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  1. This car is one of your best.I love the black paint,with the carbon wing.All your cars just amaze me.I have to say,that you are by far,the best model builder,I've ever seen.Your talents are incredible....From your recent blue Notchback Outlaw Mustang,to this Nova.What's next???!!!!!??
  2. The car looks really good.The detailing on the chassis,and the roll cage are fantastic.
  3. Great job,I love it.I like anything Offroad.
  4. Looks very cool.Ive got a 2000 XJ Cherokee.Lifted about 6 1/2 inches,with 35 inch tires....Gotta love them Jeeps.
  5. Looks really Great...The detailing,is the key to a great diorama,and yours has all of that... Fantastic job.all around
  6. Sweet ride.The backround looks great as well.
  7. Once again the November LIARS show (Long Island Auto Replica Society),in Freeport NY,was great this past weekend...Lots of vendors,selling tons of models,and parts.And then there were some very cool models on the tables for judging.Just wish they would hold more than one show a year.Its the only model car show on LI.I mean I can always go to the NNL,in NJ,but it's a pain in the butt to cross over the bridges to get there.Anyway,again thanks guys for all the hard work just to put the show on.In addition,a special thanks to the Freeport Rec.Center for hosting the show,as they do every year.???
  8. Tyrone,as I said before,the car came out incredible.But now the trailer just adds to the whole thing...Great job on both.I saw these trailers on Ebay.Iam definitely going to purchase one.Can you tell me what company/website you got yours from?Although knowing your talents,you probably scratch built it.Lol Anyway,thanks again for the great ideas,and the inspiration to try and build better drag cars.Plus your 66 Nova also blows me away.
  9. Very nice job,like Metaldrumm,I'll be watching this built.Anything tubbed is good with me.
  10. Tyrone,are u leaving the car white,or do u plan on painting it?Either way,the car is incredible.
  11. Great looking cars.Thats exactly how I like building.Except your cars are incredible.
  12. Very nice car.The 66 is my favorite year of Chevelles.And the color is also a perfect one for this car.Great job.
  13. The beads idea is great.I don't know why I never thought of that myself.And I guess they come in different colors,such as blue and red.Welp I'm gonna run out to Michaels Crafts.In NY,that's the name of our craft stores.In case u were wondering who Michael was.Ha?.And the car looks great.I had a good friend of mine build this Camaro in the same color.
  14. Tyrone,this car is absolutely wild.So realistic looking...I love it.But again,what color do you plan on painting the car?
  15. Looks real good.You know you should take a look at Competition Resins.They have tons of parts for drag cars.Keep on posting more pix.
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