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  1. Great looking fleet you have there Dan! You really turned them out this past year! Excellent work for sure! I’m looking forward to seeing your new builds for this year! I know that they will be great!!
  2. This is a project that I have been wanting to do for a long time now. I want to finish this one before the pusher truck. In around 1971, Glosson Motor Lines of Lexington NC, purchased 162 Transtars. They purchased both C-O 4070A’s and C-O F4070A’s. This one will be a C-O 4070A. They later had quite a few C-O F4070B’s as well. I remember seeing a lot about of these on the road and even knew a driver of theirs. I’m starting with the new issue of this truck. I hope that this one doesn’t stall like my last project.😀 Here is an inspiration picture.
  3. That is one beautiful Emeryville! Great work on this rig! I like it!!
  4. Thanks so much for all of the comments and encouragement along the way guys!! After a 7 month break I am finally calling this one done and it is “Under Glass.”
  5. I think that you must have an assembly line over there.😀 Looks great so far!!
  6. This project began with a picture of a truck for sale that I found on line. It had been a spreader truck that the bed had been removed. This is what this one is supposed to represent. I liked the way it looked with no bed. This build started with a Paystar logger truck. The tires, front axle and transfer case are from Kit Form Services. The engine is a Detroit 6-71 from Gary Wallace. Thanks this one stalled for 7 months. I’m glad to be calling it done.
  7. Thanks for all the comments guys! Thanks Dan! I haven’t completely decided. I have considered trying a snow covered base though. I have a couple of projects ahead of this one yet. But I am gaining ground.
  8. Very cool idea! You really pulled off the scene that you were going for. Very nice work! I like it!
  9. I used to see a lot of these and work on a lot of these. You really captured the colors and the look of one of these trucks. Excellent work!
  10. You really captured the 1:1! Nice work under the hood too! Looks great!
  11. Looks awesome!! The paint is perfect! This one looks to be flawless! Excellent work!
  12. Looks awesome! It captures that vintage look for sure! As said already, it has that west coast owner operator feel to it. Nice work!
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