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  1. Just a side question do you guys psint everything? As the tamyia kit is moulded in the could it needs to be ie chassis.
  2. Tamiya Ferrari 360 yellow. Not sure how to rectify the out of shaoe roof? Or if I can!
  3. well the roof squishes down very easy and is out of shape to fit windows. The revell ones are nice and hard.
  4. Hi ive been building revell ferrari's. I brought a tamiya kit open it this evening and notice how soft the plastic is especially on the body, is this normal? RegardsR
  5. Hi Fseva, are you saying if i put an undercoat then paint a gloss enamel over that, it will not come out glossy?
  6. Thanks for you reply. Yes its glossy. Could just explain why if I had applied a bast coat it would not be glossy? Is testers acrylic based.? Im in uk so might have an issue getting that one. Thanks
  7. Hi, I've just finish painting a car with enamel paint. I have looked online but am a bit confused. 1 do I need to put a clear coat on? What are the benefits if so.. 2 what to use as clear coat over the enamel paint? I would appreciate your advice thanks
  8. update. I've been using thinned down paint and have got brush marks down considerable.
  9. thanks all, what to polish with? that will work on enamel. What about applying Klear?
  10. The coat has pick up some dust, that i want to remove. whats best sand paper to use? Thanks
  11. Hi I'm brush painting a model car body, and was wondering if I can sand between coats? Thanks
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