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  1. Great Build. That looks like it could be an actual Subie Colour! Good Choice.
  2. Here is the Bat Machine. http://www.showrods.com/large_image_pages/bat_machine_large.html http://www.showrods.com/showrod_pages/bat_machine.html
  3. Try this kit. https://www.modelroundup.com/product-p/mpc-r2-826.htm
  4. It is half assembled and painted, but I do have one.
  5. Shatner looks heavyset because of the steroids he takes. I'd guess Prednisone, since that is one of the drugs keeping my wife alive. But, it could be many others. In any case that 'bloated' look he has is a clear indication that he is on some form of steroid. If it is keeping him healthy, more power to him. Shatner Humor. The Rabbit Story.
  6. I'd do it, Patrick! It seems a natural combination. I'd use a Terry Jesse trick on the engine. Use a Bigger Air Cleaner. Seriously, a bigger Air Cleaner Housing, and a drab industrial paint job, in the same colour as the real L700, suggest that your truck has the biggest factory truck engine, rather than the automotive unit. Since this whole build is a bit of a "Whiffer" anyhow, paint and a larger part, tells the viewer all they need to know, and avoids real life fit issues with the build. Just my thoughts. I look forward to seeing it done.
  7. I have a build started of Walt's Bronco. I'm using the Revell (Ex-Monogram) kit, and just choosing to live with the wrong year issue. I ordered a set of Custom Lic Plates for it though. Was able to get the exact plate he has on his truck. I figure Walt has been driving Bronco's for a long time, and given how often he wrecks them or wears them out, at one time he had one that is the same year as the Monogram kit. Mine is more of a Tribute Build than an exact replica. So That's my Story, and I'm Sticking to It.
  8. If you'd be happy with a cardboard cut-out style station, it might happen someday. I'd buy the kit again if it had a cardboard display piece in it.
  9. While we are wishin' for kits, I wish Revell would dig out that tool. The Stock kits ( Coupe, Cabriolet & Phaeton)all share the same chassis and stock engine. The 283 Chevy in the Phaeton as it now sits will drop into the Coupe kit. I'd like to see the tooling brought back in close to it's original configuration. So Many Mix 'n' Match possiblities.
  10. Yeah. The white one, with the red pinstripes. I truly like it's look! But, I think I'd like it better in black, or Navy Blue.
  11. I've had old Revell Wheels and Tires that pulled like Taffy when I tried to get them apart. The number of different ways the Revell Tires have reacted with the plastic wheels speaks to the varying chemical compositions of both the chrome and the plastic itself. I've had wheels Shatter into shards, crumble into grains of sand, melt into unity with the tire, pull like taffy, and turn into a semi-liquid goop. All this has been Revell Tires and Revell Wheels. Time and Chemical compounds behave in wonderous and vexing ways.
  12. Another Corvette I would own. Wish I had the money to buy it. I'd repaint it black though. Glossy Black would class it up a bit.
  13. It was good to see this happen. It may not have served any practical purpose (that we know of), but somethings should be done, just to say you've done them. This was one of those things. It was inspirational and a great payback to Bill Shatner for all the interest he has brought to "Space" for the last 55 years. As George Mallory said. When asked why he wanted to climb Everest, his response: "Because it's there."
  14. Those would be better, but you never know....... Sometimes the folks in Marketing make really odd choices.
  15. Blog that I read posts some great Model T Pics. Here are two of 'em. (sorry, got to link directly to the blog posts. Scroll down to see the pics.) https://bustednuckles.net/seems-back-then-it-still-took-several-guys-to-paint-one-line/ Model T is last Pic, at bottom of post. https://bustednuckles.net/wanted-to-do-trains-just-trains/
  16. The Wheels are a Great Choice. Looks like so many of the trucks still on the roads around here.
  17. Those Lightbars will definitely work.
  18. Thanks again, Tim. This kit rocks!
  19. You know, the Monster Truck version that came out a couple years ago, is this kit, with the crazy suspension. I bought both kits, in order to combine them to get the result you show here. (Well, 90% of it) I think that it would be a simple, easy way to get a 3rd kit out of a tool they ran recently. Great Idea.
  20. Great Build! I can hear that MOPAR starter grinding that 6 to life, even through the computer screen.
  21. Very Sharp Build. It captures the 'era' so well. Used, but not 'abused', that car represents a whole class of vehicles that never got (or get) any love. I can practically smell the interior from here. Work cars smell different from family cars. I know, I've ridden in, and driven enough of them. Thanks for taking me back in time.
  22. I've got three of these still hiding in my stash. One Red, Two Black. For some reason, even knowing their faults, I can't let them go. Thanks, Paul for sharing your tricks for fixing the fit issues. I should dig one of these out. I always preferred the Red Car, but the Black one is the one you see for sale most often. They do share the same hood, but the scoops are very different. It shows how just changing a couple things (Scoop , Wheels) yield a much different look. I can hardly wait to see what colour you pick for it.
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