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  1. Neat Quartzo Porsches certainly. From here the decal work looks pretty good, while I'm hoping most of it's intact and settled on each surface. I still suffer nightmares of decal wrangling and decal repair on these when found, memories rooted in some of their E20 BMW 3-Series race releases. Cool discoveries and a fun collection theme there... Mike K./Swede70
  2. Greetings, Not wholly impressed with my first go at refinishing the amber tail light panel/insert on my Tonka/Polistil 959, here I've redone it after breaking the first attempt when I tried to remove the part from my build - ouch! Thought was given as to whether a Molotow paint pen could be used to bright up the back of the amber sections along the ends, while for mulling things it seemed worth a try to grind off the mounting pins (sort of an 'L' section when viewed head on) and generally clean up things from behind. ...as delivered then. ...first attempt with the sloppy reversing lamp effort on woeful view. The wheels look odd sans aerodynamic overlays later worked up and added, while the amber-color plastic retained for the turn indicators along the back seem pretty lifeless. Very much Kay-Bee Hobby toy aisle... Moving along, I painted the ends of the turn indicator segments/elements with Tamiya translucent orange aerosol, while a better white was chosen for the reversing lamp sections to aid matters. Enhanced control is witnessed in relation to the division of colors and tones used, and this helps on the quality front. Not so obviously toy-like now, and pretty much the work of a day. Thanks... Mike K./Swede70
  3. Interesting and certainly I've never seen an example. Wish I could help in it's identification, neat score all the same. Thanks for sharing... Mike K./Swede70
  4. Indeed I did. They've become somewhat more savvy in relation to monitoring eBay auction results and pricing accordingly, but stuff is priced instantly and turned quickly as you too have discovered. Thanks everyone for looking in and for your comments... Mike K./Swede70
  5. Indeed - picked up at Great Lakes Hobby here in SE Michigan. Likewise, I was hesitant before to pick up the oddball 1:20 Tamiya F1 scale Revell Creative Masters 1965 GT350, not being certain quite what to make of it. I missed purchasing a boxless example at Great Lakes for $50 some time back, although I was afforded the chance to inspect what seemed a good tool. On another subject, eventually I pulled the trigger and found a 1:24th WIX Filter promotional 1965 Cobra 427 SC and was thrilled with that, hence maybe it didn't take much to lower my resistance to sourcing and purchasing the Revell model at some point. Odd that I'm not that huge a Shelby fan, although it's hard to walk past what seems obvious quality vs. price when seeing the WIX model up close in particular. Prices for all the above are all over the map. Yes - for some digging I now have a better appreciation of what other items were included with the signed FM GT350 - thanks! Mike K./Swede70
  6. Greetings... Having picked up a reasonably cheap 1:20th Revell Creative Masters Shelby 1965 Shelby GT350 last year for under $40, today a 1:24th Franklin Mint iteration of the same topic was found for $39.95 at a local hobby shop. There are so many indifferently tooled Shelby GT350's that it's hard to sort out what's what, although these two seem about the best as mass market diecast go. Happily the photo etched wipers as well as the radio antenna are each intact, while no diecast rash was found even as the model needed a clean. No signature, but in essence good riddance given I'm no fan of autographed diecast models. Maybe it's rare given it's not signed? Ugh - C. Shelby would sign and/or affix his mug to anything. Thanks... ...top is the 'new' family member, riding high in the rear as I think this model generally does. EBay photos are usually taken to disguise this reality/fact. Notice my WIX Filter Cobra just in sight to the left... ...and just the 1:20th Revell Creative Masters iteration on the bottom again. Goodyear 'Blue Dots' were added to the tire sidewalls, and will likely be added to the Franklin Mint model just atop it given it calls out for such. Thanks... Mike K./Swede70
  7. Thanks everyone for the kind interest displayed and comments left... The wheels and decals ordered arrived, while a new rear axle was cut consistent with widening the track a bit to even things up. Noticed will be the new Fred Cady period tape graphic on the hood, essentially matched up to the edge formed along the rear of the stripe work where it terminates along the back of the fresh air hood duct. Perhaps I set the image too far back, while mild regrets that the 'Javelin' script on the leading edge of the hood prevents the decal from settling as flat as I'd otherwise desire. Still - mostly good and about as far as I'll carry things. If a late AMT Gremlin plastic kit is turned up soon, I'll swap in the later style steering wheel found within. Thanks again... Mike K./Swede70
  8. Greetings David, Only if you'd want, I might be able to help on the scale Minilites front. Searching my name/handle for threads will turn up my period SCCA Trans-Am efforts, hence much could be shared - again, at your discretion. Neat effort this... Mike K./Swede70
  9. Indeed - that looks really nice. Good to see the side trim come off in particular... Mike K./Swede70
  10. Very neat and trim build. Thanks for sharing... Mike K./Swede70
