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  1. Friend of mine had a white one spent a lot of time cruising in it
  2. finished in the mock up - like I said there isnt a lot of room to see in the interior and when the glass goes in probably even less but I do think they are a improvement
  3. Thanks it came out just a tad too wide but it was also to get the concept down. I think I will go with a 1/32 thick core and maybe six pleats i need to trim almost 1/8" off the width and height.
  4. Working on a 1/43 Tin Wizard Mercedes 380S. This is most of the interior the seats bear a passing resemblance to the 1:1 but lack depth So I tried to make smething with a little more robust (Pics are from my cell phone and are a little rough the seat base is about 1/2" by 5/8" and a little hard to photo.) First I cut the base from 1/16" oak. I laminated a piece of 1/32" scrap on the bottom crosswise both to hekp it resist warping and give a little elevation then I cut some 1/16" dowel and wrapped and glued the 1.5 ounce goat skin around three sides of each piece. After it dried I trimmed the leather. I made the edging from a strip of leather with the top edge folded over Glued the pleats to the base Trimmed them to fit and glued the edging around it now to do the back the same way Any tips on how to do this better would be appreciated. I need to pinch in the back corner a little but will do the other seat the reverse and put the two coners inside so it doesnt show. Of course with the top up in 1:43 there isn't much to see inside
  5. jaxenro

    1/16 Flathead

    I will probably buy a minicraft Ford just pull the engine from if anyone wants the rest of the kit let me know obviously it is a freebie 😊
  6. jaxenro

    1/16 Flathead

    Hi All Looking for a 1/16 scale ford flathead engine complete or parts sprues to make one
  7. Is this project still viable? I am interested in pledging if it still is. Feel free to PM me the necessary information. Thanks.

  8. Will do am doing my Cobra interior in it to replicate black leather
  9. Has anyone ever used acrylic gesso on interior seats and the like? I used to use it to prime metal war game figures and used to basically just glop it on without thinning. It would look really horrible like you’d dipped the figure in paint and was a big blob but then magically overnight it shrank down tight as a drum and all the details popped back out. I was thinking the black version would replicate a black leather interior really well with a coat of semi gloss clear over it this is a quick video someone did you can actually see it shrinking down in time lapse
  10. Isn’t that a thing of beauty. The bare aluminum finish really highlights the clean lines of the early 289 cobras so if I am relying on rattle cans what’s the best aluminum paint?
  11. Makes sense I was thinking of aircraft but they have panel lines. Am doing a 289 cobra
  12. I am sure this has been done but has anyone used BMF to cover the entire body to look like unpainted aluminum? If so any tips? I was looking for one here but no luck so far finding it
  13. That's the joy of 3D I can offer any scale but probably will do 1/24 and 1/25 to start
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