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  1. And, I've would have been Okay with the Automated Email. I've collected dozens of those. But this was Clear Face to Face Interview, with a Verbal Promise that I was one of 2 contenders, and that based on the strength of my interview, they'd be sure to let me know. No one wants to ( or is able to) tell the truth anymore.
  2. Got Blown off by a Nationally Known Company today for a Job I applied for. International 8.9 Billion Dollar Company. I interviewed two weeks ago. I followed up last Friday. I was told, "Well, we're still interview candidates. We Will let you know something by Wednesday". I hear nothing from them by Wednesday. Decide to give them a couple more days.. I call in today. "We've offered the job to somebody else." So, would they have ever called me to tell me? Of Course not! These Billion Dollar companies are what is killing our country. Rude, Blah, Blahs.
  3. Roger, I'm suffering from "O.F.D" Old Fart's Disease. You are correct! It is the '50 Chevy.
  4. To the Hardcore Tamiya Collector, it may be worth Big Bucks. To everybody else it is 56 year old trash. If you manage to find that Tamiya Collector, it will work out for you. If you can't hookup with "That Guy", then it is basically a "Shelf of Doom" kit, and will squat in your stash until you give up on it. List it on the 'Bay, and Good Luck. I sincerely hope you find the buyer who's willing to pay a Collector Price for it.
  5. The Texaco one has been done, mostly. The '41 Chevy P/U. I've got the kit.
  6. Yeah, after a long wait, somebody on the board helped me acquire one. It is one of the very few kits that I will keep.
  7. Nope. Those are very sharp pics of the '56. They make it look better than they look in real life. It's still, just not as nice as the '55.
  8. Looks like they've chromed the wheels. Many of the releases of this kit have no chrome at all. So, That's nice. Those look like they might be two-piece tires. I sure hope not.......
  9. Yeah, given the box art you've shown, you may very well be correct. But Round2 has that mini-bike. They just used it in the '86 El Camino kit. But, we will see.
  10. Bring it on. I have fond Hopes that the Mini Bike will be in the kit.
  11. I remember reading an interview in Rolling Stone with Eddie sometime in the late 1990's or thereabouts. He showed the reporter a drawer full of tapes that he had recorded, and said there there hundreds of hours of him just Goofing Around that Wolfgang could release after Eddie died. He said that Wolfgang could sell them for top dollar, since most of what was on those tapes had never been heard by anybody but Eddie himself. He supposedly played a quik few minutes to the reporter, who added that it was as good or better, than anything Eddie had played onstage. I wonder if those tapes ever existed, or still exist now. It would be fun to hear Eddie at his peak, just showing off on his guitar.
  12. It would be nice if Revell saw fit to include at least a few of the extra parts from the Mean Mudder and Convoy vans. The Hardy Boys and Charlie's Angels vans appear to be the same parts molded in different colours. Ant lest us have some options for wheels.
  13. I'd prefer the '55. I'm not fond of the '56 car's looks. Chevy never should have "Improved" the '55, IMHO.
  14. Travis's story is why I have not ever looked at a GM Vehicle, in the last 25 years. When I traded my KIA in June, I had called the local Chevy Dealer about a Ford Flex they had on their Used Car lot. The Sales person would not stop calling me, until I drove over in my new (used) Toyota Sienna, to prove that I really had bought a car someplace else. As a Parts Dept Assistant Mgr in the 1990's I had plenty of Interaction with the local GM dealers, getting parts for my dealerships used cars. Always excuses on why the stuff we ordered was never in stock. My Dad, is a died-in-the-wool Chevy Man. After my Automotive Industry Experience, I never will be.
  15. I'm so sorry for your loss, Carl.
  16. I purchased a Toyota Sienna Minivan in June from Carmax. It was a decent experience. I would recommend them. They had to pull my van from the Carmax in West Covina (about 120 miles away) I found what I wanted by searching their site. I was trying to get out of a lease deal before it was up. They handled all the paperwork for getting out of the lease. As far as pricing, I paid a price comparable to the local dealerships. I didn't score a Knock-Out Deal, but I was not ripped off either. I paid about what I'd budgeted and got a clean 6 year old van. I will say that the cleaning job they did was superb! Car was easily like new new inside and out. Full tank of gas too. So, for me, it was mostly hassle-free and it worked well.
