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  1. alexis added a post in a topic Revell bronco off roader   

    How difficult were the doors to install? I want some, but would like to know more about them, before I commit.
  2. alexis added a post in a topic Revell 32' ford (FOUND)   

    I've got that kit. It is painted and partially built. Has the engine in it.
  3. alexis added a post in a topic AMT 49 Ford coupe   

    Perfect Colour! I like the stance too.
  4. alexis added a post in a topic Foose Cadillac   

    Revellogram really needs to get out front of this. Most of these kits will not be sold to people who read these forums. So, many model builders are going to be very unhappy when they open this new kit, and find damage. I really like Revell's new kits, and have bought several. But the shoddy QC is no longer something that can be brushed aside. The Dodge Ramcharger body problems, the wrong body in the recent Black Widow Re-issue, and now this. It has become a pattern. This has now morphed into a genuine problem. There has been a breakdown in the packing/shipping process. I hope hope Revell starts to respond to this and publicly acknowledge, and rectify the problem. It would really help reassure the broad model buying public that the issue has been solved.
  5. alexis added a post in a topic Cars for Planes (REVISED)   

    PM Sent.
  6. alexis added a post in a topic 1957 Ford Wagon Gasser Build   

    Very Fine Work.
    What brand of transparent purple paint is that?
  7. alexis added a post in a topic Revell 4th Quarter 2017   

    I have all three of the "Black Top Warriors" kits. The Pink Poison, was the Jeep Honcho Truck. Molded in White. The Killer Bee was the old Revell Baja Bug. Molded in Yellow. The last is the Alley Rat, which is the old Revell Sneak Pete, pick up. Molded in Black. Other than the Decal sheets and some jazzy writeups on the instruction sheets, they are straight re-issues of the Original kits. The Killer Bee Bug includes Revell's awful two piece tires. They are decent kits, but not outstanding. You would not believe the asking prices for them on the auction site now......
  8. alexis added a post in a topic Revell 4 Quarter 2017   

    Russ, settle down, Man....... The roadster having the SBC most likely just means that the coupe when it re-appears will have the Nailhead. Nothing is "F up" as you so delicately put it.  Just wait and see. Don't like roadsters? Don't buy the kit. Wait for the coupe. Tim and others on the board who have inside information, have hinted as strongly as they can without putting their status in jeopardy, that this kit will come back. When? The only people who know for sure (at Revell) have not said. I suspect that there will be no "Official" statement from Revell, until the coupe kits are on the boat, or about to be loaded.
    Look, Revell knows that the two kits (Roadster & Coupe) were both solid sales home runs. They know that the tooling issue caused serious problems for them. My best guess is that Revell is putting very heavy effort into restoring this revenue stream. Because that is what these kits are to Revell. Not Toys, not Nostalgia, not Gauzy Emotions. They are Revenue. Eventually, when the tooling is fully amortized, they could be 'profit'. And that is what Revell is ultimately trying to achieve.
  9. alexis added a post in a topic Revell 4th Quarter 2017   

    I'm not concerned at all, and Revell just guaranteed that I'll be buying that kit too.  WooWee. I want a couple of these too.
  10. alexis added a post in a topic McNally's 1973 Ford Bronco   

    Dang Fine Job on the Bronco! Colour is perfect.
  11. alexis added a post in a topic Revell 4th Quarter 2017   

    Yeah, you are correct Rob. The Camo paint fooled me into seeing a Stepside. Sigh......
  12. alexis added a post in a topic Revell 4th Quarter 2017   

    Suspension is the same as the normal kit, with molded riser blocks built in. about 7 scale inches. But it gives the Stepside you can bash with the snow plow kit. That is nice. Means you can build fleetside or stepside beds on both trucks. Should have a better intake system too, rather than that oddball '57 Chevy inspired F.I. unit.
  13. alexis added a post in a topic Revell 4 Quarter 2017   

    Nice Stuff!
    I have a original 1980s GMC High Roller kit. The box art does look to be Photo shop job. That Roadster is how I am building mine right now. Nice of Revell to put the blown engine in the Roadster. Don't let Tim Boyd see it though! SB 350 in a Ford. He won't like that.  I'm really glad to see the Jeep Honcho and the '53 Chevy back. I've never built the Chevy, and I need more Jeeps. Like others have said, I'll be very curious to see what parts have been added to the Bronco.. And my 7yr old Grandson will be getting the Scooby Bi-plane.
  14. alexis added a post in a topic Revellogram AAR Cuda   

    Yeah, but if anybody has either the first or second versions they don't want, I'll take them. The shape issues don't bother me at all. I genuinely cannot see the problems that have everyone so worked up. The bodies look great to me. And I like the AAR's.
  15. alexis added a post in a topic Reissue Wishlist   

    DM800 For me too! Also the Autocar Trucks. Be nice to have the Log Trailer back too.
    And, While not strictly a truck, the Cat D9 Dozer too. Correct the blank front grille, or offer a PE grille in the kit.  If I'm dreaming big, the Dozer, the Lowboy trailer, and either the DM800 or the Autocar as the prime mover. Not all in one box, but tied together with a couple choices of decals for all three. Use one large-ish decal sheet, and put it in all three of the kits. Have markings for all three units on the sheet.
    And since we're wishing, how about a Modern, Oval Tank Trailer.