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  1. I'd contact Round2 about your tires, Peteski. Sounds like you got a bad bag. My Supernatural Impala had the wrong tires. Round2 sent me another set quickly. Worth a try.
  2. It looks very Sharp. I like the colour you chose.
  3. Looking at the Video, That kit seems to be Fun!
  4. Steve G. Now would be a great time to bring this kit back, even for a Limited Run in small numbers. I missed out getting one the first time, and would not mind having another chance to buy one. And, since this thread is 9 years old, there is a whole new crop of buyers, who have never seen this kit! It will be brand new to them,
  5. Dan< this is all I'll say about electric vehicles. "Upton Sinclair — 'It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.'
  6. Most of the Atlantis 1/25 Automotive kits are ex-Revell tooling. All of it is old. None of it is up to modern standards or tastes. That said, the Parts Pack kits are a great deal for plastic that was almost impossible to find with paying high collector prices. It is fabulous to have them available again in fresh plastic. That Caddy kit has been a difficult to assemble, mis-shapen turkey since day one. If you can get a good result from it, you are doing exceptionally well.
  7. Thanks. I have so many kits, that foregoing the Ramp Truck will not really matter in the long run.
  8. The Great Thing about "doodlebugs" is that there is no 'wrong' way to build one. Every one was at least partially homemade. (they did sell kits, to build your own' So you can do about anything with one, and it is still mostly correct. More pics would be nice.
  9. Chris Bell at Bolide Plastics. Super Fast Service, great communication. Fireball Modelworks. Again, Great Service and Great Communication.
  10. Yes, Gary it is a "Mostly" stock looking body. I have the kit, but it is buried right now, I'd tell you more.
  11. Laser Sharp Build, Tom! Colour is perfect. Such a clean build.
  12. Very Nice Build. I like the Monochrome Paint.
  13. Wow, right out of the "Little Hot Rod Magazines". Looks like something from 1958-60.
  14. After reading these stories, I think I'll wait for the second production run of the Ramp Truck(if there is one) before I pull the trigger on one.
  15. Really Sharp build of the wrecker, Al. I remember seeing older ones like yours with the Cab one colour, and the bed in either primer grey or gloss black. That truck looks like something right out of my memories. Thanks for sharing it.
  16. It will be of interest, to see what is inside. I'm not a Mustang Experten, but I like the looks of the fastback body. Might be nice to build one.
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