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  1. The yellow wheels look really good. I think some one made a aftermarket decal set for this car. I think it was on Hobbyeasy.com
  2. Nice looking kit. The clean up is half the battle sometimes. off to a great start
  3. Boost knob is complete and ready to be installed. Knob was made from a breather sanded down
  4. After looking at a few more pictures of this car” that changed all the time” I noticed that there is a boost control next to the driver. With the kit being a pretty basic curbside one wasn’t present. Time to build one. The bracket was made out of left over rally car parts the controller is a left over coil with the top sanded off. The fittings are #1 size crimp tubes . I also use these behind the dash. It gives the wires a finished look. The boost gauge was in the kit.
  5. Only sand the interior area and just where you need the frame to clear and make it a curbside. Get yourself a Dermmel and just take you time.
  6. Very nice. super clean build. Well done
  7. Job well done Dann. The attention to detailing is on the money. I can appreciate the time and effort. Outstanding!!
  8. They were a bit rough. I used some needle files and some small sanding sticks and sanded each one. I’m happy with the way they came out. I was just worried about breaking them
  9. What seems like a 1000 pinholes ... time for primer again
  10. Scale production makes a great set of wheels for this car. They have separate centers and metal rings.
  11. Off to a great start. Car is looking very good.
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