the Revell '70 cuda and grafted it on to the Monogram 1971 kit.  The pictures showed it as a definite improvement there and echos the previous post by Snake regarding the c-pillar/rear-window area problems.
    This gives me some idea of what to do about one of the most discussed problems.  Thank you all for your information.

  7. djflyer added a post in a topic 70 AAR Cuda-Revell   

    ok, so this thread brings the question I always have when a kit (new or reissue) gets bashed as being junk or all wrong.  In the case of the 24th scale R/M cuda, what EXACTLY is wrong with it?  Dimensions like wheelbase, or size of the rear window, or what?  Wrong scale is not part of the question.
    For any kit my thought process is either like it as is, try to fix what I see or know is wrong with it, or take a pass.  I come to this forum to learn so I would like to hear from the people that know Mopars what makes this one so bad.
  8. djflyer added a post in a topic Porsche 928   

    Definitely underrated and some times maligned by the Porsche purists.  Still a great car and am glad to see the build you have going. Considering how many kits there has been of the 928, I seem to recall only one had a complete driveline.
    Looking forward to what comes next with this one.
  9. djflyer added a post in a topic Fujimi/Revell Ford GT40 kits   

    Thanks for the info. It's sometimes difficult to really see what you get from pics on a vendor site.
  10. djflyer added a post in a topic Fujimi/Revell Ford GT40 kits   

    Thanks for the photos.  Isn't the Renaissance kit supposed to be 24th and the other two 25th scale?  It should be noticeably larger than shouldn't it?  It also looks like a fair amount of visible details despite being a curbside.  Excellent builds on the other two btw.
  11. djflyer added a post in a topic Fujimi/Revell Ford GT40 kits   

    I know Mark IV's technically aren't GT40's (re. the original post).  My question is has anyone seen and/or built either the Renaissance or LMM kits of the MkIV ?  I am curious as to how they compare to the IMC and MPC kits.
  12. djflyer added a post in a topic 1935 Auburn Speedster - The Abysmal Lindberg/Pyro Kit Completely Reworked   

    I would agree with all accolades and say amazing is the best way to describe the transformation.  I saw that kit years ago and its almost unbelievable what you were able to accomplish.
    One question I have is what did you use for the metal exhausts?  They look quite convincing and that is a major focal point in cars of that era.
  13. djflyer added a post in a topic Cadillac Miller Meteor Woody   

    Am really liking this build so far - smooth is good (at least for me). That color looks great and can't wait to see a few more shots of it.  Nice interior also - what did you use for the metal trim on the seats?  It looks very real.
  14. djflyer added a post in a topic Recaster Alert   

    After seeing the heading for this thread I was curious if anything I purchased on the 'bay was a pirated copy.  So far all look legit but I am going to keep checking and file complaints on everyone that turns out like meditrans65.  I looked at his page and he's still at it with a wide range of stuff he's ripped off from other companies.  It also looks like he's trying to up his game with claims of being higher-quality pressure castings.  He seems especially fond of Hobby Design's products, one of which should get him in real trouble.  He's selling copies of their Honda F20C engine listed as "Hobby Design", not Hobby Design-like, or based-on. So he's using their name to promote his copies.
    I did find what looked like the Fireball Modelworks carbs and reported him to eBay for selling unauthorized copies of this and ALL of his items. Everyone that uses this forum should do the same.  Joseph, you should also put something on your homepage in bold print about this guy and warning people about him.
  15. djflyer added a post in a topic BMW 2002 Turbo   

    Dam - curbsides again!  I said it before about the 2002tii and will again - this is definitely one kit that should have engine detail. 
    Maybe there's hope. Scale Production did a resin transkit to provide complete underhood detail for the Belkits Ford Escort. Its amazing - full engine compartment, inner fenders, etc, with your choice of Ford BDA or Lotus Twin-cam.  I have already suggested they do one for the the BMW 2002.