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  1. Amen, Brother! The last time I remember seeing a Z that I liked was the 280. And that has been a long time ago.
  2. Round2, Can you bring this one back, Stat! What a great Kit! I'd need at least 4 of 'em.
  3. https://www.spotlighthobbies.com/goraugovedes.html Some Forest Service Decals. Not Sure if they will work, but the first set I thought of.
  4. Yeah, the Edsel Flopper would make a great kit to have back. I am betting we will never see it again, though. Really Sad.
  5. Funny, I like the Matilda Kit. Could you post pics of the Contents? It is a neat variant on the Tool, and has unique parts that have never been seen again.
  6. Yeah, I'm hoping to pick one up, myself. Ditto on the Bronco.
  7. The Fenders are a Great Addition.
  8. Thanks, Guys. I guess I will try to hit it lucky on my monthly trip to the store. (I hate not being able to drive anymore!!)
  9. Some More I'd like to see off the Current Van tooling. First Up: This hits all the right cues. And the little Honda has was in the Dodge Pickup kit, IIRC. Or This one: Again, the tires were just seen in the most recent Chevy Van kit, and would be great here. And lastly one that has unique parts seen in no other version of the kit (especially that Round Domed Sunroof) Mix or match all the parts in these kits. Since AMT Back in the day had parts trees labeled A,B, or C that changed the base kit, go back to what works. Throw a couple of thos trees in a new Ford Van kit, add funky decals, Instant New Kit! Of course, the Six Wheeler is my grail for these kits. I'd like to see it most of all.
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