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  1. Chuckyg1

    Hemi Dart

    Revells very nice Dodge Dart kit. I added a pre wired distributer. Otherwise, just what came in the box. I enjoyed this build & think it came out pretty good. I missed the GTS badge on the decklid.
  2. This was a fun build. Wheels/tires/brakes from Revell 32 3 window, otherwise OOB. Rustoleum almond paint. Was trying out tamiya's panel accent paint. Too dark for so light a color generally speaking, but to my eye, it adds to the look of this one.
  3. I found a discount store a few years back that was selling the original formula. I grabbed all the primer & colors I could, at a $1.99 a can! Don't understand why a proven formula needed to be changed.
  4. This is sweet, I like everything about it. We need more wagon kits!
  5. Mean! Love the color & the stance. Nice trio.
  6. Yay, it's back. That red is awesome. I know you'll do the interior justice. Great mods & a great build so far.
  7. Saw this neat little combo while running errands yesterday.
  8. Like others have said, depends on a number of factors, but I'm all over the board. Classic rock, rockabilly, motown, big band, jazz, blues western swing, The list goes on. I'd say Dylan, Petty & Steve Earle seem to be in the player most often.
  9. In no particular order. Little Feat; Waiting for Columbus Elvin Bishop; Raisin' Hell Commander Cody; We got a live one here. J Geils; Blow your face out The Dead; Europe '72.
  10. Another favorite. Elton John at MSG on Thanksgiving day also 1974. John Lennon came out & they played, Whatever gets you through the night, Lucy in the sky with diamonds & I saw her standing there. We were in section 444. As far away from the stage you could get & still be in the building. Didn't matter, it was a memorable night.
  11. 1974, Lynyrd Skynyrd in central park, N.Y.C. With Elvin Bishop warming up. Awesome show. Still have the ticket stubb!
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