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  1. "SHINER" - Ford 1940 in Peking to Paris 2013

    Fantastic work Paulo, I will be watching your build progress. I did a similar conversion on a 39 Chevy a while ago, installed a 6 cylinder motor and Jeep wheel / tyres.
  2. 1940 Ford Wagon with scratch trailer - MADE IN BRAZIL

    Loving this ! Tempted to buy another of these and build my own example. Well done.
  3. What Is It?

    Had to google the “Californian” - it’s certainly different.
  4. AMT ‘40 Ford Delivery

    Thank you all for the comments, sometimes it’s the simple ones that give you the gratification to start the next challenging built.
  5. Finished this up with just the basic detailing, some times I just have to smash out a quick build to give myself a break. Enjoyed building this as a kid using the Buick engine and the optional drive mag wheels, this time it’s the flattie with steel wheels.
  6. ‘40 Ford Delivery

    Apologies to the forum mods for posting in the wrong section, thanks for moving the build. Now finished so check it out in the “under glass” section.
  7. Henry J

    Thanks for the positive feedback guys, much appreciated.
  8. Have a real soft spot for this kit, having built it as a kid in the ‘70s I felt it was time to re visit. No major mods planned for this one, just a whack with the lowering stick, a set of resin wheels and wide whites from The Parts Box in Australia, and a fender/ hood swop so that I can change the grille. Not yet decided on colour- any suggestions ?
  9. Henry J

    Finally got this one finished, it’s the Revell gasser kit with shortened frame using the Malco Mustang front suspension. Based on just a few pictures that I found of a 1:1 Henry on the net I think I captured the essence of the real deal. Hope you approve.
  10. Scooby Doo, Where Are You...Polar Lights Mystery Machine

    That’s a cool fun kit to build, I got a little carried away with mine.
  11. That’s some fantastic fabrication work there sir, a true master class.
  12. Henry J

    I’ve had a Revell Henry J in my stash for some time but have been put off building it due to the unsightly frame and front suspension on display - until I happened upon this... Inspired by this, the frame was shortened and the front end from a Malco Mustang donated to the cause. An injected SBC has found its way under the scuttle, while a modified Malco bulkhead fills the gap. Rear end is from a Revell ‘32 with a combination of Malco and J components hung on my own mounts. Bodywork is “in progress”, the front sheet metal is now static and the hood is filled. Thanks for looking.
  13. Warped body

    The roof pillars straighten when the windows are fitted and it looks fine - I was reluctant to mess with them in case they snapped and I created even more problems. However, you now have me thinking about a convertible el Camino....
  14. Warped body

    Thought I’d post an update regarding the worst of the two bodies having successfully built the Elky using the spare body- see it in the ‘under glass’ section. Using a technique shown in the latest issue of Scale Auto, I chopped up a length of off cut timber to fit inside the body shell then drilled 4 holes in the sides of the body. Holding the body squarely on the timber I screwed the 2 together then placed them in a plastic container into which near boiling water was poured and the body weighted down. After a few minutes the body was transferred to the kitchen freezer while still attached to the timber, then after approximately 3 hours the screws were removed and Voila ! just the 4 holes to fill and it’s as good as new. I must say I’m pleasantly surprised by the results and recommend giving this method a try.
  15. AMT ‘59 El Camino

    After a false start due to a badly warped body in the first kit I opened, a second kit provided a better body. Build is basically box stock except some modifications to the rear suspension to the body lower and a set of Pegasus Supremes. Paint is Tamiya TS52 over a silver base and the cycle is from the AMT ‘29 woody/pickup kit. Far too much foiling for my liking, and the new sheet of BMF I bought for the build refuses to adhere to anything so the remains of an old sheet were pressed into service.