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  1. Gt fan added a post in a topic Tamiya Mercedes 300SL "Gullwing"   

    Well done. Building one myself now. 
  2. Gt fan added a post in a topic 2018 Indy Cars   

    I just wish someone would do a kit. Maybe with Alonso racing something may pop up. Fingers crossed
  3. Gt fan added a post in a topic Current race car decal question   

    True most new race cars are wraps. Cheaper to fix it there is damage. I use to do graphics for a few teams that raced it was all printed on a semi gloss vinyl . Test cars are wrapped see photo

  4. Gt fan added a post in a topic Nacho Z's hobby room   

    Very nice...I need to get my own space
  5. Gt fan added a post in a topic C7R Decal Sheet   

    This is what I have. I did the camo Pratt and Miller car

  6. Gt fan added a post in a topic C7R Decal Sheet   

    I may have what your looking for. I will post a picture for you of what I have tomorrow. Back home from business. 
  7. Gt fan added a post in a topic Cup of noodles   

    Thanks for the kind words everyone . Nacho Z where's that challenge car? My next build is going to have no decals or carbon!.
  8. Gt fan added a topic in Under Glass   

    Cup of noodles
    I just finished this , been a labor of love. It is the Panoz cup of noodles sponsored car that ran at Lemans. The kit is from Lemans Minatures. The decals are the hardest part of the kit. Each dragon is three separate decals. The hardest is the one that goes behind the drivers head. It has to lay over a bunch of different curves. The carbon fiber  decals are from the kit and from Scale Motorsports. Tamiya paints were used .

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  9. Gt fan added a post in a topic Stradasports   

    I saw he had a few decal sets on ebay ,but not much more. 
  10. Gt fan added a post in a topic Jaguar XJR-8 Test version   

    That looks really good. Well done
  11. Gt fan added a post in a topic This years DTM cars   

    All we need now is just a good kit of one. COME ON TAMIYA !!!!
  12. Gt fan added a post in a topic Porsche 911 GT3R   

    Very cool!!
  13. Gt fan added a post in a topic Porsche 911 GT2   

    Well done!!!!
  14. Gt fan added a post in a topic C7R Pratt & Miller   

    Thanks everyone !! For taking the time to view and those that posted a reply. 
  15. Gt fan added a post in a topic C7 -R test car   

    The kit is now finished see under glass . I had to buy two kits. The first kit the glass did not fit. Revell did replace this. The wheels are to thick in the spokes. I thinned them down with some needle files. I didn't use the axles in the kit or the brakes. The brakes on mine are from a lambo gt3 kit. The centers just had to be drilled out. I re-drill the mounting location to lower the car. Front and rear. I heard of a body fit issue in the dash area so I sanded down the front lip of the dash (the one where it lays under the windshield and above the firewall. The is part of the roll cage that passes under the dash. I cut the cross bar off and the bar sat lower to the chassis . The intake in the back sits to high as well. I trimmed of the mounting tabs to make it sit lower . This way the hood sits nice and flat. When mounting the body,I glued the back to the aero tray and just a little on top of the firewall. If you glue the nose down to the chassis the hood does not fit in the front at all. The kit is very toy like ,but can be built into something nice. Scale Motorsports now has a full detail set for the kit. By the way I cut off the wart on the roof as the test verison pics I found did not have them. Carrera slot car has a nice set of wheels in 1/24 from one of there cars. Being in the Uk I'm sure you can get them easy. Just cut off the gear.  Would love to see Le Mans live some day. Hope this helped if more info is needed send me a pm. Here's a finished photo .