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  1. More kits looking for a good home! More kits added!

    don't laugh but I don't know how to send private msg
  2. More kits looking for a good home! More kits added!

    im interested in 1 or 2 of the choppers...what you looking for one of them? I see an orange blossom special peeking in the background
  3. Car Repair Ripoffs 1: Dealerships

    in the 80's a very close friend went towork as mechanic for a used car lot(after 20+ running local chevy dealer shop) and quit as soon as he was asked to put sawdust in a tranny and to assemble an engine from junkers in the back so car could be sold with "rebuilt" tranny and engine
  4. I, too used to agonize whether or not to build a rare kit but not from an investment concern but whether or not I could build the kit at a high level. about 6 years ago I decided to build some of these kits. ive since built a clearbodied mr gasket mustang gasser, a flying Dutchman funny car and an original mpc transporter with ramchargers dragster(naturally sooon after, this kit was reissued) with a olds fwd v8 and reworked interior. as soon as I finish butchering a can do kit I may build the terracruz military nuclear missile transporter kit. I really enjoyed building these kits so my advice is to build it...you will really enjoy it.
  5. What kind of builder are you?

    I build everything automotive...love concept car kits...don't build much box stock...like to be creative and build far out stuff...as far as skill level ive built really awful ones, some good pones and a few very good ones though none in the class of some of the builds here...I polish some kits...make some decals...and scratchbuild a lot. a stroke 3 yrs ago caused me to build onehanded for a while so that hand, my off hand got better...in time I regained most of the strong hand function though photoetch parts are a challenge...my big issue now is I want to build so many kits that its hard to stay focused on one...the guys here are great and I shamelessly steal any idea or method I see here and if there was ever anybody who wanted to know how I did something I would certainly tel/show them. I do envy those here who can cut straight and eyeball levelness...lol
  6. need 6 wheels/tires

    the backhoe tire are too tall and too wide..bnl has tires close but have detail on one side only which would not work for front grader tires...making a tire and casting it is way beyond my ability
  7. need 6 wheels/tires

    thanks but neither one has what I need...some kool stuff though.
  8. need 6 wheels/tires

    looking for 6 wheels and tires suitable for 1/25 road grader..have been wanting to attempt a sctatchbuilt grader for a long time. have trade stuff or other considerations.
  9. Cheez Wiz 1955 Chevy update 1/14/18

    great work so far!! im not surprised that scott sent you some paint. I met him at the 88 street nats in duquion il and he seemed like a nice guy.
  10. Polar Lights Mustang question

    you may have to shorten the steering linkage as well. if I build another one I will create pins for headers to have a stronger glue point.
  11. More kits looking for good homes!

    would you be interested in other than trade ?? for heavy hugger
  12. clearbody mr gasket gasser

    I will consider any trade
  13. More kits looking for good homes!

    would you email me otb...jeffcardinalfan@yahoo.com
  14. More kits looking for good homes!

    is the heavy hugger still available?