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  1. Fresh Decals, No tire melt on the glass, and white plastic. I think it is a great Idea. And, if sold at Hooby Looby, it showcases this kit to three generations of buyers who may not have ever seen it, or knew it existed. With Supra's always being in demand in the 1-to-1 World, no better time to have one on the shelf.
  2. Kinda "Meh", to me. Looks awfully bland. They want to price that kit at $39.99, the box art had better be alot more exciting than just a washed out red truck.......
  3. Note: That One Piece Spare/Rack is really flimsy! It beds/breaks easily.
  4. Another turn around the block for the '66 Ford. The New Decals will be nice to have. Nice to See the Peterbilt COE. Been waiting for the '67 Cyclone. That is the last of that 1990's trio to be released. The '34 Ford will be bashed and overlooked by the cognoscenti, but sell in vast numbers to the guys who just want a '34 Ford. Coupe. New Tool Chevy Doolie! Bring it on!! It will be nice, to have the '70 Super Bee back as it has been a few years since HL had them on the shelves. Another Bronco? Be Still My Heart! First the AMT '78 Wild Hoss, and now the MPC Kit! Our Cup Runneth Over. Good Show , Round2! Some inspired Choices on this list.
  5. Sharp Looking, Two-Tone Banger. You really made the old Revell kit shine!
  6. I hope the Roof Light Bar, and Double Roll Bar show up. Having all 3 intake options would be great, but Even the base kit appears to include the Turbo. I had the Dust Devil, back in the day. Like to have another one.
  7. Here is the HPI Guy Video of that kit. Short Answer: Hood Molded Shut, but Inner Fenders on Chassis.
  8. Supposed to be a great kit. I find the tire halves disappointing, though. Have you seen "Low Buck Garage" on You tube? He does some nice Flat Fender Jeep Vids.
  9. I really like the look of the wheels on the '65 GTO kit! I can see using those on other kits, too. I hope Round2 has tooled them in a fashion that will allow them to sell just the wheels as a separate parts kit.
  10. I see Model Roundup Online has these kits on Pre-Order Status. They're getting closer! I cannot wait to see HPI Guy's review when he gets one.
  11. So, the business model is established and working for at least two different model companies. That means that it can work elsewhere as well. Be neat to see how the Hobby grows as new players enter, and older, established players adjust to the new tech.
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