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  1. Fire Bombing

    Thank You, Snake. Great pics.
  2. Fire Bombing

    Yes, the Single Engine Mod was common, but I've only seen it on the Fire Bombers. Wish you had some pics of the Cal-Fire Bronco "Lead" aircraft.
  3. Matchbox Provost - a classic OOB

    Found one of these kits in a bag, in a box of stuff I had opened in 30 years. It is complete, but sadly, missing the canopy. So, it will sit, unbuilt forever in it's bag. No way, I'll ever find a spare canopy.....
  4. Revell '30 Ford

    Looks great Kevin. I like the colours you have chosen.
  5. Peking to Paris Rally CBP

    Looking at the Gerard Brown pics at the link that was posted on page 2, you can see that all of the American Built 1930's cars have a huge, long exposed exhaust pipe on the Left side of the car. They have been wrapped with tape of some kind, and are very prominent.
  6. Rob, curious to hear if there has been anymore thought given to this CPB?
  7. There is a web address on the box or instruction sheet. If you go to it, it has full directions on the mods need to fit the huge tire included in the kit. IIRC, it requires huge chunks to bt cut out of the chassis in to make everything fit. I went to the site once, right after I bought the kit, but don't remember much now.
  8. 1907 Thomas Flyer Tulip Touring

    Dean Milano did a conversion many years ago, in SAE. He used Stutz Fenders. And Model T touring parts, I believe. Yours certainly looks the part, and it looks like the Darracq Fenders will work as well as the Stutz Fenders. Great Job!
  9. Any Veterans out there ?

    USAF, 1983-1988. E-4. Crew Chief. T-38 & F-15D /Williams AFB, AZ. U.S.A./Kadena AB, Okinawa Japan
  10. Stutz Bearcat 1914 Raceabout

    Richard. Here I thought I was the only one who wanted a Mercer. Trevor, I am 93.5% certain this tooling exists. Will is ever be re-popped? I have no clue. My first-pass guess would be that it would be very far down a list of Round2 future projects, if only because of the very specialized Niche this kit fits. IRCC, there are only two pre-1920 tools in the Round2 vaults. This kit and the 1907 Thomas Flyer. Next Oldest is the 1920/1922 Oldsmobile "Beverly Hillbilles" kit, then the various 1923-1927 Model T Fords. If I were to suggest ways to expand these kits to attract a larger customer base my suggestions would be: 1907 Flyer: Tool Up Stock Fenders, then a Stock Touring Body. Or a Two Seat Runabout Body, with an optional 'Mother-in-law' Seat. Tread added to the tires would be nice too. 1912 Bearcat. First up? Brass Plated Chrome. Next, possibly a different body from the Stutz Catalog from 1912. 1920's Olds. A new Touring, Depot Hack, or Roadster body. New Stock Olds Hub Caps(Wheel) Caps. Lastly, I'd Sell the Flyer and the Bearcat kits in one box. Even with nothing down to the tools, I believe that putting both kits in one box would tip the "Value-Added" scale enough to drive enough sales of the kit to justify running them Dominik, has built a Fine Example of this kit. His looks a s good as any build of the Stutz, I ever seen.
  11. Stutz Bearcat 1914 Raceabout

    Yeah, the Stutz and Mercer raceabouts were the Ford Mustang and Chevy Camaro of 1912-1915. I do wish somebody would do a Mercer in 1/25 scale.
  12. Stutz Bearcat 1914 Raceabout

    Awesome Bearcat! Great Build, of my favorite Car.
  13. Peking to Paris Rally CBP

    I found this blog about an Entrant to the race. Some great thoughts about the cars and preparing them. http://forums.aaca.org/topic/290233-the-right-car-for-peking-to-paris-2019-rally/ I have not read all the pages yet. This one is good too. https://stevemckelvie.wordpress.com/2017/10/30/preparing-for-the-2019-peking-to-paris-motor-challenge/ There is quite a bit on the net about this. About the photos of the Rallye cars at the end of the race. Can anybody help me find pics of the cars at the finish line? My searches are not turning up much. Thanks.
  14. 1/25 AMT 1966 Mercury Hardtop

    I have one of them. Other than the decals and tires & those 5 Spokes, nothing has changed. It has (oddly to, me) a set of nice Pad Printed Slicks. Strange choice of rubber, IMHO. The Decals are very nice, although the sheet is really pretty small. Molding is nice and crisp though. I agree with Dave Darby. I see evidence of a slow down too. More kits with just 4 tires, or for and a pair of slicks, when you'd have seen 8 or 10 tires three years ago. The "expanded" decal sheets are getting smaller too. Although to be fair, the decal sheets for the new parts/tools kits look to be large. And, It needs saying that while they may not be to everybody's taste, those three new Shop Tools kits represent a huge tooling investment for Round2.