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  1. I worked on a lot of the 70s models and even owned a few. Most 78-79 models that I had experience with had 205 transfer cases. The earlier models with full time four wheel drive had 203 transfer cases. I had a 76 with a divorced transfer case and it was a 205 as well. That has just been my experience, I’m sure there are probably other examples. Something else that may be of interest. Most fords had a Dana 44 with a high mount pinion in the front with reverse cut gears. The one I had with the divorced transfer case had a Dana 44 with a regular low mount pinion.
  2. Thanks, he has already got back in touch with me.
  3. Great project Warren! I built one of these with a 6-71 in it some time ago. I started with the Mack frame and changed out the rear suspension and axels. I like your engine choice! This will be a cool build! If I remember correctly from my research when I built mine, the 357 had the inline engine and the 359 had the “V” engine. Looking forward to seeing more of this one!
  4. I received 214 today, now just waiting on 212 and 213, and yes to both questions, in April.
  5. Silver doesn’t stop the bleed through every time if you are using hot paint like Duplicolor lacquer. Like has been said; test first with all the products that you are finishing with. Even if it looks good with your base color or primer, test with all coats. I had red plastic once that couldn’t stop the bleed through at all.
  6. Francis, I have been looking forward to seeing this one finished for some time now! “WOW” is just such an understatement! Watching you machine all of those fine details along the way was truly a joy and amazing to see! This build is truly a work of art!! Simply AMAZING!! EXCELLENT work!! Now if you will just start the engine and let us hear it run, that would be nice.😀
  7. I paint the whole thing with flat black primer. After it is dry, I slowly rub off the lettering and trim with my fingers. No solvent necessary. Solvent will probably remove the chrome as well as the paint. Primer being much softer than paint rubs off pretty easily.
  8. You know I’m a big cabover fan, especially daycabs! This is a great looking rig!
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