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  1. Mack Cruiseliner Question

    Thanks for the help guys! For those who were wondering the difference. Here is the 75/76 style like the AMT kit. Every one that I find has the emblem in the grill 1976 Mack cruiseliner by Ken Gilkeson, on Flickr This is the 77 style. Notice the difference around the headlights. Also notice that the turn signal are in the front of the cab. 1979 Mack Cruiseliner by Ken Gilkeson, on Flickr I have also seen this second style with turn signals mounted high on the side of the cab.
  2. Peterbilt fire truck DD powered

    You have really done a great job detailing that Driptroit, I mean Detroit.
  3. Question about the AMT Autocars

    I just looked at mine. It only has the top loader rear ends. The directions only show one set of rear ends too. I saw the two on Ebay that show Hendrickson style suspension. They seem to be later releases than mine. I do have a copy of the directions from the Construction version and it only shows the old style too. You may contact the seller for some better photos to see if the other set up is in the box.
  4. Mack Cruiseliner Question

    Thanks Dave! That's what got this started. I planned to use one, but I'm not sure if I want to change the headlights. I plan to use one of his grills.
  5. 1955 IH RDTC Highbinder

    Thanks for the kind words! Thanks so much JT! Odd trucks seem to be my thing. I planning something a little more common next though.
  6. Davis Brother’s 386 Pete 1/24 scale

    Very nice looking! Excellent work! Your paint work is awesome!
  7. Scratch bash KW aerodyne wrecker

    Very nice fabrication work!!
  8. Loadstar Brush Truck

    Awesome work!
  9. Mack Cruiseliner Question

    Well I've started my next project. Back in the 80's, the company that my dad worked for rented a Cruiseliner from Ryder for a couple of weeks. It was painted just like the box art. I'm planning to build a replica from memory of course. In my research, though, I found some differences that I didn't realize. I knew that the grill was completely changed in the later models, but my subject had the old grill. I'm pretty sure that it didn't have the emblem in the grill though. Every picture of a 75 or 76 model that I find has the emblem. It appears that in 77 the headlight buckets were changed slightly. I could probably modify the kit to the later buckets if I need to. So here's my question. Does anyone know for sure if all 75 and 76 Cruisliners had the emblem in the grill? Also, did any of the later models (77 and newer) have headlight buckets like the kit? I planned this to be a simple relaxing build. I may just go with the emblem in the grill and be done. Any input would be appreciated.
  10. Old field Kenworth

    Very cool looking project! Great work as usual! I like the idea of a junk truck. The opened up differential looks good! Looking forward to seeing more of this one!
  11. MACK R658ST

    I like the colors! Nice looking Mack! Great work!
  12. Ray's Towing

    Very cool build! I like it!! Nice work!! Make sure the driver has a gas card. It looks thirsty! Great job!
  13. 1955 IH RDTC Highbinder

    Thanks for the kind words Rick! Your work inspires me!