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  1. Work of a day (and a long one at that), here the rear flares have been bonded in place and blended into the surrounding panel work. Thanks... Mike K./Swede70
  2. Greetings, Witnessed are a pair of refueling ports drilled through the quarter panels in deliberate stages. Far less painful an experience versus what was encountered the first time around on the '70 Mid-Ohio iteration, here the work was done fairly quickly. The flares on the back stand to be bonded and blended into position next. Thanks... Mike K./Swede70
  3. It cleaned up nicely and is certainly looking trim. Care must be demonstrated with the Mark I and Mark II finger removers as I can readily attest to! Thanks for sharing your progress... Mike K./Swede70
  4. Thanks for looking in and all the continued encouragement! Sometimes I overlook the obvious as a stumbling block, and here I finally tossed out all my sandpaper scraps, purchased anew and employed proper dense rubber sanding blocks to rebuild and recontour the front fenders. Air extractor vents were previously filed down and hidden under an application of putty, albeit the surface contour achieved wasn't exactly impressive. Needless to say the results discernible below are far better, while so too the doors which have had the perforations to site the exterior mounted rear view mirrors and clumsily rendered exterior door latches plugged and finished off smooth. I appreciate your review of this update... Mike K/Swede70
  5. Thanks for the kind notice... Here the cast-in side window weather stripping as well as the raised rain gutter trim was alternately filed off or sanded flat. Metal files, emery boards, sanding paper teamed with body shop rubber sanding blocks was employed to very laboriously take control of matters here. In addition, the trunk panel openings were scribed across the area where the rear spoiler had been sanded off, the front wheel arch openings were radiused slightly, and finally, the top of front fenders as they merge with the base of the windshield were filed down a bit even as they require further work. Hardly noticeable in sum even as all of the above took time and created considerable debris. Thanks... Mike K./Swede70
  6. Thanks for the additional information - they both look very nice. Eventually I'd like to find/snag a Matador Red example, and with time I will. I hope in time that we'll be afforded other colors literally out of the box. Mike K./Swede70
  7. Greetings... Here the '70 Laguna Seca iteration receives a pair of rear flares laboriously patched and shaped from substandard castings recently poured. The otherwise clumsy mounting points on each door for the exterior rear view mirrors as well as the door handles have been discreetly filled, hopefully to vanish from sight forthwith. More noticeable, the grille surrounds have been painted Testor's Model Master Magnesium, while Tamiya Panel Black was employed to touch in the grille mesh to suggest perforations. Continuing and barely made out would be the abbreviated side pipes seen every now and again across the '70 SCCA Trans-Am series on these cars, cobbled together from solid rod stock and ancient ERTL Cobra 427 SC parts. Also made out would be the painted Minilite wheels, sprayed with obsolete Model Master Nassau Blue Metallic Lacquer No. 28128. Two and half cans of the latter were picked up at a hobby show this past weekend, hence my favorite Pontiac hue for the '69 and dual '70 T/G Firebird projects isn't at immediate risk of being exhausted. Lastly, the engine-tuned applique instrument panel vanishes, to be replaced with a simple fill panel in lieu of aluminum gauge rings and instrument decals being added to the same - in time. Not much to see in total perhaps, but evolving just the same. Thanks... Mike K./Swede70
  8. Very neat these. I too have modified the Yat Ming/Road Legends '70 Rebel Machine and really love that this unconventional topic was done in 'our' scale. Can I ask what tires you swapped on or in? Below I've employed now super scarce Hwy. 61 E60-15's only used on the front of their AAR 'Cuda and Challenger T/A releases. Thanks... Mike K./Swede70
  9. Thanks for the kind words, the continuing interest displayed... Here a dive into my spares inventory reveals the outlines of a '70 T/G Racing Firebird, but rather in Laguna Seca spec. where homologation hiccups precluded the use of all the Trans Am model-specific aero aids, fender vents, the shaker hood scoop, etc. The scale model represents what was first intended for the project, and what many casual vintage SCCA Trans-Am Series enthusiasts mistake for the season-long configuration of the topic given the heavy press coverage and volume of reportage and photographs taken at the California-situated track consistent with cementing such an impression. If anything, embracing the bespoilered iteration evaded all the troubled suggested further up this thread given the amount of work that is required across the shell