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  1. Thanks, is anyone better than the other or are they pretty much the same? Also I plan on buying the photo etch kit for this model, will it work the same on both?
  2. I'm looking for a Ferrari 458 kit and online I see that there are 2 different pictures of the box. Is there any difference in this kit or did they just change the box?
  3. I did pretty much what you said, decals in water for no more than 15 seconds or so, slide right off but wouldn't stick. Any idea why the clear coat made them disintegrate?
  4. I have some tires from a Monogram kit that I sanded down the goodyear raised lettering and tried to apply some decals from Mikes Decals. They went on easy but after letting them dry over night they just fell right off. I put them back on with some water and applied a coat of Krylon acrylic clear coat and they disintegrated in seconds leaving a white mushy mess. How do I get these decals to stick, it looks like I need something called Micro sol or Micro set, if so which one? And does the tire need to be perfectly smooth cause right now it has a bit of a rough finish.
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