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  1. Dann, JPS is John Player Special. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Player_%26_Sons
  2. I'll echo that comment, and I'll add, Dann knowing/seeing your talent, it'll be spectacular.
  3. Casey, Thank you that is exactly what I am looking for. (chassis/floorpan unibody piece.) Trevor
  4. I've got an odd request, really hoping someone can help me out. What is the width of the rear section, behind the wheel wells? (end to end.) Thanks, Trevor
  5. Thanks for the insight, I was/am thinking of getting some.
  6. Check out the second photo in this link... https://www.mrmodel.site/en/photoetched/148-mm2075-hose-clamps-set-1.html
  7. porschercr

    1/16 70 C10

    Agreed, lots of skill on that lathe.
  8. porschercr

    1/16 70 C10

    This is going to look sharp. Curious, where did you get the 3D printed parts? Trevor
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