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  1. 67 Mercury Comet

    NICE!!! Good work on an underappreciated car.
  2. Modelhaus odds and ends again. site open

    If you missed out in August, you might still be in luck!
  3. Got an email, the original Modelhaus site is open again for more odds and ends. Also the tire site is open for business: https://www.modelhaustires.com/
  4. 1940 Ford A/G or B/G Gasser Build

    Turned out very nice! Good work, I think you captured the look quite well! It has the right look in my estimation. NICE!!!!!!

    WOW! Those are very, very nice! I mean, GREAT WORK!
  6. Where are these tools?

    I suspect there are a LOT of things just sitting because they (manufacturers) don't think they will make money. I have to say, model kit makers aren't the greatest at marketing. RC2 and Mobeius excepted
  7. 1940 Ford A/G or B/G Gasser Build

    Put a flame arrestor over them. A strip of metal. OR, better yet, velocity stacks. LOOKING GOOD!
  8. Where are these tools?

    The old Best Indy winners series. Purchased by Aurora, issued ONCE. What happened to the tools? There MUST be a bunch of still unreleased old tools out there, why not run them? AND WHEN WILL REVELL REISSUE THE DOUBLE DRAG KITS? Let's see your missing in action tools!
  9. 1940 Ford A/G or B/G Gasser Build

    Looks really good, nice work. I don't mean to be picky, but nobody would run an air cleaner on a race car, not in 62. Otherwise, you have THE LOOK! LOVE IT!
  10. 1957 Ford Del Rio Ranch Wagon

    REALLY nice work!
  11. 67 Fairlane hood query for the Ford guys

    Does that annual kit have a fuel injection manifold? REALLY curious.
  12. Tired of your normal build subjects?

    Most "customs" were very ugly, even in the 50's. Most people just don't have the eye or the talent for design. These are just, er......dumb in my book. Made it about 10 in. Some BAD photoshops there too. don't think I'll be building any of these!
  13. 1932 Ford Pickup 60's Style Altered

    COOL! Nice work. Lot's of neat drag cars being built.
  14. 1929 Ford Model A Roadster

    WOW! Nice build, very cool work.
  15. What do make headers out of?

    Great work guys! Really nice. What scale are those Chris? My problem with brass ( other than bad soldering ) has always been kinking. I need one of those benders!