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  1. Dream Time: What cars would you like to see modeled?

    Depending on how much work you want to put in, there is this option as a 3D printed body from the vendor Custom Vinyls on Shapeways.
  2. DeAgostini Le Grandi Ferrari diecasts?

    The chrome is definitely too much for those wires, especially on that car. I was thinking of using the pe wires from the 250 SWB but will see when I actually get my hands on the die cast. I suppose a driveline could always be added but I'm not sure how much cutting I'll want to do.
  3. DeAgostini Le Grandi Ferrari diecasts?

    Thanks both of you guys. I never realized these were BBurago based - surprising (and somewhat disappointing) that they dont have any engine detail, but they do seem to look good. That 250 TDF is one of the cars that got my attention. I might swap out the pe wire wheels from one of my Gunze Ferraris once I get my hands on some of the 3D printed ones I have seen previewed on this forum.
  4. 1965 Stingray

    Fireball modelworks has a great set of GM door handles. You get 4 pair for $3.00 - almost too good to pass up. He also has them for GM trucks and two Mopar styles.
  5. I have been seeing more of these available on places like ebay, but have never seen any pictures out of the box or reviews. They have several variants that are not available as kits or from other diecast company. Does anyone have any information about the quality of these and level of detail provided?
  6. Early Ferrari Models 1949-1967

    Does anyone know of good replacements for the tires in the Italeri kits? I have it noted the replace them in both the SWB and NART Spyder kits I have.
  7. Orphaned makes, European and Asian engines by FTB

    The eengine and driveline are molded almost as if to display them outside the car. (Picture of the box). There was also a driveline in kit #g211, but I have never seen it anywhere.
  8. Orphaned makes, European and Asian engines by FTB

    It looks very similar to the one in the Gunze kit (#G215) I have. So far its the only one I've found with a complete driveline.
  9. Revell 1970 Boss 302

    Definitely great paint work - love that color combination. I've had thoughts of building a convert in that scheme. (It will have to be the sportsroof body though as i haven't seen a kit of a '70 drop-top.) Nice build of a kit with somewhat goofy breakdown - who thought of separating the floor pan and 'frame' that way??? I know people comment on the windows but that front-end still bugs me. Maybe if someone does a 3D print conversion for the Revell '69 kit, we can get a correction for the 24th scale out of it.
  10. Union models Lola T70

    What about the AMT kit? That supposedly is 1/24.
  11. Union models Lola T70

    Quick question - does anyone know if this is the same mold as the Lola T70 spider that Tamiya was selling as a slot car body? (I believe they called it the type "LT")
  12. Revell 1966 GTO 2/10/19

    Not sure if you can still make use of these, but 3D Model Specialties has this set of 3x 2bbl carbs available on Shapeways. They look pretty good and you get 5 sets for $11.00
  13. Penske Mustang

    See if you can get Motorsport.tv. They have just about every type of sportscar racing you can think of - lots streams free, annual cost is 40 gbp. The Bathurst 12hour ran free on there.
  14. Ferrari 550 Maranello - Fujimi

    One of my favorite cars - traditional front engine Ferrari GT. So disappointing there's no engine as that's a focal point of Ferraris. Oh well - I guess you could always do this:
  15. Italeri Preview 2019( Cars)

    Fujimi did the F12 Berlinetta in 24th scale, which I believe is the most recent Ferrari kitted.