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  1. I purchased a Toyota Sienna Minivan in June from Carmax. It was a decent experience. I would recommend them. They had to pull my van from the Carmax in West Covina (about 120 miles away) I found what I wanted by searching their site. I was trying to get out of a lease deal before it was up. They handled all the paperwork for getting out of the lease. As far as pricing, I paid a price comparable to the local dealerships. I didn't score a Knock-Out Deal, but I was not ripped off either. I paid about what I'd budgeted and got a clean 6 year old van. I will say that the cleaning job they did was superb! Car was easily like new new inside and out. Full tank of gas too. So, for me, it was mostly hassle-free and it worked well.
  2. Looks like the newly tooled Surfboards from the recent ' 65 Chevelle wagon, and possibly the "optional" 5 spoke mags that have appeared in about a dozen kits. Add in a new decal sheet, and you have an "All New" (cough, cough) kit. Here is a review of the first version from 2012, that shows what "might" be in this kit. https://www.cybermodeler.com/hobby/kits/amt/kit_amt_0767.shtml
  3. Oh, How Awful. I cannot even begin to imagine your pain. You have my deepest Condolences. Thank You for sharing.
  4. All of our last three Dogs were shelter animals. The Cat was destined for the Shelter, as well, before we adopted it. Believe me, I know the whole shelter issue very well. But, we have looked at the last 25 years of pet ownership, and decided that we are done with being Pet Owners, for the time being. I'm tired of stepping in "accidents", cleaning up other "accidents" the general hassles of owning dogs'n'cats. We have the one last dog, Five Parakeets, and One African Ring Neck Parrot. The birds are much easier to keep than the dog. And, my wife likes the Parrot better.
  5. IIRC, the little motor in that kit WILL run either way. But, it's been 30-40 years since I saw the kit........
  6. This leaves us down to one dog. My wife and I just agreed that there will be no more dogs in our house. Saying Goodbye is just too hard. I missed Louie this morning. Normally by now he is begging to be fed. Not Today.. Not ever......
  7. And, now Dog #2 has to be put down.14/15 year old pure bred Chihuahua. "Louie K. Blooie" A badly behaved, but sweet tempered dog, he was 3lbs of joy. His job was to sleep in my lap, and beg for treats. He Excelled at both. Kidney Stones and a slipped kneecap (leaving three legged) got him yesterday. At least this time the Vet let me hold him. He got a can of Vienna Sausage before we went to the Vet. I had figured this was going to happen.....
  8. Mark D, I think your suggestion is foolish. Revell is simply not going to open themselves up to a 9 month Torrent of online nitpicking, from folks who have MANY STRONGLY HELD OPINIONS, but little actual knowledge of the Technical, Business, and Financial issues involved in successfully getting a kit to market. Model Magazines, (the Late SAE/SA, Finescale Modeler, and even older magazines) have run pictorial articles showing the basics, of how 1/10 scale masters were carved, and how production was run. Even Chroming was shown. Now the Tools and Design are done on computers, so no Wooden Models are used, but everything else is going to remain much the same. And here is a secret nobody mentions. This should be known to every adult who has a job in the First World. Business is Boring. 90% (heck 98%) of the processes involved in the kit are too dull to be worth even one photo. Would you like my Outsiders Guess as to how the process happens now? First: Meetings to decide what subject matter is to be chosen for the next kit.Lots of talk about which (Car-Truck-Plane-Tank-or Ship), should be tooled next. Everyone in the meeting has an opinion on why THEIR favorite thing should be the next kit tooled. They will have few bits of research, some W.A.G. thoughts about why the "Burp-mobile2000" is better than the " Thunderbolt Oil-Dropper" everybody else wants, and a loud voice. Eventually, after a couple meetings, the choice will be narrowed to two or three subjects. A vote will be taken. Then a second vote will be taken. After that the winner may be announced, unless somebody pitches the Mother-of-all-Hissy-Fits, to try to change the results. At this point the decision is final. Second: Finding a subject to be used as a pattern.Much drama ensues with the usual arguments about why(or why Not), a particular subject is suitable to be used. After settling this, we move on to the rest of the Industrial Processes involved in Commercial CAD/CAM Pattern Making, and Industrial Injection Molding. There are the usual problems, errors, and misunderstandings along the way. Fixes are devised at the last minute, under great pressure. Temper Flare. Somebody Drops the Ball. Eventually, the product reaches the market. Some Fellow at a keyboard finds a 3/4 view photo of the subject the kit represents. He then pronounces the kit fatally flawed because the "Framistat" is exactly 3mm too far from the "Upper Fold" of the Fender. Or Wing, Or Armour Plate........ That is why Revell, (and everybody else) are never going to give you the Lovingly Shot video, of "How We Made This Kit", that you've asked for.
