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  1. The wheels were from a left over truck kit and the tyres were some low profile tyres I had stashed in the parts box that managed to fit. Sorry Bob not sure of the exact sizing.
  2. 1966 C10 “ truck “ recently completed. Intergraded left over parts from a recent hauler build into a Chevy pickup. Modified the frame and suspension to lower the stance and accommodate the polished dually wheels, scratch built tubs. Fabricated a new cab floor and tunnel to fit ( barely) the diesel V8 in place. Finished in Titanium Silver and Pure White. Thanks for looking. Hope you like it.
  3. Hi all, another recently completed kit. Started with a 5 window coupe, chopped the top, scratch built a custom frame from styrene, patina paint, running a small block chevy with open pipes. Thanks for looking.
  4. Hi all, a recently completed 56 Victoria pro street. Running a modified pro stock chassis, big block ford, 3d printed wheels, finished in flat flesh and racing white with pearl clear. Thanks for looking.
  5. Thanks Alan, looking forward to the Model Car Spectacular
  6. Hi all, managed to get out and take some pics of my latest build. Chopped 32 Ford coupe, channeled the body over the chassis and modified the front & rear suspension for a lower stance, fabricated firewall & floorpan, lowered the grille inline with the cowl. Running an injected Hemi, finished in Tamiya Titanium Silver with black interior. Thanks for looking.
  7. Hi all, another recently completed. Started with an old AMT ERTL Blueprinter curbside kit. Cut open the hood, fabricated a new firewall and core support. Lowered the stance on 19/23 Pegasus Holli’s with dark iron centres. Running a Shelby GT-H 4.6 SOHC V8. Filled and primed all the body imperfections and finished in Tamiya Titanium Gold with Tamiya Gold roof. Thanks for looking.
  8. Thank you all for the comments, appreciate it, glad you like it.
  9. Pro touring 60 Impala finally all wrapped up. LSA supercharged motor, modified chassis and suspension to achieve the lowered stance riding on 19/23 Pegasus Hellas. Finished in Tamiya copper and gloss black.
  10. Thank you all for the kind words
  11. Thanks Jim, some trim are kit supplied, the rest are BMF
  12. 55 Belair Convertible finished in burgundy metallic and beige two tone. Lowered so slightly 👌
  13. Thanks Bob, no it’s the shifter from the Lindberg kit but on closer inspection it does look like one 😁
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