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  1. Very nice work!! I've wanted to build one of these for years. Great scratch building work! I like it as well as the very nice display!
  2. Thanks! The dump has underneath exhaust: The tractor has a stack:
  3. Many of the short B.B.C. trucks had tilted 6 cylinder engines mostly Cummins (from what I've seen) but also Cat. I don't "think" that I've ever saw a 6-71 Detroit tilted as they are physically smaller and both the intake and exhaust can be on the passenger side. As you can see on this 250 Cummins the engine mounts are made to tilt the engine: Here is a couple of Louisville Fords that you can see the tilt of the engine: Here's a Dodge: Here is a tilted 3406 Cat in a Louisville, you can see how close the turbo is to the frame.
  4. I built this one as an LNT 9000 and added a 3406 Cat: I built this one over 20 years ago. It has a 6-71 Detroit
  5. That is one AWESOME rig!!! The weathering is spot on! You have really captured the look of the real thing!! Excellent work!! y
  6. I didn't realize anything was wrong with the cab until you fixed it. Great work!
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