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  1. Just over 1$ cad here now but was +-30 cents more before.
  2. http://www.amazon.com/Universal-Holder-Clamp-Jewelers-Engraver/dp/B00ATGB9PU maybe that will help. I'll post a picture tonight.
  3. I have found jewellers clamps have been useful for clamping weird shaped.
  4. My silicon has dryed up ? I store it upstairs in my house around 15-20 degrees celsius and I dryed out in under 6 months. Whenever I used it I was careful not to mix the two parts. Is there a way to make it last longer? Part a is solid and part b looks separated, I think part b can be mixed together though.
  5. I got me a amt alacart and model a roadster glue bomb. Jimmyflintstone 26 t roadster 29 coupe revell slingster new tool and new 29 roadster. http://www.ebay.ca/itm/AMT-DOUBLE-29-MODEL-A-FORD-ROADSTER-ALA-KART-3-IN-1-MODEL-KIT-BARRIS-1960s-/201517678554?hash=item2eeb63bfda:g:XboAAOSwL7VWs7H1
  6. I read that the 69 was made from the modifiedcmold of the 68. So does that make the 68 less common?
  7. I've seen these go for crazy amounts in the ebay completed auction. Anybody know about how much they are worth? The coronet looks to be about 400 cad according to they ebay auctions? And the chevelle looks to be about 130 cad? I've got a chance to buy these and want to know that I'm not getting ripped off. i just read that it'll be impossible for mpc to make another 1968 coronet kit because they updated their moulds for their 1969 coronet and then their 1970 coronet.
  8. Used parts from a 2 ton die cast and made my own frame. http://i1073.photobucket.com/albums/w391/dmg2014fb/image.jpg6_zpsfwh7q7ee.jpg]
  9. T still needs ignition wires and some steering and fixing the crooked body
  10. It's not letting me uploaded any more photos? I'll keep trying.
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