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  1. This thing looks a slick as glass! Great work!!
  2. Good start! Looking forward to more! I like the idea for this project!
  3. You have an amazing way with trailers!..and trucks for that matter! You always capture that vintage look! Great work!
  4. Very Nice! Very Clean! Excellent work on the daycab conversion! I really like the color too!! Great Work!!
  5. I like it!! Great job removing the vinyl top!!
  6. The same thing happened to me a couple of years ago. Order was cancelled and refunded, no explanation and no response to emails.
  7. Very nice work on all the builds! The colors really set this one off!
  8. Great idea! Nice work! Nice weathering! Looks great!
  9. Does anybody have any spare Detroits? Preferably new. I'm in need of a couple. Any issue is fine; AMT Peterbilt, GMC, or Chevrolet, or the Ertl issues in the IH cabovers. I would like to trade off a few car kits if someone is interested. Thanks, Brian
  10. I have already ordered a set of spokes! Looking forward to seeing them in person! I have the 6 lug and they look great!
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