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  1. ownnddd added a post in a topic Are any of these models fun to build?   

    There's actually a couple more above the shelf, I'm trying to get some pics now. 
    I really want the Tamiya Wrangler and the Fujimi Ferrari. 
    Hopefully most of them will still be there this weekend. If anyone is really interested in any of them I could see about picking them up and trading for some!
  2. ownnddd added a post in a topic Retro Kit Decals   

    Hey Elvin. I have a fresh decal sheet from the AMT '53 Ford Truck. Just PM me if you are interested.

  3. ownnddd added a topic in Car Kit News & Reviews   

    Are any of these models fun to build?
    A local resale shop has these plus an Accurate Miniatures 1963 Grand Sport Corvette. I think I might go back and pick that one up but was wondering if any of these are also worth picking up. Most seem to be 15 or 20 dollars except for a couple 50 dollar ones.

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  4. ownnddd added a post in a topic Question about commissioning models.   

    I started to build the R3M Terrano kit I have in the style of the white pathfinder in that picture. The only part on the bottom that isn't black is the exhaust to be honest, my main thing is the body. I just don't want to run the risk of ruining the body because I've never attempted to cut and add parts to one. Most of my models that I've completed are box stock and are good to me but there are definitely issues with them.
    https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10075838 That is the kit I have.
  5. ownnddd added a topic in General   

    Question about commissioning models.
    Where would one be able to commission a model from someone? I have the kit but I would like to have it modified to match my 1:1 (the red one.)

    What would I need to do in order to have it done? I found out today that 2 of the 6 cylinders are dead and I am really not sure what I would like to do with it. If I do end up selling it I would like to have something in memory of it because it was a great car while it lasted.
    Thanks for the help guys,
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