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  1. I just finished two bikes and thought I'd give yáll a look. The first is an old Bandai/Entex 1/8 scale BMW R-75 kit and it was a pita to build. The second was a contract build for a good friend of mine. It's a 1/8 Revell dresser kit modified with different seat, saddlebags and hand bent aluminum tube headers.
  2. Haven't done much lately but I have been working on this ... full build pics here ... http://public.fotki....-model-a-sedan/ .
  3. Automotive vacuum line works for the radiator hoses. It is more flexible and the appearance is closer to real than the kit hose.
  4. If you are not using the truck commercially, just transporting it to shows, cruising around town, etc you don't need a CDL. You can tag and insure it as a private vehicle also. If it's over 30 years old most states have an option to tag it as an antique. PS, It would make a cool motor home ... or camper hauler ...
  5. Yes, contact Jeff at palmer@amtelecom.net A glitch in my Fotki. They are all here ... http://public.fotki....29-tudor-hiboy/ .
  6. I've used Evercoat Ever-Glaze spot putty on 1/1 cars before I got back into the hobby and it just naturally came along for the ride. It's fast drying, spreads smooth and sands easily. I've never had a problem with cracking or shrinkage. You will need to prime the plastic before applying. You get a 16 oz tube for around $10.00 at your local auto parts store.
  7. Pick up a cheap flour sifter from the Dollar store or Wally World. They work great for mixing different colors of flocking too.
  8. I wasn't talking about files Jim. I mean taking the model trees out of the box, scanning them and printing copies.
  9. The biggest problem I see in the future is the scan & print option. You could buy one kit, scan it into your computer and print out as many copies as you wanted. It could literely put the model companies out of business. On the plus side of scan & print, you could scan a real car and print it in scale. [media=]
  10. The only problem with that is most 3-D files are made for gaming and need to be modified for printing.
  11. The biggest problem the car modeling hobby has right now is kids grow up on electronics and don't want to invest the time, money or anything else involved with manually doing anything. I've been a gear head all my life, have a shop, tools, multiple cars & trucks but both my sons were raised in the electronic age and neither showed any interest in working on real cars or models.
  12. 3-D tech is a boon for the hobby and resin casters already. You can create a file, have it printed, use it for a master, cast it and sell copies. The sales of the castings can offset any up front costs. Also if you wanted a 1956 Landyacht-o-saurus you could have it. The posibilities are endless. I've wanted a '28 - '32 sedan in 1/8th scale since I got back into the hobby and with 3-D tech I now have two in progress.
  13. Even Pabst Blue Ribbon is outsourced to a company in South Africa !!!!! http://blog.foreignp...cas_beersort_of Drink American ... .
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