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  1. Somewhere near 80 finished here at the house. Like you jeff, I have others that were sold to collectors - right at 20, and a few that I have given away to friends and relatives. About 500 kits in my stash.
  2. Great question and comments . Build what ya love - I always have. The biggest mistake I've seen people make in this hobby, and in life in general, is to worry about what others think or say about them, or what they do. All that worry has a controlling power over our creativity, and limits our ability to be a free-thinker. You never really get to know what ya love or what your talents are, when your trying to please everyone - can't think oustde the box, or be happy with yourself. I do what my "Artsy" passions inspire me to do. I get criticized and beat-up once in a while for my creations, or even my life style, but hey, I like 'um . For me it's always artist first when I open the box . Yeah, I can do the mechanical stuff OK, but there's nothin' like free-form "Artsy" art deco flowing designs to really "Spin my bottle" .
  3. Nice build I did one of these not long ago in yellow, and the foiling took forever. Good job and great color and finish - THD
  4. Tamiya paints are wonderful, and I use them pretty regularly, but not their clear. For than more than a dozen years I have used Plasti-Kote Classic Lacquer clear #349, over most any brand of paint, and have shot it at nearly 100 degrees with no problems. Just remember to use the ol' reliable 3 step process in painting - One light coat, one medium coat, and a wet coat, shot at 15 minute intervals. Also, final prep before painting is essential to a good smooth finish. "Orange peal" is normally a result of a poor prepped surface, or paint being shot to "DRY" ( Not to high of a temp., but the nozzle too far from the object being painted), with too long of a drying period between coats. Paint needs to still be "Tacky" when it gets it's 2nd and third coats so the paint will stick and not run, and the various coats will "Blend" together, not "Stack-up" one over the other, because you waited too long between coats, and the paint is too dry to flow into the preceeding coat - " ORANGE PEAL (???) A nicely painted project can be finished in 24 hours, including the "Rubbing out" process, when done properly. Waiting too long at different stages of the painting process can be one of the biggest mistakes people make. Find out how the "pro" 1 to 1 car painters do it, and you'll find a new world of successful painting.
  5. Great start on an "Ol' Timey" kit . It's a little "Spindly", but I found that if ya just take yer time, she'll be O.K. I'm buildin' a "Sorta" stock one from this kit, with bumpers, the stock rear wheel well openings, dog dish's and white walls, with a bit of a surprise under the hood. Keep going. It'll be fun to see what you do with yours - dave .
  6. Love your custom Dave - All the body work goes nicely together, and the color really fits the car, and looks great. Leaving the top the stock height is SOOO COOOL . Great job Dave - THD
  7. Hey Gregg A couple of suggestions. The stock bodied look with a chopped top, great paint colors, and a full compliment of emblems and trim is getting more popular lately, and I love doing some of mine like that. Maybe a late-model driveline and interior too(Yours is probably a slammer??). Dark colors seem to get lost on a contest table, but bright colors done well draw people in to see more. If that were my "Caddy", I'd get a large can (Only way it comes) of Duplicolor tangerine meataflake, and some clear coat for the body color, and then do the top in white. Spend some time doing a great job on foiling everything very cleanly, as well as doing a great interior maybe a two-tone in creme and beige, add "Caddy Sombrero's" from the Revell '49 Merc kit and use the Caddy decals that come in the kit for the centers of the Sombrero's(Little details make a modl really "POP"), with super-wide whites, slam it low, nose nearly touching the ground, and I guarantee you'll get compliments. Here's my ol' standby I really like, and have another similar one going for the future.
  8. Nice offer - I keep it in mind . Thanks - THD
  9. I have a simple little system that's worked well for me for about a dozen years. In the first pic you see tooth pics, a set of micro-mini drill bits, a cordless Dremel with an accessory drill chuck for mini-drill bits, and a couple chunks of floral foam from Michaels Crafts, that I cut into smaller pieces. I drill a small hole in a plastic part that is usually already been cleaned up and readied to be painted, and insert the tooth pick into the hole for handling while painting, and the rest of the time it's in the foam block, either waiting to be painted, or curing after painting. For really tiny parts the tooth pics can be sanded down to a very tiny point and one of the smallest drill bits in the set can be used in the plastic part. I usually use a larger drill bit most of the time as it makes handling not so "tedious" or "Spindly" . The round tooth picks are tapered, so it makes for a nice tite fit, especially if the hole is drilled deep enough - DUHHH . Or, if you can't drill a hole in the part, I cut off the end of a tooth pic to flatten it a little (depends on the size of the part), add some "Super-glue" - ZAP IT, for a quick set, stuff it into the block of foam, and your set for the next part, and everything is easily accessible, and can be nicly organized and arranged. In this second pic, I have a stash of these blocks, because I may have 2, 3,4 or more projects going at one time, that I'm detailing parts for. A nice supply is always handy , and helps keep project parts separated and organized - I LIKE ORGANIZED . And lastly here's a "Family pic" of a whole buncha parts - LOL
  10. Harry I like "SWOOPY" streamliner trains from the 20's and 30's, along with the "Art Deco" bicycles of the same time period, including the 40's. Got one of each on the drawing board to be scratched-up, from pattern supplies. The train will be a "Custom SCREAMLINER sort of "Lead-Sled" Hiawatha crazi-ness - Gotta find me some scale trucks (Wheel sets). Be fun to share-um here - dave
  11. I agree with you guys about Duplicolor being a good choice for primer as well as their rattle-can paints. I don't use a sealer myself, but that's just a personal choice, as I like the system I use. I hear others have real good success with a sealer, so I guess it's like " Bill Geary" says - PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE" - and then experiment a little too. I use Duplicolors gray "High-build primer" to start off, and then if it's a bright color I'm laying down, I go with Plasticotes white primer. Sands beautifully. I've never gotten Duplicolors white primer to work for me. Seems to stay gummy, and never really dries to a sandable hardness. I like to let my primer set a least a few days to a week to get it good and dry. Sands beautifully and feathers out to a nice finish before the color goes on, and shows any last-minute unseen flaws needing to be fixed.
