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  1. Engine thread

    COOL! I have often thought of building just engines! More please!
  2. Need a stock flat hood for the AMT 64 Olds 442, have the bubble hood to trade. Always looking for Revell Dragster and Roadster speed Parts , parts packs. What do you need? THANKS Gary
  3. PhotoBucket's Back?

    Just looked at the FB site, it's exactly the same $399 for 3rd party hosting.NO CHANGES THAT I CAN SEE> They might have a cheaper deal for low usage, but i didn't see it. Guess you guys lucked out, NONE OF MY PICTURES HAVE BEEN RESTORED, money is still the same rip off? Don't know what you guys are talking about.
  4. PhotoBucket's Back?

    HHHmmmmmm... Looked at The HAMB where I had a lot of pictures, same thing as before, nothing has returned. Same BS about 3rd party hosting . I don't get why some would work and some not. Those jerks ruined several history threads I created, they are STILL RUINED!!!
  5. Future of the hobby

    I have hundreds of kits, that's not the point I was trying to make. 3d printing is great, a real step forward. But again, beside my point. How much longer will people be interested in 57 Chevy's and Camaros. NOT the die hards.Already these caes are antiques really, 50-7- years old. THAT'S OLD! Just bs'n , nothing to get shook up about..
  6. Future of the hobby

    We saw a second golden age in the 90's as we boomers got more disposable income and retuened to models. A smaller third age with Moebius, Polar Lights etc. Now we seem to only have ancient re issues from Round 2 ( more like Round 5 ), and others with new tools few and far behind. Now Hobbico and Revell is bankrupt, I imagine Revell will continue with reissues , but how many new tools? Seems like a twilight of sorts, even the aftermarket is fading. Now I'm not griping or being a naysayer at all! BUT all thinks must end. Thoughts?
  7. Phantom Bantam

    Very good work, looks the B/A part, you GET the concept!
  8. Hudsonic

    Nice and different. A cool build.
  9. AMT Double Dragster

    Cool stuff!
  10. 34 Ford drag truck

    About to start on my own 34 altered. Look forward to this build!
  11. revell 29 ford hood wanted

    I was thinking of the resin hood in the early re issues, a larger hood could be turned down I would think.As I said the side panels would bd be easy. This hood would look kind of odd. Can the OP ( or somebody ) estimate how much longer a stock 29 hood would have to be?
  12. Still deciding, thanks for the input.Trouble is, I have almost no room for multiple projects.
  13. revell 29 ford hood wanted

    A suggestion for somebody with both the Orange Crate and the 29 kits, try the Crate Hood. Have no idea if it was stretched, but looks like it might have been. Side panels would be the easy part.
  14. I'm trying to actually plan out what I'm going to do ( drawing plans if I need to ), and BUILD AGAIN for the first time in years. So HELP! I build drag cars: AMT original 40 Ford coupe, ala 1960-62, with Revell Pontian from the M/T Challenger, including chain drive, hydro from the parts pack, quick change rear, cleaned up chassis, semi gutted interior. As a gas class / altered coupe of the period. OR The AMT/Lindberg 34 Ford Pickup as an altered, small block with Hillborns, center steer, MAYBE chopped, stock frame but drilled, new crossmembers, Hydro, Old rear. Alternate engine for either, Revell Buick nailhead from Nancy kits, blown with the chain drive. HELP ME DECIDE! POST YOUR EXAMPLES! Move this IF you must!
  15. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    I agree.Yeah, nobody is making anybody read the thread.That's obvious, don't know what the point of saying that is.We CAN have different points of views you know. Seems like the negative gloomy view is always popular, unless you think modeling is just OVER as a hobby, I don't get that.