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  1. 427 Cobra (street car)

    HRM makes a complete kit of the FIA Cobra with the "suitcase" trunk. Its showing as in stock right now on Model Builders Warehouse website ( https://www.modelbuilderswh.com )
  2. Interesting - the website is still up and they list "new products for February" Makes you wonder if someone keeps it going just to take false orders.
  3. Wonderfull 356 engine

    Would that be the Carerra-spec motor? I am thinking about using one in a Monogram 904.
  4. 1/24 Ford GT40 Mk1 engine 3d printed by myself

    I can only echo the superlatives already used for this fantastic work. And definitely am joining the line to purchase - both the 289 and 427. Fantastic work and I am looking forward to updates.
  5. Turbosquid 3D file sale

    For anyone interested in, or has a need for 3D files, Turbosquid has a sale at 30% off selected files. I haven't looked through all of them but there are some interesting vehicles available.
  6. Revel Ford GT Le Mans 2016

    Hot D*** ! I did just come across this on one of the other Japanese sites (Hobby Search) and they are already taking pre-orders for it. Can only hope there will be some level of engine and suspension detail. At least they did it in the right scale for a GT/enduro racer.
  7. 2018 Cannonball Run

    No worries - I have a few other inlines I can come up with something for. I just had a 4-rotor that I thought would be an interesting basis.
  8. 2018 Cannonball Run

    Apologies - I am asking about a Wankel design, not an aviation style. The rotars may turn in a circular motion but all the combustion chambers align in a single plane.
  9. 2018 Cannonball Run

    A question came up during the theme discussion - does a rotary qualify as an inline? It doesn't have a V- or boxer set-up so what say you Rob?
  10. Apparently AMT did (at least ) the 1961 Valiant as part of their 3'n1 Customizing Compacts series (taken from the thread "what did you get today"
  11. Drag racing parts sources?

    I have found several sources of 3D printed parts on Shapeways.com. One advantage is you can choose what scale you want - 24th or 25th scale. I have found good products through 3D Model Specialties, TDR Innovations, and Maple Leaf Modelworks. You can search for them by name or "vehicles 1:24" or "vehicles 1:25" depending on the scale you want.
  12. Moebius Comet... Wild Bubbletop Show Rod

    Excellent work how you lay out the chassis for this. I know the silhouette cutter has a maximum thickness for cutting - how many layers each for the cross braces and side rails?
  13. Pat - I haven't found the other post. Where did you get those from? They look fantastic and you don't usually see the printing support structures from commercial sources.
  14. Monogram Mazda RX-7

    A good source for 13B (or 20B) parts is 3D Model Specialties on Shapeways. He has the 2-, 3- and 4-rotor engines with a variety of intake/exhaust systems. Your choice of 24th or 25th scale.
  15. 1969 Oldsmobile?

    Does any release of this kit have the "Rocket 350" or are they all 455's ?