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  1. Whooo Hoo! Sign Me Up. My first Moebuis Kit. And I'll get multiples.
  2. Round2 for 2018

    Well, the litter, fire extinguisher, and rear compartment seat already exist in the Rescue Van kit. If the police specific parts are on a separate sprue, it may be fiarly easy for Round2 to include them. As for the decals, I suspect that they will be the original artwork, cleaned up, and with added options. That has been the way almost all of the "New, Expanded" Round2 Decals sheets are handled. None of the police parts are shown as being chrome, so they may be easy to add to the kit.
  3. Always. Open. The Box.

    Original Eliminator or the one that is on the shelves now?

    Eh, "Rusty" How do you KNOW that the tooling is out there? Seems like it would be up and running if that was the case.
  5. 1/25 MPC Mack DM 800

    Great Minds think alike, Richard. I've been making plans to Get a Wrecker Body to Kitbash with this DM 800 for the past year. I'll Probably g=use the AMT Pete Wrecker, but will also consider the Revell "Bill Signs" truck. Whichever I can get cheapest.
  6. It is my considered opinion, that Round2 could really sell these Ford (and Chevy) vans, by digging up as many extra parts from the tool as possible. For these Fords that would be all the xtra grills, bumpers, and accessories, that were in the kits in the 70's. They are only about 4 of each, and no more than 2 or 3 types of Wheels, Bumpers and wings. AMT just mixed the parts in different ways in different boxings, with a Zippy Name and Matching decals for each version. I'd really like to see the Sun Dome and base from the "Matilda" kit come back. Talk about "Vannin' with Style"! The Mix&Match nature of the Van kits, made it easy to change versions. Given the Higher Cost today, and the more Adult Driven nature of the market now, I'd like to thank that a 3'n'1 Kit with a goodly number of optional parts in the box, might get more modelers to plunk down the dollar's on what is essentially a pretty bare-bones kit.
  7. Moebius Big Rig Super Singles

    The Gasoline Tanker Co. that I dispatched for Forbid using Super Singles on all of their equipment. Losing a S.S. on trailer would have been catastrophic. Not much better on a tractor. I don't see the Super Single making much of an inroad in the business despite the obvious advantages. Just too many downsides when they the blow, at least where things stand now.
  8. AMT Modified Stockers

    I got the '69 Falcon, and have started building the '64 Ford. Hope to have at least one done by September.
  9. AMT 57 Ford Hardtop News

    The Quad Headlight parts are all the in the latest release of the '57. I've seen them
  10. This only makes sense. With the Dirty Donny "Phantom" Van out there, going back to the same well again with different Box Art, Decals, (and hopefully some of the 'missing' custom parts, back in the kit.) plus the Pad Printed tires, should generate some more sales. If this goes well, maybe we'll see the Six-Wheel Van and it's mini-bike back someday.
  11. 1/25 MPC 904 '57 Chevy Flip Nose

    Funny. I do not see any difference at all.
  12. Revell/Monogram Aerovette

    The Rotary in the Monogram RX-7 is a Two Rotor, I think. Might have to Bash something.
  13. Unusual stuff to trade

    PM Sent.
  14. Get Your Kicks on Route 66......Before It's Gone

    My Dad has one of those Tube shaped Car Swamp Coolers in his garage. He's had it for 60 years. I wish I could get it from him. I remember using it in the 1970's, when I was a kids. I was my job to pull the string.
  15. Revell parts?

    Mike C, not to be snarky, but until Revell is back up and running in the US, you're pretty much up a creek. I don't see Blitz having any kind of parts replacement program operating until next year (at the soonest), so you should just hang on the the kit and bar code to prove you bought it. Maybe they'll help. The other option is to hunt down just the body from one of those guys who parts out kits on the 'Bay. I know we all slag on them, but in this instance, it could be a real life saver for you. That's all I got on ways to help you problem,.