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  1. Greetings, For well-reasoned and well-informed feedback received (thanks Harry Q.!), I opted to pull the bars back of the main roll cage hoop and redid such consistent with ensuring they appear as two uninterrupted tubes cutting through clear to the trunk floor. I worried that I'd tear chunks out of the main hoop for removing the elements glued to it, but happily they came off without issue and were in part recycled to see what is on view here. That the cage comes out as one piece and isn't (yet) glued to the chassis certainly helps matters. The elements in the trunk were pulled and revised a bit for length and for the angle each was set, hence these are a touch better too. When stuff is scratch built and errors are made, corrections aren't typically life-threatening as long as supplies hold out! Like the usual 1:25th plastic kit fare seen elsewhere across this message board, the floors are rendered quite thick and factor against everything looking spot-on below the beltline of this modified 1:18th scale diecast. Also uploaded is small series of images relating how a pair of bars on bottom of the cage terminating towards the rear of each respective front footwell are slightly upturned and tucked in. I couldn't do this will my usual hollow plastic tubing with brass wire fed within, but rather performed the bend twice over with solid rod stock heated over an open flame. More work to come then. Thanks for reviewing this project update... Mike K./Swede70
  2. Hello... Not much to be seen here (I know), but some roll cage tubes/members now sprout from the trunk area to tie in to the main hoop looking forward. I was confident that the bars coming off the back of the aforementioned main hoop were appropriately spaced, accepted that they splayed out somewhat heading rearward, although the fuel cell dimensions didn't strictly allow everything to match heading further downward. Sort of a subtle cheat then for fit and alignment, but not looking horrible. Given only a sliver of the contents of the trunk might be seen for opening the panel, most irregularities noticed here will blend and be forgiven! Moving along, a repair has been made to the rear axle end to allowing fitting of the relatively good wheel/tire assemblies on all four corners. I intend to add further brake detail to each hub, while separate lug detail likewise stands to be added. Thanks for skimming this update... Mike K./Swede70
  3. Greetings, Seen - or perhaps not - would be my efforts to discreetly plug and fill in the floor pan to erase the presence of detail in the form of cast-in floor mats, upraised pegs to locate the stock front seats, as well as see to various perforations along the transmission/driveshaft tunnel of the Titus/Ward '69 Daytona class-winning '68 Firebird. A clunky clone of a Dremel which I have in my tool inventory with a thoroughly useless speed control nevertheless is quite good at burning plastic, hence it was used to roughly remove the mats which were more precisely cleaned up with metal files, sanding stick work, and much application. The shifter tower hole was plugged with material from an identical Lane interior floor to save a bit of work and time. Plastic rod stock helped seal most everything else, although the outboard seat belt mounting points still require filling and blending. No putty or fill work is witnessed - yet! Kind thanks for your skimming this update... Mike K./Swede70
  4. Greetings... This would be the revised '69 Daytona 24 HR class-winning Titus/Ward Firebird chassis taking shape, with a scratch built roll cage as well as a ACME/GMP-tool small block Chevrolet dressed as something Al Bartz would have prepared. Not complete this, but pushed far along nevertheless and hence something to share. Thanks for reviewing this thread update. Mike K./Swede70
  5. Team Associates 73 Grand Am Nascar race Car

    Looking good - thanks for the update... Mike K./Swede70
  6. 2 of my Dad's F1 cars

    Very nice indeed and exceptionally accomplished both. Thanks for sharing... Mike K./Swede70
  7. '65 Fury. Back on the Bench.

