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  1. Small update. The body is sectioned and in the process of continuing the firewall. As to be expected with a sectioned body, more fixtures need to be made. Since the last update I made the rear ladder bars and enough of the rear end to keep mocking up the rest of the car. If I did not mention it earlier, I found some loopholes in the Maryland Raceway X275 rules. The only mention of the firewall anywhere this that the "original driver and passenger side floorpans need to be complete from the FIREWALL to the rear door openings" So I decided a full blown drag car firewall was in order. The rules state a aftermarket sub frame can be used but no limitations of its design as long as it using suspension components based on factory specs. So basically it will have a double round tube "subframe" with a few bolted attachment points. Thanks for looking.
  2. Someone started a thread on a 1/12 scale Camaro with amazing photoetched parts about a month ago. I believe the thread was named Little Red Camaro. What happen to the thread? I hope the gentlemen is ok.
  3. Really cool !!! This vehicle definitely falls under the "Here, hold my beer" category LOL
  4. Lookin awesome Codi !!!! Im glad you caught that .75mm issue. To the average person thats sounds like nothing but compared to 1:1, thats almost 3/4"! Question: On the upper front right chassis rail, you have what looks like a adjustment plate with 6 holes.......whats that for?
  5. Amazing. The belt looks real. You even have the printing on it faded in some areas.
  6. Thank you Mooneyzs, but they are not printed. They are made from solid type 1 PVC that I turned on my lathe. They are just for mocking up purposes. As soon as I spend some time learning about molding processes, Ill mold the tires and make the rims out of aluminum.
  7. Found one of my lost pictures. I need to learn not to delete the original pics on my phone too soon. Im a carb and points guys, this electronic stuff always does my head in.
  8. Small update. Finally got the body on a full set of wheels/tires to see how everything looks together. Im not 100% happy with the rear wheels now. I might end up making a set more towards the Magnum than the Deltas. I like the "open-ness" of a traditional rim with this set up. The fact is Im 100% sold on a 17" rim with a 26" tire front runners but they dont match the rear like I thought they would. Deltas look great as a 16x16 with big tires but I seem to have missed a bit trying to compact it to a 15x12. Maybe thats why Welds doesnt offer a 15" lol. Im sure they would look better with a smaller front wheel but again, im sold on whats here. The good news is I didnt spend a ton of time making them. They are made from Type 1 PVC and cut quickly. Overall Im happy with the stance and I have solid mock up wheels to work with. The hood will receive a EDITED: SMALL cowl once I get a intake on the motor. I feel the 1st gen look better with less hood, where the 2nd through 4th gen look great with a lot of cowl, especially the 3rd gen. The rear will get a spoiler based on a pro stock style, maybe in the 12 to 14" range. Thanks for looking.
  9. Can we get a straight shot at the front of the car?
  10. I dont even know where to begin praising you on this. Your choice on color and textures is spot on. That bellypan is a work of art all in itself. Thank you for sharing this.
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