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  1. Well, it looks like it will all come out in the end...........
  2. revell 29 ford hood wanted

    Which '29 kit you need Lee? I have some hoods that might work.
  3. Reynard Cart Open Wheeler

    Good Build. You seldom see cars built with the Rain Tires. I like this.
  4. Yeah, and I know that the Ramhargers buggy has a Model A Rad Shell. Have to wait and see, I guess. Any Idea when the kit will be out?
  5. New Forum Rules

    So you are from the "If you have done nothing wrong, you should not care if we watch you" School, eh?

    I cannot wait until this finally hits the market. Beach Patrol/Lifeguard truck, here I come.
  7. About 2 years ago I sold a box full of these kits and parts at a swapmeet for $10.00. Two complete kits and a bunch of spare parts. Both boxes were trashed, but the kits were complete. If I had known they were valuable I'd would have not sold them. Now, I will have to pay ridiculous *Bay prices to get another pair. Revell could do worse than to bring this kit back.

    It is also a great source for a stock Jeep Cherokee steering wheel, should you need one.
  9. 1/25 AMT '40 Ford Sedan

    I have two molded in white. Both are the Highway Patrol boxing.
  10. Serious poll ,Model A or Deuce Coupe ?

    Model A, all the way!
  11. AMT Surf Woody

    It was the Horse Hide Hauler first in 1969, and then released later in 1969 as the Surf 'N Van. After that is has never been seen again. http://www.showrods.com/showrod_pages/horse_hide.html http://www.showrods.com/showrod_pages/surf_n_van.html Be great to see Round2 dust this one off, and re-issue it. Looks like it re-uses the Surf Woody's frame and engine, but without a side by side look at the parts, it is hard to tell. It would not surprise me if the chassis at least was re-used. That was a major tooling project on the Woody, and I can see trying to get all the mileage out of the tool that they can. Looking at the pics of the Built Kit, it looks no worse than many other Showrods of the day. I'd happy to buy it & build it. Edit: Adding a link to a build thread of this kit at Showrods.com. Looks like the chassis IS the Surf Woody. That Gas Tank look familiar too. http://coffincorner.proboards.com/thread/13706/surfn-van-horse-hide-hauler
  12. Fenderless Ford Roadster Hot Rods

    Well, I wouldn't call it a "probe" exactly...............
  13. Fenderless Ford Roadster Hot Rods

    But, no one ever believes me, when I tell them about being inside the UFO.......... I'm not an expert in them, as I was only inside the one UFO, but I was there over 17 hours. I'd never even think of calling myself and expert.
  14. AMT Parts Packs Suggestions

    Thanks, Chris! I really like that colour.
  15. AMT Parts Packs Suggestions

    What!?! The Borgward '54 Isabella will not be kitted! I had such High Hopes for that one too. I had a diorama all planned with the Messerschmitt 'Kabinroller' Dang. Now I'm bummed!