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  1. Aston Martin DB4

    If you're going period-correct the taller/skinny wheels and tires are more accurate, just the molding of the wire wheels isnt as good as you can get now. (ie. the Fujimi Borrani's). I have a couple DB4's and DB5's and have considering the 3D printed wires I have been seeing, but yours look really good also. I love pretty much everything Aston so will be enjoying this build. (Hey Dann Tier its time to get going on yours too lol)
  2. Water cooled Porsche 911 engines?

    Some recent posts in another thread inspired this question. It may have been asked before but I could not find it in searching. Have any kits of the 911 in 24th/25th scale had a complete water-cooled flat 6? (Used from the model 996/ 1998 to current). I know some kits have the bottom of the engine molded into the chassis, but I'm looking for the top of the engine. I know the "EM" based Fujimi kits have complete engines, but I believe all of those were air-cooled variants.
  3. Porsche Outlaws & Hot Rods

    Maybe this isnt the right thread to ask, but has any kit yet had a complete water-cooled flat six? I've seen some that have the bottom molded into the chassis but I'm more looking for the top detail.
  4. Fujimi 911S '69 and 911R '67 are back!

    I've been looking for the 'R' model for some time but never pulled the trigger (thankfully). I checked one of the Japan sites I order from and the description stated the engine can be assembled in the car or displayed on a stand. Hopefully that's correct so we're getting the full EM series release.
  5. 2019 Shizouka Hobby Show

    Obviously true to both, but it seems odd it would be on display here and not in Japan. They were selling all types of Tamiya kits there, but I never noticed if the TS050 was being offered so I'll have to check the price sheet they were taking orders.
  6. 2019 Shizouka Hobby Show

    I seem to recall the TS050 being on display at the Tamiya booth during the Long Beach GP.
  7. The Pantera WILL have an engine!!

    My suggestion for the engine compartment kit was to have subframe, suspension, inner fenders, and driveline (transaxle at least), and the inner trunk panels. My feeling was there are enough Pantera enthusiasts to make it viable, especially considering the number of different Pantera kits that have appeared.
  8. For anyone wanting to add a little extra detail to their Revell Ford GT - taken at the Long Beach GP. I go to a lot of the IMSA races and its unusual to see these cars with this much bodywork off.
  9. The Pantera WILL have an engine!!

    I have the Mauri kit in the psuedo-Cannonball Run boxing. Guess I'll have to check on the tires now. Its been disappointing that no kits were ever released with a complete driveline. One suggestion I've made to several aftermarket people is an engine compartment kit but no takers (so far). I'll be very interested to see how you do yours. If you're still thinking about drivelines, here are some I was considering: Supercharged Ford V8 - Shelby GT500 or Ford GT Turbo/supercharged Twin Cam 4-cylinder (yeah I know - no V8 rumble). Something like the RS200 or out of the Monogram Mustang GTP A 3- or 4-rotor Wankel - from the Tamiya Mazda 787 or 3D printed (yeah, I already know what you're going to say) Chevy LS9 - several sources but you would have top get the transaxle
  10. Aston Martin DB4

    Excellent! This era Astons are some of my favorite cars and I always enjoy seeing a build of them. It appears the DB5 you have is from the Doyusha kit as my Airfix "Bond" DB5 has the big hole in the roof for the working ejector seat. If you haven's seen it already, forum user Dann Tier has a great detailed build started on the Airfix kit.
  11. Sauber-Mercedes C9 # 61 1989 Le Mans

    Kurt - try eightyone81.com - they were selling the four rotor in resin at one time. I have both that and the 3D printed piece from 3D Model Specialties and they both look pretty good. - ok - back to the Mercedes C9 post - looking excellent !
  12. I built the Testors version of this a while back and now have the Academy re-box ("European Classic Car") which is unchanged, but the quality of molding seems better. Fit of the body parts that have to be attached (front/rear valence, headlight buckets) can be a bit fiddely but are ok if you do some test fitting. The kit shared parts with the 250 GTO so some aren't quite accurate for a California Spyder - door cards and seats are the most obvious in need of replacement. The carbs also if you plan to detail under the hood. Alex Kustov (a frequent poster here) has a great build-up on his Italian Horses website http://italianhorses.net/Gallery/Italeri/Ital250Cal/250CalSp.htm Bill - I cant wait to get my hands on some of those MBW wire wheels - where did you get them???
  13. Serious 3D printing inquiry...

    To respond to your original question - my interests lie in 24th scale (or 25th if the right subject) but YES, I would want a kit of the Esprit GT3 if it were done in 24th scale. Based on the pictures you posted, that Healey would be another. The list other desired subjects keeps growing but I dont think posting them here is what you were asking. As for 3D printed parts, to date I have bought from several vendors but all through Shapeways. They range from engine parts to bodywork. So far I have been verify happy with the quality them - virtually all are equal to or exceed what I might have been able to get from kits (ie. plastic blob carbs) More important to me is they allow build options where I don't have the mad skills at scratch building like you do with plastic or Randy D has in metal.
  14. Liquid plastic

    I have heard of this but never tried it. Have you had any issues with shrinking or cracks over time? Do you use this instead of other fillers in certain situations only or most all of the time?
  15. Wow - amazing sounds. Having that and those screaming Ferrari V12's racing each other had to be fantastic. And talk about irony. I was just opening the box of a Wave (Heller) 917K kit that I picked up recently and the first thing I see when I open the site is this tab. So cool - Thanks Bill.