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  1. Rat Packer Nova Grille.

    I've got the car, need the grille. Chrome does not have to be good. As long as the part is not a complete glue bomb, I can work with it. I have lots to trade. Many Thanks, Alan
  2. So who'll be first to kitbash the Escalade and the Rommel's Rod?
  3. 1/25 AMT '77 Ford Cruising Van

    Crowe-t, you can bet the farm, that it will NOT have either better mirrors, or the mags. This will be a re-issue of the Phantom Van with New Wheel covers and decals. Period. Eventually, Round2 will go back to the Vaults, and re-issue this kit again, giving us 4-6 "New" parts that have been blocked off for years. And again they'll boast of "Expanded Decals" Pad Printed tires and one or two "Newly Molded" widgets, that have not been seen in years. Then it will be an "All New Kit" and we shell out more money. This is a fun game for certain kits, but IMHO, Vans are not in this category. Just have to wait and see I guess. (p.s. could we at least get the "Matilda Van" clear Sundome and mounting ring back?)
  4. AMT 1939/1940 Ford Sedan

    Chris Phillips has the Build Review.
  5. 1/25 MPC 890 - Joker Getaway Car

    Well, our own Chris Phillips has done a Build Review of this kit. It looks like it is still the same kit we know and love.
  6. 1/25 AMT '77 Ford Cruising Van

    Since I see no Flares, Spoilers, Side Pipes, or Optional Grills, I wonder exactly why, I should be excited by this. Come On, Round2, give us all the optional parts, tooled for these Ford Vans in one box. It is not like there are as many as there are for the Chevy Vans. I'll pay more for it. This hitting bunts instead of line drives, or homers, is getting sad.
  7. According to the Late Bob Paeth, the exact same Engine was used as a master to both kits, As he told it, Revell used it first, and then shipped it to AMT when they were done with it. Revell also used it for the Slant 6 in their 1/25 kits of the same time.
  8. Revell 1968 Chevelle

    I am glad to see the Chevelle released so quickly after the months of silence from Blitz. If they'll get the '29/'30 Model A kits back to life as well, I think the "Buyng Public" away from the internet will be vastly pleased. AS for new tooling, I was left stunned after reading through these comments to see one that said in effect, "That's Nice that you newly tooled a '68 Belch Fire, but Where's the '64 Belch Fire Brougham, I need to complete my collection?". These new Chevelles are not even on store shelves yet, and some modelers are already teeing off Doubts about this kit, and asking for other kits to be tooled.......?!?!? Just Stunning! Tell you what guys, let's buy caseloads of this one, and then start asking for more. The phrase "Never Satisfied" begins creep around the edges of my mind, as I read some of the commentary about new kits. Some folks online, seem to want perfection, at 1990 prices. Go over to Hyperscale or Cybermodeler, and browse the new kit previews. Take a gander at what State-of-the-Art, 1/35 scale Armor & 1/48 Scale new tool kits are now listing for MSRP. Yes, street prices from H.L.J. are lower, but they are not Hobby Lobby 40% off coupons lower. Look, I get it. I really do. Most of us appear to be Older, Established, Settled Modelers. We ALL remember lower prices from days of yore. Few of us seem (online anyhow) to be rolling in excess cash. So we pinch pennies and shop hard for bargains. I do it too. In fact, if I don't do it, I can't afford this hobby. Yet, I manage, like most of us, to acquire kits far faster than I can build them. All of the Modelers I know, seem to be collectors, whether they'll admit it or know. Rare is the Modeler with a "Stash" of fewer than 40 kits. Many (myself included) go into the hundreds. If you own over a hundred of something, that is a "Collection", by definition. Make you a "Collector", whether you define yourself that way or not. So, the continuous harping over what are essentially, mass produced industrial products, is a bit unseemly after a while. I know, to each his own, but can we please keep it down to a "Dull Roar" rather than the pearl clutching, hysterics that inevitably appear on cue with ever new product announcement? Afterall, even the "Gold Standard" Johan kits are in fact pretty poor in some ways. Yes, the bodies are in most cases, superb, but after that they get weak quickly.
  9. Hemi Cuda is Gone, as well.
  10. Well, I have a couple of unbuilt originals, if they ever want to scan one.
  11. insane want list

    I can't get a message through either, Jeff. Can you send me a copy of the List please?
  12. Great News! I need another Stepside.
  13. The Revell trucks are still sometimes on the shelf at Hobby Lobby. The AMT Chevy will be soon-ish. So It should be fairly easy to get whichever kit you want. I cannot wait to see what the AMT kit looks like.
  14. I am of the opinion that Round2 could invest there scarce tooling dollars in far worse ways that to bring back the XR-6 Parts to the '27 T kit. If not as part of the T kit, than maybe as a Stand Alone kit, or pair it with another similar kit from the Vaults. Maybe The Surf'N Van, which is about 85% Surf Woody? http://www.showrods.com/showrod_pages/surf_n_van.html Since the Surf Woody was just out last year, I would hope that it could be fairly easy to bring back. Provided of course that the tooling for the Surf'N van specific body parts can still be found. Either way, the XR-6 Would be a great choice IMHO, to restore.
  15. The other rotary engine

    It was for cooling purposes. Light Weight, and Good Cooling. They used what was called a "Total Loss" oiling system. Castor Oil was used for the cylinder lube, and was just slung off, as the Engine rotated. That Long White Scarf that WW1 aces wore? Used to Clean off your goggles, and cushion your neck so it didn't chafe with all the active Head turning you had to do while Flying. Great Video. Long, but Gene DeMarco is one of the worlds experts in these planes.