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  1. What a surpassingly Ugly car. I get the reasons it looks the way it does, but the Mercedes counterpart is sure better looking.
  2. I knew I'd seen it somewhere! I have that kit too. Thanks!
  3. Nah, I'll just be buying the whole kit....... I can use it all.
  4. Yeah, but what's that Fuel Tank from, Lee? It is really cool!
  5. So, will you be doing a review of the Chrysler Kit, Tim?
  6. Yes, it should (sadly) share the same wheel issue.
  7. Today? For once in a Blue Moon, Nothing Irked me today. Kinda nice, but there is always tomorrow.
  8. Thanks, Snake! I needed that. Been missing Charlie, the last couple of days.
  9. I still have these two issues to trade. Just let me know what you have to offer!
  10. Izzat Da Gnu Boxart, For Dis Release?
  11. And, looking at the parts layout, notice that the bike is now all on one sprue by itself? IIRC, in the original kit, parts for the cycle, are scattered, Higgledy-Piggledy over the car sprues.
  12. I bought one of those Original Imperials about 12 years ago just for the Motorcycle, Dale. I'm glad to have it. It's a nice kit. Now I can build one.
  13. This kit has been traded.
  14. Oh, How Awful! I'll miss him, especially.
  15. I'll be getting a Resin Bench seat, and building mine with a 327 from another kit. Those are all the concessions I'm making for my build.
  16. I'm looking for the chromed Brush Guard from this kit. I'd like to pay somebody to make a some Resin Copies of it. Any Help, Thanks.
  17. This is thread just for the new GMC Jimmy kit. I'm excited about this kit. I'm hoping that the Soft-top and Mini-bike will be included in this kit. The Mini-bike was just out, in the '86 El Camino kit, so it's available. The GMC headlight lenses are still on the clear sprue. I'd really like to see the dual carb intake that was in the very first, (1970 Chevy Blazer) release of the kit. Both Air Cleaners for this option are still on the Chrome tree, and the Chromed "Buzzard Bar", from that first issue, come back too. I doubt that they will come back, but i can always hope. Lastly, now I can build a copy of the Sheriff's Jimmy, from the "Milagro Beanfield War". One of my favorite movies.
  18. Izzat the '57 Chevy, blown 409 in that built up?
  19. Gonna take some work to ensure that all 4 rear wheels track correctly. Thanks for showing the bottom, Casey. The directions at the link do not show any of the axle details. It is truly a product of it's era. More a 'representation" than a replica.
  20. And, Can I use the little '63 Chevy wagon to pull the Drag Car? The future is so bright, I've got to wear shades!
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