introduce at this stage. In point of fact, seen below is my second attempt to achieve a certain result even at it initially took form as a '72 Formula 455 H.O. project now on hold. Oh well - all the labor poured into the shell was in point of fact collecting dust given period racers intrigue more than replica stock projects for this enthusiast. Appalling as it sounds, the cast-in rear wing was filed and sanded off entire across an extended period consistent with leaving no trace of its otherwise undeniable presence. As before, the aerodynamic wheel arch spats were bent in just forward of the rear wheel arch opening - but so too the same situated up front. The Trans Am-model specific fender vents were filed off and filled as required, while a previous effort to fashion a hood plug w/character line to match the same contour present on the hood 'stamping' serves nicely to replicate the quickly fabricated sheet metal patch panel required in the wake of the unsettling Chief Steward tech. inspection judgement handed down to the team at the first race of the '70 season. Repeating past choices backed if you will by research, four GMP '67-'69 Penske Camaro 'rear' tires are employed on all corners, power steering and brakes fitted, an early iteration of the Bendix Hydroboost system employed to actuate such. Resin Minilite wheel faces of my own (more or less) creation mesh to essentially stock ERTL second generation Firebird Trans Am mounts. The expected abbreviated side pipe installation exists, albeit these are off this particular iteration right at present. Across days the front wheel arch opening profiles were enlarged along the bottom both forward and back, while efforts to better vent the rear flare molds created from what was glued to my '70 Mid-Ohio project shell ought to appear identical. The rear track will grow should the flare molds produce that which I want. The dreary cast-in side window weather seals will further be filed out, the raised trim filed flat. Lastly (well - at least thus far as my focus shifts yet again! Sigh...), the door top trim/contour has been filed and sanded off, the holes seen politely asking to be plugged consistent with facilitating their disappearance. Thanks for your review of this dual-project update... Mike K./Swede70
  10. Greetings, Modest stuff, but here the cast-in rear license plate otherwise attached to the rear bumper was carefully filed out, what unplated plastic showing through touched in with a Molotow chrome paint pen. The ERTL rear bumper mounting pegs are fairly small and break easily, whereas the holes to accommodate the bumper installation on the back of the body shell are typically a bit large. Taken together, the pegs break off, the rear bumper itself often positioned or hanging off at an angle affording the unit a rather low-rent look. ...given the right tail light cluster wasn't pressed home with full force on this mock up view, the installation of the same seems a bit saggy. ...nice to witness the rear bumper riding level though. For a few hours spent, the rear bumper mounts were rebuilt with plastic rod stock, the holes on the shell carefully cleaned and drilled out to more or less match the size of the new mounting pegs worked up. Some further putty application and final shaping was performed on the rear flares, while a better application of Tamiya Fine White Surface Primer helps along the back of the shell too. Moving along, another attempt at seeking out custom decal services consistent with bettering what was tried before with another vendor long ago likely comes next. Oh - ACE Hardware Premium Paint/Primer Light Gray Gloss Enamel/1196401 seems a very good choice for the interior hue and will likely be used on my Penske Camaro and Javelin projects besides. Kind thanks for your review of this project update... Mike K./Swede70
  11. Greetings, Small stuff in total, but here the molds for the transmission project applicable to the pair of Pontiac-powered SCCA Trans-Am projects maintained have been completed consistent with providing duplicates of what is judged necessary for each. A GMP Penske Trans-Am Camaro Muncie M22 four-speed transmission was trimmed, ground and plugged where necessary to clean it up, while the side cover rendered on the same was ground flat. The side cover in turn was sourced from a Lane '65 SS396 Chevelle engine assembly - itself a rereleased ACME item purchased apart from a complete model or tool. The pair of Lakewood explosion-proof bellhousings, one intended to replicate a Pontiac/Oldsmobile spec., the other, a Chevrolet spec., were likewise prepared to produce a mold of each. Given all the resulting resin parts were rendered separately, it's anticipated that painting such shouldn't prove all that hard. A better clutch linkage is possible, as is a better shift linkage given I'm not modifying rare 1:18th spares at this point. Slow progress - but progress all the same. Thanks for your review of this post. Mike K./Swede70
