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  1. Yes! I believe that's it.
  2. This is a box stock build from about 8 years ago. Paint is Tamiya, but I don't recall the color. Interior paint is craft store acrylics. After posting the pics, I noticed 1 outside mirror is missing.
  3. Ford has seen for to release a 1:1 kit of their 49 F1 with a Coke tie in. This ones for sale; $13500.
  4. My Brandon's in their new Jeep. Gotta start them early.
  5. Cool build so far. Well thought out and executed. I'll make the popcorn.
  6. Interior shots. Best I could get.
  7. These two are period perfect. Great job on both. Great color choices.
  8. Well this is certainly interesting. You've put a lot into this and the results are Starting to justify it. I'm enjoying this. Can't wait to see the finished product. Nice work.
  9. Ah inspiration. I have two of these that I don't know what to do with. You've pointed me in a direction. I'll be watching.
  10. This looks good. Didn't realize this kit built up so nice
  11. Nice build, love the chassis work.
  12. Hey all. Built this one a few years back. Color is Testors emerald green. Got lucky with this one, Paint layed down smooth as you see with no clear coat. As you can imagine, it was a bear to foil.
  13. Nice job on a, (to me), never seen subject. Like this one
  14. Good looking duo. Like the paint on the charger.
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