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  1. That's the episode I was alluding to at the top of the thread.
  2. No, not really. I did a lot of test fitting during the process, to avoid any pitfalls later. Sanding is needed where the panels meet to ensure a good fit. The lower edge of the exterior door panels need some attention to fit flush with the fenders. Once you have the main parts together, test fit again before paint to make sure all is square. When your doing this, note where your glue points are, it'll help later. It's a pretty precise kit, & for a multi piece body, the fit is really good. Question, my kit came without chrome parts, had to use BMF/chrome pen. Were chrome parts included in yours? I heard the RoG rebox lacked chrome, bit mine was an ICM product.
  3. My favorite car show was fantom works. You actually got to see work done on the cars, parts searching, etc. I'm sure it was scripted also, but it was closer to "real". A lot different types of cars kept it interesting.
  4. I attached the exterior door panels & the grill to the fender unit & attached the cowl, roof & deck lid together giving me two large pieces to paint instead of many little ones. I did a lot of mock ups first, using the fender unit as a jig when attaching the parts to ensure everything lined up. The roof, cowl & deck lid together also allows you to address the seams. It gave me a better understanding as to how the kit goes together. It made final assembly easier too. Doing it this way makes interior assembly easier.
  5. Just finished watching the newest episode of American Pickers. Lotsa cool stuff from my youth. The Rickshaw is one of them, the rest you can discover on your own, and watch in awe as more cars are revealed. The episode title is Hollywood hot rods and is worth a look, especially if you're into movie/tv cars. Check it out.
  6. Hey Thomas. Yeah, these kits are pretty cool. My sedan build is on hold currently, I'm stripping the paint. The engraving is crisp with plent of detail. There's a lot of delicate pieces that need care when removing from the sprues. Though the body is multi piece, little to no trimming/adjustments are needed to help it come together. It helps to use the fenders as a jig to line up the body pieces. The chassis builds up from separate rails, so care is needed to ensure everything is square. Oddly, my kit came without any chrome parts though they're obviously present on the real car. I understand that RoG's rebox lacks the chrome as well. I solved the problem using BMF & a chrome pen. I know, coulda used a plating service, but didn't want to incur the cost. As far as I know, not all kits are missing the chrome. Anyway, it's different as to how you approach the build, as well as subject matter. Probably why I'm enjoying this kit as much as I am. Missing chrome be damned. If you want to try something different, but familiar and you don't mind the chrome issue, go for it.
  7. Nice! Might have to pull mine out of the stash after seeing this.
  8. The weathering is perfect, the interior appropriately worn & and the engine bay in great. Lots to look at. Love this build, nicely done.
  9. I get a magazine through the mail called clipper about once a month. The advertise local home improvement, restaurants, etc. Last May around Cinco di Maya, a Mexican restaurant was advertising it's menu. Included in the ad was this phrase, "Made by authentic Mexicans", not fake ones, these were the real McCoy. It's wrong on so many levels.
  10. Avidinha posted a great build using the deserter chassis back on February 17. Check it out. it's where I got my inspiration. search for 66 suburban in under glass.
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