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  1. Again - I really appreciate the kind notice... Although better and finer grade metal files will be required to ensure greater quality, an attempt to open up the front license plate area consistent with allowing a supply of scale air to reach the oil cooler using a spare '69 AMX bumper/grille/headlamp casting largely worked. I hope that sourcing better than average jeweler's files proves possible before working on the '69 Javelin SST bumper which is really no different than the '69 AMX; i.e. what differences exist between the two are restricted to the grill surround and related parts. I'm pondering cutting off the grill entire, although as can be seen nothing wears chrome plate but for the headlamp surrounds and maybe the inset and offset Javelin bull's-eye discreetly made out to the right. Should I do the headlamps and trim separately, or should I simply employ a Molotow pen and let matters be? Cutting everything apart might result in a cleaner build, although the effort may not translate into a tangibly better result. Notice too the three upraised areas denoting mounting hardware dimples along the edge of each headlamp fill cover. A pin vise and some plastic rod should make such possible. The smaller diagonal radiator support to fender braces just made out will be sourced from a Revell '69 Camaro via parts bundles that litter eBay. As seen from the cropped reference photo, the corners of each of the three openings don't seem especially sharp, although the cuts are clean enough. Oh - and although quite dark, a single high quality reference photo suggests the center vent on the air dam comes to a very discreet point akin to a shallow vee across the base of such. Here it looks almost flat across, hence I think I'll leave it alone... ...and just a fairly quick go of it with the aforementioned AMX spare; i.e. it's almost good enough. Thanks... Mike K./Swede70
  2. Looks very clean and controlled. Thanks for sharing... Mike K./Swede70
  3. Thanks for the kind interest... More stuff, mostly modest additions as well as a valve cover that can be cast and shared across builds. Most period Trans-Am entries had fittings that permitted fluids to be added under pressure - typically oil but also coolant. Towards the front of the valve cover in the reference photo can be seen such a fitting, while some gussets were added to ensure the addition wouldn't snap off if it were handled roughly. The detail is a characteristic RKE/JRT thing, and hence I felt it needed to be added. A turned aluminum fitting mated to some aluminum rod will flesh out the top, although the shape is mostly there. Also discerned with be trimmed exhaust dumps that are now flush and feature oblong openings, a new main roll hoop has been fabricated situated further back and leaning just a bit forward, and bars leading to the trunk and passing through the package shelf have likewise been added. Everything fits, everything is as close fitting as I could manage with what is still a thick shell. Plastic 'glass' will be fitted separately front and rear, hence no interference will be run for leaving material in that might otherwise join the two panels. The photo depicting the model head-on relates that the main hoop fits tightly, while the small grille surround ends have been redone and look a bit better. I don't have many roll cage images from '69, although the four or five I have will likely suffice. ...K. Ludvigsen image from '69 Bridgehampton, NY. Notice the gussets surrounding the fitting where oil might be injected under pressure. The remote oil filter mount is situated upside down and seems to run an oversized filter of some kind. Jo-Han SC/Rambler exhaust tips will be used to create the very short velocity stacks fitted to each carburetor venturi. ...still needing to be filed down a bit, although at least the new material is positioned appropriately. When cast the end result will be that much more rigid and amenable to final shaping. ...given the cast grille isn't anything special in terms of the egg crate pattern, it will likely be replaced with brass screen. The main hoop fits well... Hard to discern, but the exhaust dumps have been trimmed flat to match the contour of the rocker panels. The RKE/JRT rockers were often heavily stained at the end of any contest, hence no great effort was made here to ensure that the exits stretched out further than what is seen. The positioning of the main hoop is about right, while the tedious A-pillar bars will likely be worked up next concerning the cage. Thanks... Mike K./Swede70
  4. Neat stance and very nice choice of scale footwear in particular. Looking very good... Mike K./Swede70
  5. Thanks for the good will and continued expression of interest... Small but laborious stuff, for review of period photographs it appears that across '69 RKE/JRT didn't cut into the rocker panels to set the exhaust dumps further into the floor. All the Jo-Han Trans-Am Javelins have this feature cast-in to the body shell, while given I still have the shattered remains of one '70 Penske Jimmy Flintstone resin body, I fashions two plugs to clean up the rockers on my intended '69. The work is all but invisible, but such is my intent... Somewhat later in the season, with slightly different front flares. Not a high-resolution image this, but notice the uncut rocker panels... Early days for the underside of my model, with the plug work on the rockers faintly detectable. Further seen are some SC/Rambler springs and a pair of bottom shock absorber mounting points pulled from a pair of kits so that I can afford myself a staggered installation. An Aviaid-design extended wet sump pan was worked up, teamed with an early Jo-Han rendition of their oil pan when it still featured bolt detail on the mounting lip. Much of this is preliminary, and other things await. Thanks again... Mike K./Swede70
