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  1. More wires added and Top Studio weld lines are being added to the radiators. The fittings were painted black to blend the in. Thanks for looking
  2. I’ve had this kit out a few times and finally decided to finish it. For a Hiro kit the details are basic but ok.. you need to do a bit of sanding and fitting of parts before painting and glueing. Detail wire is from various manufacturers and the carbon decals are from Tamiya. The motor is a metal lump that goes into the rear plate. With the rear roll bar and radiators you won’t see much of it when the body is on. Thanks for looking
  3. A friend of mine uses one and thought it was a great idea. The base is adjustable to fit just about any small scale kit. 43rd-20th Scale. I have tried some larger things. Base is metal so it has weight to it. Found it on Amazon
  4. Thanks for pointing that out .. didn’t notice
  5. They are not the easiest to lay down but with some patience they work
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