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  1. Revell Gasser

    Steel wheels or the tires and wheels from the OLD Revell SWC Willys are period correct. The tires are from 1970 0r so. Otherwise, a GREAT JOB on a finicky fussy kit!
  2. I thought it a good image myself, however: It's probably colorized, I don't know. It has a similar frame construction, that's why I chose it. For a ZILLION picture, go to George Klass Remembers.You'll see a huge variety of images, cars, construction, levels of sophistication and safety. Just for the record, I'd bet this car ran (on gas) in the 11's at 120 or so.
  3. AND running NITRO in C/FUEL DRAGSTER! Out on a gas burning A/Comp Coupe in Competition E liminator, by the way with a handicap on the tree.A myth that racing used to be all heads up! NEVER WAS!
  4. Gasser rules were 10% engine setback, no altered wheelbase,radiators, no gutted interiors, must sit level and STOCK automobile frame! But no necessarily the one the car came with! At my local strip, the Parham & Doane 55 Chevy had a 40 Willys chassis, the Mongomery 67 Mustang also had a a Willys frame..YEP, level. Look in the rulebooks. Two more early funny car pics! Tim is correct! BUT THANKS TO MOEBIUS FOR SOME GREAT, GREAT NEW SUBJECT MATTER KITS !!!
  5. "And though the term "funny car" was indeed applied to the altered-wheelbase cars, NHRA didn't have an "official" "Funny Car" winner until Schartman's in '66." True, For the Nationals only. The NHRA HATED funny cars, didn't know what to do with them.They ran in altered ( on gas ) and C and CC'Fuel dragster class on alky or nitro. Most nitro cars always up to 68-69 ran 40-6-% ,usually low percentages. The SHOW was what was important! IT WAS GREAT FUN AND EXCITING!
  6. Yes Snake, pretty close.BUT look at the pics, many cars didn't even have an AWB. For a heads up of how these cars were constructed, here's a cut away of the Alan Green car. AND a gratuitous shot of a FUNNY CAR!
  7. The cars were Nicholson's Eliminator 1, Christman's ROADSTER GT-1 and Ed Schartman's and Kenz & Leslie. All were Logghe chassis cars.
  8. I wasn't criticizing the mock up! Simply pointed out numerous versions could be made. You have "pie crust" slicks on it, Neither Goodyear or M&H have made them for real racing for over fifty years! I thought you were trying for a 60's era! By the way I never heard the term pie crusts until about 10 years ago. I think you are using the modern term "gassers" which is totally incorrect for these cars, yet almost universally used. So be it, whatever. But I think several of you need to go to drag racing 101~
  9. You young people! WRONG! The first one piece glass funny cars were the Comets. Few others were "floppers" until 67. The yers 65 -66 were full of FUNNY CARS, 65 Dodges, Plymouths, Mustangs, 'Vette's, you name it ....and CHEVY 2's! I KNOW I WAS AROUND THEN! LOL! They were funny cars, or match race stockers. The 66 Merc's were NOT the first funny cars by a long shot! Here's some examples! I could post 75 more! THIS is when funny cars began, and the WERE called funny cars as early as 1964. Maybe some other OLD people can confirm!
  10. I think, except for the OBVIOUS GRIPING, most are just trying to offer some constructive observations and suggestions! Maybe ALL OF YOU need to calm down a little. My suggestions of an early funnycar would be another version to SELL> Sorry!
  11. I Like the Chevy 2, surprised they would do one! It will hopefully, be the first really accurate one.I would rather see it as an early funny car though instead of this "gasser" thing.People today don't know what a gasser is. A 65 Mustang fastback and Barracuda would be nice. No matter what they do, people will want something else.TOUGH LUCK! I have 600 kits in my stash, I can live with that! JEEEZ GUYS!
  12. I was reviewing the Slingster kit, not people who build models. I've never been one of the Tom Daniels, unrealistic guys, even in 1964. no Monkeemobiles or Raiders Coaches. I have always tried at least to build and model detailed, realistic miniature of cars, almost all drag cars. Went to my first drag race in 63 I think, with my Dad.My older brother was also an evil influence. Gone racing a million times since, I know the parts and I know the cars and the eras.I know what is authentic and what isn't. Simple as that. Revell kits in the mid 60's were THE ONLY really authentic kits.The custom car parts, double kits, SWC Willys, Nancy cars, Mickey Thompson etc cars were detailed MINIATURES, scaled and tooled right. The Orange Crate can't be beat.It's almost EXACTLY like the real thing. That's why the Slingster was such a letdown.The two "nostalgia" funnycars were pretty decent, the Revell kits have gotten more blob like since. I really don't care in the LEAST what people like or build, jeeeez, why on earth would I? But I am disappointed, and no longer purchase new releases. I won't unless they are miniatures of the real thing.I really have no desire to regain my childhood!