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  1. Glad to hear you're doing the 79-87 Crown Vic! I always thought it looked more aggressive and cop car-like than the 88-91, which seemed like a warmed-over gap filler until they designed the 92. But that's just my opinion, and I would be happy with a 88-91 as well.
  2. 64 Hemi Savoy

    Jimmy Flintstone makes a Belvedere, you could just sand off the trim. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Jimmy-Flintstone-64-Belvedere-2-Door-Sedan-Body-65/200723391567?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649
  3. Dodge Monaco to Plymouth Fury parts?

    There's a Fury grille on the Shapeways site, but the lettering looks oversized. I would love for a resin caster to make a set of parts that makes the Goon Car more accurate.
  4. RC2 era 'b and s' cars...

    I remember being disappointed when the interior parts of the Joker Goon Car weren't as nice as what was on the box. The steering wheel is a lot more accurate and the radio is more detailed. And unless my eyes are deceiving me, the rims and tires are more stock in the photo of the police version.
  5. new for 2018

    It looks like Revell depicted a '95-96 Impala SS on the box art. The mirror placement is different from the '94.
  6. Johan 1962 Plymouth

    I just acquired a sealed Johan 1962 Plymouth convertible (which was just recently opened by yours truly). I realized I would prefer the hardtop version more. Does anybody have a hardtop but would rather have a convertible? It doesn't have the convertible roof, just the boot.
  7. I'm wondering if they were considering a styrene kit. The biggest clue that makes it plausible was the decal sheet for the latest version of the AMT 1970 Ford Interceptor Police Car. It features agencies and designs wrong for a 1970 Ford, but perfect for a 1974 Dodge Monaco (the NYSP and CHP plates even say 1974 or 74 on them.)
  8. DeAgostini 1:8 Jaguar E-Type

    Pricey, but definitely on my wish list! http://www.model-space.com/us/build-jaguar-etype.html
  9. Pocher Rolls Sedanca

    Is the lady the last thing that goes on?
  10. Wish List for Aftermarket Parts in '17

    As a police car builder, I'd be happy to see any Chrysler C-body sedans from 1965 to 1977.
  11. Is it me, or do the doors look a little stunted? If you compare the space between the ridge and the bottom of the door with the 1:1 it looks like it's been "cut off" from the bottom.
  12. The one at the top (thicker) looks odd. I'd go for whatever's more realistic.
  13. Modelhaus going, going Gone !!!!!!

    I was considering placing one final order with them just to get in while I still could. Looking through the site for the last time, there were many items I would have been happy to order, but nothing to justify the wait. Besides, I haven't gotten around to using the last thing I ordered yet, a 4-door body for the Revell 1957 Chevy. I still hope someone can take over the business, it would be a shame to have those molds remain unused.