  12. Well, I clicked the heels together three times, on my "SHINY RED SLIPPERS", AND GUESS WHAT - I'N BACK IN KANSAS .
  13. HEY - I clicked my shiny "GLITTERY RED SLIPPERS" together 3 times, and guess what ??? I'm back in KANSAS . THIS BAD BOY IS BACK. LOOK OUT WORLD - I'MA PACKIN' BOTH SIX SHOOTERS AND A SAWED OFF SHOTGUN . THD
  14. Hi Gregg and Harry I guess it's appropriate for me to comment. I'm not angry at anyone here, about anything that has been said. When you get my age, your self worth is pretty well in tack, so comments like we read just roll off my back and make me laugh. HONESTLY, this sort of thing is nothing when you get older, because of all the "REAL WORLD" issues and people you have to deal with daily over many, many years, that make these issues here seem trivial at best, in the "Grander scheme of life". Bitterness and anger is a pill that cosumes you and poisons your whole life - NO THANKS - LIFE IS TO GOOD Me, I'm OK with who I am, and what I've accomplished in my life, and enjoy the great memories I get to SAVOR in my advancing years. Like I said, I'm happy and life for me is very good, and I really enjoy being here, and probably won't be going anywhere anytime soon, unless you ask me to leave, and I have no problem with that. I enjoy learning here from others, getting their feed-back and advise, and I enjoy sharing what I do, and helping others, and generally feeling like I have a positive affect on most here like so many others do, but if my presents here isn't welcome, or I seem to be too much of a "LIGHTENING ROD", then simply tell me, and I'll be gone by my own choice, just like before, only it'll be permanent. I won't come back. This is not my life, it's a hobby. All the best - dave THD
  15. I have to agree. Where else does someone get this kind of attention, UNLESS YOUR A 14 YEAR OLD BOY NAMED DUKEFAN69, AND JUST WANT TO BE ACCEPTED, and the girly men here crush his spirit, just because he wants to transition into manhood and be accepted. He got more attention than me, and wasn't even here. I hope he finds a good positive role model to mentor him and show him what being a "Real Man" is like, 'cause you guys are a train wreck, that attacked him. The good thing is that there are only about 6 "GIRLY MEN" and if there are now 6000 members as Gregg Boasted about (HEY ..WAIT A MINUTE ...YOUR IN MY CAMP. OH MY GOSH GREGG NEEDS ATTENTION TOO? ), then 6 people out of 6000 is only one tenth of one per cent of us. GEEZ, I'd feel pretty un-important if I was one of those 6 "GIRLY MEN . LOOK WHO'S GETTING ALL THE ATTENTION - NOT YOU ...AAAHHHHH ..SNIFF . I GUESS BEING CONTROVERSIAL PAYS OFF. Remember everyone if you want huge numbers, here on VIEWS and COMMENTS, just get people to believe your a liar or holding back, and get people to attack you ( I planned It All ), and you'll be an instant success. THD
  16. Actually, I was thinking more in terms of "I could have used the money for therapy", but hey, then we wouldn't be having all this controversial fun .
  17. I have to agree with you and ZOOM ZOOM. I just happen to be very comfortable with my insanity and my addiction for plastic. I do it my way because I can, and love it. Always have, always will . To me, nothin' better than plastic for great relaxation and a challange. People who don't like it, well.... guess that's another topic - oh wait, that is the topic . Life's to short to think this little hobby is more than just that. Can't believe this topic and my other one hasn't been locked yet- I'M TRYING TO SET A RECORD HERE. WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE ??? (Where's Gregg and Harry when you need them ) DOES ANYBODY HERE HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR??? (oops..THATS RIGHT - NO CAPS...SOME PEOPLE THINK THEY'RE BEING YELLED AT)
  18. Hey George, I see what ya mean. I think I already set the record for the number of threads in a row bein' "LOCKED OUT". Hey, maybe they'll go nuts again, and this one will be locked out too. YA JUST NEVER KNOW . Wonder how many will be locked in the future. THIS COULD BE AN ALL-TIME RECORD, NEVER TO BE BROKEN AGAIN. I love it.
