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  1. It's 3/8 tube for the stacks. Amd I honestly don't know the size for the hoist, I just had a huge pack of styrene off eBay and just fit together what worked. I had to put tape around some of it to keep it tight in the others so the dump would stay positioned
  2. got the dump actually installed on the truck, with a working cylinder, also added a set of 8 inch stacks getting close to finished
  3. finally got a coat of paint on the ole girl after about 6 months its done for now, until i figure out what kind of trailer to build for it, then i will be building a hitch will post more pictures
  4. kinda whipped this one up in the last week or so cut the bunk off solid decked the frame big straight pipes custom made visor full fenders made the front bumper built the headache rack put big steer flotation tires on it and added breather lights also i almost have my float finished up, gotta get my D8 done for a good sized load
  5. got a winch mounted on the deck and debating on putting the light bar up on top
  6. thanks guys. i was thinkin that black would look best, just wasnt sure
  7. pretty well got the flatbed done, other than some odd little things just wondering if anyone has any feed back on a color for the flatbed itself, im wondering silver or black, truck is probably gonna be a 2 tone silver and blue
  8. little more progress made got the flatbed layout somewhat made had to add a section in the front part from the wrecker body to get the window hole to like up better gpt the grill guard cut off the bumper and some paint on it and got some silver painted, painted the wheels over the chrome, just to dull them up some
  9. just waiting on some styrene to build a hoist and hinge setup, gotta put a visor on it then the odd little touch up
  10. Im puttin together the 77 gmc wrecker, minus the wrecker, thinkin im gonna put a flatbed on it with a fifth wheel plate, i guess we'll see where it goes Sorry for the sideways pics, uplaoaded them right from my phone, apparently that dont work well
  11. so i started with the amt wrecker peterbilt, then i wanted an extra set of matching wheels for one of my next builds, so i figured id do a single axle dump truck put some paint on the box got the interior done, nothing real fancy inside, lowered seat and big shifter got the suspension on the frame and the motor mounted got the cab lights on and hood and grill together couple pics of the dump sitting roughly in place and this is as far as i made it for another 3 weeks
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