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  1. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    I agree.Yeah, nobody is making anybody read the thread.That's obvious, don't know what the point of saying that is.We CAN have different points of views you know. Seems like the negative gloomy view is always popular, unless you think modeling is just OVER as a hobby, I don't get that.

    Scott is kind of a nut, he's been talking about the car and blah blah blah for YEARS, like DECADES years.The car is long gone, the model is long gone and Steve Scott is kind of , well despised and pitied in the real hot rod world. Consensus is he's just full of.......something.
  3. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    I think there's a lot of wienerschnitzel being slung here. If Revell Germany is going to stay in the plastic model business, why wouldn't they just produce from the molds they just purchased? AMT models, Lindberg models, even old Hawk models are still being made, even though the parent company went belly up. Companies fail for many reasons, mostly from poor management, not lack of sales. I think we will see Revell models back on the shelves AND new tools before long. Maybe higher prices, but not much. Modelers DO love drama!
  4. Looks good. Nice to see altereds being done, some of the coolest drag cars ever.
  5. Oh, I see. You are one of the very very few who know that i guess.
  6. Stock, no blisters, holes or scoops.
  7. The magneto is on the front of a Ford engine, not the back. Google is good!
  8. Kelly Chadwick

    NICE! A true, accurate REPLICA.
  9. 64 65 Falcon parts

    OK then, back to the drawing board.
  10. 64 65 Falcon parts

    Thanks man, I do appreciate that!
  11. MCW Olds 442's

    Model Car World, just Google MCW model cars., It's top notch stuff. I don't think Dodge owns it anymore, I could be wrong. STILL, my experience was a good one, resin like kit plastic, no faults at all.
  12. 64 65 Falcon parts

    WOW! Thanks, I see several things need. Who has done business with VCG Resins? are they good? Are they even still around, the site hasn't been updated since 2014! The email link doesn't work. Any alternatives? Looks like they bit the dust to me!!!!
  13. Looking for a flat stock hood and a photo etched grille! Any body make them or ever made them. Having no luck. THANKS!!!
  14. Looking for a flat stock hood and a photo etched grille! Any body make them or ever made them. Having no luck. THANKS!!!