    Beautiful fabrication across assemblies. Thanks for sharing... Mike K./Swede70
  8. A further brief update this... For a series of messages exchanged and revisions introduced into the work, decals are being made up to support the '70 T/G Firebird effort seen above. Witness below some preliminary art, and notice too the care taken to fog the blue center stripes to black around the edges of the same. The refinements and tweaking are courtesy of K. Terry who has been especially receptive to requests made and concerns voiced consistent with coming up with something good. Size of the stripes may have to be adjusted for using a pair of sheets and growing'and/or shrinking the graphics as necessary (especially around the shaker hood opening), but this effort shouldn't prove prohibitive in terms of labor or skill given no compound curves are involved. Kind thanks again... Mike K./Swede70 P.S. Oh - and the replacement 1:18th Gray Ghost doors I gathered up responded poorly to a chemical paint strip, hence each will have to be media blasted in order to proceed further!
  9. Thanks for the kind notice and relation of your tale of ownership... Some modest stuff to report, mostly in the form of the delivery of new parts to help each scale Pontiac road racing build. Seen below will be the ACME/Lane-tool Pontiac 400 engine and transmission sourced from the '69 Daytona 24 HR class-winning Titus/Ward release, which will substantially improve upon what ERTL provided in their now aged '70 1/2 Firebird Trans Am tool. The scratch built intake and finned aluminum valve cover projects from before were initially mastered to match was is seen here, hence all materials should meld effortlessly with the fresh engine. Also seen are a pair of laboriously fabricated plugs to fill out the front wheel arch liners. Rather than optimistically slathering in putty and hoping for the best for sculpting the same, I thought it best to carefully introduce material which will lessen the need to apply so very much filler. Cutting out the under hood braces left two very obvious channels, hence something had to be done. Modest stuff here, but seen just below the fire bottle installation is a ramp structure that grows off of the floor. Such effectively provides clearance for a differential oil cooler mounted beneath it, while I'm mulling if I want to cut the actual chassis casting to make everything honest. And this would be the aforementioned Titus/Ward Firebird less engine, although revised in subtle ways to improve and carry it to completion beyond its as-delivered state and spec. Notice the ARE Torque Thrust wheels painted red but for the decorative center cap machined surface, the addition of turned aluminum rings to reproduce the outer lips of the rims, while also seen are old GMP '67 Penske Trans-Am Camaro tires with Firestone markings. Small work abounds - most of which constitutes day projects of limited scope and import. The grille surrounds are now black, the yellow tape detail on the headlamps has been removed, while the photo etched 'Firebird' markings have been removed from the fenders. An effort was made to disguise the size and extent of the front spoiler mounts for discreet paint application, while the standard Lane wheel arch trim has been cut free of the rocker trim front and rear. An Al Bartz-built small block Chevrolet is being prepared for this model, with much effort required to file aspects of the transmission, etc. to ensure the old GMP Trans-Am drive train will coexist happily enough with the Lane tool. Although not strictly worthy of a further photo, since the above image was captured the hood scoops have been plugged and painted red, the hood pins have been overlaid with resin examples, the dash forward of the pad painted gray, while the dock lock knobs atop the interior door cards were snapped off and painted out. Thanks for reviewing this most recent update. Mike K./Swede70
  10. Greetings, Page Resin (no 's') was present at the Spring D.A.A.M. show here in SE Michigan, while there I gathered up a business card. Although not wholly versed in relation to who has tooled or retooled what in terms of the wares seen, a shell that looked suspiciously like the old Modelhaus '86-'90 box-style Chevrolet Impala 4-door body was being offered for sale. Maybe 25% of the products seen looked clean enough, although others seemed a bit fuzzy and a touch grainy in terms of surface finish. Prices asked seemed to be set at a uniform $70. Traffic didn't seem heavy at this table, whereas at one moment I was embarrassed to overhear a discussion with a customer that related to using fronts to purchase the wares of other resin casting outfits - not nice this, but such was indeed the case. The discussion seemed to have been initiated by a customer out to get something cheaper, hence I didn't strictly take the discussion to be wildly boastful. Below is recorded what printed on the business card collected: PAGE RESIN Pedro Escanio EMAIL pageresin@yahoo.com FACEBOOK pageresin ...and that's it. Mike K./Swede70
  11. Team Associates 73 Grand Am Nascar race Car

