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  1. Motorcycle Repair Shop

    And this is how I plan to use it - just as a photo backdrop with all the other stuff cropped out
  2. Motorcycle Repair Shop

    not completely done I still need a little dry brushing on the steps, fix a little of the brickwork, and some signs like "XXX Cycle Parts" over the door and maybe "Office" on the door or "Hours Open" type next to it, that type of thing. But it is close and set up on a corner shelf in my room Now I can go back to finishing that civilian WLA
  3. Motorcycle Repair Shop

    Doing this one has been different. Usually I want the paint smooth and even but today I am painting the door and window green and I want it to look like someone brush painted it with cheap enamel house paint as this isn’t in the best of neighborhoods. So it takes some effort to “not” do the best job painting or jn other words make it look like it is a hack job. more pics tomorrow almost done
  4. Hooper & Co Diorama

    Really like what you did with this one. The look and atmosphere are perfect and the ability to mix and match different cars and people just makes it outstanding.
  5. Motorcycle Repair Shop

    Still quite a bit of touch up to do but this shows what I was thinking when I set it up as a photo back ground
  6. Motorcycle Repair Shop

    Miniart makes this one it is a war time WLA there are about a dozen or so WWII era 1/35 kits most of them German
  7. Motorcycle Repair Shop

    just checking the size I like the leaky Harley oil spots funny how they came about I had made a wash using cheap craft paint, water, and Dawn dishwashing liquid. Being cheap paint it didn’t mix completely and some tiny clumps remained which soaked into the plaster and look like oil spots in the pavement
  8. Motorcycle Repair Shop

    Thanks they were easier to make then I thought they would be
  9. Motorcycle Repair Shop

    added a little paint to the parking lot
  10. Motorcycle Repair Shop

    Started the foundation it needs a little more plaster then smoothing and painting. Then I will do the door and window frames and the door. Also I glued up the paving stones to a base. I am going to sand them level then paint for now they are just placed on the base to mock it up. One of them cracked but I decided to go with it cracked anyway as that does happen to concrete slabs
  11. Motorcycle Repair Shop

    While the foundation and pavement slabs are drying I gave the building a coat of primer and them dry brushed in white. Next up is a wash to tone it down a little
  12. Motorcycle Repair Shop

    Since I found these two kits use different wall heights I decided to go in two directions First up using just parts of the smaller one I am building a backdrop for photographing my 1:35 motorcycles. I am going to pour some plaster slabs to represent a concrete foundation and parking lot but essentially it will just be the two corners shown Eventually I will buy a few more of the other kits and make a motorcycle dealership from them
  13. Any interest in NeoClassics?

    I always liked the Phillips Berlina sort of s 540K coupe
  14. I know some of the small resin casting companies sell bodies labeled “1972 Ford XXX” or “1953 Chevy XXX”. do they need permission from Ford or Chevy to use the name Ford or Chevy when advertising the model or is it they are just small enough no one cares ?
  15. My first ship.

    Looks good