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  1. They are not the easiest to lay down but with some patience they work
  2. This is the first of 4 of these kits that I have to build. The kit builds very well , with planned instructions. Follow the build sequence in some areas . On the nose I put the lower dive planes on before the vertical ones. Made for a better fit. The color is a Tamiya bright Red over pink primer. The decals are from Indycals. They are super thin and need to be floated on. I found by putting a bit of dish detergent in the water it helped them slide. All the graphics are decals including the black and white areas. If you look in the wip section you will see the interior. It’s wired and has belts added. Carbon is a mix of Tamiya and Scale Motorsports. Then has semi gloss or flat clear added. Need to add the support bars and adjusters on the nose. Waiting for the wire to show up. I will post a few better ones from outside
  3. Found pictures on line from the race team. Search Mustang GT4 interior
  4. This is the new Tamiya Mustang kit. It’s the use Tamiya kit. It just falls together. The color is Tamiya bright Red over Pink primer. The decals are from Indycals and are super thin. They lay down great ,but you need to float them wet onto the body. They will grab very quick if not. The door panels and rear and the center tunnel were done with carbon decal odds and ends. The foil heat shield was made by taking BMF and rubbing it over Tamiya mesh screen. Thanks for looking
  5. Here you bud.. this is the one that I did a while back. I can’t wait to see it finished , off to a great start.
  6. Gt fan

    Ferrari 458

    Thank you everyone...
  7. Gt fan

    Ferrari 458

    I found this half finished in a box so I decided to just throw it together real quick. The color I think is sunrise or golden yellow by Tamiya. It’s been awhile started it about 5yrs ago if not longer. It’s box stock except for the carbon decals on the mirrors and at the lower door . MFH Ferrari logos were used as well. Thanks for looking
  8. I always wished Tamiya did the 95 Cobra r kit as a race car back then. Instead of the street car
  9. I’m sure splash or someone soon will have the paint out. Saw the car run ,it’s close to the Menards NASCAR color.
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