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  1. Check with Dave at American Industrial Truck Models. He has resin conversions from the 50s.
  2. That would be awesome! Send me PM with what you're looking for.
  3. These kits can fight you sometimes. It looks like you got this one together well! I like your color choice! Daycab cabovers are my favorite! It has that ready to work look. Looking forward to your next project, whichever one you choose!
  4. Very nice build! Like the color scheme and the added details! Very clean work too!
  5. Thanks for all of the comments. I have a little more done on the bed now.
  6. I'm sure the one that you have has been modified too. The one that you have pictured is the Paystar version, but the bed and number of axles is the same in both.
  7. Very nice!! You have really captured the 70s look! Great work! I would like to find one of these cabs myself!
  8. Call me impressed! Awesome work! Nice touch with the weld seams!
  9. I have a little more done on the bed. It is not finished yet, but getting closer. I'm trying to go for an old steel bed truck that has been repainted and found new life, maybe from someone who has decided to go into business for themselves. I will be doing some weathering inside and outside the bed. I also have to add the roll tarp.
  10. Thanks for all the comments guys! Yes, this is the same kit. I added the lift axle and modified the bed. If you decide that you need to let one of those kits go, let me know! 😀
  11. Hank shut it down. People were copying pictures and re-posting them as their own. The forum is still operating though.
  12. Every once in a while a hood shows up on Ebay. That is where I got mine. There is also someone on there offering a 3D brush guard and sleeper, although a little pricey in my opinion. It will take a bit more than lengthening the AMT hood to make an RS700L hood as the fenders are a little different and considered low mount fenders, but it can be done. I hope to convert the AMT hood to a short RL600 hood one day. Like was said before, call Dave at A.I.T.M. direct and if he can help you he will, he is great to deal with.
  13. I think what we need to remember is this is just a hobby. With that being said, many people are in this hobby for different reasons. Some may simply be interested in the subject matter (muscle cars, drag cars, big trucks, etc.) and like myself can't afford the real thing, or some may be looking for a stress relieving hobby, while others may strive to make a work of art. A build can be a nice clean build, yet still not have all the trim painted or mold lines removed. Does it look real? No. Does it look good? To the builder's standards, yes. Sometimes we want to offer help to folks who don't need it. Most builders are like myself and can spot their mistakes a mile away. We also need to remember that not everyone desires to build a show quality model. Does that make them substandard in some way? No. They may actually be getting more joy from the hobby than the show quality builder. I'm not a great model builder myself although there are many great builders on this forum who I have a lot of respect for, but what has helped me to improve what skills I have is watching the great builders on this forum work, not comments on how my build wasn't up to par. I'm not an everyone gets a trophy guy, but this forum isn't a contest either. I normally comment on builds that I'm interested in the 1:1 subject. I usually look for something that was done well about the model and not the negative. If someone asks for input that is totally different. If there is a technical issue that you think that the builder may want to know about, send a PM. I personally think that discouraging builders is far more harmful to this hobby than trying to encourage folks with less than perfect builds.
  14. Thanks for all the comments guys!! I'm finally back to working on this one. I was able to get a little done on the bed today.
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