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  1. Oh yeah, coming along nicely. Killer stance & I like those finned brakes.
  2. Yes I do like it..... a lot! Perfect color choice. The whole build is awesome. Lots of subtle details that pop out at you. Really nice.
  3. Ok, we've been patiently waiting. Any updates?
  4. Wow! Really like this. Wonderfully detailed and executed. Just beautiful. I got this kit a little bit ago. The decals are missing. Any idea where I can find some? Again, nice work on your GTO.
  5. That's sweet. Nice & clean, (and fast.)
  6. I'm in. Is that a two piece casting? Where the back of the roof meets the body it looks like it.
  7. Saw this cool old Harley in front of the deli this morning.
  8. I'm sure this is a lovely build, but I can't get past the paint. It's awesome. Seriously though, stellar work. Ditto on the Merc.
  9. Well here's something you don't see to often. Very clean build & well done.
  10. Sweet build. Love the stance & interior.
  11. Absolutely gourgeous! This is about as fine a build I've seen in quite some time. Very nice.
  12. Another option. I picked this up from a jewelry store going out of business for $100. This one lights up and has storage underneath.
  13. The perfect beach ride, (or one of them.), spotted in Hampton Bays this morning.
  14. Wow, this is cool. Love the color choice & how clean your built is. Barge cruising at its finest.
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