    Looking good - thanks for the update... Mike K./Swede70
  12. Hello again... For reviewing new releases and sales attached to such, I came across a Replicarz mark down of the '69 Daytona 24HR class-winning Titus/Ward Firebird based on the old Lane tool. Retailers have asked $129.95 and up for the model elsewhere, whereas Replicarz seems intent on clearing inventory on something that isn't strictly selling in volume given they want $79.95 by way of contrast. The ACME model is far from accurate, but as a plus the original Lane tool such is based upon wasn't at all terrible. ACME race releases as of late reflect light revisions of select older stock tools, and as such feature very good paint even if the chassis and interior aren't 100% reflective of what was run in period. Certainly the model has a nice 400 c.i.d. Pontiac V8 that can be transferred to my '70 Titus car after performing appropriate mods. Given the '69 Daytona 24HR entry ran what was likely an Al Bartz-built small block Chevrolet, no muss - no fuss then. I don't strictly want to add on yet another project to my slate of scale ambitions, although the need for a better-tooled engine on the '70 Titus model is real enough. Some select decal work plus a wheel/tire swap will help the '69 Firebird, although if no room exists within the wheel housings to accommodate such, I may just part the model out and write off the exercise as an experiment gone awry. To contemplate a sale of the 1:18th ACME/Lane tool-based '69 Jerry Titus/Jon Ward Daytona 24 Hour class winner, see then: https://www.replicarz.com/1968-Pontiac-Trans-Am-Firebird-JerryTitus/productinfo/AC1805210/ Thanks... Mike K./Swede70
  13. Greetings, For using a product called Klean Strip, the original paint was removed from the shell of the '70 Titus Firebird. Strong stuff this, whereas given I wore only thin Latex gloves, soon I discovered that it also makes quick work of skin, sinew and bone. Three passes and three scrubs beneath running water pretty much eliminated everything I wanted removed, hence good this. A lot of tedious work certain to be invisible, I also 'removed' the cast-in aerodynamic spats situated before the rear wheel arch openings. Body shop metal work pliers to bend them in, CA glue with Microballoons to build up the loss edge/corner structure, as well as the discreet use of spot putty plus copious sanding stick shaping made it possible. Other work, mostly light includes efforts to cut off the fender-to-radiator support braces, as well as an effort to trim short the inner fender lips which appear like this in select period photos. The '70 Firebird racer was rather heavy, and hence all efforts were mounted to literally trim weight as the season progressed. On with the photos then... ...most of the supplies required, less MicroBalloon filler and sanding sticks. ...the problem; i.e. abbreviated rocker panels and hollow aerodynamic 'spats' forward of the wheel arches. ...getting a grip with actual auto body shop pliers. ...looking pretty decent then. Note how the cast-in 'spat' detail had to be filed out well up the arch opening. ...time two then. The hood pins seen on the deck lid are new items recently cast in resin. ...still needing work, but mostly filled in and straight on each side. ...and now sans the aforementioned underhood braces. Note too how the inner fender structure has been cut back. Thanks... Mike K./Swede70
  14. Diecast trading/selling sites?

    Greetings, FB has a range of diecast boards, some specific to scale, but most specific to manufacturers. It takes a bit of time to find them, although once you do things proceed smoothly enough. I'm rooted in the 1:18th scene, although not knowing what you favor or collect, differences in relation to where you should dedicate your energies would be expected. Most of the larger diecast message boards also have classified subpages, while of course eBay, FB Marketplace, Craigslist will reveal people both posting and purchasing such. A google search along the lines of 'Diecast Message board' or some such will reveal the larger sites, while typing in manufacturer names with the search field of FB will turn up who is hosting groups of possible interest. In relation to groups allowing/facilitating selling on FB, one I know of for 1:18th scale wares is simply titled '1/18 Buy Sell Trade' - hence things can be basic. Hoping this reply helps... Mike K./Swede70
  15. Excellent score Dr. Larry - hoping things develop apace there... I thought I'd plug in a pair of websites consistent with helping out. The first is a Firebird in the SCCA Trans-Am thread from CRG, or rather the Camaro Research Group, the second being a recently created history of the B.F. Goodrich 'Tirebird' effort with significant input from those part of the team. For years I've collected material consistent with informing my scale builds, and one will note maybe 15% of the period stuff reproduced and seen on CRG was scanned and sent by me. On another thread I'll try to add links to vintage race car dealer and auction houses that either have the surviving cars in inventory, or who have had such pass through their hands. I apologize for being a bit scattered in my focus, although all projects in this thread do relate to that rare subspecies: Pontiac Road Race Americanus. Thanks... This would be the CRG/Firebird thread: http://www.camaros.org/forum/index.php?topic=7815.0;all ...while this would be the 'Tirebird' thread: https://bfgtirebird.com/ Mike K./Swede70