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  1. Fake eBay "Special Discount" email -

    I received such an offer in my inbox on Ebay last week on a Peterbilt kit and bought it at the offered price and received it with no problem.
  2. "Food Lion" Brockway 457 Daycab

    Thanks! Thanks Charles!
  3. Peterbilt 359 California Hauler

    Looks Great!!! Very nice clean looking Peterbilt.
  4. If Richard doesn't come up with one, I'm sure that I have one too.
  5. Starting my IH 4300 Transtar

    I use evergreen styrene angle or channel made into angle. If you look through the window of my Brockway you can see the channel as the windshield post. The top was rectangle stock that I shaped like the inside of the cab leaving a groove for the windshield to fit into.
  6. Starting my IH 4300 Transtar

    You have to be careful with super glues because they will fog any finger prints that are on the glass. I do use it sometimes, but I also use two part epoxy. There are also some canopy glues as Jeff said which are basically a white glue, but I've never tried them. You may not want to go to this much trouble, but I sometimes make a frame for the window to slide into without using any glue on the actual glass itself.
  7. Starting my IH 4300 Transtar

    Did it snap right down the middle. If it did you could just use the two halves since you have a center post. I use clear lay film from Hobby Lobby on my resin builds. That would work too.
  8. R model, the last hoorah

    Very nice! What did you make the sleeper vents out of?
  9. Acouple of topkicks

    Very nice!!
  10. Tell me exactly what you need ans I should have it.
  11. 1976 or 1977 Dale Earnhardt Ford Torino

    I always enjoy your builds!! Another excellent build! Looks great!!
  12. GMC 7500 Fertilizer Spreader Truck

    Thanks Lee! I'm looking at all my options. I've even been looking at other floater trucks for inspiration. I may get a long hood. Try making the file smaller. I had the same problem with pictures and after I made the file smaller they uploaded fine.
  13. I had the same problem. I was using my phone to take the pictures and they were full size. I made the file smaller (2.8 MB to 114 KB)with my phone and then they uploaded fine. I thought that maybe a limit had been set on file size.
  14. GMC 7500 Fertilizer Spreader Truck

    I'm pretty sure that is why it is swirly. It seemed cured, it's old enough to be cured. I've seen other swirly castings on Ebay before. I'll never touch a swirly casting again though.
  15. GMC 7500 Fertilizer Spreader Truck

    That is a thought. More work than I had hoped, especially in thick resin, but definitely a possibility. His may be thinner than these. He has thinned a lot of the old M.T.F.A. kits. The mold is bad on the short nose and he said it would be a while on that one. I could just build a 318 long nose.