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  1. Thank you very much. It’s nice to build something without a bunch of carbon fiber decals.
  2. The kit is by Aoshima and is a simple curbside kit. The kit does come with a bunch of detail parts and photo etched logos for all the skyline emblems. A nice touch in a 25.00 kit. The kit also includes two different sets of wheels and a racing set with various interior decals. I weathered the car a bit as I wanted to try some pencils that I had bought. See on the workbench for those pictures. I weathered the wheels and the lower parts of the body and the back of the car a long the bottom. This was done by mixing rust and oil stain together and dry brushing it on. I changed the mirrors to black instead of chrome,just thought it gave it a sporty look. A nice little kit to fill a time gap in other projects. The photo etched was painted . I painted it then sanded off the high spots
  3. Car is now finished. See under glass
  4. All detail is done with the AK pencils. Sharp point for details with light hand
  5. Thank you.. This was a cheap kit to have around to try something new. The fit in the kit is a bit wonky but they give you a bunch of extra parts. Three sets of wheels and extra seat and has photo etched emblems. Not bad for $22.00
  6. I cut the roll car behind the air box to get the dash to meet up and the air box to fit
  7. I filled all the seems on the cage and smoothed out some of the uneven spots. Then it was cleaned off with some mineral spirits. The pedals are in the base stage pedals are raw metal that will get a flat coat . The recessed areas were done with a .005 drafting pen. Two different shades of black were used . After the part is dry some carbon will be added to the base of the pedals
  8. Looks really good . I know this kit is difficult to build
  9. Try using the Tamiya pink primer.
  10. Just a quick update photo. Motor is just mocked up in the chassis. Black is Humbrol Matt black , the other is Tamiya aluminum
  11. The cage still gives me nightmares. I feel with the crispness of the molds and technology they would go a one piece cage. You are right you can’t see all that much. I to have a bunch stalled. Three MFH projects and a Rosberg F1car. I have the body painted but in the process of getting ready to move. I really need to clean out my kits. I’ll post the updated photos later today
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