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  1. GaryR added a post in a topic 32 Ford Vicky   

    Nice job! Love 32's!!!
  2. GaryR added a post in a topic The little deuce(coupe)   

    Cool 1960's style! THAT'S a hot rod! Very cool.
  3. GaryR added a post in a topic 32 Plymouth Coupe body, Fremont Racing returns?   

    At least I'm not the only one! PLEASE, if you hear or read anything, post it here!
  4. GaryR added a post in a topic New reissue AMT '57 Fairlane questions   

    On the subject of Hilborn's for the Y Block, it would be great if somebody that has the skills ( I don't ) could scratch then cast them. Same with FI manifolds (accurate ones ) for the 289 and FE families! The AMT original annual 67 Comet had nice injectors for the FE, nobody ever cast 'em. Wonder why Fords have been neglected.
    Otherwise, a pretty decent kit, despite it's obviously dated shortcomings. Love the old kits.
  5. GaryR added a post in a topic '64 Ford Falcon T/A   

    Very impressive work! HOW exactly did you modify the sides of the body?
    Every time I open the box of the Trumpeter i cringe, obviously this is the body's biggest problem, the slab sided look.
    So , how'd ya do it?
    Again, very impressive COOL work.
  6. GaryR added a post in a topic MPC Ford Mustang Funny Car   

    Nice work!
  7. GaryR added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    32 Plymouth Coupe body, Fremont Racing returns?
    Early racing classics had, among other bodies I foolishly didn't buy when I could have, a 32 Plymouth Coupe.
    I see that another caster has picked up some of their old products, but not theses bodies! Does anyone know if somebody else is  casting them, or the other ex Early Racing Classics products ? OR any other sources for similar products?
      And, any news on / from Fremont Racing? They made cool stuff, I need some of their decals.
    Thanks in advance!
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  8. GaryR added a post in a topic 1954 hudson hornet   

    Hudson's are the coolest, and yours is VERY cool! Nice job!
  9. GaryR added a post in a topic Late 40's Traditional '29 Ford Roadster on '32 Rails   

    WOW! Now this a VERY, VERY cool Deuce! I cannot believe the perfect paint, colors and detail.I'm floored!
  10. GaryR added a post in a topic 1936 revell ford coupe convertible   

    A DECENT 36 Coupe is LONG overdue! The AMT kit is a classic, but the **&&##T Two piece glue on the roof is terrible! 
    Multi piece bodies are early 60's engineering! Like HOLES through the block!
    I'd buy some, especially if Revell made a DECENT, better than the recent kits, model of a 36 Coupe!
  11. GaryR added a post in a topic "Little Hoss II" dragster   

    Very nice! these 60's cars are my favorites, LOVE the vibe!!!
  12. GaryR added a post in a topic Simple question   

    I'd LOVE to see a 36 and a Model A coupe that don't have separate roofs!
  13. GaryR added a topic in General   

    Simple question
    I absolutly HATE models with separate roofs! 
    I'm going to start on the AMT 36 Ford, and I'm dreading it.
    Here's my question.The body and roof don't fit together very well.
    Do you glue one side, let it dry and reinforce and THEN the other?
    Maybe you think that's stupid, but I want to know what has worked for you!
    PLEASE, no snarky replies.
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  14. GaryR added a post in a topic 40 Ford Coupe.   

    The 40 is one of the most beaufiful designs ever and your does it justice quite nicely!
    A clean, nice build, Really like it.
  15. GaryR added a post in a topic 1962 Don Gay Pontiac Catalina, finished   

    NICE, just looking at this car in an ancient HRM coverage of the Winters.
    The Polar Lights 64 GTO is just simplified, but IS NOT a bad representation of the real thing ( in my view) I have six of the, I'm going to build the spectrum in 64 65. From stock, to hot street, to drag stock, to early blown stocker to match racing funny cars. Take a look at 'em!