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  1. Such a deal!

    I always got what I ordered in a couple weeks or so from Auto World, but I only placed maybe three orders total.Must be my good lucks! Do you remember when you could order individual parts from AMT? Glass Tires Chrome trees Hoods Bodies I don't recall if you could order decals. Since I built funny cars I ordered some tires and bodies! Cheaper than a whole kit, sort of. I think most items were a quarter or 50 cents, bodies were a buck?
  2. Such a deal!

    The AMT was the best metalflake in my opinion. Pactra had go many cool candies PLUS a nice gold underbase. Good stuff! Fun times!
  3. Such a deal!

    Wish I could get this Pactra and AMT paint again!
  4. Such a deal!

    I did get a couple Fiat bodies. Should have lot more, but you young guys might nor believe it, 25 cents was worth something then! Amt kits were 1.49 then!
  5. Such a deal!

    Get 'em while they last! from the 1968 Auto World cataloge.
  6. Looks great. Nice wheels, I've seen the real deal many times, yours looks right. An underrated kit., pretty accurate.
  7. Revell Chevy wheels

    Nope! The REVELL wheels.Hence the Revell wheels in the title, thanks though!
  8. Revell Chevy wheels

    Looking for the unplated 15 inch stock / reversed rims that came in the original issue 57 Chevy, or reissues if they are the same! Might be in the 55-56 kits as well. MUST be 15 inch. Let me know! Thanks.
  9. Ebay prices dropping!!!!

    Don't care about Ebay at all, I've gotten every obscure vintage and rare kit i wanted by simply checking online shops, why waste time of a freakin' auction, dealing with PayPal etc. ALL for reasonable prices. Ebay sellers list everything as RARE, HARD TO FIND, ETC. Baloney. Fine with me if others do bid, just makes it easier for me!
  10. '65 Falcon A/FX

    VERY nice, great work. How well does the trumpeter hood fit the AMT body?
  11. What about promos?

  12. What about promos?

    How does that work? Interiors, chassis were different, promos were one piece everything.Glass, body, chassis. What about the opening hoods and weren't there promos for cars that weren't annual kits? Not disputing, just wonder how that works.
  13. What about promos?

    I'm sure you are correct Snake. But my question is, what happened to all the tooling for promos. Sure some was updated, but obviously not all.
  14. What about promos?

    I don't collect them, but I am wondering where all the promo molds are? We pretty much know about the AMT 60's annual kits, but what about the various promos that they and MPC did? Sure, they aren't kits, but they are bodies, just with hoods molded shut. I'm pretty sure the MPC funny car bodies were promo bodies, they even had wipers molded in if I recall right. If these survive, could they be adapted to make kits, or sold as is? Just wondering.
  15. 1/32 Aurora

    I think the success or failure of these kits would depend on price. Most were 49 cents when they came out. YEP! Find anything for 49 cents now! These were aimed at young kids, I love them when I was a grade schooler, built several. The 60's were model crazy, unlike now almost EVERY boy built models, cars, ships, spacecraft, airplanes, monsters armor.....you name it. And the were available everywhere, even drug stores, department stores and convenience stores. Brush painted, glued to withstand an atomic blast, IT WAS SIMPLE , INEXPENSIVE FUN! If you are an old coot like me, you remember that. No detailing, no worries about accuracy, no contests, just pure fun. My first model was the Aurora Cunningham sports car, and a bunch of 1/32 Pyro kits too. So much variety of subjects. If they were priced at 30 bucks they'd flop. At 10 they might sell, at 3 or four for 25-30 I think they might do OK, depending on "marketing", which seems non existent in the industry.