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  1. I use mainly craft store acrylics on interiors. They're flat, but you can add a semi-gloss over it, depending on the finish you're looking for.
  2. Is the silver foil an enamel? I believe Tamiya advises not to use it on enamel paint.
  3. Here's Krylon shimmer pink on a mustang street freak. Just the right flake for this type of car
  4. nice. I like the paint detailing, especially in the engine compartment. Nice color choice on the body.
  5. Nice conversion. very well executed And color choice. Great attention to the details. I have a few ideas for phantoms like this, but my skills haven't progressed to where i'd feel comfortable attempting them. Not being critical, just an opinion, to my eye, the roof looks a little short in proportion to the length of the body. Still a great build. I'd be proud to be able to achieve this kind of work.
  6. I've got this kit in the stalled projects pile. After viewing this great build, i'm inspired to pull it out. Highly doubt it would come out anywhere near as good as yours. VERY nice.
  7. God I love those big ole LTD's. Nicely done.
  8. Great idea, well executed. I like the paint scheme as well as the colors chosen, they suit the car IMO.
  9. Chuckyg1

    Jaguar XJ220

    sweet ride. alike the color choice. Nicely done.
  10. Chuckyg1

    69 Charger

    Out of box build. Paint is duplicolor, but I don't recall the exact shade. Thanks for looking.
  11. Out of box build from a bunch of years ago. Painted per instructions. Fun build. Thanks for looking.
  12. Thanks for the rest insight. Does sound very doable. What did you use to fill the gap, spare roof?
  13. That cammo paint looks great. The whole build looks great.
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