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  1. Great tip - I will have to try this with the small parts I have waiting for some method of clean-up One thing I have tried that works for pieces the size of car bodies is to seal it. I first do a rough sanding the knock down any major flaws then spread on a thin coat of superglue. I let that dry until no longer tacky but no more than a couple hours. Then sand with finer grit like a 400 or 600 - then prime and paint as usual. So far it hasnt mattered which brand I use, only that its the thinnest formula possible. This works best on pieces printed in what I believe is called SLS as the powdered nylon bodies are somewhat porous. I know that Smooth-On makes a sealer for this purpose but have never tried it.
  2. Ferrari 275 GTB

    I recently acquired one of these kits for a reasonable price so was glad to see the outstanding results of your build. The color and paintwork is fantastic. HRM (Historic Racing Miniatures) makes two great sets of wheels and tires for this car - the 10-hole Boranni alloy wheels or a nice set of 3-piece wire wheels. They come with resin tires that have great tread and are much more to scale.
  3. I see you live in Muskego. I do too. I also have the Jetz cruise night in town on Thursday night. Stop by sometime.

  4. I know you already have the GTC kit, but would their 500 Superfast or 330 GT 2+2 get you closer to the rear bodywork?
  5. What I am seeing mostly (especially when you look at the nose) is a 365 California with a roofline similar to the Dino coupe. Unfortunately I dont recall there ever being a kit of the 365.
  6. mini-tub chassis anyone?

    Sorry for the delay in responding. The reason I'm looking for the mini-tub is the kit came with out the chassis and suspension, else I would be happy to let you have it.
  7. Does anyone know if someone is currently making a mini-tub chassis that might fit a '66 Nova project? I seem to recall one or two guys making them but the only one I can find is (un)Reliable Resin and I'm definitely not sending any of my money in that direction. Thanks in advance.
  8. Kaufman Falcon Tribute

    That sure looks like it. Where did you get that one from?
  9. Forty-Mine: 49 Ford & Probe greenhouse mash-up

    Excellent tribute piece of a great concept car. Another one of those coulda/shoulda built it cars. Maybe not the exact interior as shown but I would still buy one today. Autoart supposedly did an 18th scale diecast but have never seen it.
  10. Kaufman Falcon Tribute

    Thanks for the info. Now I will have to go back and watch those shows again. Have been thinking the Pike Peak car would be a great build and now this thread comes up.
  11. Kaufman Falcon Tribute

    Just curious - what would the correct body/roofline be and was there ever a kit of the car AK actually used? If I recall from the show it was described as a '64.
  12. Interesting that MPC issued a roadster and never the coupe. I wonder if they created their own tool for the body or modified the Airfix tool? I have the "non-Bond" release of the coupe (same box type as the DB6) and detail is about the same level as the Aston. I had some discussion with fellow poster Matt B regarding corrections needed on the DB6. Consensus was the side window area needs to be enlarged/shape corrected, the rear window lies to flat, and the tail needs to be extended back a few mm. The windshield header might also need to be raised, but not certain until the windshield is test fit.
  13. Some recent postings about the DB6 inspired me to post a "whats in the box" pictorial of the Airfix DB6. I had never heard of Airfix doing 24th scale kits so when this one came available I grabbed it quickly. You can see from the box they also did a Toyota 2000 GT, which ties somewhat to another car used in a Bond movie, although that one was a custom built roadster. Having never seen the MPC kit, I cant say if they're related, but MPC did label theirs as 25th scale. The box showed the affects of age, but the contents had never been touched. (The instructions were still folded tightly like they had never been out of the box). Supposedly the "Bond" DB5 tools were modified into this kit, which certainly looks to be the case having both kits. The chassis looks the same other than the addition to the wheelbase along with the required mods to the roofline and tail section. Otherwise, almost all the remaining (non-Bond) parts are identical.
  14. Some kits you know will never be available again . . .

    Thanks for the info. I have never seen the MPC kit and just stumbled across the Airfix kit so I grabbed it right away. I also haven't seen anything that said the two were related, but then again I wouldnt be surprised if they were given the questionable demand for two DB6 kits. The Airfix is definitely 24th scale so MPC would have to intentionally mis-labeled theirs, most likely to appeal to the US market and their focus on 25th scale. I will post pictures of whats in the box under the Kits section.
  15. Some kits you know will never be available again . . .

    Not likely this one will ever be seen again, or the DB5 that the tooling was modified from.