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  1. LOL Here's the truth about the flathead in the Camaro. It was done in 1968 by a local guy in Oregon, a longtime flathead Ford drag racer. He bought a (then ) brand new stolen and stripped Camaro from the insurance company for cheap, dropped in one of his Fords, ran a lower NHRA Gas Class, ( H/Gas) and kicked butt against the mostly VW's. Won a LOT! Did you guys not see the "1968" right on the photo? I saw this car race many times at Woodburn, know the story for a fact, Marty Strode posted the pic years ago on my "Great Oregon Racers" thread on the HAMB! THAT IS THE REAL STORY OF THE CAMARO AND THE FLATHEAD!!!! 😁
  2. Now that is pretty cool man! Like WAY OUT BIG DADDY! Nice work, captures the era pretty well!
  3. The Ivo car has four, The Nancy roadster has a blown one. The same ( I think) in the parts pack is fuel injected. Valley covers are easy to make.
  4. Thanks. There are a bunch of resin bodies that MIGHT fit, but before I buy some I need to know it WILL fit. These are good suggestion, I thank you. Anybody cut some styrene to construct a fix?
  5. The body on this kit is horrible, barely covering the driver. AMT really didn't try very hard on this one! SO, how did you "fix" it? Is there a resin body that fits? Buying another kit seems to be defeating the purpose, so come on ingenious modelers, what did you do?
  6. Nice job on one of the first flip tops, this car was nearly unbeatable in it's day! You got it RIGHT!
  7. Look at Speed City Resins! They got one! http://www.speedcityresin.com/MoparPage.htm OOOPS! Says not available at this time. If you really want one you might email.
  8. GaryR

    Alfa Romeo GTA

    Nice job, good looking model.
  9. NOT rivet counting, but a great observation!
  10. What do you mean? Has it been printed? Is it in plastic? Or just a CAD file? Don't understand, sorry.
  11. Why don't you print some tires that give a break from the same old kit stuff? Inglewood slicks? %0's -40's tires? Atlas, Monkey Wards, Voit , that kind of stuff?
  12. Love the Buick! What is your intent? Does it actually exist? It reminds me of the Shapeways site, everything is a digital drawing, I won't buy anything without seeing what it really looks like! No criticism of you Doug. By the way, the Shapeways site is difficult to use, really hard to find stuff and like I said, only digital pictures.
  13. COOL! A great project, keep us posted.
  14. I'd also like some Inglewood slicks, Vogue and Atlas tires . Auto trans with blanket molded on! Donovan clutch can, rear end and Airhart disc brakes from the Piranha kit!
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