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  1. Camaro/Corvette

    Is there anything you haven’t done to a cobra? Pickup truck perhaps? interesting project can’t wait to see how it comes out
  2. 1932 Ford Chopped 4-Door Sedan Conversion

    Really cool and excellent photos showing how to
  3. Educate me on Model T speed equipment

    The link I posted to the Wonderwell expedition details two model T’s That actually did the Paris to Peking run in the early 1920’s. From the article they drove to the following: Together, the two Ford cars covered Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Italy, San Marino, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Poland, Russia, Ro mania, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Palestine, Egypt, crossing the Red Sea then to India, Burma, Indo-China, Siberia, Japan, the Sandwich Islands, and arrived by steam ship January 5, 1925 in San Francisco, for the last leg of the around the world tour.
  4. Educate me on Model T speed equipment

    I know I am a bit late but this is a OHV Frontenac with add ons like water pump and oil pump which would be really valuable. The Frontenac OHV came in multiple versions the "T" was the touring, the "S" was the speedster, and the "R" was the racing one but visually they were the same. All are a contemporary to the 1920's you might want to read this as well I came across it when researching Disteel wheels http://www.tmodelman.com/wanderwell.php
  5. Speaking of smart cars

    Back about 1980 when I was 18 I had a 1973 Olds toronado with a 455 and a front bumper that came to a point. I was turning left, let a truck in the opposite lane pass, then turned. Behind the truck was a little econo car and we hit head on both of us going under 25 mph. My toronado dented the front license plate holder some. But it’s bumper cut through the front of the other car, split it’s radiator in half, bent the drivers side wheel all to hell, and just totaled the othe car. That was almost 40 years ago and I haven’t driven anything without at least six feet of steel in front of me since. I miss that car though looked like this one
  6. I had a 73 trans am. Imron black paint no decals, 455SD bored .030 over, high compression, edelbrock intake, 4:88 posi 12 bolt rear, etc.
  7. Interesting Website Chevrolet Brothers

    Yes it looks like the AMT kits contain the DOHC head. I am working on a set for the more common OHV version like shown below. I am sort of deciding between just offering the head, intake, exhaust, and valve cover, or the entire engine and including the oil pump and water pump. Plus the magneto. I would like to offer all the hop up parts separately as well. Then maybe the duel intake OHV head.
  8. In my quest to get documentation for making the Frontenac engine and parts I stumbled across this website. Might be old hat here but figured I would share it the early speed catalogs are fun to look at. If you look around there are lots of pictures of early board track and dirt track racers including a fun one in WWI camo colors https://www.chevroletbrothers.com/fronty-catalogs
  9. It is impossible to pin down to a year but 1932 from Ford to Duesenberg was just magical BTW, despite the $20,000 price on the Duesenberg the Ford sold new for a hair under $500
  10. 1966 Cadillac Series 75 Limousine

  11. Disteel Wheels Model T

    The masters are printed and on the way to the caster. What I do is print them in plastic to check the size and detail then print them in brass (actually if I understand correctly they print in wax then do a lost wax casting in brass) to use as models for the molds. This way the masters should last indefinitely and I can offer brass or white metal versions as well (someday I hope to do an all brass model T "kit" with proto etched frame, springs, etc. and lost wax cast brass parts) I am thinking 4-6 weeks to have them in hand and ready to ship
  12. 25 Ford TROG Racer

    Remember under TROG rules the following applies: NON-COMPETITION CLASSES: Half of our race weekend is dedicated to bracket racing of the competition classes, but the other half consists of: Grudge Matches: run for fun, race your friends, banger vs V8, sprint car vs motorcycle etc., anything goes. Exhibition Class: This is also a run for fun class reserved for unique or historically significant vehicles. All cars that do not fit into the 4 cylinder or V8 classes, i.e.; 12 cylinder, straight six cylinder, etc., will race in exhibition only, no bracket racing, sorry. *Note: If you want to enter a pre ‘53 six or twelve cylinder motor and your car is approved, you can run as exhibition only. Personally I would not be surprised that some of the pictures that do not seem to follow the other rules are grudge matches or exhibition class vehicles
  13. AMT 1927 Ford T Touring parts

    did you get everything you need? I have all of that I think
  14. Wanted Model Cars Mag November 2012 Issue 172

    Thank you. MCM has some of the articles from that issue posted just not that article
  15. Wanted Model Cars Mag November 2012 Issue 172

    Scan would be great. I tried asking about back issues using the link at the main menu but no response so I assume none are available. I also tried eBay. If back issues were available for this year/month I would feel funny about scanning the article but since their not I don't see an issue