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  1. Snake, a Man after my Own Heart! Just leave the Mtn Dew where I set it, and we'll all be okay....... Man, I hate admit it, but I am hooked on the stuff.
  2. https://public.fotki.com/drasticplasticsmcc/mkiba-build-under-c/amt-instructions/1-sort/amt_pintera_pinto/?view=roll#1
  3. A quik look at my copy of the '66 kit. Rear Axle,Drive Shaft and assorted small rear suspension. Dashboard, Front Roll pan, & Radiator top. Racing Cowl Mount Air Cleaner. Those are about the only 'stock' parts left in the box. Hopefully, Round2 will have opened up any small bits left in the tool. That said, I strongly suspect that Round2 will take the easiest way to release this kit. A straight re-issue, from the 2000-some version, with no changes to either the contents or decals. That is what the box art leads me to believe. However, as these are some of my favorite kits, I'll take the Un-Changed Kit all day long if that is what we get.
  4. I wish that Round2 would put this Hood Scoop Back in the box. I've bought two of the Purple kits, just for that Scoop.
  5. If only the Turbo comes back. I'll be all over this little Pinto, anyway.
  6. Thanks, Andy, but we've had those Lousy Bottles for what, now, 25 Years? The Motor Oil Bottles are Blow Molded as well. I appreciate the info, but I'm still hating on the 2 Litre. Heck, the Greeks solved this problem 2000 years ago.
  7. Well, It was 82 yesterday, so Winter is still just a concept. I do need to put Stabil in the Mower though.
  8. Thanks, Tim. I wonder what it would take to get THIS kit re-issued, with the motorcycle? I'd certainly be in line for them, if only to get trustworthy tires. Some Clever Box Art and some spiffy decals might move a few of the Roadster kits, at least. I'll never see the "Ma Barker" touring kit again. I can see the Roadster with options for the Bootlegger, the Police Car, and it would make a great, period correct Fire Chief car as well. The best part, is that the kit could be run as it is now, without the Cycle and still do all three options. One of the Master builder on the board here built a 1933 Indy Pace Car from this kit too. It had spoke wheels that he had resin cast, but was otherwise box stock. I remember reading the article in this magazine. I corresponded with the man who built it, trying to get a set of the wheels myself. He was very gracious about it but the were really a One Time, Custom deal. I need to scratch up a set myself. (Unless Round2 would tool up a set, and sell a 1933 Indy Pace Car kit!)
  9. We can do so many things. Why can we not, Design and sell a cheap Bottle that pours properly? Even Motor Oil Bottles now have air return channels. Why are stuck with the Miserable 2 Litre bottle that splashes every where? Are we such a lazy, cheap culture that we won't do better just because of inertia, and the cost of change? Wait, don't answer that......... I already know the answer. I'm off to get a new keyboard. Coke and Desktops don't mix, before you have had your caffeine.
  10. My hobby room is called the "Lurkem", after the place the Onceler hangs out in the Dr Seuss book "The Lorax".
  11. That is the kit, I am referring to. I just looked at mine. The rims look like the ones in the photo. they even have the deep depression in the center cap. They have Promo Sized large axle bosses on the back. The AMT '66 Wildcat kit, has a set of those wheels also. Might try there too. I just checked all my other AMT Buick kits. That Stocker and the '66 seem to be the only ones with those Buick 5 spoke wheels.
  12. Rick, I've dragged my stash. I have no hood for your truck. I'm sorry. Maybe somebody else can help.
  13. Look for the Buick Modified Stocker kit. There is a set of those rims hiding on the small chrome tree. They look great to my eyes, anyways.
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