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  1. And, Moulded in Colour! Bleu, No Less!
  2. Well, I've Done My Part. Bought One, which is all the budget allows right now. I've read that they are selling fast, so that is good. I hope they do well. Wouldn't a Coke themed '72 Chevy Pickup sell well, right now?
  3. One Kit. Box Open. Bags Sealed. Not sure what I want really, but I'm looking for the Recent Revel '29 Ford Roadster, the Recent AMT Chevy Police Van and the '65 Fairlane Mod Stock kit, for starters. I'd like to trade this for Two kits, or one really nice kit. Pic stolen from the interwebz, but it is this kit.
  4. I have an uncut sheet you can have. Straight out of that box. PM me your address, please, and I'll get them out. Alan
  5. Dave, I've got TRJ #49 &74 for trade. What else do you want?
  6. Going Back to the tires on this kit. I have the Squad Rod Nova from a couple years ago. I checked last night. The Bag of tires for both the Nova and this new Impala are the same. Identical tires in both kits. So, my OCD is satisfied now. I'll be using the Stock Wheels from the AMT Chevy Police/Fire van in my build. They are close enough to correct for me. Even better, I have one of those Van kits in my stash already, so I'm set there.
  7. I agree with you, Bill. That said, if they just clean up the tool, and run it as it is now, I'd be thrilled. It's a rare kit, and getting harder to find every day.
  8. If they were gonna do it, why not do it correctly, with separate hubcaps and plain steel wheels? at least they tooled the correct caps. Maybe some resin caster will split the wheels and caps, and offer them as a set.
  9. Also, the "Stevens Intl" version has the Dropped Axle and Front Mags. So the White Box, and Steven's kits are the ones to get if you want more spares. This new issue has a mighty bare chrome tree.
  10. Great Fords! I love the Woody.
  11. I Do see Atlantis kits at H.L. In fact that is where I've gotten all the Atlantis kits I've bought.
  12. It does have a 'lowered' front axle.... Dang, I wish out H.L. still had some.
  13. Pat Covert Built one too, back in early 20's or late 199O's. I remembers seeing it in SAE way back when.
  14. Yes! Thank You, Jason. Now to print off a copy and get to work.
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