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  1. Izzat a Bell & Howell 8mm Movie Projector, in front of the TV Screen? It looks a lot like the one my Dad still has.
  2. Yeah, but Wootz from Ball Bearings IS quite impressive by itself! Neat video. It will hold me until "Forged in Fire" starts showing new episodes.
  3. Amen, Raoul! I have heard some horror stories just about Cruise Control while working as a Tech at car dealers.
  4. I am curious to see the tires in the kit.
  5. It is a decent kit, but it suffers from "MPC Fit Issues". Needs much massage or "Fettling" as our British friends, say. And the engine intake options have always been weak. But, I like it.
  6. Reegs, be sure to share your Photos on this thread, se wee can see them. Great News on getting the Kit!
  7. I have the First and Third Issue boxings.
  8. There is a category on Driver Logs, called "Off Duty @ Wellsite", used for oilfield Class 8 Trucks. It allows a truck driver to essentially pause his "On-Duty" 70 Hour Weekly Clock, so that he can preserve his driving hours. If those dump truck work for oilfield contractors, that may explain the sleepers.
  9. Keith, I found the Header Flanges. They are hidden in with the Roll Cage parts! Right Next to each other. Hard to see though.
  10. What are the differences between the Yenko and COPO besides the wheels?
  11. Awesome Work! The Camper Shell alone, is a work of Art.
  12. Beautiful Build! One of the Nicest Builds of this kit I've seen. It uses the same Chassis as the T.D. Dragon Wagon. I always wanted to kit bash the 3 kits together.
  13. That is a First or Second Issue kit. The Original.
  14. Thanks for the music , Jason. It was great. Now, I've got a new Rabbit Hole to go down!
  15. Pete, Riley, Bill. Salsa is even worse than Sour Cream. The Paco Smells around here goof the order about 40% of the time now, so asking for "No Sour Cream" gets results about 3 out of 5 orders. Riley, Nice Lee Greenwood Riff. You earn points for being Clever. Bill, Nuggets are one of my secret vices. Such tasty cardboard, though. I seldom use any dipping sauce. Thanks Guys, for letting me vent.
  16. Wow, so how old is this kit, really? From 1958?
  17. Is that one of the old Aurora Kits, Mark? It sure looks good.
  18. Minicraft Triumph TR-3 Kit. How old is it Really? Did it originate with PYRO back in the day?
  19. Man, I did not know Mr. Bean had a Landie! Great Job! The tire choice is great.
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