  9. I know that the kits I'm selling off now on the 'bay are going for next to nothing. I picked a lousy time to sell kits. A TD Vanbulance went for $76.00, but everything else is going for One or Two bids. No matter, money is secondary to getting rid of them, but it sucks to be giving so many away (figuratively speaking). I'm just happy they are selling at all. I have a bunch of stuff ending this Sunday. It will nice to see if I have any big Sellers.
  10. Ahajmano, I hear you. I'm doing something similar, although for completely different reasons. I have between 800-1000 kits. Just listing and shipping them is a huge job. It is also going to take much longer than I had anticipated. About 75 kits close each Sunday. This is going to take some time. If I could get down to JUST 150 kits, I'd be in great shape. I wish you luck. As the others have said, Just keep them and pack them away. The kids grow up so fast, (my youngest is 25 now), and you need to give them the time. The plastic will be there for you when the kids grow up.
  11. Back when I was Wrenching (about 1990) I worked for a Firestone one summer. Worst mechanics Job I ever had. Had to keep my toolbox locked all the time. Guys would steal things out of it, as soon as you turned your back. I had open it, get the tool out, and then re-lock it. Had to do that for each tool. And never set a tool down! Even with your name on it, they'd still take it. If caught, they'd just tell the boss, that you had "Dropped it" and they were just "Holding it for you". One guy did coke, right in the shop, between jobs.......And he was a decent wrench during the mornings, before he got too bombed to work. The rest were just major foul-Ups. Dope Smoking Losers, who had no clue. Never Take your car to Firestone. Firestone Car Care Centers, Pepboys, and their Ilk, hire mostly either very young guys who know nothing, Or Older guys who have Drug, Alcohol, or Major Life Problems.(Major in that the, "Divorce-Job Loss-Marriage-Ect.", were so bad that his life had fallen to pieces. "Sleeping in his Car" Falling to pieces.) Sometimes you get one who is actually pretty good. If that guy succeeds in putting his life back together, he'll get a better job soon, and be gone. The rest, are either going to finish spiraling down to destruction, or gain enough experience to move to a better job. It's sad too. Most of the folks who take their car in to these places, can't really go anywhere else, so you have Poor Customers who have no other options/ or Don't know any better having their car patched back together by the dregs of the Automotive Technician Barrel. It is a recipe for Tears, believe me.
  12. Oddly, I just traded my 2017 KIA Sorento in June. The lease was going to be up in August, but I was feeling a compulsion to trade the thing in right now. I had had it pull a funny trick on me, where, when taking off from a stoplight, it would not rev up, or move, even with the gas Pedal pushed. It would just sit there, kind of dead, and then suddenly Accelerate and Move. The hesitation was only a couple seconds each time, and I could not get it to act up on cue. I knew that if I could not reproduce it, the dealership would just ignore my complaints. Then in late May, or early June, I read about KIA having some issues with acceleration on some Sorentos. I was spooked. I got out of my lease 3 months early, and bought a used 2014 Toyota Sienna Mini-van. Now, I can drive as much as I want, and I'll own the blasted thing in 5 years. No more Leased Cars for me.
  13. I've been binge watching old Hawaii Five-Oh shows on Amazon. (Man, how much I like Amazon Streaming) All 12 seasons are available, if you look carefully. Watching the shows back to back, and skipping around from season to season, I've noticed a few things. For a show of the late 1960's to 1980, it covers some very delicate themes. Sexual Harassment, PTSD, and other 'sensitive topics', were tackled by the shows writers. In there later seasons, there are certain sly references to Steve and his personality. (i.e. "Book Me, Danno" when he was caught violating Hawaii Quarantine laws, and other small "In Jokes" that only the most rabid Fans would get. So there was, a bit of self depreciating in the later shows about McGarret and his 'Straight Arrow" personality. However, by 1980(the shows last season) you can really see that the show has 'Jumped the Shark". There is ample evidence in the scripts, and pacing, and camera shots, that the Show's Production Team is suffering from a Terminal Case of "Try Too Hard" syndrome. The last seasons shows are just sad compared to the earlier seasons. But, This is a Model Car Forum, so let's talk about that. If you are a Police Car, or Emergency Apparatus Modeler, or you really want an unvarnished look at what life was like in the 1970's, watch this show. The shows creator/producer, Leonard Freeman, had the audacious idea to do everything in Hawaii. Thus, almost every thing you see, is strictly local. With the exception of a Guest Stars, brought over from the Mainland it is an all Hawaiian show. The Police cars (almost all Fords) are very similar from beginning to end. Blue and White, but with the white markings ending and the end of the C-Pillar, instead of the door cutline. All, Blue single Rotators. Simple white numbers and letters. Also shown in many episodes, are Unmarked, Four Door Sedans, (in many cases Non-Ford) that have only the the Blue Beacon, a radio, and a (presumed) under-hood siren. I've seen a big Buick, a Chevy and a couple others in background shots. Speaking of Back Grounds, this is where the show really shines! Look at the cars on the streets, behind our Hero Cars. I've seen every thing from a Model A Ford, to a Citroen 2CV! While many cars are just Plain Jane sedans, odd stuff jumps out. And the villains drive some unusual iron too. Now, there are some of the usual TV Cop Tropes. All Cars Going over Cliffs, Will Explode!(unless McGarret or another 5-Oh member is in the car). Most Cars Run Perfectly (unless Car Trouble is needed for a Plot Point). There are others. Emergency Equipment. Fire Trucks are seen often. The variety, especially in the older seasons is great. I've seen open cab trucks from the 1940's all the way up to Crown Units that would look right at home on the "Emergency" Set. And, there are Yellow Fire Trucks. Not the later Lime, but honest yellow trucks. I'm not sure why, but I've seen them. Ambulances are usually the Big Caddy Units, but bodies are hauled off to the morgue in a wide variety of big, old Station Wagons. Some with minimal markings. If you had a resin mid '70's wagon, some Hawaiian plates, and you got a TV Show car. That brings me to my last point. This show is a Model Builders bonanza! Except for McGarret's big Mercuries, there are plenty of possible builds shown. Either Hero Cars, (the recent AMT 1970 Ford Police Car), or background cars, there are loads of subjects to chose from. Watch some shows, get a kit, and have fun!
  14. If you are not too worried about scale differences, GM had a habit of re-using older wheels styles on S-10's, often using Camaro or Full size car Mag Wheels on S-10 or C-series trucks 4 or 5 years after they had been used on the original cars. There was a "Swirl Style" Mag that I first saw on Camaro's, that ended up on S-10's about 5 years later. Finding a GM Mag style that you like and then putting in on the S-10 Might work. It would mean look at a bunch of dealer brochure photos, but might give you some wheel options more to your tastes. You could source the wheels from both 1/24 or 1/25 scale Camaro's or Full Size (Monte Carlo?) kits. Hope This Helps.
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