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  1. Thanks Kerry! All the trucks this company owned were painted this way. If I'm not mistaken they even had a Model A Ford painted these colors. Thanks! Thanks KJ! I managed to get a few parts from one of the best K100 builders around for this build, and a lot of inspiration from the same source. Thanks man! Thanks Jeff! These KWs were owned by Wilco Truck Rental. This one had been leased to Monkey Grip (yellow and red trucks) and had a fresh paint job, frame and all on it when my dad got it. I wanted it to be pretty fresh looking. Thanks!! Thanks Vince!
  2. Looks Amazing! You really captured the original!! The weathering is perfect, especially inside of the bed! Great work!!
  3. Thanks for the comments guys!! The truck is now basically done, now on to the trailer.
  4. Looks great!! I might have to try your approach. I usually measure once and cut 63 times.😀
  5. Looks Great Jeff!! Excellent scratch building!! Just the right amount of weathering! Great job all around!! Great job capturing the real thing!!
  6. I never get tired of watching your creations come to life!! Top notch work!!
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