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  1. This is the third project that I have started on. It’s a old formula Canada kit that I forgot I had. The entire kit is resin with a very few photo etched parts. Comes with some very sharp printed decals. The white base is the reissued model kit ramp truck wedge. A 72 Chevy ramp truck will complete the build. If anyone has any pictures of this car on a truck please share them , it would be greatly appreciative. The kit is in the mock up form as there is some flash on parts and I’ll dry fit 5he kit before anything else
  2. You can get the pencils at megahobby.com in the search bar type in AK you will find them. They are sold as sub sets and. A full set and individual. Singles are $2.39 . They can be used dry or wet. Look on AK interactive website , l really like them
  3. Thank you,, the color is Testors Nassau Blue, I had a can laying around and it looked like a good 70’s color. It has one coat of Testors wet look clear on it. Came out pretty good , I’m more familiar with Tamiya sprays . Interior will be grey . Pencils worked very well and easy to use , you have to keep them sharp. I just ordered more from Mega Hobby.
  4. This is just a quick build to kill some time while my Ferrari is drying. I wanted to try some new weathering pencils from AK that I picked up. Chassis and body were all done in about 4hrs . Chrome on the body was done with a 1mm Motlow chrome pen. I will add black details after it drys. The pencils are wonderful to work with and have a great results. The were sold individual or in sub-sets or a complete set. Dash gauges were done with pencils as well
  5. Body is in base primer. Some spots need attention. I picked up these pencils for details they seem to work really good for shading and picking bolts out
  6. Butt ugly car.. the guy down the street just got one.. nice to Tamiya do a new kit ,
  7. Alex.. well done on the four kits. Your building talent has always been an inspiration to me. I still refer back to your mfh f40 for inspiration. Great to have you back , build them all ,don’t save them because they will just reissue them. Cheers to good health and great building
  8. Gt fan

    Alfa Romeo GTA

    Pat ..looks really good. Well done. Always liked this kit
  9. Got the interns ready and some color on the front and rear inserts. Black is Humbrol Matt black. I haven’t used the body colors but the blacks ( Matt and semi ) work very well. Interior is taped out for the sliver bare metal color. I was able to tape the cage and remove it as a unit. A little disappointed that the motor detail , it’s like old school Tamiya with just the motor top.
  10. Your patience is differently tested on one of these .
  11. Thanks for the compliment.. it’s super frustrating at points. An hour into it just about became a yard dart.
  12. Had this sitting around and was looking for something different after my last 43rd kit. The kit is by MFH and it’s one of there proportion kits, gives you a bit more detail than a curbside kit. Kit is made up of resin and white metal. I will be building the Ver B kit , Risi Ferrari is the team. The car is in a mock-up stage as if you even built a mfh kit you have to fit before anything. The cage bars came twisted up pretty bad because of how thin they are. I tracked them together with Aaron Alpha super glue some of the best glue you can get. Then they were bent back to shape. The process took about 2hrs to complete. The glue and filler needs to be sanded out and smooth now. I will post as many pictures a long the way as I can. Help is always welcome.
  13. Look really good. Nice job with this kit
  14. Looking really good. Well done. Like the weathering.
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