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  1. I was thinking of having the frame, leaf springs, crossmembers, etc. for the model T photo etched in 1/24 scale wondering if anyone had done that before? Some parts, axles, wishbones, radius rods, etc. would need to be lost wax brass cast I think Seems like with some photo etch, a few castings, and some bits of wire it would be possible to have a really nice brass chassis for the T with working suspension.
  2. Wire wheels?

    Optional in 1926 and standard in 1927 but yes before that they were aftermarket is what I understand But a lot of the racers with aftermarket bodies had aftermarket disc (heavy) or wire. Somewhere I have a photo with a racer with a mix of wire and wood spoke on it looks odd
  3. Wire wheels?

    What is the best way to replicate early wire wheels in 1/24 scale for things like a early model T? Photo etch? Hand lacing? 3D printing? Ones like these
  4. 1909 Cadillac Race Car

    Some progress the Caddy’s up front, the Mercer in the middle needs the paint touched up, and the Airfix Mercedes is in the rear
  5. 3D printing

    What I see this being used for also is prototyping parts for resin or metal casting. I see it as a way to produce detail parts or small kits of unique subjects kind of like what used to be called “cottage industry” kits. From what I understand a lot of these printers take time but printing masters for molds I see as a good thing
  6. 3D printing

    I am wanting to get some parts printed 3D but do not have the design skills or software. Is there someone anyone recommends that does this work on a custom basis?
  7. 1909 Cadillac Race Car

    Yes the old pyro kit. Tons of flash and the “brass” is just sort of gold colored plastic but it’s still an interesting little one
  8. 1909 Cadillac Race Car

    Hood fits a little wonky need to play with it but all primered up and ready for some color
  9. Hudson Miniatures Instructions

    I was looking to get the instructions from some of these kits and found them here http://www.theoldtimers.ru/?page_id=673&lang=en
  10. 1909 Cadillac Race Car

    If you’re interested in this era this is a great article about the LA Motordrome and early board track auto racing and buried way down the page is a period pic of s Cadillac model 30 racer https://socalarchhistory.blogspot.com/2011/03/first-board-track-opened-at-los-angeles.html?m=1 i will have an update on the Mercer soon got pneumonia which is slowing me down a little
  11. Message to FCA: Don't Mess With My Challenger!

    Kind of like self driving cars electric cars are a solution looking for a problem. I don’t want to drive a golf cart down the highway.
  12. Message to FCA: Don't Mess With My Challenger!

    With the Kroger discount I filled my Silverado’s tank yesterday for $40 USD or $1.60 a gallon. The discount was $0.40
  13. Try looking for RC pilots for 1:8 scale figures you can modify. A 12” Barbie is 6’ in 1:6 but 8’ in 1:8 a bit loo large
  14. Pre WWI Race Cars 1:32

    I grabbed a few of the Pyro kits in 1:32 to make pre WWI race cars from for the 1900-1914 time period. So far I have the following kits: Pyro 1914 Mercer 1910 Cadillac 1909 Lozier 1911 Packard Airfix 1904 Mercedes I also know Pyro makes the following I know of: 1915 Ford Model T 1911 Stevens Duryea 1906 Renault 1909 Rolls Royce What other 1:32 pre WWI kits are out there I can modify into race cars? I'd like a few more different makes in my line up.
  15. 1909 Cadillac Race Car

    Thanks those are some great pictures