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  1. That Cooler alone, will sell me the kit. I've resisted the upright Coke Machines. I cannot resist that Icechest Cooler.
  2. I have tried to test fit the top from the Build'n'Play to the Snap TR Wrangler. At least for me, the top came nowhere near fitting. Size issues and other fit problems. I might try again though just to see if I was wrong. Does anybody have both kits?
  3. I'm a fan of Power Wagons too. My first car was an M-43 Dodge Ambulance. That said, I don't see them ever happening. Too Old, Too Complex to tool, and Too Little Sales Potential. They just do not excite enough buyers to be worth the investment. I really the Station Wagon idea. Use what has already been tooled for the Belvedere, and Satellite and bring out some wagons.
  4. Yep, the Same Kit was also released as the "Mojave Mule" 4x4 with the neat "Off Road Research" graphics. This kit just jumped to the top of my list!
  5. IIRC, Rob the same "iffy' small block V-8 that Revell used in the Chevy Square-Body Chevrolet Trucks. Like the Billy Carter Pickup.
  6. Tom, I hope get your Refund. That looks awful. You must have been so upset when you opened the box.
  7. Fine looking Build, Dave. Sometimes a great looking model does not need to be complex.
  8. I'm stoked about the "new parts" that will be added to the Jeep. Stuff that was designed and tooled years ago, but never used, comes back to give Revell an "All New Kit" that they can market. How many other 'Tooled but Never Used:"parts are hiding in plain sight at Revell? I doubt we'll ever know. But as "New" versions of existing kits come to market, that will give some idea of what is there. I'll be buying that LUV too. Odd little truck. Now if they'd add the trailer and Motor Cycles! The Elky, will sell in huge numbers, I predict. It is a sharp, clean design, and with all the options in one box, it gives the builder a number of directions to take the build. That will make it a great seller. I'm in for at least two of 'em.
  9. Thanks, Andrew. I'm a Terminal Supervisor for Levinge Freight Lines in Bakersfield CA. https://levingefreightlines.com/ I really like the photos you have shared of your Rigs. That Ole' Mack is a Brute. I checked, and it does not look like AITM has anything close to that in Resin. I wish there was a kit of that truck!
  10. I'll third the Recommendation for Model Roundup. I use him quite a bit. Fast and Trustworthy.
  11. Joe, how awful. You made the right choice. I'll say a prayer for her soul. Spend time with your Dad. He'll be shocked by what happened, now matter how prepared he seemed. Be gentle with him. (and be gentle with yourself, as well)
  12. I like "Snort" What da heck is he? I wonder if AITM makes a cab for him in resin?
  13. I'd think the US Gov't Pinto had Gray, Tan, Black or White interiors. But, that is just a guess. Ford could have just as easily just sent whatever colour they had too much of.
  14. Well, I have this kit. And I want to build something like this... Only using the Belvedere Body.
  15. What a generous offer, Nick. I'll keep it in mind.
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