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  1. There are several sites on Facebook that have live auctions where I've seen the Revell Del Ray kits. One is called "Its All Junk" where they do live auctions on fb and some of the kits go much cheaper than ebay. "It's All Junk" Junk Yard & Live Auctions (SCALE MODELS)
  2. Got this little stash for just about $60 at the swap meet in Waukesha this past weekend. Not seen are a Scale Motorsports carbon fiber decal sheet and a Ricambi '73 Targa Florio winner decal and a Maisto 24th scale Saturn Sky Redline diecast. The bag kits are two AMT Penske PC-6's, and an AMT '65 Bonneville rebuilder body and interior. The Monogram Miller Mustang was missing wheels and tires, and the Repsol Escort was missing some decals but else everything was complete. Still couldn't find bumpers for my JoHan '71 Comet though.
  3. Excellent build and great color choice. This certainly makes me want to dig mine out of the stash.
  4. Got mine yesterday in SE Wisconsin - zip 53150. (was getting kinda concerned - whew, finally)
  5. For anyone that might be interested Calvin Sallee at Classic Racing Resins is currently offering this deal on his conversion and Fujimi base kit together (while supplies of the Fujimi kit last). https://hobbitime.myshopify.com/products/1-24-fujimi-ford-gt-40-1966-shelby-american-daytona-conversion-combo
  6. djflyer

    GT 40

    The Fujimi kits (and Revell reboxes) are the best overall for the Mk2 and the Mk1's as they appeared in 1966 and later. All of them have the common nose design with minor variations in ducts and radiator outlets. Sadly, none of them have complete driveline detail, but those can be had in the aftermarket (HRM's engine kit is excellent). The kits of the Mk1's from before 1966 can suffer from inaccuracies in certain areas and/or lacking in detail. None have correctly caprtured the cars as they appeared at Daytona in 1965 for example. The IMC (and later reboxing by Union) kits do have complete driveline and suspension detail but the fit can take some work to get right. One area to explore is the slot car and resin market. Fortunately the GT40 appeared at the height of the 24th scale slot car craze, so there were alot of bodies available. The early roadsters - GT108, GT111, and the X1- were available as slot bodies (by Monogram and Lancer respectively). Some later resin kits were based on those slot bodies. As with the early kits, these can also suffer from inaccuracies in overall shape so work from period photos of the cars you want to recreate. Bonus is that most of the slot bodies are 24th scale and will drop on the Fujimi chassis. Blue body (L) unknown mfg, white body (R) KB/Aurora 25th scale GT40 roadster (GT108/GT111) - Monogram (L), GT40 X-1 roadster - Lancer (R)
  7. What I get from the web page you linked is that the K1 originally had rear fenders same as the 911 RSR, but this was later changed. The kit supposedly represents the later ("second style") of rear fenders. At least that's how I understand it. Nice that he provides detail information like the correct tire sizes.
  8. The Gunze release (kit G118) appears to be the same body as the one you have molded in white. This kit has a chassis set up for batteries and a motor to be installed and almost no interior detail except the seat, dash, and partial roll hoop. The white chassis in the pics is one I was fitting from a Fujimi Em series 911 Carrera Targa. (my apologies for the less than stellar cell phone pics)
  9. I have that boxing of the 934/5 but will have to dig it out of storage to have a look. Should have it by tomorrow.
  10. Great news there - I have been watching the site for both the Borrani's and the Weber carbs. (The updated ones look great!) So beside that, how about that motor I'm seeing underneath those Webers?
  11. I will have to brush up on my finnish it appears! I dont recognize the body from any of the NASCAR's I have - which kit did you use for the body, and which for the chassis (it looks like a non-race chassis)? Thanks again - great stuff.
  12. wow - great (re)build of a very little known car. Have always liked these obscure sports/GT's so would love to know how you made this from a T-bird stocker.
  13. djflyer

    Cars in Songs

    I think at least half of Brian Setzer's songs have something to do with cars but seein' as its already Christmas season (according to the stores) how about this one:
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