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  1. And, Who is gonnna get That joke after all this time?
  2. Those are some strange tires too. Mine did not fit well on anything.
  3. BTW, this kit will give a carb-ed engine rather the the Oddball Fuel Injected motor from the truck. Look for the for the 3'n'1 Heavy Chevy for a possible motor with blower for the truck. On Old kit, it is 1/24 scale also.
  4. Barrow the suspension from the Revell (Ex-MonogramO Short Wheelbase Chevy Van. You will know you have the correct kit, if the van is 1/24 scale, not 1/25, and has one piece tires. This is the most recent boxing. I'd start here anyway, as the parts should fit the 78 Truck easily. Both This kit and the 78 were tooled by the same team, at the same time in the late 1970's.
  5. Sounds Good. Let us know how it works. BTW That is called an "Improvised Engineering Lathe"
  6. I got a reply from Joseph @ Fireball. He still makes the 154B Wheels. I will be ordering some this week. Thanks for all the help! Alan
  7. Fireball is not selling the FMR 154B, at least, not right now. Scott S, the second Tire/Wheel from the top Works. Here is the wheel I need to find. Thanks for all the help, fellas.
  8. Looking for some GM 4x4 Truck wheels. Have to be 8 Lug. Have to be 4x4. Scenes unlimited is temporarily closed for Health Reasons. Fireball only has 5 Lug and 6 Lug Steelies. Anybody else sell them? Or is there a kit I can rob them from? Thanks! Alan
  9. It is a 2 pronged Trap. Customer Demand on one side. Rising Input Costs on the other. At a certain point, when the two meet, sales collapse. The Hobby Companies can point to costs, all they want. Sometime soon, kit prices will be too high to justify casual, Spur-of-the-Moment purchases, (at least for many). But, we have been saying thing when kit prices broke the $10.00 & $20.00 barrier too, so I could be wrong.
  10. Try this guy. http://wylde.ca/canuck3d.html CD3-012/013/014. Three Different styles of 4 lug wheel. He will soon have a US Distributor. See the the 'other' Model Board for info. Search for George Bojaciuk.
  11. Good Idea! I'll pick one up. I might work for this with Aftermarket Steelies. Now, to find the Decals.
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