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  1. The cap looks awesome. Amazing what weathering can do. Grille looks great too chris, nice work
  2. Wow chris. Loving it. Just purchased a house so im trying to get my model bench all set up so i can get cracking on my altered, these pictures of ur progress are making me super keen to get something done on mine. Nice work mate, looking forward to the next update
  3. Will be onto it again soon, just bought a house so time has been limited last few weeks and possibly the next few too
  4. Unfortunately i lost all motivation with the funny car so i purchased a comp resins altered body and its now become this.
  5. Chris that is unreal!!! The final product is so close now, you must be proud of what u have achieved. Real credit to u. The blower belt is something special, looks so right with the weathering.
  6. Thanks guys. the pre built chassis has 'milestone' on the bottom. So unsure exactly. And yes i think itll look great, going to take a little work tho
  7. Well small update as ive been flat out lately and not alot of bench time. However i did get half an hour the other day and i used it to complete the top injection lines. will have the furrel fittings from teds site when i put them in for final assemble. Should be able to get the bottom ones completed tonight im hoping to get out there for a litte bit. Thanks for looking.
  8. Well i received my other chassis the other day, i was hoping for that to be a quick build inbetween everything, seems i am wrong haha it came with the 23 altered MOB body from competition resins. Mounted up the puke tank, unsure if that will be its final position, ill play with that idea more when i get to framing the rear of the chassis out and have to body mounted etc. Also gave it a go at making the oil (pump?) not too bad, may try to refine that one day tho. It really is working nicely just trying to get a small job ticked off when i do get a little bench time, rather than being a mad man trying to get a large quantity of work done in little time. Thanks for looking, Brent
  9. Cool. Can u link me to ur build so i can have a look? I made up a mount other night for the tank up front. Ill put a picture up when i get home later on. Some reason im liking it, still undecided tho.
  10. Ahh yes i see. Just feel there isnt much room under the back of the body, i havent got to frame for the rear etc yet tho.
  11. Thanks Bob, not a nad idea, ill have to make myself a list up and follow that. Thanks Michael, thats something to have a think about.
  12. Thanks Gene Well tonight i cut down the rear motor plate, front of body was sitting a little too high for my liking and i also secured the engine down, (gotta re-do 2 brackets on the back yet) Played with this idea of mounting a puke tank up front, Thoughts? Made from an old dead Sharpie permanent marker haha
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