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  1. Just done a Great trade with Hi-Po , a straight up trader , would trade again any time . Thanks Terry Davis
  2. Any time David ( ewetwo ) Great trade with you also , would trade with you again any time .
  3. Dave Branson

    108 Cheyenne Tr

    Jacksonville, Ar 72076

    1. dave branson

      dave branson

      Are you looking for anything I might help with??

    2. gardnerpag44


      Thanks I'll get it mailed Monday for you . Always looking for junk yard bodies and parts , any thing car or truck stuff you don;t or need any more .

        Thanks Paul 

    3. gardnerpag44


      Sorry for the delay in shipping , but it went out today tracking #  9500 1122 9106 8108 2203 22 .  Should be there Sat. 04/21 

        Thanks Paul 

  4. Made some trades lately with KWT (Jeremy ) and a couple trades with Pork Chop Paws (Bear) , both went graat and would trade again any time with them .
  5. This is a 3-2's I did on a 57 Ranchero motor , just used the kit 4-bbl intake and carefully filed down the sides of the carb mounting base till the 3-2's fit right then simply glued the tri-power set up in place .
  6. A great trade with Grumpy Growly , a real nice guy to trade with and would again any time Thanks Jonathan
  7. Had good trades with CapSat 6 ...Mr Mopar...and Reeves Racing all great traders and would again any time
  8. Did a great trade with Buffs Fan and would again anytime
  9. A great trade with afx Thanks JC !!
  10. Some nice work on this looking very nice . The AMT 1966 Fairlane GT/GTA kit has a nice FE motor and a C-6 , if you can't find any PM me I might have a extra one but can only be built stock .
  11. A great trade with crowe-t Thanks Mike would again any time
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