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  1. Man, that's a sweet ride. Very nice.
  2. That looks really nice. Cleanly built & the color choice is perfect.
  3. Saw this coming home today. If its real, it's 1 of 175. Quick search show this isn't one of the 8 colors available, cranberry red being one option. This one's more of a maroon. It has the Yenko badge, hood tach, and other things specific to the car. It also has a Hurst badge on the left deck lid. That I didn't see anywhere in an image search. Still a pretty car. What do you guys & girls think, real or clone?
  4. I take lots of shots with my smart phone too. Anything that catches my eye. Here's a few
  5. Coming along nicely. The roof looks much better now that the post has been added. Keep it coming.
  6. A buddy of mine had one of these in the late seventies. A great cruiser, like floating on a cloud. Great build overall. The wheels fit the car perfectly. Outstanding work on the interior.
  7. Nice looking Chevy. Well done.
  8. That's one tough guy lookin' for a fight. Very ncie
  9. Very nice. I like the color choice, and it's super smooth. I like the shot of the rear, showing all the details. That for me, makes it look like a 1:1. Very clean build.
  10. The paint is awesome. I wouldn't even know how to plan for what you did. The interior is really nice too.
  11. Very nicely done. Beautiful color & attention to detail. And..... It's something different than we usually see.
  12. Chuckyg1

    62 impala

    Looks good, nicely done. I like the way the interior compliments the body color.
  13. Looks good to me. Very nice.
  14. Good looking build. I have one in the pile. The instructions are a little intimidating, but still can't wait to tackle it? Any issues putting it together.
  15. Right on man. Looks great. I have one of these kits in the stash. Still not sure how I want to approach it.
  16. Very nice. I like your choice of tail lights. The craft paper looks good.
  17. This is looking cool already. The roof looks a little tall to my eye.
  18. Nice work on the " foundation". Can't wait to see how this ends up. Any thoughts oncolor.
  19. I look me this. The color combo is period perfect.
  20. Wow, I can only agree with everyone else. There's nothing else to add. Beautiful.
  21. Good looking Hornet. Great detailing throughout. I like the engine bay in particular.
  22. Nice looking ride. Interesting color combo.
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