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  1. Audi sport Quattro S1 updated 1/15/19

    Thank you .. hope to have it done soon.
  2. Audi sport Quattro S1 updated 1/15/19

    The decal instructions are vague in some of the placements. I’ve been using a photo of the race and car . The decals are good though. Lay down very well.
  3. Audi sport Quattro S1 updated 1/15/19

    The HB logos are hidden in the detail set. I like the snow tire, love this picture, this is the look that I am going for. Notice on the front no HB logos. This picture has the drives names on the door. The ones I’ve been using have them on the fenders.
  4. Audi sport Quattro S1 updated 1/15/19

    Most of the main decals are in place now. All that has to be added is the license plates and rally event plates. In the kit they give you a etched plate for the rally event plate and the license plate , on photos that I’ve seen it looks to tight to the body to be a metal plate. Any help on these would be great. Here is the progress . Now it’s off to dry for a few days.
  5. Audi DTM A4

    Well done.. great job.
  6. Audi sport Quattro S1 updated 1/15/19

    One side done with all the base decals. The trick is keep the thin navy line and the pinstripes all in line. One tip... if you add the rear wing on before putting the c pillar decal on,you will need to trim it a bit.
  7. Retro Ford GT at 2019 Daytona 24

    Saw this while on Motorsports.com They look great. Some please make the decals
  8. Audi sport Quattro S1 updated 1/15/19

    Yes. I use the Microsol stuff. The decals do stick . I grab the decal with tweezers and dumb it in the decal set bottle real quick. I have even used a bit of flat clear over them,because it is a sewn on patch.
  9. Audi sport Quattro S1 updated 1/15/19

    I noticed that a bit to late into the build. The interior in the Audi is very small. From were the seat mounts,the Tamiya drive was a tight squeeze. There feet are against the firewall. . Drives look good in your car.
  10. Audi sport Quattro S1 updated 1/15/19

    Let the decal madness begin. Started adding the front fender decals. The yellow part over the front wheel needs to be trimmed after it is applied. There is a trim line that can be followed. The fender decal is probably the hardest one. Goes over the hood wart and though the fender vent. Decals are a bit thick,but got it to bend with red label set and a hair dryer.
  11. 2011 LeMans winning C6R GT2

    I maybe wrong, but studio 27 make a kit of this car a few years back. A while ago Hobbyeasy.com had some on sale.
  12. Silk Cut Jaguar XJR-8 Sprint Type

    Looks very good. Great job with the decals, I know there not the easiest to work with.
  13. Audi sport Quattro S1 updated 1/15/19

    Got back to doing some building today. Interior is just about done. The arms and heads need to be added as well with the spare tire. I need to make the hold down straps for it. In the one picture it’s just mocked in.i need to do a bit of weathering on the door panels and they go on. The body is primed and drying.
  14. BMW M3 1/7/19 update

    Looking good Dale. Off to a great start.
  15. Audi sport Quattro S1 updated 1/15/19

    I had some time to do a few more things today. I love days off from work. Started working on the drivers and the belts. A bit disappointed in the detail kit as it does not give you enough material to make the full belts. I think they need to give you two pairs of ribbon. I have plenty in the supply box😃. The drivers came from a Tamiya kit. I used the panel line detail in dark grey to pick out some of the wrinkles in the suit. Red line was done with a medium Sharpie. Suits were painted flat white. I put the body on just for a mock up.