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  1. Hi Michael, scoop is from Hart Resins, thanks
  2. Just finished, pro touring Dodge Dart, pearl white & sunburst paint, Supercharged 6.4 Hemi LX, “70s” themed interior, lowered on Pegasus wheels, thanks for looking, hope you like it.
  3. Looks good, here’s mine
  4. Great build, fantastic detailing work 👍
  5. Hi all, just wrapped this one up. Pro Touring 67 Charger, custom engine bay with flat panelling and firewall, whipple supercharged Hemi , lowered ride height, Foose wheels, grafted a reverse Thunderbolt scoop to the hood, Dark grey Metallic with hand painted black and red accents. Definitely abit of a challenging build starting with a MPC kit but happy with the results. Thanks for looking, hope you like it.
  6. Hi guys, does anyone know if someone makes a Plymouth Duster double hood scoop? Thanks
  7. Hi Phil, no it’s a body I got from ebay
  8. VK Commodore just wrapped up, unfortunately the resin body needed alot of work so I’m not entirely happy with the finish, the more pin holes I filled and primed the more showed up and didnt want to loose any of the details. Still happy with the overall look. Thanks for looking, hope you like it.
  9. I wish him all the best if he is having health issues but at the end of the day I’ve paid for items, he should have stopped taking peoples money if he can’t for fill the orders. Not sure where this leaves me now, have I lost my money?
  10. Hi Nick, sorry to hear about Jeremys situation, I hope he recovers well. I did order items from him, does this mean I will still receive them or can a refund be arranged ?

  11. Hi all, does anyone know if Clearly Scale are still operating? I have ordered and paid for some resin items, it has now been over 7 weeks and still nothing. I have sent them 3 emails and have had no response, I also checked out there Facebook page and there are other comments about still waiting after 4 months with no items received and others where no emails are being responded too. I am starting to get worried I’ve lost my money 😡
  12. Hi Max, the engine is from the pro stock kit with a resin supercharger
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