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  1. Nice, thanks for the info Lee. Always been pleased with Speedway's products. Chris
  2. Just the roof-mounted chrome base and red lens, looking for 3 total sets. Thanks! Chris
  3. Johnny Lightning Coca-Cola van, stripped & repainted with Tamiya pure white. Custom decals by Speedway. I added the oval-shape to the front grille to backdate it. The '97 also featured a different side mirror design than depicted on the Johnny Lightning model, so the mirrors themselves are from the AMT rescue van, attached to mounts shaped from music wire. The roof-mounted corner mirror is from the AMT ALF Eagle pumper kit. The "windows" in the side doors are black decal. The three roof-mounted floodlights are Shapeways items from the Downrange Productions store. Chris
  4. Made a few minor tweaks to the Motor City Resin Kurbmaster kit to get it closer to the Chevy C20 shown in my references. Very nice kit, and good for my first resin kit given the simple shapes and low parts count. Decals by Speedway; roof-mounted AC unit and ladder racks scratchbuilt. Ladders are from an AMT American LaFrance fire truck. The lights are a modified Custom Squads item, and the sirens are from the Downrange Productions store on Shapeways. Chris
  5. Terrific model Alberto! Chris
  6. Overhead lights from Custom Squads, decals by Speedway, scratchbuilt antennas & rear step. Chris
  7. Thanks for the info, I appreciate it. Chris
  8. Looking for recommendations for brand/color to get close to Detroit green, either bottle or aerosol. Thanks Chris
  9. Roof lights are a modified Custom Squads item, and decals by Speedway. Body paint is from automotivetouchup.com, and I used Alclad chrome on the grille and wheel covers. Chris
  10. Finishing up the 91 Caprice, but in my hometown Tyler markings. It’s light blue like the 95 I finished a few months ago. I’ll try to get it finished this weekend and get some photos. Chris
  11. Very well done, I especially like how neatly you applied the black to the center of the wheel covers...the Caprice lettering is perfectly sharp! Almost done with my build of this kit, just need to finish the overhead lights. Mine lags far behind yours though in workmanship! Chris
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