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  1. Conway1979 added a post in a topic Mack Superliner Black Thunder   

    Thanks for that link Ken, pictures are up.
  2. Conway1979 added a post in a topic Mack Superliner Black Thunder   

    Looks like Photobucket wants me to upgrade, I'll get it figured out and get them up.
  3. Conway1979 added a topic in Under Glass: Big Rigs   

    Mack Superliner Black Thunder
    I finished this one up recently, may come back a little later and weather it up. Also restored a 1961 Ranchero to break up the build a little bit, I just tried to keep this one a little classy. Enjoy.

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  4. Conway1979 added a post in a topic Mack Superliner Rebuild   

    Thanks gator, I pretty much have it done. It is under the glass now.
  5. Conway1979 added a post in a topic Mack Superliner Rebuild   

    Thanks guys, didn't do everything I wanted to try, but so far I like it.
  6. Conway1979 added a post in a topic Mack Superliner Rebuild   

    It has been a little bit, but I have a little more completed on the truck. Decals were a pain, but that just might be from them being so old. I think they will blend in a little better after I brush some thinned out paint or chalk and water on it to dirty it up a little. I'm also going to brush on some dry chalk to dirty inside the cab too.

  7. Conway1979 added a post in a topic Mack Superliner Rebuild   

    Thanks Rich, after I put the picture up here. I started messing with the fuel tank, the liquid tape will make the plastic soft, as it eats into it a little from the solvents. Just something to be aware of. But this could also be the type of tape I was using, hopefully the flex seal is not as harsh.
  8. Conway1979 added a post in a topic Mack Superliner Rebuild   

    Thanks for the info Rich, showing a few more things I've done on the truck. I think the soundproofing came out pretty decent on this, I'm still going to use some aluminum tape to cover the seam line up between the bottom of the cab and the firewall. I did realize when I did my flocking, I should have done the detail work first, then flocked. Make sure to do that next time. The dash cap is going to be painted red, and I still need to add the gauges to the dash. I used some rubber tape to simulate the rubber gasket between the cab and the sleeper, needs a little trim so the cab and sleeper line up better. I think this will work fine for that portion. Just some testing on the fuel tank to try and make tank covers, I dipped it in some liquid rubber electrical tape. I'm going to try some flex seal next time to see if I can avoid the air bubbles that this one got, at least it can be peeled off and redo it.

  9. Conway1979 added a post in a topic Mack Superliner Rebuild   

    Thanks for the compliments guys. So I did some painting on the cab today, it was going well until I started on the upper portion of the cab. After I laid down the first coat from the top, I noticed on the cowl and the top part of the tunnel to head to the sleeper, the paint started to wrinkle. Of course I got impatient. Good thing is, it was just those two spots. So a question for you all, I'm not a truck driver, so I don't really know the answer. I just always liked trucks and wanted to get pretty close to a real one. The section between the cab and the sleeper, is that a solid piece, or is it a rubber donut gasket? I have some heat shrink I was going to cut and wrap the outside of the tunnel to the sleeper so it can mimic a rubber look, if it is supposed to be rubber. Another question is, for the cowl. I was thinking of making a non skid type of paste out of talcum powder and black paint, to place on the cowl. My thinking was if for some reason the marker lights on the top of the cab or something up there needed to be attended to, the driver wont slip and fall on his/her butt. Another thought is to paint the cowl and the top of the hood a satin black. Opinions would be appreciated, I'm going to give the paint a few days to cure so I don't mess up the good portions of it. I already did a mall amount of wet sanding to it, and kind of started to get the mentioned ideas.

  10. Conway1979 added a post in a topic Mack Superliner Rebuild   

    Here is some work I have done for the air cleaner brackets, the snap Kenworth brackets worked out pretty good I think after a couple alterations. A few more adjustments and they should sit pretty straight once finally mounted. I know the tape kinda takes away from it a little.

  11. Conway1979 added a post in a topic Mack Superliner Rebuild   

    Here is a couple of pics with the hood, cab, and the sleeper mocked up still waiting to be worked on. You can also see my attempt to making a frame for a new windshield screen, I still need to cut the lower portion and solder in the center post. I am still looking into fabricating air cleaner mounts for the sides of the cab since I am having issues registering with Auslowe to order their brackets. Maybe some brackets from the snap Kenworth kit might work, now to see if I have a couple.

  12. Conway1979 added a post in a topic Mack Superliner Rebuild   

    Thanks all, I have been trying to load up a couple more pictures with the hood, cab and sleeper mocked up, but I am having some trouble getting them uploaded. Might be too big.
  13. Conway1979 added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    Mack Superliner Rebuild
    I bought this one a little while ago and started redoing it last month. The original build wasn't the greatest, so this is what I've gotten done so far. I still plan on going back through with some thinned out black to weather a little more on top of the chalk dust I already applied. I still need to finish building the windshield screen and patch the missing pieces from the sleeper. Wish I could have saved the rivets, but with the paint scheme I am planning on doing. I think it will be good. I plan to mimic the original decals for the sleeper but have the paint wrap over the top and the back of the sleeper. Luckily I was able to find replacement decals online. I am also looking to use some black felt covered with aluminum foil to simulate an insulation/sound dampener for the front of the firewall, and under the cab and sleeper. One other thing I would like to try is to use some vinyl I have and make some tank covers for the fuel tanks, I'll have to see how that goes.

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  14. Conway1979 added a post in a topic ITALERI Black Thunder   

    Thanks for the picture and the link, I will definitely need to get the brackets then. I need to get pictures of the progress and put it on the work bench, and get some feed back on it. Thanks again.
  15. Conway1979 added a topic in Truck Kits or Parts to Trade, or Wanted / Requests   

    ITALERI Black Thunder
    Hey all, I won an auction back in July to get the Mack Black Thunder truck. I am looking to see if someone may have a copy of the instructions, I have been using the new Superliner instructions for it so far, but I am curious where the air cleaners are mounted? It wasn't built the greatest when I got it, so I am fixing it up. I was also curious if someone had measurements for cutting the hood to actually allow the air intake tubing to connect to the air cleaners, and a template for the air cleaner brackets.
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