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  1. That's the joy of 3D I can offer any scale but probably will do 1/24 and 1/25 to start
  2. Just some shots of the preliminary Model T Engine 3D model masters. The Frontenac parts are in progress
  3. I didn't know if it was acceptable to post I didn't think really and yes i will ship to Canada
  4. I started a Kickstarter to see if I can raise a little capitol for my resin Model T wheels. I would be really pleased if anyone would be willing to share the link
  5. Glad it worked out. I don't think I would even try resin casting here with the humidity levels we have. Some days the air is so thick you can almost chew it
  6. Hi Bob Praying for your mom as well. My wife was diagnosed with Parkinson's last year at age 54 although we think she has had it at least 10 or more years undiagnosed before that. It is an insidious disease
  7. These are the 1:25 size to fit the AMT tires
  8. Just got them in the mail from the caster will post some pics tonight Since a few asked if I would do sets of 5 instead of 4 I decided to do it this way. $3.00 minimum order of 4 so 4 for $12.00, 5 for $15.00, etc. Shipping in the US should be $4.00 per order with a padded envelope with tracking number, anywhere else ask me. PM me how many you want and your email address and I will send you a invoice. I need to pick up some shipping supplies and will start shipping Thursday. I only had 100 made to start with.
  9. Cool project can't wait to see it progress
  10. Subjective but it doesn't get much more classic than this
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