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  1. Another project returning to the bench, 1954 Corvette Nomad.

    I too started a similar project a few years back using the Corvette body with a shortened nomad roof as I felt the original 1:1 looked a little long to me. Never got much further than this stage before it went onto the back burner. Good luck with the build, it has inspired me to get mine back on the bench.
  2. 63 Vette Gasser, Completed

    Fits real nice under the AMT Thunderbird too.
  3. AMT 1923 Model T Van - What a Mess!

    Garry, your assessment of this kit is pretty accurate from my experience, as I attempted to build the Matchbox version a while ago and found the same issues. Fortunately I had built the AMT Tall T and was able to use all the running gear and chassis under the original body. I was still underwhelmed by the finished model and it was soon packed away in a box. I have been considering setting the body on the Lil John tourer chassis.....
  4. 29 roadster

    Terrific, looks perfect on those ‘32 rails & great weathering.
  5. Dry lakes ‘29 roadster

    Thank you all for your comments, the Revell front suspension/ steering is far nicer than the AMT offering but pretty fiddly to get right, it must have frustrated many a young builder back in the day.
  6. Dry lakes ‘29 roadster

    Found them in my parts box mate, no idea where they originated from I’m afraid.
  7. Dry lakes ‘29 roadster

    Originally started with the AMT ‘29 kit that I had kicking around, this build quickly escalated resulting in parts from 4 older issue kits, including the Cherry Pie and Woodstock donating to the cause, with only the body from the initial kit being used.
  8. model tall Ts

  9. AMT ‘33 Willys

    Thanks everyone for your positive comments, here’s the build thread for those that may have missed it.
  10. AMT ‘33 Willys

    Build now complete and in the Under Glass section.
  11. AMT ‘33 Willys

    Calling this one done, AMT ‘33 body meets shortened Revell ‘41 Street rod chassis. Running boards are modified Revell ‘32, trunk lid recess filled using part of a ‘36 rumble seat lid. Paint is Vauxhall (GM) Caribic blue metallic. Pretty pleased with the result as I usually shy away from body mods.
  12. AMT ‘33 Willys

    Bit of an update on the Willys, struggled to find a engine/trans/ header combo that allowed the body to fit properly and clear the flip front. In the end it’s a sbc with injection stacks from the Impala kit. Also found time to toss some paint on the body at last, artificial light doesn’t do it justice, it’s more of a teal colour in natural light. Now I can finally start real assembly and put this one to rest. Thanks to everyone for their kind comments so far & humouring a rank amateur.
  13. 1962 Studebaker Lark

    Here’s mine based on a 1:1 Lark I saw at the 50th Bonneville Speed Week.
  14. AMT ‘33 Willys

    Having used the ‘33 chassis under my Jeep build, I decided to update AMT’s offering with Revell’s pro street underpinnings. The chassis is a pretty good fit under the body needing only the rear overhang and body mounts removing, shifting the front suspension forward and narrowing to get the front wheels tucked inside the arches. I opted to fill the roof insert using the kit piece, modified Revell ‘32 Ford running boards to fit, then used part of a ‘36 Ford rumble seat lid to fill the spare wheel mount in the truck lid. This last modification was necessary as it fouled the wheel tubs in the trunk. These mods are pretty straightforward for many of this forums members, but were major for me as I hate performing bodywork of any sort. I have hinged the flip front and the trunk lid and they both seem to fit well when mocking up, time will tell when it comes to assembly. The Revell Willys engine was too wide to fit under the flip front so the motor shown had to be substituted, I have no idea of its origins. l have had to form my own headers from aluminium rod due to space limitations, they are unfinished because I’ve yet to decide where they are heading. The interior is mostly from the ‘41 that has been narrowed to fit, it’s a surprisingly good fit. and that’s where it stands as the filler dust and styrene swarf settles. I have no idea on colours or even if it’s street or strip at this point, I’ll just see where it takes me.
  15. Mall Crawler

    Nice build Andy, loving that Chrysler colour.