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  1. Just a follow up - I reached Gregg directly and he was right on it. All missing issues have been received and I was grateful for the outstanding customer service.
  2. Guys - I just recently received issue 207. I honest to God thought that this was the next issue in sequence after the contest cars issue from 2-3 years ago. I had long since given up on Model Cars as a viable periodical (no offense to the people making it, but it just didn't seem like it was going to happen). I was genuinely stunned to see on the back issues page that 4 more issues had been generated but I never received them as part of my subscription. I sent an email to Gregg, but I was curious if this was exclusive to just me, or if others experienced similar problems.
  3. I haven't decided on how I'll build it yet. As for warehouse deals, just go to the main Amazon page and enter Warehouse Deals into the search. It will take you to them and then you can search sub categories for what you want. Naturally, selection is limited to a small amount of items, but changes regularly.
  4. You're 100% correct. Just follow the link and you will see the complete absence of Goodyear markings.
  5. I have next week off so I'm hoping to get to it then. Here are some shots of the instructions. I got some weird yellow lines on two of the pics, but you can still see the details. I'll take some more pics along the way. There's a companion kit in purple that has the same white stripes. If I like this, I might pick up the Mustang and Camaro as well.
  6. I keep reading about these kits in a competing magazine and they interested me as a slump-buster. I was skeptical that there would be all that much to them, so I used a Michaels coupon and picked one up just for the heck of it. Based on the contents, I'm impressed so far: The body looks great: There are about 44 parts and they look like they'll lend themselves to decent detail:
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