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  1. Your builds are always awesome! Looks the part perfectly! Excellent work!
  2. That looks beautiful! You should have a build thread over in the semi section.
  3. Thanks Pat. The engine is definitely not completely accurate, nor near the quality of your scratch built engines. I started with an old Mack block out of the DM 600 kit. The valve cover was made from two Detroit valve covers. In retrospect I should have cut some more off of the lower side of the block and narrowed the oil pan a little more to get my dimensions a little closer, but since it is curb side and not very visible I let it pass.
  4. Thanks for the kind words but I believe that you might be the one passing off the real thing as a model. 😀 Thanks!! Thanks Jeff!
  5. I like Peterbilts with spoke wheels myself. Looks like a great project!
  6. I like it! I really like how you painted the engine! Nice work!
  7. Thanks KJ! Since the rings were cast into the fenders, I painted the entire light and ring area with a Moltown pen. I then used the headlight lenses from the 4300 kit.
  8. Thanks Charles! The mirrors are out of the 4300 kit. Thanks Brian!
  9. Looks great! I thought that I was the only one who made air valves out of carburetors. 😃
  10. I’m sure that this will vary some depending on what year model you’re wanting to replicate. This is from a 1980 brochure: This is from a 1967 brochure:
  11. Amazing build all the way around. Make sure you have all your permits in order before starting down the road with that beast. Excellent work! This was a pleasure to watch come together!
  12. Thanks for all of the comments guys! This one is under glass now.
  13. This began with a fiberglass cab from an unknown caster. It sits on the 4300 chassis from the latest issue. This one is curbside but it is powered by a IH Red Diamond 450 gas engine. Thanks to Charles Rowley for the IH R-190 emblem decals.
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