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  1. Tired of your normal build subjects?

    Most "customs" were very ugly, even in the 50's. Most people just don't have the eye or the talent for design. These are just, er......dumb in my book. Made it about 10 in. Some BAD photoshops there too. don't think I'll be building any of these!
  2. 1932 Ford Pickup 60's Style Altered

    COOL! Nice work. Lot's of neat drag cars being built.
  3. 1929 Ford Model A Roadster

    WOW! Nice build, very cool work.
  4. What do make headers out of?

    Great work guys! Really nice. What scale are those Chris? My problem with brass ( other than bad soldering ) has always been kinking. I need one of those benders!
  5. Gasser class designations

    Here's the 1966 gas class champ (for the season ) at Woodburn Oregon, my local strip! I was 13 then! A wonderful time!!! Not what people THINK a "gasser" is.
  6. Arni Beswick 65 GTO Help

    I emailed Beswick Racing, who knows when they might reply. Did you get my PM?
  7. Gasser class designations

    The back story idea is what i do as well. It's part of planning a build. what year? Whose car was it? Shoestring or bucks up? Sponsored? Which motor, how big and why? It makes the build itself more fun for me to create a little story and it helps me visualize the car as a total construct, not just a bunch of plastic parts.
  8. No. I wanted to check with buyers first. The S&S castings look pretty rough, I am very wary of most casters.
  9. Interesting that some of you seem to think painting trim is a moral issue. Have any of you tried the old paint on a flat eraser the press on the script trick? Used to do it (in variations ) with lettering tires. I'm not looking for some magic anything, just asking modelers experiences, sheeeesh.
  10. George Klass: Hey! I took some of these! http://www.georgeklass.net/index.html ALL classes! We Did It For Love! Pony up and pay a nominal sum for THOUSANDS of dragster and funnycar pics that you cannot see elsewhere! Good guy and fuel dragster pilot Don Ewalds site http://www.wediditforlove.com/ The HAMB In general THE BEST for all traditional pre 65 Hot Rods.....and drag stuff. Ryan's masterpiece! https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/great-oregon-racers.662536/ My own thread ( one of them ) https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/drag-cars-in-motion-picture-thread.228509/ 1909i pages of COOL pics! Tommy The Watchdog! Search the HAMB for just about ANYTHING you need to know! Enough to keep you busy until Christmas!
  11. Nose to the sky gassers

    If you want REAL gass class cars...... http://www.gassermadness.us/ https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/non-straight-axle-gassers.1108497/ http://www.georgeklass.net/gassers.html A few cars in you will see my friend the late Don Nowell's 37 Chevy. Oh gee, what did he know. Guys actually INSISTED gassers were jacked up...poor Don only RACED AT LIONS, POMONA, etc through the mid 60's. What did he know compare to guys THAT LOOK AT THE INTERNET! https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/traditional-gassers-gas-class-cars-and-modern-traditional-cars.1044218/ https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/gassers.210004/ And you can buy the excellent book GASSER WARS by Larry Davis Don Montgomery's SUPERCHARGED GAS COUPES, but what did Don know, he just raced a CC/Gs Willys for many years in SoCal. Knew SWC, Big John, Merkel, Shore, Pitman, Coonrod., Ohio George.....but those guys were nothing, right? Some people just can't make the distinction between REAL gas class racing in the 60's, and modern cars. Sputter sputter! But! But!!!! The nosehigh deal did not last long, cars crashed, drivers were killed. NHRA banned it very quickly. On altereds too. Very few even stuck with it before it was banned as cars were dangerously unstable. Modern "gassers"(Race cars) can be fun to watch, but they are just that, modern tribute cars. With modern equipment. No Hydro's there. There are exceptions to every rule, so what? proves NOTHING!! And of COURSE websurfers know more than us old coots that were at the strip in those days. Good Grief.
  12. Nose to the sky gassers

    Boo hoo hoo. Looks like someone needs a safe space. I really don't care what some people think, I was THERE, saw drag racing with my own eyes, not "research" on the internet. If you are done with the Forums........bye bye. Adios. Such drama, it's ridiculous.
  13. Read they were closed (here) but the website is still up. Are they still open or not? Anyone know FOR SURE!
  14. I wish we had a 30's Pontiac! Do you know something I don't! Check out the Little Toad Anglia with the Hudson six, a winning car. Look at the seats. Tinted windows were eventually banned, it was hard to see out of them, especially at night. I love tinted windows though. Gasser were so cool to me ( in those days ) because they were half street car and half race car. Keep posting man!
  15. 1940 Ford A/G or B/G Gasser Build

    KOOL! Great progress! I'm pretty sure the rules required a "headrest" for safety. Usually attached to the roll bar, pretty easy to make. Seats are great! NICE WORK!