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  1. over the years ive found this site to be the best, no snobbiness, genuine appreciation of others work and seems guys here are always willing to help out with parts, etc. ive both given n received stuff for free here.
  2. facebook...im selling all my builts except for a few and all my unbuilts except for about 30
  3. as i live in the bootheel of missouri i have very little contact with modelers in person and have never entered any models in anything other than a local walmart contest 40 years ago so its mainly thru the internet. today i sold a built model of al vanderwoude's flying dutchman funny car to his son don. this is very gratifying to me as ive never had a model accepted by one of the magazines and dont enter contests. i guess im tootin my own horn but i dont want this post to be viewed as such; rather just a guy in the middle of nowhere sharing a positive moment in his modeling life.
  4. prefer kit with truck only...will consider kits with trailers
  5. in july i was told by hl mgr that in august there would be a company-wide reset of model kit/supplies area
  6. i contacted revell via facebook n they said no...bummer
  7. just heard rumor that revell is gonna reissue can do/ will do...anybody hear anything?
  8. which version? i found one but mite trade for this one...what kinda stuff u looking for?
  9. its weird-after not being able to find one i found one bout 10 minutes after i asked you...a few top fuel kits is bout all i have left of drag stuff. thanks
  10. if u dont make a deal with misternnl, i would like this. what kinda stuff u want in trade?
  11. as stated.need these decals. stuff to trade
  12. i didnt know the caddy had no interior-ill have to pass. i dont have any of the 67 stuff. bout the only vintage stuff i have is a barris edition of grand prix, old intnl semi and racecars
  13. what kind of kit u looking for in trade?
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