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  1. I do not care what music they play. I do not care what their religion is. That is not why I do not shop there.
  2. That is entirely incorrect. HL plays nothing but religious music, mostly contemporary Christian. It is all instrumental music though, so if you aren't aware of the source, you'd never know it. I find it interesting that this comes up again on Independence Day.
  3. Italeri has most. MRC has some. Some are held by the folks who Accurate Miniatures contracted with to actually turn their plans into molds. Held for lack of payment, The folks who bought the bones of AM ended up with some. Not sure which or how many. The crux of it is Italeri has most. When Accurate Miniatures imploded, it was a big one.
  4. I-ta-LER-i would be the closest. Although I often still hear the company called "I-tal-IER-ee", which would be very close to how the company name was originally spelled. I tend to use both pronunciations equally.
  5. I've been in retail pretty much all my life, from thirteen to fifty. I can only wonder what life is like on the other side. The business I'm in now is grocery, so you can imagine how my weekend is going.
  6. All kinds of awesome sir! I will be waiting, and while I'm waiting I will work on trying to master doing white finishes! Mine was white, so that's what this one will be.
  7. I had a couple of buddies who were really into HeroClix wargaming five, ten years ago. Lots of those figures had flames. They might come cheap these days.
  8. Is there any chance that this will be available again someday? I finally got a hold of the MPC '77 Mustang II. Probably should have ordered one of the conversions before, but I figured I'd wait until I had the original kit in hand.
  9. Well, it appears any semblance of scale fidelity is out the window with THIS company.
  10. I have no problems with how you display your models. If everyone did it, maybe I would mind, but it's just you and you have a definite style to the overall look and feel. If I saw one of your pictures outside this forum, I would know it as yours. That's good that you have a distinct style. And I think that anyone abusing you in private messages needs to be reported to the administration here.
  11. While I really love the models they are putting out, my experience building the Ranger was not good. Warped parts galore. I sold the Ventura I'd recently bought as I just didn't want another headache. I still have the Chrysler 300B in the stash, and am still quite tempted by the Hornet. How do those two rank overall in terms of issues?
  12. I hate to be negative, but sciatic nerve pain can also be caused by something pressing on the nerve. X-Rays will often come up clean and not show some problems. Ten years ago, when I had my first hip done, orthopedic surgeons would do MRIs at the drop of a hat - I had many. But in the past five or six years, insurance companies started refusing to pay for MRIs in some cases, so doctors use them less now. They have to be able to prove to the insurance company the necessity. (This is why my second hip replacement was such a miserable experience.) I hope it is just inflammation. Sciatic pain is something most people cannot begin to understand. I liken it to having an invisible stalker hitting you randomly with an electric cattle prod.
  13. I did not realize it was the VERY FIRST show. I know you guys have hooked up with the airplane guys some in the past, but I figured this was just a reboot without the wings. Glad I went, and I found some goodies to take home. I wish I'd brought a couple of models - next time I will. Just noticed at the top of the flyer "1st Annual". Funny I missed that, but focused before on the faulty directions.
  14. Diddly dang. My FLSH doesn't have TS numbers that high. I didn't realize they went that far! Thanks Ludwig and Michael.
  15. OK, thanks. Color me a little bit confused. Only a handful of the TS colors are listed as metallic, and none of the oranges are. That's why I assumed you used a PS. Which is the metallic orange?
  16. I've always thought this was a myth. But I did something to cause it recently. When I painted the tub for my 1/24th Monogram 1953 Belair, I gave it a Tamiya base primer coat first. Then I sprayed Duplicolor gold. Only then did I realize that I did a shoddy job of cleaning up the deck. I went back and sanded it smooth, shot more primer then when dry, more Duplicolor. No matter what I did, the red now showed through. It didn't at first, but after sanding I couldn't NOT see it. So I said "Flock it".
  17. Very nice. I have wondered about trying some of the PS line from Tamiya, but no one I've asked knows how well it sprays on styrene. Did you have to do anything special?
  18. Flowers. Lots of flowers. When I started dating my wife, one of her cousins told me that to win her I had to bring her plenty of flowers. I could not afford daily FTDs, so I started with wildflowers in the back yard. Things evolved from there, especially once we got married. She now attends to indoor plants, and I choose, plant and care for the front and back gardens. Last year, she suggested I try tomatoes, since I had some luck with peppers two years ago. Now I am back to just growing flowers. For a few years, I was big into irises, but last season they all took sick. Now I focus on daylilies and container plants.
  19. This supposed difference of tone between "criticism" and "critique" is a little off base. Critique has sort of supplanted criticism in some uses, but really the only difference between the two is that one is a fairly modern borrowing from French, and the other is an older borrowing from Latin. Critique just sounds fancier. They both mean the same thing. To my ear, criticism sounds no more and no less mean than critique. In college, I studied philosophy as part of my dual majors in theater and political science (yes, classic liberal arts major), and the study of criticism in the classic Greek sense was necessary to understanding both.
  20. Yep. Now, I've been of the opinion for decades that Led Zeppelin ripped off Spirit, but Randy California always laughed it off and said "oh well". The lawsuit was all kinds of wrong, but mainly because it came so long after it would have mattered. The "borrowing" was plain, even back in the day music writers commented on it. Randy talked about how Robert and Jimmy sat front row listening to him play it. Led Zeppelin was always famous for "borrowing" then denying. I cringe sometimes when I hear their songs on the radio, and think about the rock bands and bluesmen they took from and made a fortune. But that is water LONG under the bridge. This lawsuit was ridiculous. I'm pretty well read in the arts, and borrowing is something that goes back millennia. It is what allows art to continue and thrive. Sometimes you gotta pay the man, though, and Zeppelin got by for decades without doing so.
  21. That word has been around a lot longer than 20 years. I'm 50, so it's easy for me to date some of these, but Google says it came out in the 1940s.
  22. Some friends and I call them the "Barney" forums. You know, "I love you, you love me, we're a happy family... etc".
  23. Some other modeling forums I go to have a rule, often clearly stated, that criticism is unacceptable unless a poster specifically asks for it. I think that's a load of bull. If you post a model publicly, I think you should be by default open to constructive criticism. And by extension, if someone post models only hoping to get atta-boys in return, the responsibility should be on that poster to be up-front and say "no criticism welcome".
  24. I crave critical comments on my models. It IS how I improve. I don't like harsh comments, whether on my kits or someone else's, although that is rare.
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