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  1. I was transplanting azaleas yesterday when I came across this "garden bed find." Cleaned it up And here's what I have. The chassis plate is dated 1974. It's been in the ground at least 30 years, ( how long we've lived here.) Any idea what car it is? Looking at the grill/headlights & the date, I thought Torino, but I not sure if the c pillar is right. Would it be worth more as a survivor or restored As a side note, the previous owner had a pristine Apollo white GSX in the garage. The realtor assured me it didn't come with the house
  2. Looks really nice. I'm digging the interior.
  3. Really nice. It's fun watching how your skills improve with each build.
  4. I picked up resin copies of the Carson top & Victoria roof from Maryland replica & miniatures a few years back. Don't know if they're still available.
  5. Just finished this one. Box stock. Paint is Tamiya gunmetal & Testors mythical maroon laquer. I think the two tone looks good on these cars. Not my best bmf work, but I'm okay with it. The hood latch decided to fly into oblivion & and isn't expected to return for a few months at least. Comments welcome. Thanks for looking.
  6. At first I was like, OK another tow truck, let's skip this one. Well......I didn't & real happy about it. The weathering on your build is spot on. Like others have mention, not over the top. Really digging the interior & your scratch build items. very well executed. thanks for sharing.
  7. Jouko, Thanks for the tips. They'll be a help when I start this build. My Saloon kit is an ICM product. I went back & checked, the parts are there, but nothing is chrome. Oh well, I'll figure it out. Thanks again. Stay well.
  8. Nice job on both of these. Interior detail on the chabriolet, and the chassis/engine look great. I picked up the saloon last week. Can't wait to get into it. Couple of questions; Can the multie piece body be assembled/painted before adding the interior panels. What method did you use to chrome the grill, trim, etc. since there are no chrome pieces in the kit? Thanks for any advice/help you can offer, and again, you group of Admirals look great.
  9. I also use the panel line accent on chrome for washes. Grills, hubcaps, trim pieces, etc. Like everything else, there's a learning curve. Here, I used it on the hubcaps of my work truck. Sometimes multiple applications are needed.
  10. Not mentioned yet is Phantom Works. I really like the down to earth style of Dan and his crew.
  11. Nice clean build. I like this a lot. I'm waiting on that camper too.
  12. Wow, great idea. It came out great. The paint choice is perfect.
  13. Wonderfully executed build. It looks perfect.
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