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  1. J J added a post in a topic Scania Monster truck   

    1 question , does the driver even have a pulse ? YIKES !
  2. J J added a post in a topic Carrier APU unit   

    thank you for showing this unit . i've been wondering what they looked like .
    J J
  3. J J added a post in a topic AMT's Autocar A64B reissue ?   

    thanks for that info , but is it out yet or is there a date of when we may see it available ?
  4. J J added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    AMT's Autocar A64B reissue ?
    ok , so i guess i will try here next as i feel i completely ignored on another message board about this same question :evil: :?: :!: :evil:

    does anyone know if they still plan on bringing this truck kit out & if so about what time of the year ? & what year ?

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  5. J J added a post in a topic Tyrone Malones' Super Boss   

    john , email me i have some pics . they may be helpful , but they may not , at least you'' have some too . good luck
    J J
  6. J J added a post in a topic spray booth   

    old albion has a good point . dont want to burn down the house .
  7. J J added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    real pics of a little window pete
    hey truck modelers .
    i am in need of some pics of little window petes . further more i have a cab & would like lotsa ideas in what to make it . what kit(s) would be the best donors for the truck ? i prefer no bling like modern day trucks . nice , plain & a hrad worker .
    my stash of kits & parts isnt no where near what some of you guys is but i'll manage . TIA
    J J
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  8. J J added a post in a topic Western Star mixer updated 7-3   

    great job jerry , good idea on those tires too . which has me thinking , what about 1/16 scale dukes of hazard tires too ? might work fine , not out anything if not . your drum is fitting with next wednesday too . keep up the good work
    J J
  9. J J added a post in a topic Neat looking Pete   

    ray , would have bigger pics of this green pete ? i would really like to see them better . thanks
    J J
  10. J J added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    please name your favorite era of trucks
    i.e. what years ?
    for me , i like modern & 70's
    thanks for sharing
    J J
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  11. J J added a post in a topic some of my trucks   

    great looking ford ! now do tell about building it !
  12. J J added a post in a topic spray booth   

    i've always thought about building one i saw in scale auto magazine years back . except i want mine to be able to self contain like the article or vent outside . but thank you for the ideas guys
    J J
  13. J J added a post in a topic New Truck Kits   

    KW W900L 86" sleeper
    KW T-800 tri or quad axle dump ( possibly with a spreader )
    KW T-660 86" sleeper
    any new pete
    Freightliner coronado

    that was five trucks now for five trailers

    a more modern 10 car moving parking lot
    a more modern lowboy tri axle
    a new reefer or frozen with modern unit
    a modern logger
    & lastly
    a modern dry box with options for spread axle & fatboy tires
    i didnt see anyone mention fatboy tires , so i did .