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  1. This is my take on the Lindberg Bull Horn T bucket. Sorry if the photos are a little dark, that’s winter in the U.K. for you. Mostly straight from the box with the exception of seats, floor and headers plus a fan belt - why no fan belt ?
  2. Thanks for the compliments gentlemen, the Henry J was styled on a 1:1 build and has a set back engine and firewall.
  3. Here’s my final line up for 2019.
  4. The Avenger along with many other classics series such as The Saint were filmed around the village where I was raised. I was fortunate as a young lad to sit in both the Bentley and the blue Elan during a break in filming but most memorable was Diana Rigg in the black leather catsuit, a vision I will carry to the grave. Wonderful times.
  5. Pretty much an OOTB build, just swopped out the tyres, narrowed the front rims added a 4 port injector and deleted the bug catcher. The tail light was missing from the very battered box so a modified ‘36 Ford one is being fitted at final assembly. Paint is Ford Electric Orange as used on European Ford Focus RS models.
  6. Thanks for that Keith, that shot from the rear shows just how wide the turbine really is overall. My corvette plan may just be a pipe dream.
  7. Where there’s a will there’s a way.... Thanks for pointing that out, now I’m thinking about canting it over like Chrysler’s leaning tower of power. what are you doing about drive to the axle ?
  8. Great concept Keith, will be watching this build as I have one of those turbine engines that I plan to use in a Corvette C1 ‘concept ‘ car with a Beatnik Bandit bubble top. You are right about the instructions being somewhat vague but they may be the least of my problems come the day.
  9. Man those seats are nice, gotta get me some of those. Your purple coupe shows that the Revell ‘32 is a fine kit straight from the box.
  10. Thanks for the input guys, the finished build is now ‘Under Glass’.
  11. All done having fun with this one. David Stacey rat rod body with upper cowl and Duval screen from the phantom Vicky, hot rod louvered deck lid and hood sides, the rest is from various Revell ‘32 ‘s . Paint is GM Blazing Orange, front wheels are Sizzler and rears are from the Stacey kit.
  12. I’ve no problem with Michael showing his version of the roadster on this thread, it's great to see how other builders tackle the problems that I have encountered. David, the panel gaps are not as bad as they seem, the car was only mocked up for the pictures. The twin air cleaners are from the AMT Silhouette show car. Progress took a step back last night when fitting the hoses, I found the radiator was for a flathead - after it was fitted. Only noticed when I found 2 top hose outlets !
  13. You are quite right Michael about the gap around the rear fenders, I have done my best to correct this issue with some success but it’s not perfect. Your roadster is terrific, the flame job is a true work of art. I always think a ‘32’s look odd without a spreader bar, the empty space in front of the grille shell needs something in my eyes.
  14. Loving the stance and the wheels are perfect Bruce, I will be watching this build. I built this several years ago, can’t remember altering the frame.
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