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  1. reminds me of the ron white gag. he was being thrown out of a bar and the police were called. his observation paraphrased "i had the right to remain silent, but not the ability".
  2. infomercial just like the last eight or ten videos. the sponsors should be pleased.
  3. you haven't been listening to the old men gurgle about rivet counting then!
  4. my word!!! someone definitely needs a visit from Mr Hugs. for me, i enjoy the head-explosions when the flock fails to fall in line with the pied piper. carry on...
  5. i'm certainly not defending criminal action, but when accepting a job, gun & bullet-resistant vest were issued, wouldn't one assume there might be some danger involved?
  6. http://www.detailjunkees.com/product/39-chevy-deluxe-detail-set
  7. if anyone is in need, Jacks Model Roundup has some in stock
  8. i enjoy people who are behind me and honk. that's when the Really Slow Parade begins.
  9. glad to see you're still in the game ES!
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