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  1. Yay! An update, FINALLY an update. Looking really good. I'm enjoying watching this come together. And.....I'm learning stuff.
  2. This the original issue. Went with flat black
  3. I sprayed the main color, then brushed the stripe. When dry, I foiled the trim including the stripe, then trimmed the foil from the stripe.
  4. Nice five seven. I agree with the rest, nice color. Interior detail is awesome. Is this the AMT or Revell kit?
  5. I've always wanted to build this kit, but couldn't find one at a decent price. Yours is really nice. I like the color choice. It looks cool. Well done.
  6. Followed the WIP. Great to see it finished. I amazed at how well the two scaled blend together. It came out really well.
  7. Nice job on this. I like the color choice & it's a good idea well executed. Got one of these but haven't figured out what I want to do with it.
  8. After seeing a few cool builds, and reading even more about it on the forum, I decided to try my hand at this. First off, it really is a simple bash, with the focus on the front end. Remove the Deserter inner fender wells, material from the suburban fan shroud/radiator support, trim the 'burbans inner fenders to match the donor frame and your good. Some tweaking after that is all I needed. My intent in was to simply mate the frame to the body & be pretty much with it. As you see from the pix, that didn't happen. After performing the above, my first thought was, I need a roof rack, so I scratched one. Then I needed a load for it. I found some stuff in the parts box. The crate was scratched using coffee & pop sticks. The green "tarp" is a piece of an old BBQ cover with the backing removed. That led to scratching a ladder so the load could be reached. The light bar is the deserter's roll bar cut to t fit. A simple straight pin was used for the roof antenna. The Deserter brush bar/winch was detailed & added. The differential covers were cut off & replaced with matching chrome pieces from the parts box. My wife was throwing out an old cosmetics bag, Part of it is now the head liner. The interior received a fire extinguisher, the Jimmys CB radio & a length of rope. The side steps? We're made from an old rear bumper and ring resizers. I added out side mirrors from the möbius service. Finally, the decals are from the original release of Revell's '64 Impala. She's far from perfect, but I think this was me of my better projects. I had a blast building it. Comment, critiques, etc. are welcome.
  9. Great thread. I think it best to limit my jewels to five, so here's seven in no particular order.
  10. Seen in White Plains, NY this afternoon. Looks nice in white
  11. Thanks for the compliment, it was a fun build. I used Rustoleum 2X paint. Color & primer in one. Home Depot stocks probably full line. There's a pretty large color palette in gloss, satin & flat, giving lots of options. You're best to use a separate primer first. I had some plastikote primer left for this build. and now used the rustoleum brand to avoid any complications. Following standard protocol, it goes down pretty smooth & dries pretty quick. Dry to the touch in a day or 2. I still give it at least a week before doing any work or heavy handling just to be safe, but that's up to you. When first applied, I've noticed a very fine orange peel effect, but the paint seems to level itself out, so far at least. I only sanded the primer coat to smooth it all out. The top coat was neither wet sanded or clear coated, just buffed. I've used this brand on a couple of kits and haven't had a problem as of yet. I don't use the clears so I can't speak to them. Do your usual surface prep & you shouldn't have any issues. Glad you like the build, thanks again.
  12. Very nice, clean build. Got one of these in the cue. Where did you source the flathead, and was it an easy conversion?
  13. Here's two I saw at the NY auto show a few years back.
  14. Seen in Mattituck Long Island this afternoon. The Mustang had Cali plates
  15. Looks good. I'm in the middle of a sedan build right now.
  16. I'm gonna say the wheels are Revell Mach III units.
  17. Not a fan either. I think the tail lights are too small, they should fill the the rear panel a little better.
  18. That's the episode I was alluding to at the top of the thread.
  19. No, not really. I did a lot of test fitting during the process, to avoid any pitfalls later. Sanding is needed where the panels meet to ensure a good fit. The lower edge of the exterior door panels need some attention to fit flush with the fenders. Once you have the main parts together, test fit again before paint to make sure all is square. When your doing this, note where your glue points are, it'll help later. It's a pretty precise kit, & for a multi piece body, the fit is really good. Question, my kit came without chrome parts, had to use BMF/chrome pen. Were chrome parts included in yours? I heard the RoG rebox lacked chrome, bit mine was an ICM product.
  20. My favorite car show was fantom works. You actually got to see work done on the cars, parts searching, etc. I'm sure it was scripted also, but it was closer to "real". A lot different types of cars kept it interesting.
  21. I attached the exterior door panels & the grill to the fender unit & attached the cowl, roof & deck lid together giving me two large pieces to paint instead of many little ones. I did a lot of mock ups first, using the fender unit as a jig when attaching the parts to ensure everything lined up. The roof, cowl & deck lid together also allows you to address the seams. It gave me a better understanding as to how the kit goes together. It made final assembly easier too. Doing it this way makes interior assembly easier.
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