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  1. 1/25 AMT '53 Ford Victoria

    Thanks, Casey.
  2. Yeah, but I want that kit. I've never had it. Now, if they'd just give us the tanker.
  3. 1/25 AMT '53 Ford Victoria

    I wonder if it comes with the Coke Machine? (or the Girl!!)
  4. 1/25 AMT '65 Chevelle Surf Wagon

    Dang, I bought the last issue, the "Superwagon" Now, I may need one of these, if only for the boards and decals. It is re-releases like this one that open my wallet, and keep Round2 in business. Way to go, Kats!
  5. Old but new

    Glad to have you, Sir. F-1 Cars are cool.
  6. I've driven trucks like this. 3/4 ton with the 6. Old, slow and beat up, they soldiered on into the early 2000's. Even now, I still see a few on the road, and more sitting forgotten in the side yards and back lots of farms and oil companies around town. In many ways this build represents the "Real American Truck". Purchased with no options and the baseline motor, thrashed from the first day, they worked & worked until they just flat wore out. These are the "Invisible Trucks". Great Tribute, Chuck!
  7. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    Okay, I'm in on the Vega. That makes 5 of us. It looks better than the Pinto to my eye, anyways.
  8. So, I get the Revell Jeep Wrangler (Green Jeep on Box) and I can't wait to get it open and look at it. (I do this inside my car with the A/C going. It gets really hot in July in Bakersfield) I like all I see, and put everything back in the box. Two days later, I go to look in the kit again. Everything is there BUT the Clear parts. Somehow they have escaped and gone missing. The worst part? Kit has never left the car. I've torn apart the car, both front and back seats. Nothing. No Glass parts. I did not know that the Carpet Monster lived in cars, but my KIA SUV has one, apparently. So, does anybody have the clear parts from this kit they won't be using, please? I'll gladly pay or trade for them. Thank You.
  9. '76 Caprice Rides Again!!!!

    On April 1st, right, John?
  10. Round2 July '19

    I wonder what these trailers are going to be?
  11. AMT-1124 Supernatural Impala

    And, I'm still waiting for Squad 51. But that show got canceled pretty fast so maybe there wasn't enough time to bring a kit out.
  12. 1976 Ford Pinto Modified

    Great Build. Will you be building the Vega to display with it?
  13. Revell 2019

    You can get anything you want, at Alice's.........