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  1. Get Well Soon. Take lots to read.
  2. Cool Real Life Build! Have you ever seen any other Real Cars built like yours?
  3. An Example from China, Zhengdefu Kits. https://modelingmadness.com/scott/mod/zf14preview.htm
  4. Another Perspective on Tooling/Kits. Academy Models out of Korea, got their start by 'Knocking off' copies of other , more well known, companies kits. In order to evade Copyright infringement charges, they would change 15% of the tool, (either layout or content) , in order not to be sued. Now, they no longer do that, but I have built 1/72 aircraft kits where an Academy Fuselage Half would mate with a Corresponding half from a Monogram or Hasegawa kit. Academy not longer does this, but they did start that way. My point, is that a Model Company based in a Non-Western Country, who did not mind the possible Blow-Back, could copy old Johan kits all day long, if they wanted to. By changing approx 20% or so of the contents, litigation about "Who Copied What" could take a long time, while a large number of Kits could be sold to modeler's who don't really care about legal niceties. Is this bad? Sure? But, an unscrupulous vendor could sell a lot of product, before the Cease & Desist order showed up. I believe with a Decent Lawyer, you could hold things off for a long time, provided it was only a partial copy and not an exact duplicate.
  5. Here is the Link to Model Roundup. https://www.modelroundup.com/1968-Dodge-Coronet-Convertible-with-Trailer-p/mpc-r2-978.htm
  6. I wonder if there is any chance that the Centerlines and Hood scoop from the '55 Sedan kit, might make it into the Nomad? I would guess not, but you never know.
  7. That WNW Stuff is simply the best there is. And WW1 planes are small so, 1/32 works really well for them.
  8. Beautiful Build! I really like the Orange Colour.
  9. Al, I do not have the kit yet. Model Roundup has a good close up shot of the decals.
  10. My Guess (for now), is that only kits that already exist in some form, (even if the tooling itself is gone), will make it into production. I think we are 2,3, or 4 years away from using 3D printing to "Magic Up" actual kits. We are This close to it, but I think 3D is just not quite there. Yet.... But, It will be there very soon. When it does get there, the floodgates of new kits could open for all of us.
  11. 40% off, is still 40% off. The coupon is still worth the trouble, IMHO.
  12. Rumor has it that this is coming out. Any Details on what will be in the Kit, and which Quarter it will be coming out?
  13. Kit has not been out very long. Keep watching eBay. Somebody will be parting out teh kit soon, and you should be able to buy one then. As for me, those decals will be one of the top two reasons I purchase the kit.
  14. As the '68 Coronet saga and the story of the '63 Chevy Nova wagon shows, we have entered a New Era for modeling. While still early in the Era, the 'cloning' that Round2 is perfecting means that any kit now has at least the potential to be reborn. Will every kit get redone? Of Course not. Round2 still has to find and pay for kits to scan and tools to mold the new kits. But, it does open new horizons in the Hobby. Maybe the "Bottom's Up Jeep" is not as unthinkable as it was 2 years ago. And, Maybe a 4x4 Dodge Pickup is in the cards too. I cannot wait to see what is in the pipeline.
  15. I've got two older (molded in Red) Monogram '57 Chevies with those wheels, with that problem. Not Sure why that kit does that, but almost every one has those sink marks. I just use other wheels, but not everybody can get spares.
  16. Not Sure, Daniel. But, the AWB Fans are pretty good about staying on top of kit releases, so keep reading here, and there will be news about it. It will be in the "Car Kit News & Reviews" section when the release date is announced. I'll guess Maybe 2nd quarter 2023, but I could easily be wrong.
  17. Now, it looks like we may get this Drag Team in the upcoming Future. No One from Round2 has said anything of course (nor do I expect them to), but the AWB Chevelle is coming out, the trailer mold is in use, and the '63 Impala got a fresh re-tool a few years ago. It would be great to have both a Ford and GM/Chevrolet Team, to build.
  18. If any of my models from when I was 14 still existed, I'd never show them in public, they were so awful!
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