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  1. gasser added a post in a topic An Introduction to me and some of my past work   

    Billy,that pic of all your kits stash looks like my place.Im running out of room as im in a one bed room flat,ive got kits in the wardobe,kits in the kitchen,kits in the lounge.The ones in the kitchen are in the glassed doored display cabinet which is suposed to have wine glasses or something in.

    Dave what are the kits hanging up in bags,are they projects started.
  2. gasser added a post in a topic An Introduction to me and some of my past work   

    My mate used to knock kits out quick.I would go round his twice a week say to see and discuse what each of us were biulding.When i went back the following time the kit would be finished and on the shelf,and some of these kits had flip fronts or widened archs/wings or something.
    Its great reading about the amount of kits your biult,i wish i could find more time somehow.
  3. gasser added a post in a topic Custom Pro Street Hearse..... New pixs 4-17-06   

    Yeah Johan did some really good kits,the "Haulin Hearse" and the early 70s funny cars were some of my favorites.Wouldant it be good if they were still available,espeacialy with the big interest in early Funny Cars, i can only dream i suppose.Ive got about 12 unbuilt in me collection i think including the above one.
  4. gasser added a post in a topic Custom Pro Street Hearse..... New pixs 4-17-06   

    Looking good that cad.
    Do you remember the "haulin Hearse" they done with the injected Hemis,one out back and one up front,four wheel drive,What a kit,supose there hard to find now?
  5. gasser added a post in a topic I have too many projects   

    I do like these biulds,its good to see the models being biult to show all the work rather than just a pic when its finished.
    The third one down is just great,real imagination,something real differant from everybody elses ideas.
  6. gasser added a post in a topic and yet another newbie   

    Thanks for the replys.
    I would love to put some pics on here but dont have the means to do so at the moment. :cry:
    I was reading some of the other posts on other threads saying how many kits there got waiting to be biult etc,and i dont no how many ive got, i will have to count them one day.
    The trouble is with me ive got far too many kits half way through there biuld and not that many finished.Some of the kits ive been biulding on and off for years.
    Recently i decided to start on three others,one a 62 AMT Chevy.The idea came from a 1966 Hot Rod year book where a guy biult a Altered Wheel Base 62 Chevy for the street.He wanted to have the look of the Factory Experimental drag racers of 65/66 which were in effect the first funny cars.Ive moved the back axle 14 milimeters forward,put chrome smoothie wheels on and raised the car slightly,ive also added one of them teardrop hoods like the Ford Thunderbolt had.Other than that its going to be stock from the box,this is how the guy done his one in Hot Rod.
  7. gasser added a topic in General   

    and yet another newbie
    Hi everyone,
    just found this great site today and spent the last 3+ hours catching up reading the posts.
    Ive been biulding and collecting kits on and off for the past 28? years,but not so many the last 6 or so years.
    Ive lost touch abit with what kits have come out the last few years and started looking on the revel/monogram site to see whats out.I came across the Big T model car magazine write up link from that site and found the forum.
    The trouble is over here there doesant seam to be many shops that sell model kits anymore,all the model shops i used to go to have closed :cry:
    The only time i see kits for sale is at a car show or swop meet :cry:
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  8. gasser added a post in a topic A few of my latest   

    great models there
    :?: where did the Dodge A100 panal originat from :?: