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  1. 1/25 Revell Baja Bronco

    It looks like they may have gotten the tire sidewall to rim ratio correct this time. Tires look vaguely like Gates Commandos. I know which Bronco kit I'm getting.
  2. 1/24 Revell '78 GMC 4x4 Pickup

    Thanks, Mike. Glad to get the Stepside. That is easy money for Revell. I wonder how they'll choose to market it?
  3. new for 2018

    Yes, Casey, but you can use the Hop Up Parts from the Chopped '48 Coupe, and they are all vintage. I'll be getting one of these, when they arrive. And, I must be the only one, who wishes that somebody would do the Red Car in resin. There was one cast in the 1990's but I never got it. I LIKE the Red Car. Over the Top Goofy, but unique.
  4. Revell '70 Pontiac Firebird 2'n1 1/24

    I remember reading reviews when the '70 came out, that called it a modified re-tool of the '78 kit. Larry Greenberg was vocal in calling it such and praising the kit. I wish that the '80 Turbo T/A would get re-issued. They've gotten quite rare now.
  5. new for 2018

    That is Phil Slivers, in "It's a Mad,Mad,Mad,Mad World"
  6. You have both saved me money, by showing me the contents of kits, that I 'thought' I wanted, and cost me money, by showing others, that were not on my radar, that I had to purchase. Your obvious excitement and sense of fun, show through. My 8 year old Grandson and I are building the "Hex Marks the Spot" kit, and your video review and build has become our guide. Who ever it is that is causing you trouble, "Name 'em, and Shame 'em". What lousy folks. Thanks for your efforts. Alan
  7. 1/24 Revell '78 GMC 4x4 Pickup

    I have the original High Roller version, that I bought new. Not sure if it had the rifle rack or not. I do know that the rifles were a common part in other issues of this tool. (Chevrolet) Note that this kit retains the goofy '63 Vette style Fuel Injection. A quick (if spendy) fix is to get the intake and Air Cleaner from the '77 Chevy Van. It is close to a drop fit replacement. I wish Revell would re-issue the Step Side Chevy version of this kit.
  8. new for 2018

    So, New Grille, New Bumpers, New Wheels, & New Decals? I'll bite.
  9. I know that the Hot Rod, Rodfather, & Amigo Pack versions, all lack the Fuel Tank. I needed the fuel tank for a T.R.o.G. build I'm doing. Searched all of my Revell T-bucket kits(the 3 I listed) and none have the tank parts. I'm still looking for a tank. I'm not sure about the Tweedy II kits.
  10. Advent plastic scale models - what's the scoop?

    From reading on the "Show Rod Rallye" site the Double Trouble and Yellow Fever were so named to get around the Ed Roth royalty issue. No Roth Name, No Roth Royalty. That makes sense, but may not be true. I wish Bob Paeth were around to answer that question.
  11. AMT Union 76 Chevy pickup

    Yeah, Chris's review of the kit & decals has sold me on one of these.
  12. Not Chuck, but those are not the kit wheels. The kit wheels are the very worst part of the kit, IMHO, and need to be swapped for something else.
  13. If that is really the bike from the Jimmy, I'll be able to use it on the Blazer as well. That works for me.
  14. A little bird tells me it will NOT be a new tool. The old Monogram kit is gone, never to return. My money is on the evergreen Esci/Italeri kit.
  15. Triumph GT6

    Casey, as Far as I know those are something meant to be aftermarket scoops. If anybody can ever track down the instructions from the Original Pryo kit, we might be able to know for sure.