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  1. Fantastic fiction is a great site. Check out Scott Sigler on it. His " Infected" trilogy is one of my all time favorites. His stand alone, "Ancestor", is another good one.
  2. A new life for this little rod. Glad you kept the 4 banger. It came out really good.
  3. Now we're cruzin'. Nice little deuce
  4. I never had any luck with the few Heller kits I've attempted. Yours, on the other hand, is superb. The dedication you displayed in completing this kit, and the amount of detail is inspiring. Maybe I'll try another sometime. The two tone paint is perfect.
  5. I love wagons, and yours is wonderful. I enjoy picking out all the little details. Very nice.
  6. Nicely done. I've never seen one built either. I see Bugatti in the front, and the tail lights remind me of an NSX.
  7. Why you grillin' yo?
  8. Nice build. Rarely see one built stock and yours is beautiful.
  9. Just found this. Cool build and well thought out. Watching where this will lead to. Where did you get the cone filters?
  10. Beautiful work & attention to detail. To me, the wheels & interior really stand out. Nice.
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