  11. Greetings... I always wondered what a factory promo of the '73-'74 American Motors Javelin AMX would have looked liked had it been afforded to us, pondering what could have been made of parts tooled for the AMT release as well as the knocked down snap together Jo-Han release of old. Witnessed below would be a starting point... The 'Volcano' styled stamped steel wheels would appear within AMT's Gremlin (and likely stock Matador) unassembled kits, while maybe the MPC hard vinyl Goodyear Polyglas GT tires could have been used even as they were likely sized to suit the Vega GT promos first and foremost. Modern eBay kit breakers were turned to, while the availability of things sold separately helped knock down costs... For gathering a nicely built up snap together release and collecting suitable scale footwear, I finally decided to do something about a certain urge. Another set of wheels is in the mail, hence I'll hopefully have four well-plated and reasonably crisp examples to choose from. This would Fairway Green Metallic on a '73 Javelin versus the expected Javelin AMX model, with the neat 'Volcano' stamped steel wheels also on view... ...while this would be a very typical (albeit in terrific restored condition) American Motors interior hue of the period. My interior paint choice isn't the closest, although it's typical of period Jo-Han practice. I feared that if I simply painted the interior basic black, it would appear more 'messed with' versus something that might be mistaken for an actual promo. A later Gremlin kit might be tapped to come up with a steering wheel akin to what is pictured here, given the rim blow option was no more after the '72 model year... Seen would be a respray for use of Tamiya TS-20 Green Metallic which approximates '73 American Motors Fairway Green Metallic, a weird interior refinish in Rust-oleum Stalin Leafy Green with a quick semigloss clear coat applied over it. Some clean up work was performed to the body shell casting, although only enough to ensure it would look about equal to a pair of '71 and '72 true promos that I have in terms of finish quality. Jo-Han plastic kit axle locators were modified for adding a bit of plastic tubing to widen the track both front and rear prior to painting each ACE hardware Garden Green to match the color of the plastic used for the aforementioned snap together release, the results being generally clean and discreet for so fitting. Music wire was used for new, wider axles matched to the track of the old Hurst mags typical of these models. I had a spare plastic 'glass' panel/insert on hand, hence such was polished with NOVUS 2 and switched in. The tires are a bit small, but I'll live with such... The tail panel plus bumper top cove black out denoting that the 'GO' package was added after masking out the bumper guards. Locating tabs otherwise intended to square things up for assembly of the top tail panel insert relative to the red-tinted tail light panel were ground away to level things out, while the aforementioned lense insert was stripped with Easy Off and reshot with Tamiya TS-74 Clear Red to ensure it was colored evenly versus the usual Jo-Han blotchiness. Watch out for clumsily built up examples which often evidence glue burns to the tail panel insert top corners extended along the back of the insert. Damage such as I describe is something commonly discovered only after one returns from a show with a messed up example in hand. Both tail light lenses I had to choose from were damaged in this fashion, although one was within the realm of saving for use here. Fred Cady decals are coming - hence a gold 'T'-stripe hood graphic will be added soon enough, being as weird and as typical of anything AMC ever did in period. Mostly I'm happy. Thanks for your review of this more or less finished mini-project... Mike K./Swede70
  12. Greetings... Small stuff this, but aluminum hub guides were added to the '71 Penske Donohue Javelin, with the horizontal raised trim scrubbed out along the rocker panels for a cleaner appearance. The rear rims were narrowed a bit to better fit the tires and live within the wheel well space afforded, while replacement plastic 'glass' via Okey Spaudling purchased years ago replaces the wasted kit glass on this restoration item. Along the front of the model some initial pattern work was performed consistent with fabricating a reasoned front spoiler, while a pair of headlamp screens overlay the headlamp installation consistent with suggesting brake cooling ducts which were allowed for a rules adjustment going into the '71 SCCA Trans-Am season. The tail light lense was stripped with Easy Off oven cleaner, the resultant clear plastic panel refinished with Tamiya's TS-74 Clear Red aerosol consistent with cleaning up the appearance of what was mottled and of middling quality. Thanks... Mike K./Swede70
  13. Greetings, There are dedicated Facebook group pages dedicated to 1:18th diecast project parts wants/requests that might generate greater interest. Those who modify such models tend to generate piles of spares, while some releases have reputations whereby many are parted and certain items are in high demand. It might happen too that a damaged model with the part or parts you require will be had for less given it's a dust bunny, bears obvious damage, hasn't a box, etc. I hope you are able to source that which you need... Mike K./Swede70
  14. Greetings... Going through materials intended to allow the construction of a '71 Penske Javelin and later a '72 American Racing Associates/Roy Wood Racing Javelin, I hurriedly decided to put my '71 Penske project up on wheels. Other work performed was the reprofiling of each wheel arch opening as guided by period reference, the removal of all standard identifying crests, and the installation of a '71-'74 dashboard given all Jo-Han and AMT-badged Trans-Am Javelins come through with bare floors, albeit with a '70 dash. The body shell is a stripped restoration piece from a built '71 AMT Mark Donohue release, the chassis and interior being recent eBay acquisitions posted and sold by a period kit breaker - a new thing then. Even for brief work this '71 looks fairly convincing... ...this a Dave Friedman image captured at the '71 Lime Rock Trans-Am contest. Rules presumably required that the wheel arch profiles not be altered, although here one can clearly see that the rear opening has been elongated, slightly squared off and raised to terminate along the body side character line. The front wheel arch shape is also different versus stock, with the opening found rising atop the character line, and noticeably stretching along the base towards the nose of the car. ...the raised rocker panel trim will have to be scrubbed off, but the wheel arch recontour work is convincing enough. The twinned exhaust dumps required that the cut outs for the same be enlarged, while the rear tires are AMT AMC Penske Matador issue. Thanks for your review of this ever-evolving project thread. Mike K./Swede70
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