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  1. c.l.nye added a post in a topic north carolina   

    morganton here.
  2. c.l.nye added a post in a topic I broke my corvette   

    that is some "good" carnage! I drive a E350 box truck that has had a tooth missing like that for 20000 miles!!!A little whine and a clunk here and there but it works...The worst I did in my own vehicles is a cam shaft piece about 4 inches long in the oil pan and 2 lifters flat out gone..
  3. c.l.nye added a post in a topic '48 Tucker Torpedo   

    Preston would be proud,Very nice build of a rare and unique car.
  4. c.l.nye added a post in a topic Assaultinator   

    Now that is thinking out side the box!!!! I think it is great. The best word to describe it would be MEAN!!Nice work.
  5. c.l.nye added a post in a topic F350 4x4 Instructions   

    I have a extra set if ya want them let me know.
  6. c.l.nye added a post in a topic Resin Caster On Ebay   

    if this is the company with thee 66-77 bronco and such stay far away!!!!! I purchased one from them and it was horible,it was a slightly reworked scout and it was not even close to acurate. It is now kept in an envelope(not a very big one) after 15 hours of trying to fix it.
  7. c.l.nye added a post in a topic Frontier Resin Design   

    E-bay,as to what they make I would have to say junk,ordered a resin kit from them and it was majorly screwed up,hood wouldn't fit and wrong,top lop sided,windshield wrong,grill very poorly cast,body narrows at front and rear and it is not supposed to.this is the short list. Be very cautious
  8. c.l.nye added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    Frontier Resin Design
    has any one heard of them? and if so how is their product?
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  9. c.l.nye added a post in a topic JEEP JT not a TJ   

    it started as a tamiya kit with alot of scratch work. :idea:
  10. c.l.nye added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    JEEP JT not a TJ

    this is my latest build.the over seas only jeeps was my inspiration.will post more pics soon.
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