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  1. This is the Motor Max diecast model that Testors reboxed in kit form; custom decals by Speedway; spotlights, grille strobes, and roof light mounts are 3-D printed Shapeways items. Grille guard is scratchbuilt, and the dash-mounted radar is from policecarmodels.com Chris
  2. Wheels/tires are from AMT's 56 Victoria. Rotating light & side mirrors from the spares box, decals by SpeedwayDecals.com Chris
  3. Thanks for the info; I think I'll go with the door line cut as you did. Chris
  4. Ben, great job on the conversion and thanks for the photos. Scott, yes I plan to use the dually wheels as this will be an ambulance; therefore I don't need the bed if that helps at all. Chris
  5. Is there an aftermarket cab out there to convert the Monogram F-350 from an extended cab to regular cab? If not I’ll take a shot at cutting the kit cab down; anyone have any preferred techniques for neatly removing the extended cab area? thanks Chris
  6. Built these for a couple of retired Tyler officers. These are the AMT Joker Goon Car/Gotham City police boxing, with wheels, tires, and overhead lights by Custom Squads, and custom decals by Speedway. Jonah
  7. Looks great; looking forward to getting my copies. Jonah
  8. I've got one I could trade; I've taken the push bumper and one of the light bars for another project. A Monogram F-350 dually is at the top of my wish list for trades... Jonah
  9. I’ve got the rescue boxing that doesn’t include the screen partition that’s in the police van boxing. Thanks Jonah
  10. Looking great Ron, thanks for sharing. Jonah
  11. I have the rescue boxing that doesn’t include the screen partition that is in the police van boxing. Thanks Jonah
  12. Ok thanks; are the wheels in the Revell 57 Ford Custom the same as in the Del Rio? Chris
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