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  1. Thanks so much! Thanks to everyone who voted! I truly didn’t expect this. I really just set out to re-create a truck that had given me a lot of good memories. Thanks again to Jeff for handling the BRBO! Thanks again to everyone who voted!
  2. Technically these engines , in non-turbo form are considered naturally aspirated and not supercharged. These were 2 stroke cycle engines without intake valves and the blower was necessary for the engine to run. The old AMT 10 hole wheels were meant to represent tube type split rims that use a lock ring to secure the tire. The AMT representation definitely did not capture these rims perfectly. The 10 hole rims pictured as optional here look like the ones from the Transtar II kit and the 4300 kit. These are representative of tubeless one piece rims. I’m not sure what year these became a available but the 4070 A was available until 73. These rims are pictured on a Western Star in a 1973 issue of Overdrive magazine so they would have been available for this truck in 73 although the drives in this kit would still represent tube type rims.
  3. I have some pictures of an H-67 tilted. It is probably very similar.
  4. This was an amazing build before I got to the engine and chassis’s pictures, it then, WOW!!! Top notch detail work for sure!!
  5. You have really put done yourself on this one! Looks amazing! Excellent work!
  6. I like it! Is the cab going to tilt or will it be curbside?
  7. Looking forward to seeing this one! I see that you have the wheels for it too.
  8. You nailed this one Dan!! Clean work! Nicely detailed!! Top notch build!! Looks Awesome!!!
  9. I don’t think that you have bitten off more than you can chew. Keep in mind you can always fall back to a curbside on this project as when it makes it to the shelf, the cab is rarely tilted. You probably already know this, but I would remove all belt drives from the front. The Ertl style radiator is a bit narrower but has a very large top tank. You may consider narrowing a radiator with a smaller tank or modifying the tank on that one. Sit everything in place and give it a test run. Even on bigger cabs, radiator clearance is almost always an issue. For that matter I had some issue with radiator clearance on the T800 I’m building now. Hang in there! You got this!
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