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  1. Mustang GTS 2 Daytona 95 ( Paul Newman)

    That’s a really cool kit. Who makes it?
  2. Mazda 787

    Off to a great start. Well done
  3. Mustang GTS 2 Daytona 95 ( Paul Newman)

    After searching for two months to find some decals after the ones I had exploded as soon as water was added, I’m back at it. The decals were sorced out of England buy purchasing another kit. This time I sprayed clear over the sheet before using it. Body color is Tamiya bright White. The body just needs some clear added and the black trim done. The interior is just about finished, just mocked up for the photos. I wish they did more of these kits because you could have a fleet of them.
  4. Don Garlits Swamp Rat VI

    Very well done. Looks really good.
  5. Swamp Rat 33 43rd scale

    Finished this one up while watching the Lemans race. A super kit ,if you want to build something different. The kit is full resin which is super smooth and requires very little clean up. The rear push bar looks to be 3D printed. Decals are great and lay down very well. Pen was used to show the scale size of the kit.
  6. Swamp Rat 33 1/43rd

    With my Newman Mustang on hold because the decals exploded. This showed up today in the mail. A great little kit from a company named Dwindle. This kit can be built two different ways and is a quick build at only 19pcs and two very crisp decal sheets. It’s nice to get an extra sheet. They make a few different kits and even some current cars. The new Honda kit looks great. All the major decals are on the body. I’m building the version with the fin.
  7. Looking for a 2011 Flying Lizard Porsche transkit

    What are you looking for in the kit? St 27 did one that gave you the nose and rear bumper.
  8. Niki Lauda dead at 70

    A sad day in F1. Met him when I was in Monaco at the race , it was one of the greatest days to be able to chat for 10min.The signed program is one of my greatest treasures in my collection.
  9. 2018 Jimmy Johns K. Harvick Build

    Looks outstanding. The details are well done. Great job.
  10. Toyota Gazoo Racing

    I’ve been fooling around with the car in photo shop. Trying different color schemes. Maybe something retro. Very interesting kit.
  11. Toyota Gazoo Racing

    The sheet that is flipped over in the decal pack is all the carbon you can see on the car if you were walking around it. Doesn’t look like no interior carbon.
  12. Toyota Gazoo Racing

    This just arrived via japan today. A great surprise to find at the front door. Curbside kit with some great detail. All the black on the body looks like it’s painted. Paint masked are supplied. The color separating lines are in the panels. Makes lining up the template easier. A weird car. I wish they raced it in the old Gurney colors of White , Orange, Red. The roof is a satin chrome
  13. Mustang GTS 2 Daytona 95 ( Paul Newman)

    Got the interior cleaned up and painted . I have some of the detail painting started . All details are molded in. The seat a cage were just set on for reference. I had to fix a small chip in the body. Very tiny but annoying. You can see the white putty used to fill it. Body will get primed tomorrow.
  14. Tamiya Ford GT

    Looks very good. Well done.
  15. 2019 Motorcraft Ford GT

    Looks really good Jay.. well done