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  1. modeltrucks25thscale added a post in a topic Czech Truck Model Deliveries?   


    I know them as a highly motivated group of modelers and they are absolutely honest about what they are doing ( I even met them again in Jabbeke, Belgium last weekend ). My advice is to have a little bit of patience and wait a little bit longer as I'm sure it will show up in time.

    Regards, Arjan
  2. modeltrucks25thscale added a post in a topic Is there an affordable 1/16 COE on the market?   


    And I wasn't even talking about the quality but about getting the parts you paid for ;o)
    We did a big order a couple of years ago and about 80% of our order was delivered.....of course we paid for 100%.
    I have an old Jaymar catalog and he sure had nice parts.....too bad the quality was questionable.....if you actually did get the parts.

    Regards, Arjan
  3. modeltrucks25thscale added a post in a topic Is there an affordable 1/16 COE on the market?   

    Jaymar in Australia did a 1/16 Peterbilt 110" 362 cab a long time ago....it was fibreglass and delivery was uuuhhhh...let's say: it was Jaymar
    They also did a couple of 1/16 W900 conversions ( S2 and SAR ).
  4. modeltrucks25thscale added a post in a topic Volvo VT880   


    does this help?: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/16884905/Chassis%2520Diagrams.pdf

    Regards, Arjan
  5. modeltrucks25thscale added a post in a topic Narrow nose KW dimensions needed   


    Last Saturday I went to an IPMS meeting over here in The Netherlands to a person who collected old trucks and he opened his doors for us.......one of the trucks was a KW like the one in your photo. Too bad I saw this topic too late as I could have done some measuring for you. Another friend of mine went to the same place 2 years ago and he's a big KW fan and according to people who went with him he was wearing his coveralls and crawled around the truck to make pictures and measurements......I can ask him if he has the info you need?? Oh, and I presume we will be able to preserve a copy through Jan Rosecky for Jabbeke next year? ( I bought the 351 in 2012 and the KW Bullnose this year )
    My collection of photo's of that can be found here: http://public.fotki.com/modeltrucks25thscale/modelshows/dutch-ipms/ipms-sig-meeting-21/

    Regards, Arjan Ouwendijk ( Dutch Model Truck Club )
  6. modeltrucks25thscale added a post in a topic TRT Widening trailer   


    I just had the trailer ( including his IH Prostar ) on my dinner table and I must say that I'm really impressed......a nifty piece of modelling.
    Hopefully it has some color at the Dutch IPMS Nationals in Nieuwegein.

    Regards, Arjan
  7. modeltrucks25thscale added a post in a topic A TRUE scratchbuilder   


    Zeger sometimes uses existing parts for his models but in other cases he scratches everything.....including tires, rims, whatever.
    At the moment he is scratching a Volvo excavator.

    Regards, Arjan
  8. modeltrucks25thscale added a post in a topic Mack Pack   

    My scanner had a mind of his own so it took a day longer
    Anyway, I've scanned the spec sheet and you can find it here: http://public.fotki.com/modeltrucks25thscale/truck_brochures/mack/salesmans_data_book/mack_pack/
    Hope you can use it.
    Oh, and don't forget to click on the little blue link below the medium sized pic.....this will show you the full size version.

    Regards, Arjan
  9. modeltrucks25thscale added a post in a topic Mack Pack   

    I've got a spec sheet of this truck.
    If you want I can make a scan of it and post it on my website.
    It'll be tomorrow though.

    Regards, Arjan
  10. modeltrucks25thscale added a post in a topic Heller Western star   

    It's exactly the same as the Italeri and Revell kit......it's a rebox by Heller.

    Regards, Arjan
  11. modeltrucks25thscale added a post in a topic fred's wrecker reissue   

    Revell always used the term 'K900' for this kit.....I wonder how they came up with that idea??
    On the other hand....I've seen one of these kits with the letters W900 on the boxtop....now THAT must have been a misprint
    Anyway, it's good to see this kit reissued as the wreckerparts are very interesting.

    Regards, Arjan
  12. modeltrucks25thscale added a post in a topic 1/24th scale Ford LN hood.   

    This is the later LTL9000.
    There was an earlier one which was basically an extended L9000.
    Take a look at http://images30.fotki.com/v38/fileEM0I/8dd...8/LLine7604.jpg for a picture of this puppy.
    You can find the complete brochure at http://public.fotki.com/modeltrucks25thsca...rd_l-line_1976/

    Regards, Arjan
  13. modeltrucks25thscale added a post in a topic Mack RL700 pics?   

    Thanks Jim....for refering to our site

    Figuring out Mack modelnumbers isn't that hard......let's see...R685ST
    - R: modeltype
    - 6: weightclass ( R-series came in -4, -6, -7 and -8 groups )
    - 85: enginemodel ( 85 is ENDT675 or -675C )
    - S: six wheel
    - T: tractor

    Also, converting an AMT Mack R kit to an earlier vintage doesn't stop with swapping interiors......you'll need to swap cabs as well as the post '73 cab had a bulged rearwall ( 6" ) to create more room inside.
    Ofcourse you have to go the other way to convert an Ertl DM kit to do a post '73.
    All this info comes from my salesmansbook which I hope to upload to Fotki.....someday....

    Regards, Arjan
  14. modeltrucks25thscale added a post in a topic modern 53' trailers   


    That was the kit made by Klaus Clever ( K.C. ) and appearantly it's no longer availlable.
    It's a lot of money but it is a nice kit......but you have to add a lot of stuff by yourself.

    In the latest TruckModelWorld there was an article about how to scratch a ( British ) flatbed trailer.....as the basic idea is similar to US trailers it would be very helpfull in scratching a 53'trailer yourself.

  15. modeltrucks25thscale added a post in a topic modern 53' trailers   

    Fortunately, YES!
    Modelltruckandparts from Austria made a 53' Transcraft flatbed multimedia kit for the hefty sum of around €100 ( roughly $140 ).
    I bought 2 of them some time ago and I'm very pleased with them.
    Link: http://www.modelltrucksandparts.at/shop/pr...9bc6366c19729b8 ( hope this works as it's a bit long )
    If it doens't work then go to the mainpage and click on the trailerimage for more info ( there's an English language flag on the bottom of the same page )....... http://modelltrucksandparts.at/shop/

    Also, Klaus Clever from Germany did a 45' Scona flatbed oilfield trailer a couple of years ago......very nice kit as well but you have to add a lot of extra's afterwards which make things very expensive ( wheels, balsawood and a bunch of Evergreen ).
    This kit is/was availlable in both 1/24 and 1/25 scale.