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started building n 1970 or so n gluebombed many(now rare n valuable) kits. around 76 I started building seriously n won a few SMALL contests. between 1980 n 1992 I built exactly 2 kits as college, work, 1 to 1 cars took over. when petty announced his retirement I got one of his kits n had no idea that I was back in the hobby to stay. because of the extremely rural area hat I live in I wasn't even aware of things like bmf, resin or any aftermarket parts until I accidently found a scale auto mag in a town 50 miles from home. I really enjoy tis board as I am not aware of any other modeler in my area. I live bout 180 miles south of st louis, mo n bout 100 miles north of Memphis, tenn. population of nearest town is 892...lol.nearest hobby shop is a hobby lobby 75 miles away.

I build almost anything as the mood hits but probably enjoy building way out of the box n rescuing glue bombs. I have built a few superdetailed kits n also have some that r kinda curbsidish-no engine or suspension.

I'm a certified welder as well as almost having an engineering degree. in mid 90's I got the fever to own a Camaro convertible. since I couldn't afford one I took a sawsall n cut off the roof of my z-28 n made my own convertible top n frame.

in august of 2014 I suffered a stroke n now have limited use of the left arm n leg. of course I'm lefthanded so I now type with one finger on rh n am learning to use rh to build models. building models has been great therapy for lh n only real issue is SMALL PARTS tho I will prob never use photo etch stuff again.

the only holy grail kit that I have not acquired yet is he 1/16 clearbodied petty charger. I was devastated when it was released with a non-clear body.

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