  19. Mark, Mark, Mark Ya just couldn't wait ta show me some love could ya - I knew ya missed me . Inquiring Minds??? LOL. The chrome system ??? Been helping a couple of guy's these last few month's with their commercial chrome systems like mine. Matt in Georgia, and another Dave In Colo. They found me on a site dealing with issues that come with trying to perfect this very old system of chroming. Water-based chroming has been around for a long time, since about 1938, and is well known in certain industries, is very complicated, and takes research and determination to find it and the suppliers, and dig through all the lies and contradictions . I researched this process for over a year before I made an investment - YES ....It's expensive - THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. BUT, myself, I wanted to build at a higher level, and from my career, found that the more you do in-house for yourself, the more control you have over quality. So I skipped Chrome Tech and the others like them, and decided to try this for myself. I love a good challange, and I love problem solving from my years as a mechanical engineer. Little did I know it would Take 2 1/2 years to really get it right ( I'm slow at times, and not very smart, so it takes me longer than others ). I did a thread on the chrome system here on the forum sometime ago, but was lost when the "Big Change" came through at Xmas time. Had 9 pages of posts and it went to 3, so a lot was lost. By the way, mentioning the chrome system several times was about peeking people curiosity to go find it, and research it like I did. I may do another thread in the future, on the water-based chrome system, but first we'll see how "THE LOVE" goes .
  20. Started this here some time ago and had fun finishing it. Thought I'd post this for George, seeings that he likes this year Charger. Just for you George .
  21. has not set their status

  22. Thanks guys for all the feedback guys . Been a model car builder now, this year, for 60 years. All those years with different friends we were always cocky and full of fun, challanging our buddies to beat us - we'd laugh and tell each other we were the best. It was fun, and their wasn't an ounce or meanness intended or taken, and everyone knew it, we were being guys and friends and teasing each other like guys do - WE WERE BUDDIES AND HAVING FUN. IT'S STILL LIKE THAT TODAY WITH MY FRIENDS IN EUGENE . We love to tease each other - TALK SMACK about who's the best and who's gonnna beat who - I LIKE TO TEASE HERE TOO, but I am proud and sometimes boastful of my accomplishments, and if you think that wrong, or I'm a jerk, WELL, I'M OK WITH BEING A JERK, we'll just have to agree to disagree. Way too many people in this world tryin' to make everybody into what thet think they should be, and not accepting people for who they are, and what they are, and how they do their life. SEEMS TO BE WAY TOO MUCH ATTITUDE AND SERIOUSNESS ABOUT THESE TOYZZZ WE PLAY WITH. COUPLE YOU GUYS NEED TO LIGHTEN UP AND ENJOY THE RIDE, LIFE'S TO SHORT - SEEMS LIKE MOST BUT A FEW HERE ALREADY GOT THAT FIGURED OUT . ANYBODY HEARD ANY GOOD JOKES AS I'M DONE HERE . I HOPE YOU GUYS ARE TOO 'CAUSE THIS HORSE IS OFFICIALLY DEAD . TIME TO BUILD MORE TOYZZZZ (PS) WHEN I DO THE LEATHER POSTS, I'LL MAKE SURE I PUT IN A FEW EJECTOR PIN MARKS IN THE LEATHER. ) THE TREEHUGGER
  23. Seems like this thread got "Sorta" side-tracked last week , but GOD says to forgive and forget, as HE'S done for us. Won't post anything tutorial on this for a while as I think it takes time for dust and feelings to settle. SOMETHING TO REMEMBER ABOUT ME. When I post a topic, it's not because I think I'm the best builder out there, or the best at any given discipline. Lots of builders on this forum are just as good or better than me, it's just not everyone shares how to do it, especially for the new builders, and I enjoy sharing. The other thing is I'm pretty independant, and like functioning that way. I'm a research person and don't need anyone to tell me where to get something. Anyone who wants to do anything bad enough, will find what they need to do it, AND THEN I'LL SHOW YOU SOME WAYS TO ACCOMPLISH THAT. That's how I do it, if you want something different, you'll have to check in with someone else on the subject. Complaints will be ignored like the last time - I DON'T ANSWER COMPLAINTS IT'S JUST PLASTIC AND A HOBBY. One last thing. Am I boastful or arrogant about my skills, or proud of my accomplishments????- ABSOLUTELY . For some reason in the modeling world, it has it seems, become a sin to "BOAST AND BE PROUD . I THINK BECAUSE WE ARE MEN, AND WERE MADE ARROGANT TO A CERTAIN DEGREE, AND THAT WE SHOULD DISPLAY AND ENJOY THAT MASCULINE CHARACTER TRAIGHT PROUDLY .
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