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  1. Ya thats the one yap its summer over here hot but today we have a little strom lol
  2. Hay man i havnt done much as i have been working on my real drag car but here is what i have done
  3. havnt thought a bout how to do the paint job yet got a good mate helping me out with that not going to be essay
  4. So did a bit on the car last night done more motor and started to crop the front to get her looking right.
  5. chassis is just a random top fuel revell kit and resin injector had and psi blower made over here in nz by a really good mate brett t.
  6. in doing both at the same time mate sorry
  7. Bit more done and got the psi ready to go
  8. YAP sur will do will post pic of engine in a couple of days trying to make the psi atm
  9. Hello guy this is the new project after seeing this run on the weeknd dam cool ran a 6.4 @214 on a soft tune running a 388 small block chev just dam cool.
  10. heres the rx2 the days before it frist model show not yet finshed tho
  11. Loving this going to look cool heres a couple of a car getting built here in nz atm
  12. Decals are made here in new zealand by a mate in our model club
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