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  1. Nismo 350Z / Fairlady Z

    Interesting you say that, Rob, I love that part of the process, contrary to a lot of folks who do the barest minimum, I find it very therapeutic. Thanks for the comments, guys. Stand-by for a 911 GT2, coming to this forum very soon. Ian.
  2. Best Tide Orange?

    I used Tamiya's 'Orange' straight from the rattle-can on Ricky's 2002 Taurus that I finished last year. Ian.
  3. Nismo 350Z / Fairlady Z

    Been a while since I posted a car build here, that's almost certainly because I haven't finished one in a while, however... So, as usual for a Tamiya car kit, it’s perfectly engineered with fit so finely tuned that it almost doesn’t require glue for some of the larger pieces. Build took almost no time at all, painting the insides however… that was another story !! – I knew precisely how I wanted it to look before I even bought the kit, and just for once, I’ve built exactly what was in my minds’ eye. Talking of the paint, I’ve used my ‘default setting’ and gone with two Tamiya rattle-cans – Metallic Grey and Chrome Yellow, simply polished with and off-the-shelf ‘cutting agent’, no clear coat as we can’t get ‘Gravity’ or ‘Zero’ brands here and I simply don’t trust anything else. As ever please feel free to shout abuse, ask a question or make a comment. Have a great weekend all. Ian.
  4. Sinister ‘70 Cuda

    Love this, the stance (not to mention the 'presence') is simply fantastic. Ian.
  5. my models

    It's like looking at my own shelf, except only a couple of mine have been built and none to this standard !! - Wonderful stuff, simply superb. Ian.
  6. '69 Monogram Super Bee

    All kinds of Awesome !! Ian.
  7. 1957 Dodge D500 Custom Royal

    Sprechenloss !! - museum quality modelling. Ian.
  8. 'Chrome free' Corvette

    Only from eBay, David. There may be one or two outlets here in NZ, but TBH I've not found any in six years !! - I know Pegasus AM products and they are very good however Aoshima & Fujimi extras are quite easy to get here, there's a few guys importing and selling on-line at good/competitive prices (not as cheap as Europe or the US, but not trying to rip-off the modeller like some do !!). Ian.
  9. 'Chrome free' Corvette

    Twenty year old Revell kit, and not a bad one too. Wanted a contemporary look without changing the 'structure' too much, so de-chromed throughout, faired-in and cut down bumpers front & rear, steering wheel from a Tamiya R34, the rest is just paint. Tamiya Gunmetal, polished & buffed, not clear coated, a dark red interior which I carried through to the outside accents and finall a little carbon-fibre decalling on the valence. Ta Daaaa !! Wheels & tyres are 18" SA-70s from Aoshima and just don't look right. I'll replace them with 16" when I can, also need to source some brake discs, there's a set in the R34 spares but I'll need to perform a fair bit of surgery to get them to fit the Revell axles. Hope you like it, AFN Ian.
  10. The Clabber Girl Thunderbird

    One of my 'Grail Schemes' - would love to do this one... Great to see this in the flesh, John. Ian.
  11. Ferrari 308 GTB, Monogram, 1/24

    Nicely done, Matt. Always enjoy your builds. Still cannot decide what colour to do mine aswell... Black with a tan interior is looking very 'do-able' at the moment. Ian.
  12. Liberty Walk R35 GTR .

    All kinds of 'Kool'... Great build & finish, really like this. Ian.
  13. 1995 McLaren F1 GTR Le Mans #51 Harrod’s

    Great looking model, love that scheme, but then I'm British so I think it's compulsory !!. Never heard of TABU DECALS before now, Steve so off to see if I they'll post-out to Middle Earth. Ian.
  14. Mitsubishi GTO - Tamiya

    Sorry I'm fashionably late to this gig... Very nice build, Michael, on my to-do pile for early this year aswell. Ian.
  15. Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R (Tamiya 1/24)

    Museum quality finish. Simply outstanding. Ian.