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  1. best beginner amt truck model

    Sharp Build, Tom
  2. Early Jeepster Hood & Body

    Well, I know where I'm spend my Birthday Money! Thanks, Jim. What is that transmission/ X-Fer case for? Jeep or Bronco?

    I just got my order last Monday. Excellent Product. Service was very fast, and Dan stayed in touch by email throughout the whole process. This was my first order. It will not be my last.
  4. caterpillars and earthworms

    I can't help with the kit, But I have driven one of these, Clumsy but Cool! There is reason for the Suicide Knob on the steering wheel. That worm& sector steering gear takes a whole lot of muscle to move.
  5. Early Jeepster Hood & Body

    Looks like the Olsen Bros get some of my Money, next month.
  6. Not to mention, that they are now Stratospherically Priced "Un-Obtainium". I've chased a few of these sets online, and they now sell for truly stupid money.
  7. best beginner amt truck model

    True This! I like the AMT kits, but recognize that for today's noobs they may not be a good Choice.
  8. best beginner amt truck model

    The Best AMT Truck kit? As Brian said, AMT Heavy Truck kits are sloppy, ill fitting Kludge. Great subject matter, but the multi-piece chassis, and vague parts fit and cab mountings, will turn off a new builder in a heartbeat. The tooling on the AMT kits is just not up to modern expectations. I'd start with either the Revell Pete and Kenworth that he mentioned, or an Italeri truck kit. The have better tooling.. Note that because of size and complexity, ALL Big Rig kits are more hassle than a car or pickup. Just the nature of the Beast, IMHO. So there is more test fitting and puzzling things out than there is on your average "Tamigawa" kit. Take it slowly, and take a break when things get tough. Put it down for a couple days, and then come back to it. Many times this will help you get a better idea of how something should be solved. Hope This Helps.
  9. Techno Bubble 41 Willys Bonneville car

    Thanks, for the answer Claude. I don't think it is enough to worry about.
  10. 1971 Petty Plymouth Tribute everyday driver

    A street driven Petty Tribute car. How neat! Great idea.
  11. Techno Bubble 41 Willys Bonneville car

    What is the blue Roller Looking thing sticking out from the bottom, near the engine? Speedometer fixture?
  12. Wow! Fantastic work. I too, had never seem one of these. Great Build!
  13. I am loving the new kit. I've sourced the 8-Lug Rims/Tires from Scenes Unlimited, and now I'm going after a Resin '73 Grill. I'm starting on making my copy of Grampa's Truck. I'm pleased with how clean the parts in my kit are. Some tool cleanup was done, and it shows.
  14. Ah, Mark, that explains a whole lot. I guess I'll just need to buy another '64 kit, as a parts donor for the '63. I am still excited by the '63 kit. I just like it's looks better.
  15. Thanks for the helpful answers, Dave. It is nice to learn the histories of these kits. I hope the old engine can be found.