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  1. 25 Ford TROG car

    NICE BUILD! I like this, cool subject matter.good work man.
  2. Don Schumacher '68 Barracuda F/C

    Looks good! fiddly kits. The gold wheels look really good, what did you use?
  3. Early 60s Gasser

    Looks good to me! I have plans to build a gas class car outta this kit myself. It would be more like B/Gas though, with a 427. NOT trying to nitpick! I like it1
  4. 1968 Dodge Dart GSS (Mr. Norm)

  5. 49 Ford

    Looks great. Don't sweat the trim I usually don't like primer, but this looks cool.
  6. 1967 Ford Galaxie XL, 427 R Code.

    Looks good to me! NICE WORK!
  7. Title says it. Love to see your builds as described! I'm using the very nice Southern Motorsports Cuda "racing interior" and the Hemi Under Glass kit. I have an annual 66 body and a MCW 65 resin body too, have several HUG kits. Want to see a drag altered version of the 34, jnot street rod! THANKS!!!!!!!!
  8. Tamiya Paint Source

    Try Burbank House of Hobbies as others have said. you won't find a nicer or more honest guy than Glen on the planet! Always willing to help. Give 'em a try!
  9. Texaco Station

    Cool stuff and nice work. Dioramas are a lot of fun!
  10. Interesting space stuff, but what about car models. I am not interested in Daniels stuff at all. What else did they get?
  11. Such a deal!

    Really, Auto World was the ONLY source for many things. It's true AMT annuals and Revell, MPC kits were sold in many outlets. But JoHan kits were rarely on the shelves. Many AMY kits were never available. Lot's of drag kits were only at the local hobby shop Milwaukie (Oregon ) Hobby Shop R.I.P.! It was mostly airplanes and AC stuff though, ships railroads etc. Cars were a minority. Since I was years too young to drive, the trip to Vic's Hobby Shop in Portland was rare! They had exotic stuff like.....brass tubing, acetate. Even sheet plastic was only available through AW! A Newberry's store across town was one of the few that had Pactra sprays, most stores just had the Testors Ed Roth display. Auto World was the most exotic thing there was!
  12. Such a deal!

    Huh? I guess I overpaid! Or......my memory is shot! Seems so cheap, but minimum wage was $1.40 an hour, average income was $7,300.00 etc. And I made 50 cents an hour mowing lawns! Those were wonderful days! The excitement when the Auto World package came!
  13. Such a deal!

    AMT paint WAS the best. I did get the MPC tires too. I read about the AMT parts in Car Model in an article on building a "Mr Unswitchable style, yellow GTO funny car. I ordered M&H slicks from the funny car kits ( in 67) and a 67 Vette body, and two chrome trees from the double dragster. Tires were 50 cents, bodies a buck if I remember right.
  14. Such a deal!

    I always got what I ordered in a couple weeks or so from Auto World, but I only placed maybe three orders total.Must be my good lucks! Do you remember when you could order individual parts from AMT? Glass Tires Chrome trees Hoods Bodies I don't recall if you could order decals. Since I built funny cars I ordered some tires and bodies! Cheaper than a whole kit, sort of. I think most items were a quarter or 50 cents, bodies were a buck?
  15. Such a deal!

    The AMT was the best metalflake in my opinion. Pactra had go many cool candies PLUS a nice gold underbase. Good stuff! Fun times!