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  1. IJ001 added a post in a topic Ricky's 2001 Ford   

    Been working on other projects but the Taurus is back on the bench now.
    Began decalling yesterday, using Wet Works decals and they're behaving perfectly so far.

  2. IJ001 added a post in a topic AMT 1966 Buick Riviera GS   

    Cannot add to what the rest of the lads have said... just superb.
  3. IJ001 added a post in a topic AMT '62 Mercury mild custom rebuild   

    Oh h*ll yes !!
  4. IJ001 added a post in a topic Ferrari 458 Italia   

    Looks good here too, Paul !!
  5. IJ001 added a post in a topic Lancia 037 rally   

    Never seen this scheme on the 037 !!, really like it, great model. So regret selling my kit a couple of years back.
  6. IJ001 added a post in a topic Mercedes SLS AMG   

    Nicely done, Paul... 
    (the one that lives on the other coast !!)
  7. IJ001 added a topic in NASCAR   

    Ricky's 2001 Ford
    Alongside the Chevy on the bench just now:






    No polishing just yet. That'll happen over the next couple of sessions then I'll leave it all to cure for a week before masking and airbrushing the yellow dividing stripe. Thanks for taking the time to look and/or comment. More later this week or more likely beginning of next week.
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  8. IJ001 added a post in a topic Wright Brothers Chevy   

    Decals are happening, folks...


    So far so good, with no tearing or rips. Need to touch-up on the 'B' pillar and where the red folds over the top of the 'door'. Just wondering why the last Slixx sheet I used behaved so disasterously and this one is behaving so well ? - talk about inconsistency !!. Ahh well on with the project... I'll let these dry overnight then tomorrow shoot a varnish coat to seal them all in before more decalling later in the week.
  9. IJ001 added a post in a topic Wright Brothers Chevy   

    So I had a thought this morning, given how prone to tearing Slixx decals are, I decided to mitigate the (anticipated) problem by spraying the air-dam and roof blue - so if the decals do tear, at-least there's a shiny blue underneath to make patching a little easier.

  10. IJ001 added a post in a topic Darell Waltrip Tide Monte-Carlo Aerocoupe update 08/07   

    Very smooth indeed - alongside my M/C on the bench I have the 2000/02 Taurus - want to guess which scheme it's going to be in !!
  11. IJ001 added a post in a topic Wright Brothers Chevy   

    "Rollin', rollin', rollin'..."



  12. IJ001 added a post in a topic '70 1/2 Baldwin motion camaro   

    Superb build, got to buy this kit !!
  13. IJ001 added a post in a topic Wright Brothers Chevy   

    Good morning folks from the Land of the Long White Cloud...
    So after a l-o-n-g break from car builds in general and NASCAR builds in particular I've dragged the 2003 Monte Carlo back to the bench; Not just that, but I found a 2000/03 Taurus body and rolling chassis that I'd completely forgotten about !!


    To be fair, it's all Disney/Pixar's fault, went to see Cars 3 a couple of weeks ago with the kids, absolutely loved it, great movie, and of course, my nine-year-old has pulled-out all his old Disney Cars die-casts AND done a school project on Richard & Kyle Petty so absolutely no surprise that I'd re-discover my enthusiasm for NASCAR models !! - Oh yeah, and next April, we're going to Florida for our hols and staying in an apartment on DAYTONA BEACH !!
    Stay tuned more soon, real life permitting.
  14. IJ001 added a post in a topic 250GT SWB 'Berlinetta'   

    No didn't lower the suspension - think that would be just 'wrong' on a Ferrari - The floor pan etc simply snuggled-in quite deep to the body shell, also explains how the hood was pushed-up to where it is now 
  15. IJ001 added a topic in Under Glass   

    250GT SWB 'Berlinetta'
    After a l-o-n-g gestation period, finally finished the Esci Ferrari. Definitely not my best work but whilst 50% of that is down to my lack of skills, the other 50% is down to the poor quality of the kit itself. That said, if you want an 'affordable' 1:24 'Berlinetta' on your shelf as much as I did, then this is pretty much the only way to go unless you are lucky enough to stumble upon an Italeri or Gunze kit.
    Ok, enough yada, yada, yada on to the pics:





    Thanks for taking the time to look, criticise and/or comment. Not sure what my next car build will be, but the Revell 458 Italia is looking very, very tempting, but then so is the AMT/Ertl '67 Comet !!
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