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  1. GaryR added a topic in Car Kit News & Reviews   

    Foose 49 Caddy
    never mind
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  2. GaryR added a post in a topic Round 2 has a few new kits coming!!!   

    I've only bought the Revell 48 Ford in the last few years. I have over 600 kits , more than I can ever build.I've finally broken the cycle of just purchasing more because I can! Those prices are WAY too high! 
    Time to stop buying and start building! To each their own.
  3. GaryR added a post in a topic Photo bucket: Class action suit?   

    I have downloaded almost all my pics from Photobucket. Just under 10,000.
    This ridiculous 400 dollar fee for third party hosting seems like it might be desperation to save a sinking site.Just guessing.They constant STUPID ads and links, plus the slow or NO service in general is not worth 4 dollars, let alone 400!
    It took me weeks to download all my stuff, mostly because the site kept failing, IF you haven't downloaded, you really need to! Don't be surprised to see it just vanish soon!
    Oh, and GOOD LUCK trying to attach your downloaded images, even though they are jpegs, PB has made it nearly impossible.
    PB SUCKS, get your stuff off today and give 'em a one finger salute!!!
  4. GaryR added a post in a topic Need AMT 65-66 Barracuda   

    I have several AMT Annual 66 bodies but no interiors , I owned a nice 66 in my youth, I know the real cars were different, but I don't think the AMT interiors were.I also built each model year , but that was over 50 years ago!
    I know there are resin examples, but I'd just rather have the originals. The "Hemi Under Glass" kits can supply the glass, bumpers etc. I'm not going to use the screw chassis though, it is just way too inaccurate! Just giving it a shot.
    My unused HUG bodies with the radiused wheel wells will become funny cars.
    THANKS for the replies!
  5. GaryR added a post in a topic Bantam Bodies: Slingster vs Jawbreaker   

    Altered States has a really nice Bantam as well. I thought I had a picture, guess not. Check out Chuck's Site! Good Stuff!
  6. GaryR added a topic in Wanted!   

    Need AMT 65-66 Barracuda
    Need the whole deal Dash, wheel, seats front and back, plus the tub. Thanks!
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  7. GaryR added a post in a topic Exhibition cars , how many were kitted ?   

    All sanctioning bodies required funny car bodies to be American production cars, no Jeeps or pickups allowed.
    This was NHRA, AHRA, UDRA, all of them. Could strips run exceptions? To an extent, if it didn't invalidate their insurance or expose them to liability. Stretch the rules (in local competition), sure. There was a period when "roadsters",Jeeps, Jaguars and Bronco's were legal. By 1969 when the FC funny car class was established, none of those were allowed.
    By definition anything that wasn't class legal was an exhibition car. Can't think of anything in scale that hasn't been mentioned here!
  8. GaryR added a post in a topic Lindberg 1967 Oldsmobile 442 W-30   

    WOW! That engine bay is too much!
    Great job on a kit I've had sitting for ages! Thanks for posting it!!!
  9. GaryR added a post in a topic '58 Fairlane 500 Semi-Custom! New, Optically Flat Windows & a Cowl Vent! 8.20.17.   

    WOW! Great EYE and great work.A very nice Ford!!!
  10. GaryR added a post in a topic 1957 Club Victoria   

    Is that not a diecast model???
  11. GaryR added a post in a topic Over the top ads in post!!   

    But I need Russian Coyote urine! Quite the thing for my Russian women!!!
  12. GaryR added a post in a topic Exhibition cars , how many were kitted ?   

    I didn't really aim it at you! Sorry, I'm not trying to argue at all, just clarify a very fine and obscure point...from 50 years ago! LOL!
    Not intended to be snarky at all!
  13. GaryR added a post in a topic 41 plymouth gasser small update 0616/17   

    Nice.I love the 41 as a gas class car.
    I would lose the extended wheelie bar thing and lower the nose though.That's just me. Love the concept!
  14. GaryR added a post in a topic Over the top ads in post!!   

    Dang! I've been looking for Coyote Urine! 
  15. GaryR added a post in a topic Exhibition cars , how many were kitted ?   

    S/XS through C/XS were classes for FUNNY CARS, nothing else from 1966 to 1969 when they were reclassified as FUNNY CARS! You got it all wrong.They ran in nHRA Super Eliminator if blown, Competition Eliminator if injected. They OF COURSE ran match races as well.
    Sigh.It raced, lot's of exhibition cars did.In match races.It did not qualify as a funny car in NHRA, AHRA, NASCAR, UDRA or anything else.Did it race funny cars? YES> It still was an exhibition car. CLEARLY you do not understand what an exhibition car was.Jets also ran dragsters, funny cars, even a go kart.They were exhibition cars. Ask Walt what class he ran. He'll be honest, NO CLASS.Match racing sure.
     Not going to argue.