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  1. Inspiration. From Here: https://patganahl.com/2022/06/27/50s-drags-in-color/
  2. I agree wholeheartedly. These are one of the pinnacles of GM Body design.
  3. Yeah, this thought bothers me somewhat too. More than I'll admit really....
  4. You are so correct. If the Cable Companies had settled for offering a custom ala carte package for budget minded consumers, I'd still be paying for cable. Now, my cord got cut 6 years ago, and they'll never see a penny from me again. Harvard MBA's need to re-learn that old saying. "Half a Loaf, is better than None". Instead, they went for the whole enchilada, and are losing customers by the truckload. I guess they bet wrong. I have no doubt that somebody at every cable company suggest ala carte pricing many, many times, only to be over ruled, and laughed at. Who has the last laugh now?
  5. 960 miles is just too far away for a One-Day Up trip. 20 Years ago, I could have been "Ironman'" and toughed it out, but my family, while loving and great to me, has no one who has the stamina or experience to push that hard. 5/6 hours is about the limit for them. Company I work for is an Old School, Family Owned Oil Field outfit. I'll get 5 paid days after 5 years. They will however give a couple weeks unpaid, without any questions. If (when) my dad dies, they'd probably pay for my plane ticket. So, they are not ogres, and very helpful (in their own way). It is just that their way, is not the conventional way. Thank You for caring. I'm okay now, but some nights about 3AM, the thoughts and recriminations come to visit. LBD, isn't that what Robin Williams suffered from? Carl, Thank You for your kind words! They mean a whole lot to me, coming from you. Kurt, I'll start asking more questions about the past, to try to keep him talking. His attention span seems to be getting shorter.
  6. I've never seen the instructions for that kit. What extra / Custom parts did it have? Does any body have a link to the instructions?
  7. My Dad, (85 in August) has developing this horrible disease for about 5 years now. My folks live in LaGrande Ore, and I'm in Bakersfield Cal, about 960 miles away. I was lucky enough to get to visit him on the Fourth of July at that time. I had an inkling that it might be my last time to visit my Folks in some time so I has happy to go. I spent a week with them ,and all was good. I talked a lot with my Dad then, and got some things off my chest, and told him all the things I needed him to hear. I was not sure if I would ever get another chance, and some of this stuff has to be said face-to-face. So, I told him how great a father he was, and how much I loved him. Glad I did. He got the official diagnosis 6 months later in January. Then COVID Hit, I lost my job, could not travel, and finally found another job. Bad thing, New job only gives 2 paid days off per year. So, any chance of going to see him is out of the question for now. I called him on Father's Day. We had a good talk, although he talks about fewer things any more, and I can tell he is having problems remembering some things. Then, as we about done he asks me "You still live in Bakersfield, Don't you?" He's forgetting where I live. I've been here since 1988! It about broke my heart. I'm losing part of him, and I don't know how to handle it, or what to do........ Telephone is about the only way to talk to him anymore. My Mom is pretty tech savvy, and I think I'm gonna see if I can get some Web Cams so we can talk that way. This just bothers me. Travel is out of the question for at least some time, due to the reasons we all know. So, I'm stuck here for now. Not sure of anything at this point. Thanks for hearing me out.
  8. Where did you get the kit? I need to get one for my son. He paints 40K Warhammer Figures. This would be perfect for him.
  9. A good review of the kits by "Dembrudders" https://www.dembrudders.com/atlantis-snoopy-and-his-sopwith-camel--red-baron-reviews.html Shows the parts well.
  10. And, Who is gonnna get That joke after all this time?
  11. Those are some strange tires too. Mine did not fit well on anything.
  12. BTW, this kit will give a carb-ed engine rather the the Oddball Fuel Injected motor from the truck. Look for the for the 3'n'1 Heavy Chevy for a possible motor with blower for the truck. On Old kit, it is 1/24 scale also.
  13. Barrow the suspension from the Revell (Ex-MonogramO Short Wheelbase Chevy Van. You will know you have the correct kit, if the van is 1/24 scale, not 1/25, and has one piece tires. This is the most recent boxing. I'd start here anyway, as the parts should fit the 78 Truck easily. Both This kit and the 78 were tooled by the same team, at the same time in the late 1970's.
  14. Sounds Good. Let us know how it works. BTW That is called an "Improvised Engineering Lathe"
  15. I got a reply from Joseph @ Fireball. He still makes the 154B Wheels. I will be ordering some this week. Thanks for all the help! Alan
  16. Fireball is not selling the FMR 154B, at least, not right now. Scott S, the second Tire/Wheel from the top Works. Here is the wheel I need to find. Thanks for all the help, fellas.
  17. Looking for some GM 4x4 Truck wheels. Have to be 8 Lug. Have to be 4x4. Scenes unlimited is temporarily closed for Health Reasons. Fireball only has 5 Lug and 6 Lug Steelies. Anybody else sell them? Or is there a kit I can rob them from? Thanks! Alan
  18. It is a 2 pronged Trap. Customer Demand on one side. Rising Input Costs on the other. At a certain point, when the two meet, sales collapse. The Hobby Companies can point to costs, all they want. Sometime soon, kit prices will be too high to justify casual, Spur-of-the-Moment purchases, (at least for many). But, we have been saying thing when kit prices broke the $10.00 & $20.00 barrier too, so I could be wrong.
  19. Try this guy. http://wylde.ca/canuck3d.html CD3-012/013/014. Three Different styles of 4 lug wheel. He will soon have a US Distributor. See the the 'other' Model Board for info. Search for George Bojaciuk.
  20. Good Idea! I'll pick one up. I might work for this with Aftermarket Steelies. Now, to find the Decals.
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