  17. Looks like the newly tooled Surfboards from the recent ' 65 Chevelle wagon, and possibly the "optional" 5 spoke mags that have appeared in about a dozen kits. Add in a new decal sheet, and you have an "All New" (cough, cough) kit. Here is a review of the first version from 2012, that shows what "might" be in this kit. https://www.cybermodeler.com/hobby/kits/amt/kit_amt_0767.shtml
  18. Oh, How Awful. I cannot even begin to imagine your pain. You have my deepest Condolences. Thank You for sharing.
  19. All of our last three Dogs were shelter animals. The Cat was destined for the Shelter, as well, before we adopted it. Believe me, I know the whole shelter issue very well. But, we have looked at the last 25 years of pet ownership, and decided that we are done with being Pet Owners, for the time being. I'm tired of stepping in "accidents", cleaning up other "accidents" the general hassles of owning dogs'n'cats. We have the one last dog, Five Parakeets, and One African Ring Neck Parrot. The birds are much easier to keep than the dog. And, my wife likes the Parrot better.
  20. IIRC, the little motor in that kit WILL run either way. But, it's been 30-40 years since I saw the kit........
  21. This leaves us down to one dog. My wife and I just agreed that there will be no more dogs in our house. Saying Goodbye is just too hard. I missed Louie this morning. Normally by now he is begging to be fed. Not Today.. Not ever......
  22. And, now Dog #2 has to be put down.14/15 year old pure bred Chihuahua. "Louie K. Blooie" A badly behaved, but sweet tempered dog, he was 3lbs of joy. His job was to sleep in my lap, and beg for treats. He Excelled at both. Kidney Stones and a slipped kneecap (leaving three legged) got him yesterday. At least this time the Vet let me hold him. He got a can of Vienna Sausage before we went to the Vet. I had figured this was going to happen.....
  23. Mark D, I think your suggestion is foolish. Revell is simply not going to open themselves up to a 9 month Torrent of online nitpicking, from folks who have MANY STRONGLY HELD OPINIONS, but little actual knowledge of the Technical, Business, and Financial issues involved in successfully getting a kit to market. Model Magazines, (the Late SAE/SA, Finescale Modeler, and even older magazines) have run pictorial articles showing the basics, of how 1/10 scale masters were carved, and how production was run. Even Chroming was shown. Now the Tools and Design are done on computers, so no Wooden Models are used, but everything else is going to remain much the same. And here is a secret nobody mentions. This should be known to every adult who has a job in the First World. Business is Boring. 90% (heck 98%) of the processes involved in the kit are too dull to be worth even one photo. Would you like my Outsiders Guess as to how the process happens now? First: Meetings to decide what subject matter is to be chosen for the next kit.Lots of talk about which (Car-Truck-Plane-Tank-or Ship), should be tooled next. Everyone in the meeting has an opinion on why THEIR favorite thing should be the next kit tooled. They will have few bits of research, some W.A.G. thoughts about why the "Burp-mobile2000" is better than the " Thunderbolt Oil-Dropper" everybody else wants, and a loud voice. Eventually, after a couple meetings, the choice will be narrowed to two or three subjects. A vote will be taken. Then a second vote will be taken. After that the winner may be announced, unless somebody pitches the Mother-of-all-Hissy-Fits, to try to change the results. At this point the decision is final. Second: Finding a subject to be used as a pattern.Much drama ensues with the usual arguments about why(or why Not), a particular subject is suitable to be used. After settling this, we move on to the rest of the Industrial Processes involved in Commercial CAD/CAM Pattern Making, and Industrial Injection Molding. There are the usual problems, errors, and misunderstandings along the way. Fixes are devised at the last minute, under great pressure. Temper Flare. Somebody Drops the Ball. Eventually, the product reaches the market. Some Fellow at a keyboard finds a 3/4 view photo of the subject the kit represents. He then pronounces the kit fatally flawed because the "Framistat" is exactly 3mm too far from the "Upper Fold" of the Fender. Or Wing, Or Armour Plate........ That is why Revell, (and everybody else) are never going to give you the Lovingly Shot video, of "How We Made This Kit", that you've asked for.
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