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  1. Pet peeve of mine!

    being a modeler who digs creative, far out stuff more than super detailed factory stock models I get peeved at guys who criticize others builds who have the wrong shade of pink dabs on the rear shocks of a build...
  2. Share the Love?

    sort of off topic...a while back I submitted an article idea(reviews of rare kits) to one of the model mags(not this one) and was rather rudely told that not only was my idea BAD but that it would aggravate modellers as it involved kits that weren't readily available. ok, but they could have been nicer. imagine my surprise when in the very next issue this type article appeared and was going to be a new regular feature. I contacted them again and was told that the author of the article(a famous builder)was going to submit this type article for the forseeable future. it would have been fine if they had told me they had that idea already set up or to send my articles in and they would look at them. result was they lost a subscriber. now please don't think im just whining. my point is this: in any business that depends on the general public(especially a business that depends on a dwindling number of customer-there has been much discussion on the state of our hobby) should treat customers as if they value them. sooooo, everything else being relatively equal, why wouldn't mag editors look for different builders, new names to increase interest in our hobby?
  3. Future of the hobby

    some thoughts...for much of America the love affair with the auto is over for many of the same reasons that church attendance is down, far less children play outside everyday-the world is changing. even in my teenage years(70's) you could buy a running car for 100 bucks and insurance was not mandatory. how did I earn the 100 bucks? by working on the farm for 2.25/hr. now try to find a car for less than 1000 bucks-insurance on a teen is at least 100 bucks a month. why did teens want cars or go to church prior to the advent of social media? to meet other boys and girls!! in my day if a guy didn't have access to a car-NO GIRL WOULD BE SEEN WITH HIM. and all of us guys cleaned our cars and made them shine-hotrodders made them fast. people noticed if you put on white letter tires or new rims. young people don't own cars now-why would they want to build models-cars don't mean that much to them as they can interact with others thru social media...I never kissed a girl in front of my parents until I was married-now many teens in my area are allowed to have their bf/gf spend the nite with them in their parents house so why do they need a car? the hobby will never completely die out but it will continue to diminish.
  4. Junk from an Ebay seller?

    ive seen this guy too. I hope those models were built by a child...if so I bet he had a blast doing all the pick up/4 wh dr conversions. while surfing ebay last nite I saw lots of current kits priced in 150-200 $ range. I guess they figure some fool will pay these outlandish prices.
  5. Let's See Some Glue Bombs!

    yes its been posted before...wheels tires are from California wheels kit-55 nomad I think...the firewall could fit better-its plastic mirror stuff from walmart
  6. Let's See Some Glue Bombs!

  7. Let's See Some Glue Bombs!

    I don't have any before pics but all that was salvageable from glue bomb state was part of cab and center frame section
  8. MB Actros 2544 Sideloader with Reefer container

    that is awesome...great work
  9. Corvette C7R (Daytona winner)

    what do you use as the filler?
  10. Porsche GT1 EVO

    nice especially with the decals...were there any fit issues? im considering building this kit and I haven't built any kits of this type car.
  11. Looking for magnum wheels from the 69 Shelby kit

    send your address...ill send them to you
  12. Lil' Red Express

    check out the tips and tricks section here...there are hundreds of excellent posts on how to be a better modeler. if you have questions: just ask...the guys here are great and I shamelessly ask questions and steal ideas.
  13. thank you...I attended this one about 12 years ago when I lived near pacific. I had forgotten when/where it was. im gonna plan to be there in October.
  14. im bout 3hrs from st Louis and 1 1/2 hours from memphis
  15. keep stopping at the end of my builds

    whoa dude, I wasn't knocking the idea of striving for perfection...when I make the first tiny little boo boo on a kit im building it really bugs me. merely pointing out that some builders, like myself get project overload in their brains and move on to a different kit before finishing the first one. example is where im at building now...a year ago or so I obtained a rebuildable model of one of my grails-the charger III kit-hours of carefully disassembling and prepping parts-its ready for paint. then I stumbled on another grail-unbuilt jd farm tractor...charger III back in the box-worked on jd-its ready for paint when I found a can do wrecker at a very good price, so jd back in the box and have worked on the can do(ive stretched it and added 2nd steering axle and 2 helpers) since. however the kit I really want to build is a 1/35 german tank transporter but wont let myself start it until I finish the ones ive got going. then I got some 1/25 mpc trike kits from a member here so the idea of 58 tbird bubbletop stretched hauler with twin engines for the trikes is floating around in the brain and am having to resist putting can do in the box and starting on t bird hauler.