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    AMT economics

    I have a Pink Poison kit. It has no Chrome. Never had it.
  2. alexis

    AMT economics

    As mentioned elsewhere, the Revell Jeep Honcho Pickup, has never had any chrome. I owned the first version of the kit once, and it had no chrome at all. For my tastes (and mine ONLY), I prefer Chrome on parts. It is easier for me to strip un-needed chrome, than to try to 'plate' things that are not chrome. Just my preference, though.
  3. alexis

    Ken MIles GT40

    Beauty, eh! What a great build.
  4. Well, smaller slicks might help with that aspect of the car.
  5. alexis

    1950's '32 ROD

    You got it on the First Try, Brian. Sharp Build.
  6. I'll bite. Ditto on the Camber Tires on Drift Cars thing! That just looks so silly. I'll just leave out the 1500 words rant on exactly what I think. Suffice it to say that I cannot think of a trend in Real Cars that needs to die faster.
  7. Indeed, as others have said, a Great Job. I really like the thinking that went into your choices. It makes sense and helps put the model in context. The colours and stance are just right.
  8. Great news on the '60 Chevy though. My HL has been out of them for months. Maybe I'll get another bite at the apple. I need one and missed out last time.
  9. First Pass answer, is No. Not that Many Folks would not like to see them, but I don't think any model company will see a market big enough for these trucks to justify spending the Money on tooling. The Blue 1950s truck might have been done a resin or diecast many years ago, as it does look vaguely familiar. The latter Rams though, that's tough. Since it shares a cab with the '78 MPC kit, I'd suggest scratch building to get that truck. Lotsa work, but about all I can think of. Good Luck!
  10. Yeah, That Flattie is a Masterpiece!
  11. I owned one of those Pinto "Ponys" as they were called. They were a truly stripped down car. Mine had 13" wheels from the factory. Auto Trans but a dinky engine. I got it from a mailman who had gotten it at a Govt surplus auction. It was a worn out Tub O'Junk, by the time I got it. I drove it until the tags expired, as it failed the Cali Smog test repeatedly. If you had one now, it might be worth a little bit, as they were sold only to the USPS, and were driven to destruction. But, they were as bare bones as it was possible to be when built, and probably the most miserable car I've ever driven.
  12. Great Save! What a superb tribute build.
  13. Great Catch, Casey. Makes a lot of sense that they would use those wheels. I wonder what tiers they'll use?
  14. I've never liked or wanted the 2 Door kit. Making it a 4 Door, has changed the buying decision for me. I neither know, nor care what Supernatural is, but if it gets me a 'More-Door' than I am good with it.
  15. I just wanted Round2 to know what a Superb job they did on the Box Art! With the Low camera angle, the Font and Layout of the Names, the package just screams "Buy me! Buy Me, NOW!" Exactly what Box Art is supposed to do. I hope they sell a million of these kits.
  16. Maybe a Fire Chief Car then. I know they were often higher level trim than the base police car. And with the '70 Chevy coming out, there are fresh parts and decals to use.
  17. Thanks, Casey for seeing that. I'll need two of these now, just for the HubCaps.
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