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  1. Are these guys still around or have the shut shop for good?
  2. Is anyone still making the resin cummins KTA's?
  3. Looking for an Italeri WildCat or Constellation sleeper cab if anyone has one spare? Im in Aus but happy to pay postage. many thanks
  4. The grille is a resin piece. I opened up the slots on it is all. The photos don't really show the weathering all the best. I am still thinking of adding some colour to it in spots to give it that faded and rusted look.
  5. Here is my current build, a 41 Chevy wrecker with a 5.9 cummins. So far all the weathering has been done by air brush. This is my first attempt at a ratrod and anything rusty. Feel free to offer some suggestion of where I could improve. I'm happy to learn.
  6. A few updates. Next will be the injector pump and injectors.
  7. Added some detail to the block today.
  8. I have at best limited computer skills, certainly no programming skills. There are some quite easy to use programs for simple structures such as this. Small details are lost in the print due to the printer resolution so they need to be added at a later date. This just gives a good base to start from.
  9. I personally won't be casting these, I have never cast anything, never even attempted it, wouldn't know where to start. This was just a one off for a build but if someone who does good resin casting is interested in doing them then maybe we can get something to happen. I could do a 4bt pretty easily based on this engine. There is still a lot of work to get these up to scratch as the 3d printing leaves a rough surface and the block still needs some detail work to make it more accurate. I have also done a 24V rocker cover to suit just for a bit of difference.
  10. I have decided my next build is going to be a rat rod wrecker and the only power plant for a dirty old rat is a 5.9 cummins. After looking around and not finding anything I like I decided I'd make my own. I'm lucky enough to own a 3D printer so after a day of drawing here is the first attempt. There will be a lot of work to complete it as the 3D printing leaves a rough surface as you can see. No sump yet, run out of time. Enjoy guys.
  11. The door is made from corrugated cardboard
  12. Hi everyone, after seeing so many great builds around here I figured I would have at it myself. Here's my first attempt at a diorama. Many hours were spent reading and looking at everyone elses great work to enable me to get to where this is at the moment. I used the fujimi garage tools for the tools with some small modification to a few items. Still a few things to do to finish it off but I figure now's a good a time as any to show everyone. Hope you enjoy.
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