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  1. Notice how the Chrome Trees get smaller & smaller? The '72 is about 1/3 the size of the '70. Notice too, how the MPC and AMT '70 chrome trees look completely alike on the right side of the tree where the 4 stock wheel covers are seen.
  2. Hey Miles. Don't be too upset with your self. I had the Night Rider kit, and really liked. It IS a snap kit, so much detail is simplified. For all that, however, with Wheel Swap to install decent tiers and wheels on it, it does loo sharp on the shelf. The Revell Snap kit shares nothing in common with the Silver/Black 1/24 scale ex-Monogram kit that was just posted. Underhood detail is lacking, but it should build easily into another acceptable display kit. Cheers, Alan
  3. "Cute" is not a word I'd ever apply to this car. "Unique", Yes.
  4. Well, I finally got a chance to watch the video. It has 4 Slicks. Yeah! Way to go Round2 But, I see the Sheriffs Jimmy from the Movie, "The Milagro Beanfield War', as a potential build option. A least I won't need any aftermarket Resin Parts now, to convert the Chevy Kit.
  5. I really like the Sad Vette. If I had extra money, I'd be hunting down to restore.
  6. https://booksbikesboomsticks.blogspot.com/2021/01/if-batman-did-meth.html Found this while Browsing. I like the nose, but the car is tacky and odd. Can anybody post the pics?
  7. There are hood fit issues with the hood at the back corners, near the cab. Right side is worse Than the left.
  8. Matas, if you could give us some idea of your modeling interests, we can be more helpful.
  9. Miles. Yes and no. The Crew Chief is the Chevy Blazer version of the tool. There is also a GMC Jimmy Version, which is the one this thread is about. Truthfully, other than the Grille, Tailgate, Hood and, Decals there probably won't be much difference in the kits. I'm just curious to see what is in the box. If you look at the clear tree in your Blazer kit, you can still see the 4 small GMC Headlight lenses. I think the "Jimmy" name plates are on the chrome tree, as well, but I don't have the kit handy to confirm.
  10. Please accept my apologies. Model A Cab Minutiae is obviously not my Forte. I go back and hide now.
  11. The Revell '29 Roadster P/up should have the cab you seek
  12. I'm looking for Back issues of the now defunct HR Deluxe. I have a very few issues, but I'd like more. I have a few kits to trade. Round2 Flat box Opel Manta, Flat Box Heavy Chevy, R/M Original Box of the chopped '49 Merc Coupe.. Thanks, Alan
  13. Nice to know, Tommy. Note too, that this box art appears to show 4 (four) Slicks..........
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