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  1. I had the Olds 403 in my '79 Buick Wagon. Never gave any trouble. Red it is then for the smogger, Big Block. Many Thanks Guys!
  2. Dang it! Stop doing that, guys. Now I want to put those Re-tooled Reactor Wheels from the '49 Ford on the '55 Nomad....I think they'd look great on a Custom Nomad.
  3. I hope whoever has the tooling for these brings them back. They would all make great little "Slump-Busters" esp if they were 2'n'1 kits, with fresh decals.
  4. What would be a good kit to source a Small Block 350/305 engine from? This kit has the early 1970's 454 Big Block, and it is both wrong for '76, and poorly detailed. I'd say the MPC '78/79 Monte Carlo, but those are not really a god candidate as, they are too nice in their own right to be parted out. Oddly, both kits have trailers, though.
  5. Wow, after all the hype that surrounded this kit back when Tamiya first produced it, the kit seems to have disappeared. You seldom see it built. I'll wager that 90% of the PBR kits sold, languish on shelves today. It is great to see it built! Yours has just the right air of daily use. Great Job!
  6. I had an M-43 Ambulance. That Straight 6 Dodge Flathead was rated (according to the tag) at 37 HP. The Jeep Pick up must have had similar issues. Mine Had Gobs of torque, but was geared so low, that 40 mph was the fastest I could get on the hiway. I have always wanted an M-715. Glad to see your work on this one, Charles.
  7. I found that T-Bone Stake kit in a Goodwill store several years ago. Traded it for something else about a year later. I remember a freind of mine was in the club. He had a Revell (ex-Aurora) Jag XKE kit. I recall that the wheels from that kit had some of the best molding I had ever seen. Those wheels eventually wound up on one of my Hot Rod Kitbashes.
  8. There are some very clever folks in Thailand. I was there in 1987 and really enjoyed it.
  9. I've got one of these kits in the stash. I keep pulling it out and wanting to try building it. I want to just polish the body and hood, and only paint the engine and chassis. Is that even possible, or do I have to paint the body too.?
  10. alexis


    That 49 Ford is fabulous! Way to go!
  11. Well, Steve, that is great news if it pans out. Nothing would please me more than to Johan comeback.
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