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  1. Pulse Jet LSR

    Got some paint primer on it need to fill a few seams. Also added the front wings to keep the nose down
  2. Pulse Jet LSR

    Some progress and a mock-up still too cold and wet for painting
  3. Pulse Jet LSR

    Not that any of this will show but I did add some seat belts and stuff and gussied up the control panel a little. I am sort of trying for a rough edge look as they tacked in some sheet aluminum to cover parts of it I cut out and built the front wheel well also I will be closing it all up and painting the main body over the weekend
  4. Your caddy’s are amazing
  5. Revell Aston Martin DB4

    Love the color also nice job
  6. Pulse Jet LSR

    Lot of the weight is on the back end the front section was the 1,000 kg warhead which I think they are leaving out but I will go with the forward position I am working on mounting the rear stabilizer and elevators on the nose to keep it down running the elevators in tandem
  7. Pulse Jet LSR

    I am going with one front wheel trying to decide do i want it in the forward or more middle position I am leaning towards forward thoughts
  8. Pulse Jet LSR

    So I finally got the base model in the mail from HK. My thought was to make wheel covers like the Stutz LSR car from the wings but the chord isn't big enough to cover nor are they thick enough so i am looking for a plan B. Pics to follow it is really a simple kit for the price not a lot of parts.
  9. Bugatti Royale Phaeton - Cannonball 2018

    Cool build excellent execution 😊
  10. 14th century handgonne

    Easiest “model” I ever did 1:3 scale
  11. 1934 Duesenberg Steampunk Roadster

    The ultimate steampunk car will be watching this
  12. Batman Cobra . Not good

    Agreed looks pretty good. Once you added all the batcessories it kind of jazzed it up a little still not thrilled with the front fins but I can't think of anything better you could have done
  13. What if Batman drove a Cobra ?

    The rear fin looks good with the scallops the front fins look a little off to me but I think it would be too plain without them and I can’t recommend anything better btw I hope I don’t sound critical I really like it
  14. What if Batman drove a Cobra ?

    Winged snakes are usually dragons bat wings and cobras
  15. What if Batman drove a Cobra ?

    Not to be picky and I hope you don't mind the comment but the rear fin looks sort of shark like. Would you consider maybe adding a couple of scallops to the trailing edge?