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  1. I, too, have contemplated building this gold Torino. I found this forum post while looking for images. Just a note on the 366 engine size. Ford ran 427 engines starting in 1963 and continued using them through 1971. NASCAR cars are limited to a pounds per cubic inch rule. On smaller tracks, a lightweight car was preferred, so the 427 engines were de-stroked. The #21 ran a 396 sized FE tunnel port engine, for example.
  2. Well, that's good to know. I can actually build some '57's now... Tracy
  3. When AMT first brought out the 1955 Chevy Cameo the door window openings were incorrect*. Then AMT released a 1957 Chevy pickup. The 1:1 cabs are identical and the AMT '57 had the correct window openings. So to build a correct '55 model, we needed to buy the '57 kit just for the cab. In my first trip into a hobby shop in a long time today I spotted a new release of AMT's 1955 Cameo. The box art shows a built model-with what looks like the correct window openings. Has AMT replaced the incorrect "1955" cab with the correct "1957' cab? *The bottom and top should be parallel. The kit had the bottom higher in the front-not parallel to the top. Tracy
  4. It's not ebay that's evil, it's (a few of) the people who use it. A few years ago the volume control/power switch on my 1966 Fisher (tube type) stereo failed. Where else but ebay could I even start to find that? I actually found one that evening and $45 and a week later I was listening to Led Zeppelin again. Tracy
  5. You can go to an office supply store or art store and ask for an engineer's scale (as opposed to an architects scale). It divides inches into decimals instead of fractions. The 1:50 side of the scale divides an inch into 50 parts or 1/25 scale half inches! Yes, the 1:100 side will give you 1/25 scale quarter inches. Tracy
  6. Can you tell I'm excited about this 1966 F-100 kit?? I keep looking out at the driveway and on the shelf at my Ertl diecast... Tracy
  7. In 1973 the bed sides were changed from angular to flat. The overall height was the same, so the vertical side is taller. The rails were made flat so camper shell/toppers could fit easier. The tailgates are also taller. Just ask a real F-100 owner who bought a cheap tailgate, only to find out it was the taller '73-'79 version. The '73-'79 bed sides also have small inner fenders, about three inches deep. The AMT or Monogram (1955) fenders are much more accurate than the Revell fenders. That bed Ford produced in 1932 might look similar to later beds, but it got taller in 1935. The 1940 bed is much different. The 1948 through 1952 beds are almost identical with minor differences in the reveal stampings and the stake pockets. Dimensionally, they are the same. The Revell/Monogram 1948 kit actually has a 1951/1952 style bed. The 1948-1950 bed is closer in appearance to the Monogram 1940 bed. Tracy
  8. The unibody F-100's were built from 1961 through 1963, although one 1964 has surfaced. The twin I-beam debuted in 1965. The cab roof was raised in 1964. The wide bed matching the body debuted in 1964. In 1961-1963 the 1960 wide bed was used. The V8 in 1961-1964 was the Y-block (292 or 312) and the 352 was the only V8 available in 1965 and 1966. The twin I-beam set ups from 1965 - 1979 are identical, except for drum/disc brakes. Step-side beds from 1953 through 1967 are identical. I have a 1:1 1966 in my driveway-with a 1961 grille and a 1971 351 Cleveland/FMX BTW. Tracy
  9. Whoops, I just saw this. Aardvarks has moved to the little strip behind the Madison Square Shopping center just down from the slot car track. This is farther north on Gallatin Road. Hey Bucky! You need to get together with the remnants of the Music City Modelers or make an appearance at the First Sunday Bull Swap. I haven't been to the Bull Swap for a long time so I don't know if you've been there. Tracy
  10. I've snuck in a few replies here and there under the radar but it looks like I've been caught. I turned six in 1963 when all the really cool models started coming out. I tried a few, even the Revell 1956 F-100 (just like the real one my grandfather had), but it was just too much for a six year old. I would open the box and look at all the parts every few weeks but it never got put together. I had a younger brother (three years) and over the next few years he and I would try to put some kits together, straight out of the box, white plastic and all. He grew away from the model cars but I didn't. Later he would "play" with my finished models and break them so I quit building. On a family vacation (August 1974) to Florida we traveled away from the tourist traps and got to see the "real Florida". There was a local drug store next door to the motel we were staying at. (Remember when drug stores sold model car kits?) In there I found a 1963 issue Revell 1929 Model A pickup kit and paid the original price, still on the box. I brought that home and in a year or two started what would be my first comeback to model building. It was also my first "kitbash" using the racing engine from the '55 Nomad, the quick-change rear axle from the Orange Crate and some wide five spoke mags to match the skinny five spoke front mags in the kit. I still had trouble with my brother so the kits went into storage again. My brother thought I was done with them and presented me with a big burned melted blob of plastic one day. I started realizing that the kits I had seen on the store shelves in the last few years that I wanted to build weren't there anymore so I started buying and storing them again. I gradually opened and started a few in the late 80's. I got married in 1992 and moved from Kentucky to North Carolina. That didn't end very happily and I returned to Kentucky in 1995 without the huge stash of models that I had to leave in North Carolina, including that Revell 1929 model A kit. Back in Kentucky I heard about a little store (Gary Williams' Antioch Hobbies) south of Nashville that had some old kits. I drove the 1-1/2 hour drive to the store and found an original issue AMT 1953 F-100 and that started my collecting old kits and I met up the Music City Modelers. One day while visiting a model building friend he showed me a kit he bought from a traveling vendor who stopped in Gary's store one day. It was what was left of MY Revel 29 model A pickup! Since then I have found another original issue of the kit and I have started gathering pieces to build a re-creation of my first kit-bash, using only the parts that were availble in 1975. I have also found an original issue Revell 1956 f-100 that I do plan on finishing this time! Over the years I got into full size cars, mainly Fords. I owned a 1969 Mercury Cyclone with a 428CJ that I sold while I was married. In my garage now are a 1965 Mustang fastback project (GT-350R) and a 1956 F-100 panel project. On the weekends I drive a 1966 F-100 pickup painted black primer with flames. I'm still involved with what is left of the Music City Modelers. Rumor has it there will be a Music City Modelers show/swap meet in 2008! Tracy Reynolds
  11. Oldest post post at the top, where my browser loads the page, so I can read the original post. As I scroll down the page I see the replies in order. Don't mess with it. Just because the program has an option doesn't mean it's a good one. Tracy
  12. Are the Twister decals still available? Who has them? Tracy
  13. You're working with Tyra Banks?? Tracy
  14. The computer cooling fans won't flow enough air to remove the fumes. And the fumes are flammable (explosive!) Be careful with a fan with the motor in the airflow such as computer fans. The best is what is known as a squirrel cage where the motor is outside the airflow. Look at the fan on your car's heating A/C system for an example (if you have ever replaced it you know what I'm talking about. Tracy
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