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  1. Thanks guys! ..Yes Tom I did the #18 John Bowe cars in the boxes. All the pictures of the (#18) models besides my full collection picture with the eleven cars. Here is some footage of two Australian Touring Car Championship races from 1992 (before it became V8 Supercars) the races each go for around 15 minutes. The Dick Johnson #17 and John Bowe #18 Shell Sierras can be seen on this YouTube link, or you can see great pictures of the DJR Sierras on the "DJR Shell Ford Sierra Page" on Facebook or my Pinterest profile (Redcar666 on Pinterest) https://youtu.be/Hq99g4nNzf8
  2. Thank you Tom. I've only been using my relatives standard inkjet printer, HP, I think. Plus Microsort word. It was hard to find all stickers on Google and make them the right size. I had to make a compromise on a couple of them, but these stickers will do until I get the proper decal stickers. I've always hoped one of the brands that make ATCC cars would bring out a '92 or even '91 John Bowe #18 Shell Sierra IN ANY SCALE!! These customs will satisfy that desire, for now!
  3. 2015 CUSTOM "1992 DJR SHELL ATCC FORD SIERRAS" 1:43 and 1:64 scale I remember watching John Bowe winning several rounds in the '92 season with my dad when I was 11 or 12 years old. John Bowe's #18 Shell Sierra was the first Australian race car I ever followed. Bowe actually won both heats on at least two occasions, maybe more, that year. These custom models are my first ever customs, besides a matchbox sierra I did when I was twelve. You can guess which Sierra I made back then in 1992 as a twelve year old.. John Bowe #18 painted with liquid paper (white out) plus red artline marker pen and using white video labels to hand draw the decals, it was great fun to make back in '92. But for these custom models pictured here I used Tamiya paint and made decals myself. For now they'll do until I receive proper decals and so far, it's already proving to be a long wait for the online decal place to make them. I have seven Sierras- '97 to '92 plus four EF/EL Falcons- '95 to '98 so far, all for ATCC/Supercar customs, waiting for decals. Customs created May/June 2015 Thank you for looking at my pictures. Redcar666 My DJR Shell Team Ford Collection as of July 2015:
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