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  1. Desktop Manufacturing, Part 1: 3D Printing

    Agreed also. Discussions I've had with other interested modelers also brought up the idea that this could be a business for the LHS take on. I remember when (decades ago) R/C was becoming popular. The local shop was one of the places you went to to get up and running (flying) and keep things working. They had the people that had the knowledge and they had the parts needed. Perhaps now the LHS could get in the business of printing for people that cant or dont want to take on 3D printing themselves. Obviously it requires investment in quality equipment and having the people capable of doing it, but it could be a good source of revenue.
  2. Desktop Manufacturing, Part 1: 3D Printing

    My opinion has been 3D printing will be/can be a huge plus for the hobby. Parts that cant be produced accurately in regular IM kits can be obtained through specialist suppliers. Specific trim items that were never kitted, and likely never will be, can be produced. Entire car bodies can be done for almost any subject. The capability of offering the same item in almost any scale is also a big plus. But..there is already a fly in the ointment. Apparently Shapeways - the biggest current producer - is not happy with handling all the tiny little pieces that modelers want. They (supposedly) have big price increases or limits coming on how small a single item can be. 3D Model Specialties, one of the biggest vendors there with over 1100 pieces, had plans to shut down or cut back his site as it exists. Negotiations are on going so we'll see what happens.
  3. 1977 1978 1979 Thunderbird progress

    It is looking good for sure! My dad had one of these - '77 in the dark brown with pumpkin orange interior. Drove it to my first high school prom. oh the fond memories.
  4. Man...no nearby RiteAid OR Ollies...I'm sure missing the chance at some good stuff. Those do look really good. Did you check to see what they scaled out to? I'm always curious now that they have that 1/27-1/24 listing, and if I can swap parts with other kits.
  5. Bent spoke Kelseys

    Absolutely fantastic stuff Bill! This is where I think 3D printing can do some great things for the hobby. Thanks also for listing the diameter and width. It matters to me more that they fit the tires I plan to use. And x2 on the Ford Thunderbird wire wheels - I've got a custom '62 project that can use a set. Another project suggestion is the Michelin XWX tires. They were the thing to have starting in the late 60's and other than the Fujimi EM kits, good ones don't exist in kits of cars from that era.
  6. Maserati Boomerang - restoration of my 90's build

    I would love to know Russian also, to get the details on all the work he did. It looks like he even had new (more detailed) wheels 3D printed.
  7. 1948 Chevy

    Did those wheels come with the kit, or was that a parts box item?
  8. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    Don't think I've ever seen this diecast, but they seem to get some interesting stuff. I am a bit curious about the scale "1/24-1/27" Does that mean some parts are once scale and some are the other, or they just couldn't decide? It would be nice if they just made them in 24th scale like (most of) the boxes say. I do recall seeing the series 1 Capri as a kit, but not the Otaki onw shown. I wonder if they did a street version also?
  9. Maserati Boomerang - restoration of my 90's build

    Will do ( I have to find them first). They're both the 1/24 Airfix release.
  10. Maserati Boomerang - restoration of my 90's build

    Excellent ! The brown is a great color also, very suited to the design. I have been a long-time fan of Giugiaro, whether its straight lines or curves, his designs have been some of my favorites. Its too bad some of his best work has never been kitted properly. Now that I think about it I might, I might have one or two in the stash and should do something with them.
  11. Ferrari 288 GTO Spyder

    Definitely....gotta love topless Italians
  12. Model car rims

    The style in the top picture is available from Pegasus (try your local hobby shop first) or their site pegaushobbies.net. The bottom style is available on Shapeways.com through Maple Leaf Modelworks.
  13. Pontiac engine blue

    Thanks guys, that gives me some good options. I can keep going with my Tempest and GTO's.
  14. I'm working on a couple of early 60's Pontiacs and need some Pontiac engine blue. Unfortunately the LHS are sold out of this color from Testors. Does anyone know of a good substitute, even if its a military flat I can still gloss coat it. Thanks
  15. WW II Destroyer KIt

    My dad served on one during Korea, so as a kid we built a model of his ship, USS John Hood. If you want a bigger size Lindberg made a kit called the Blue Devil Destroyer in 1/125 scale, so about 3' long, and capable of being motorized if you want. I dont know if its been re-released since then by Lindberg (or anyone else) but you can find them on ebay.