  6. Some small refinements, although tedious enough to achieve... Here each cast-in flush door handle assembly has been drilled and filed out of the shell, with slightly lighter colored resin substitutes added for creation of a mold to reproduce such. The hope is that I can experiment apart and away from the model with finish options and not suffer unduly for trying to detail something already covered with layers of primer and paint. In addition, the RKE hood bubble needed some refinement before being bonded to the hood. Here I've addressed matters for adding material along the sides of the addition which could be filed and contoured comparatively straighter. The height across the rear in particular is less, and overall it's considerably cleaner. Finally, the recycled '68-'69 Javelin standard hood has been cut underneath in anticipation of gluing and blending the bubble to it. Thanks... Mike K./Swede70
  7. Greetings, For trimming the chassis and fitting the part seen above, the air dam dropped right on. Thanks... The trimmed chassis with discreet additions... Mike K./Swede70
  8. A bit hair-raising given I don't want to damage rare parts, here I've ground out the sides of the grille surround to accommodate the strange flat metal panels fitted to the racer. A pair of ignition wiring loom clips have been attached to each valve cover, while an offset wiper motor necessary to make room for the ram air system atop the abbreviated tunnel ram setup has been added. Hardly noticeable are pair of SC/Rambler shock absorbers poking through the front suspension turrets awaiting the fabrication of more structure to hold each fast. Finally, seen forward is the new front air dam w/ducts, a promo-issue radiator support/cross member base, as well as an oil cooler that awaits fitting. Thanks... Mike K./Swede70
  9. Very well handled. Thanks for sharing... Mike K./Swede70
  10. Looks beautiful - certainly an icon. Thanks for sharing... Mike K./Swede70
  11. Looking very clean indeed. Thanks for sharing... Mike K./Swede70
  12. Kind thanks for the sustained attention afforded... Rather tedious, but the raw outlines of the front air dam/duct system have been worked up. Some chassis work including the addition of a cast resin clone of promo tool only radiator support (the bottom of such anyhow) will be required to make room for the center duct. No - I'm not versed on the intricacies of the board concerning policy rooted in comment moderation - sorry! For collecting photos, the air dam/duct system always looked a bit raw. Three angled panels lead back to a flat wall in the center, while the ends bend back to a small degree with brake cooling ducts situated in a pair of segregated pockets. The oddly shaped panels noticed on the right and left ends of the grille surround will be fabricated soon... ...a little thick around the border walls, although some careful sanding and shaping will hopefully leave me with a usable assembly. Thanks for your review of this project update. Mike K./Swede70
  13. My thanks again for the kind words and interest expressed... I've seen pictures of the '69 Javelin racer captured above, although I know very little about it. I think it's based in the U.K., but I can't claim to have pursued any leads consistent with filling out the history of such. Neat though, undoubtedly so. Thanks for uploading these... - Modest stuff and long delayed, at some point I wished to expand the base of the front wheel arch openings to reflect clearance issues encountered on such racing vehicles at full lock and a full compression/jounce. The top of the profile is stock, although heading towards the firewall the profile is pulled back. The front of the arch contour is expanded out a bit, although not so much as it is towards the rear. Although John Martin is obscuring the arch profile forward of the front tire, notice how the opening is pulled back rear of same... ...opened a touch forward too. Viewed head-on, the profile is even, although it appears a bit irregular viewed from the top given the presence of subtle flaring. ...and nothing huge, but the cast-in 'JAVELIN' rear license plate goes away even as I'll have to fill in a gap remaining atop the rear valance panel. Thanks for skimming this project update. Mike K./Swede70
  14. Greetings, Trying if you will to reduce the mass of the hood bubble as per photos and for reasoned feedback afforded. Happily enough material exists beneath what I've worked up to allow such, hence no great issue. Thanks... Mike K./Swede70
  15. Greetings, Mostly detail changes consistent with cleaning up past work, a replacement radiator support wider than the one used to date was substituted in, largely correcting the gory mismatch formerly seen with regards to how the front grille/bumper/fender end trim caps meshed with each front fender. Work is still needed, but at least it isn't embarrassing to contemplate now. Multiple careful applications of putty better blend the new rear flares to the shell, the front headlamps now have a convex shape versus flat fill panels as seen before, while the clumsy turn indicator overlays have given way to flush plugs. Also, the annual and promo issue 'JAVELIN' identification otherwise a feature of the front bumper license plate area has been scrubbed out entire. ...just a small study of the headlamps, covered and bulging out just a bit even as they're just non-functional silhouettes. The flush turn signal inserts are likewise seen, while other things noticeable would be the five panel Wink rear view mirror as well as the odd three duct air dam which is soon to come. The half-width sunshade is a fun detail in particular. Period SCCA Trans-Am cars look tough! As related above, better panel alignment, headlamp and turn signal fill panels redone, and no more 'JAVELIN' license plate i.d. I didn't have suitably sized solid plastic rod, so smaller plastic rod was mated to larger plastic tube to come up with what was required. For the new radiator support install and the dash board fit, the inner fender alignment has been thrown off and must be reset. Otherwise it's looking cleaner - especially the rear flares which received some light surface profile work as well. Difficult to make out, just behind the hood may be seen a pair of cast resin flush door handles which will replace the cast-in stuff on the shell. I'd rather finish the handles off of the shell versus covering them with layers of primer and paint, hoping to recover matters after the fact. Thanks for reviewing this project update. Mike K./Swede70
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