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  1. crossfire 2004 added a post in a topic Willys Surrey   

    I too started the same project but using the MPC jeep kit as a base, swapping  out the front axle for a beam. Sadly I found the task of masking up the two tone paint scheme and tackling a realistic Surrey top ( the MPC kit includes one) rather daunting and back in the box it went.
    Good luck with the build, I will be watching your progress.
  2. crossfire 2004 added a post in a topic RRR's '32 Roadster   

    Wow ! Outstanding build !
  3. crossfire 2004 added a post in a topic Show Me Some Hearses!   

    Here's mine, not sure if it's ambulance or hearse so I refer to it as the 'ambuhearse'.

  4. crossfire 2004 added a post in a topic AlumaWagon   

    I'm liking that a lot, nice build.
  5. crossfire 2004 added a post in a topic Retro Speedwagon   

    Many thanks for all the positive feedback on this project, the finished build is now on display in the "under glass " section.
  6. crossfire 2004 added a topic in Under Glass   

    Retro Speedwagon
    Calling this one done, not greatly detailed but then my builds never are as they are just dust collectors,sorry, displayed at home not entered into contests.

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  7. crossfire 2004 added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Retro Speedwagon
    Have been working on this Speedwagon recently and thought I would share my progress with the collective.
    Wanted a more old timer feel to the build so swopped out the engine and trans for the flathead from the '38 pickup kit. Rear end is '40 banjo mounted on a '36 crossmember while the wheels & tyres are from the '31 sedan.
    The interior has the front bench from the '32 Phaeton and the rear seat was deleted to make way for a sliced 'n' diced load deck from a '55 Nomad though in hindsight this wasn't worth the effort as it's barely visible when assembled. Steering wheel is from a '37 Chevy. When completed it wil include full fenders and the hood top.
    No doubt this combination is technically incorrect to the rivet counters among the forum members but I will not be losing sleep from any criticisms.

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  8. crossfire 2004 added a post in a topic Troublemaker Funny Car.   

    Thank you for the kind words gentlemen, sometimes you just get an idea that works as well in plastic as it did in your twisted mind.
  9. crossfire 2004 added a topic in Under Glass   

    '55 Gasser
    Forgot to post up a few pictures of my completed build of this kit.
    Nomad rear wheel arches, rear seat delete interior tub and front suspension from the AMT Distortion kit.
    Apologies for the poor Ipad pictures.

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  10. crossfire 2004 added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    Troublemaker Funny Car.
    One of Tom Daniels better designs in my mind, it could almost pass for the real deal.
    I was not impressed with the kit decals and the Drill Sergeant set I had led to a military theme being born. Box stock except the front wheels as there was one missing when I bought the kit.

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  11. crossfire 2004 added a post in a topic '55 Gasser   

    I have considered removing the spear from the door but was dubious about tapering the remaining portion successfully on the fender so it stays for now at least. Bodywork is my least favourite part of the hobby and I surprised myself with how well the rear end turned out that I may quit while I'm ahead !
  12. crossfire 2004 added a post in a topic '55 Gasser   

    Thanks for the kind words guys.
  13. crossfire 2004 added a topic in On The Workbench   

    '55 Gasser
    I thought it was time to share one of my own builds with the forum members here rather than just admiring from the side lines. I'll be the first to admit my models are never massively detailed and I build for my own pleasure only.
    On to the '55 in question, it's based on the AMT sedan kit as I wanted a body with full door frames and B posts. Rather than radiusing the rear arches I chose to utilise those from a Nomad, a trick I had previously seen on a 1:1 build, while I was carrying out this operation I took the time to delete all the Bel Air trim. The Matchbox Nomad kit has also donated it's gasser front end and interior tub which saved me deleting the rear seat from the sedan tub.
    Here are a few in progress shots.

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