  12. Picking up from a sprawling 1:25th/1:18th '64 Tempest 'Gray Ghost' thread, this would be a continuation of the ACME/Exact Detail Titus/Ward Firebird project subthread otherwise touched upon there. Mostly this is a limited refurbishment of what in the diecast world is known or marketed as a 'Tribute Release'; i.e. some of the visuals are provided to suggest investment consistent with imagining that one has purchased a full-on racer, but soon one notices that paintwork and perhaps wheels and tire have been provided to echo something not strictly provided for making a close inspection of matters. Here the topic has appropriate paintwork of good quality, although then one expectation after another is dashed; i.e. no roll cage, uninspired wheels and tires, and a Pontiac engine beneath the hood where an Al Bartz-built small block Chevrolet 302 cross ram engine would otherwise be expected. Finish choices are wrong here and there, the livery isn't complete as-delivered, while more than one original purchaser exclaimed 'No thanks' and sent this release back! ...as released then. Notice the argent grille 'tunnels', livery cues drawn from was is purported to be the restored racer, etc. ...the topic motoring through the infield at the '69 Daytona 24HR race then. Much discreet work is called for if things are going to appear close to this specification. - Hoping I could do something with it for application, here I've scratch built a roll cage, added resin wheels with CNC machined outer rim lips (done by Dancing Bear Scaled Components), applied a mix of fill-in decals (some commissioned to 3 Amigos Decals), and inserted a GMP Penske Camaro engine with appropriate mods. Laboring now to ensure all the new assemblies live in harmony with each other, taking my lumps and making adjustments as necessary. The front valence panel w/spoiler is off the model, lending things an odd look. The numeral illuminating lamps on the doors haven't been fabricated and stand to come. Still - rather neat. The otherwise expected wheel arch chrome trim painted white on this ACME release were each cut off, affording needed space inside the wheel housings. The rocker panels were retained and cleanly reshaped on the ends prior to being refitted. A terrific effort from 3 Amigos Decals, the odd Sleipnir (Nordic mythological reference relating to an eight-legged horse ridden by the god Odin) was cleanly reproduced and added atop each rear wheel arch opening. Some smaller decals were likewise commissioned, although others were just found within my Rubbermaid Tub 'o Decals. While just in brief, here would be an effort to replace the stock GMP Penske Chevrolet stock bell housing with a scratch built Lakewood Chevrolet explosion-proof 'hydroformed' model. The latter can be shared across many of my projects and had proved a stumbling block for a long time, happily soon to be cleared. Thanks for your interest. Mike K./Swede70
  13. Greetings, Trying if you will to work up a good transmission assembly for my '70 Titus Firebird, here would be isolated some likely spares to cast. Derived from plastic sheet stock can be made out a scratch built Pontiac/Oldsmobile Lakewood explosion proof bellhousing, while the transmission case is a modified GMP item, the side cover a Lane/Exact Detail item. U joints from the GMP Penske Camaro as well as a Lane/Exact detail differential will likely round out things. Thanks... Mike K./Swede70
  14. Greetings, Having secured three auction items relating to period Jo-Han box art some time ago, I finally had the negatives scanned and one image printed in 12 x 18. This would be the '72 Roy Woods Racing Trans-Am Javelin, sans box lettering as again it's just the artist's illustration. The end panel/box top art in question is shown here as kit GC-2700. I worried that the negatives might not be usable for any number of reasons and hesitated to do anything at all with them, hence pleased that a nice result was obtained. Distracted/invested in other scale projects at present, always SCCA Trans-Am themed (but of course). Thanks... Mike K./Swede70
  15. Updating in discreet measure, seen would be the result of efforts to remove the dreary cast-in front license plate mounts off of this period road racer... ...before, with cast resin plugs seen employed to literally flush fill the headlamp installation in addition to the turn indicator recesses. Another set have been cast, shaped and painted in anticipation of installing such in the final project shell situated to the right. Notice too the extent of the front fender flares which otherwise are difficult to appreciate. ...while after in the wake of considerable efforts to fill out and off the raised metal platforms and for filling the remains of the plate installation points with plastic rod stock and Microballoon filler. Filing out the center mounting hole of the metal front valence/center spoiler element helps to better tuck in the same in relation to the surrounding panel work. Thanks... Mike K./Swede70
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