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  1. I was just looking at his site for another post - Ron Olson on Shapeways (3D Model Specialties) has Powerglides with your choice of long or short tailshafts. I think you can get a set of three for around $11.00. (Shapeways goofy pricing makes it cheaper to have a multi-piece set than a single piece).
  2. I have purchased several of his pieces for various projects but nothing to show yet. His stuff does look very good. He did have a facebook page where people were posting their build with his stuff and it looked really good, but the page is gone now. You can get a lot of his things in both 24th and 25th scale (and even larger). I have the BBC transaxle (can you say CanAm?) in both scales and there really is a difference. Ron just posted on his personal page that he's working on a Hellcat motor to fill a void from one of the resin casters. Am guessing a few people will want one.
  3. Ron Olson, who's site on Shapeways is 3D Model Specialties has two-, three-, and four rotor Wankels with various intake sets: https://www.shapeways.com/product/4HYXEZRLR/rotary-20b-1-25?optionId=63196071
  4. I guess the only explanation is someone had alot of extra steel tube laying around. This thing was running around my neighborhood and it was LOUD - check the open exhausts:
  5. I was glad to see this build brought up again, else I might have missed it. Has anyone built the MPC kit - I dont think its related but maybe I'm wrong - and what is your take on it?. I have this one in the stash that looks to have been started years ago but the clear parts are in GREAT shape.
  6. This will be very a very interesting build to watch as I have both the SE Finecast and Fernando Pinto kits of the Ferrari 156 in my stash It will be great to see what detail you bring to this one.
  7. Some of the shots I took at the Roar in 2018 do look more of a matte finish, but it certainly looks like they shined it up a bit for the race. I picked a few of the chassis shots for anyone that's interested.
  8. Definitely looking forward to seeing this one but no doubt it will be pricey. It will be interesting to see what they decide to include.....
  9. Looking forward to seeing this build as well seeing as I have a few planned myself. The colors look great but one advisory I would say is the finish really isnt flat but does have some gloss to it. Shot this at night at Daytona 2018 and you can see the sheen under the lights. I dont know if you're planning to add extra detail but I have shots with the body work removed.
  10. Fantastic build of a classic old race car. The added details are above and beyond. It sure makes me hope we will see Fisher re-build in the future.
  11. This is another one of those cars that is (almost) painfully underserved in the model world, especially considering its rather iconic status in sports cars - both the 100-6 and the 3000. One of these days I will have to pop for that K&R kit of the 3000.
  12. Not sure if you have a tight budget but there is also the K&R Replicas white metal kit of the 3000 in 24th scale. http://www.kandrreplicas.co.uk/kar2424.htm
  13. Interesting. It appears from the box that the rest were all going to be 24th scale. Guess I'll have to get the Marui kit if I want that scale. (Cant start building 20th scale now)
  14. The back of the Revell Toyota F1 box showing the releases for the series was maybe the most intriguing. Am very curious if the Ferrari 312T was ever issued.
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