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  1. Rubbery/Flexible Resin Castings

    Glad it worked out. I don't think I would even try resin casting here with the humidity levels we have. Some days the air is so thick you can almost chew it
  2. Rubbery/Flexible Resin Castings

    Not even Viagra makes soft resin hard
  3. Lakes-Inspired 29 Model A Hot Rod

    Cool looks like a good start
  4. Model Car Garage

    Hi Bob Praying for your mom as well. My wife was diagnosed with Parkinson's last year at age 54 although we think she has had it at least 10 or more years undiagnosed before that. It is an insidious disease
  5. Disteel Wheels Model T

    These are the 1:25 size to fit the AMT tires
  6. Disteel Wheels Model T

    Just got them in the mail from the caster will post some pics tonight Since a few asked if I would do sets of 5 instead of 4 I decided to do it this way. $3.00 minimum order of 4 so 4 for $12.00, 5 for $15.00, etc. Shipping in the US should be $4.00 per order with a padded envelope with tracking number, anywhere else ask me. PM me how many you want and your email address and I will send you a invoice. I need to pick up some shipping supplies and will start shipping Thursday. I only had 100 made to start with.
  7. 1930 Packard Club sedan

    Cool project can't wait to see it progress
  8. Most beautiful cars of all time

    Subjective but it doesn't get much more classic than this
  9. 46 lincoln coupe

    Nice, really nice
  10. Never heard of this before, but WOW!!!!!

  11. Wanted Model Cars Mag November 2012 Issue 172

    thank you this is fantastic !!
  12. Camaro/Corvette

    Is there anything you haven’t done to a cobra? Pickup truck perhaps? interesting project can’t wait to see how it comes out
  13. 1932 Ford Chopped 4-Door Sedan Conversion

    Really cool and excellent photos showing how to
  14. Educate me on Model T speed equipment

    The link I posted to the Wonderwell expedition details two model T’s That actually did the Paris to Peking run in the early 1920’s. From the article they drove to the following: Together, the two Ford cars covered Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Italy, San Marino, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Poland, Russia, Ro mania, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Palestine, Egypt, crossing the Red Sea then to India, Burma, Indo-China, Siberia, Japan, the Sandwich Islands, and arrived by steam ship January 5, 1925 in San Francisco, for the last leg of the around the world tour.
  15. Educate me on Model T speed equipment

    I know I am a bit late but this is a OHV Frontenac with add ons like water pump and oil pump which would be really valuable. The Frontenac OHV came in multiple versions the "T" was the touring, the "S" was the speedster, and the "R" was the racing one but visually they were the same. All are a contemporary to the 1920's you might want to read this as well I came across it when researching Disteel wheels http://www.tmodelman.com/wanderwell.php