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  1. Thanks JT! I really like daycab cabovers and I was inspired to build this one from a video of a daycab Freightliner log truck that I saw on Youtube.
  2. Thanks! Thanks for bringing back this old build! Thanks! Thanks! I like these old cabovers. I saw one at a truck show and called Illini Replicas the next week. I had to build one! 😀 Thanks! Thanks Brian! I had been wanting to put a belt drive on something and this one fit the bill.
  3. Thanks! And thanks for bringing this one back up! Thanks! Thanks! I've considered taking some of my older builds and taking some "family shots" so to speak. Maybe I'll get to it one day. 😀 Thanks man! I always thought that these trucks were ugly back in the day, now they are some of my favorites.
  4. Great looking rig! I think that I had about all of these when I was a kid. I wish that I would have saved them.
  5. Great looking rig! You can't go wrong with a KW!
  6. Great looking Fleet! I like these kits! I spent a week in the hospital as a kid and my mom bought me this kit and the cabover snap Freightliner too, and I built them in the hospital.
  7. Beautiful paint work on this excellent replica of a custom van!!
  8. Beautiful Ford truck! Excellent work!! Looks like the real thing!
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