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  1. How Many Do You Work On At Once?

    Do you do one model at a time or have multiples going at the same time?
  2. Auburn Speedster Monoposto

    Sorry I didn’t mean the wheel comment to come across as a criticism just an opinion. The build is fantastic both conceptually and artistically as well as the technical execution
  3. 1:35 Harley WLA Bobber V2

    Having completely botched my first build of this I am trying again with V2 using the same Miniart sprues this time from the Motorcycle Repair Crew kit which contains two motorcycles and three figures. There are six areas I want to improve on from my first build and I will show how I do that: 1. Wheels and Tires - I wasn't happy with how these came out and have some ideas for improvements 2. Frame - Miniart molds the engine as part of the frame so you essentially build the engine in place making everything more difficult plus the rear half of the frame is built after the kit is mostly assembled. This probably works when everything is painted olive drab but I want either a metal flake or pearl paint job on the frame and tank and that make it difficult so I cut the engine "block" from the frame and will be building and painting the frame separately plus molding in the tank before painting 3. Engine - building the engine on the frame made detailing it a lot harder this time I will build it off the frame and then install it 4. Wiring - I held off wiring the first kit but I purchased some 0.01" fishing line leader and two technical manuals so I will try at a minimum to add brake lines and engine details 5. Intake and Exhaust - I used the stock oil bath air filter and exhaust the first time but have purchased some small aluminum tubing I will make some straight pipes for the exhaust and replace the oil bath air filter with a trumpet shaped one 6. Paint - I am going to try using different shades of metal paints to add some interest and try to show the difference between polished cast aluminum and bare steel parts
  4. Harley WLA Bobber

    Tank is on needs some putty and repaint as does half the kit. I started the second one one of the things I didn't like making the first one was the engine is built on the frame so the first thing I did was cut the lower half of the engine block free now I can build and detail the engine separately. I can also build the frame, install the tank, smooth everything, and paint it before adding the engine
  5. Talented ! really good job
  6. Harley WLA Bobber

    Still a ways to go and a lot of painting touch up but I was able to mock it up to get an idea of what it will look like. I purchased the motorcycle repair crew kit which includes TWO more motorcycle kits so I have a lot of changes planned in how I build the next two
  7. I bought some white decal paper to make wide whitewalls from for 1/35 motorcycle plastic tires what’s the best way to cut accurate circles from it?
  8. Auburn Speedster Monoposto

    Can’t say I like the wheel and tire choice but the rest is fantastic very sleek and stylish
  9. Harley WLA Bobber

    Some progress I am really not happy with how it is coming out so I treating it as a learning experience and starting a second one
  10. Frank was known for his women almost as much as his work
  11. I think his car is just God awful. I mean a two door town car made from a Lincoln coupe with half opera windows? Personally I am definitely a Palladian but some of his house designs are brilliant. What he wasn't was afraid to try new and different. It didn't always work but when it did it really did and when it didn't the same. Even his failures were epic but they weren't boring. Nothing was just OK it was either brilliant or a disaster.
  12. Frank Lloyd Wright was one of the greatest artists and architects of his, or any, generation. He also tried his hand at car design
  13. Project Rambler--Ideas/Suggestions Wanted

    or this
  14. Harley WLA Bobber

    3 slices yes.
  15. Harley WLA Bobber

    The rim paint needs a little touch up but it didn't come out too bad for painting freehand I used flat black for the tire and chrome silver for the wheel Testors MM enamel Shown on a US Quarter for scale