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  1. really looking for 72 gmc stepside, next 70 superbee pro street, longshot muldowney top fuel. will consider any offer.
  2. i have this-opened only for inspection
  3. looking for decals and 3 custom wheelcovers for AMT Chevrolet's Experimental Astro 1
  4. i found one free...thanks for replying
  5. need body for 51 anglia, nothing else just body but will take complete kit if necessary.
  6. jeffdeoranut

    iso shelby

    looking for 69 shelby convertible-got trade stuff
  7. i just busted 2 sellers trying to pass off new issue/petty blue body as rare original kits with clear body...
  8. anybody have pics of whats in the box?
  9. looking for 2 front wheels/tires/retaining caps for 26 mack. have stuff to trade.
  10. so, anbody have glass from a 62 300 they can part with?
  11. have trade stuff need rrear bunper also
  12. just got this kit. seller listed it as a chrysler 300 but is says new yorker on sides. its a johan-has 1960 on molded in license plate. google didnt have anything for a 60 new yorker or 300 model kit. any info appreciated. would glass from 60 desoto fit?
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