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  1. Have one of these also on the shelf so will be interesting to see it built. HRM does make a resin engine kit, but you have to add some of the underhood detail yourself. They also have Dunlop racing tires for the 250 GTO - also designed for the Fujimi kit so not sure if they'll fit the Gunze rims.
  2. Excellent! I was wondering if this one was ever done as a kit, or did you do the conversion all your self?
  3. Its a resin body kit from ebay, did come with interior, wheels and bumpers though. Kinda rough but the shape looks pretty good and I figure could be something special with some extra work. (sorry for the bad cell phone pic)
  4. I have a couple of 1964 Pontiacs - Grand Prix and Catalina - that I'm collecting info and parts for. Am wondering what colors the chassis were painted - shades of black, color primer with body color overspray, etc? Thanks in advance.
  5. Sure did - can't miss this one if at all possible. Line was out the door as usual but as always great deals (unbuilt Monogram MG TC for $3 and Porsche 904 for $12) along with a bunch of needed parts. This was the last year for the miscellaneous loose parts according to the signs tho.
  6. Its interesting with past artists like Syd Mead, the future was supposed to be long and sleek and low-slung (love that gull-wing limo) but what the car makers are leaving us with is the exact opposite - big metal boxes of SUV's.....yuk..... Another concept artist who's work I find amazing is Bo Zolland. His digital creations cover everything from street rods to muscle cars to boats. Lots of things in his portfolio I would love to have on my bench...and in my garage. Sometimes not-too-subtle enhancements to a old design, sometimes more a complete re-imagining, but always close enough to say "build me". And some have been, like the new-gen Trans Am. .
  7. Gary is definitely a favorite - his style with old stuff, new stuff, hot rods, trucks, fantasy builds, etc Lots to be inspired by in his artwork - I would love to build many of his designs.
  8. Picked these two up at the WAMC show/swap last weekend. Both were under $35 and complete and unbuilt. I did measure them and they both came up with a fraction of 24th scale (the SC/Rambler is a bit narrow from listed specs). I had never heard of the "Pro Street AMX kit before.
  9. Just picked up a mint JoHan AMX and SC/Rambler. The AMX has the chassis/underbody with molded in driveline and rear end assembly, while the SC/Rambler does not. Both measure out to within a fraction of 24th scale.
  10. But if you read the response Jon received it says "continues to sell the Testors brand in the US and Canada". It doesnt deny halting sales and shipments outside of North America, nor does it say anything about future plans.
  11. Excellent! How ever soon your schedule allows would be great. I still have some figuring to do on all of the other stuff. Will keep watch on this one for some more ideas on what to do with mine.
  12. Looking forward to seeing more updates on this crazy cuztom build. You are the 25th scale George Barris - and I mean that in a good way. Some wild ideas, some subtle ones added in and some great build techniques. Did you every find where that dash came from? It would suit a project I just got the body for.
  13. Now look what you made me do. After this thread got brought back, I read it again from the beginning and was amazed by the great custom and repair work that was done to a severely damaged body. Then this shows up on the bay, and well, you know.... (I even have a spare Lindberg '64 Dodge Super Sport with no body). So Bill, what say you to re-popping the missing cowl piece for me?
  14. What paints have you found that match these two colors the best?
  15. I hadnt seen that style cross-ram before - will definitely have to do some shopping. And your warning is duly noted. 😉
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