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  1. Thanks David, I have the wagon body glued together just waiting for a tidy up prior to building, it will be low on Astro Supremes.
  2. https://kustomrama.com/wiki/Frank_Maratta's_1930_Ford https://www.hotrod.com/articles/historic-1930-ford-model-gasser-helped-establish-drag-racing-new-england/
  3. In 1958 Frank Maratta Snr campaigned a ‘30 Ford coupe that was to become the A/Gas champ that year. The car resurfaced recently and this build is based on its current guise that really spoke to me. This was my 1st real airbrush paint job and 1st attempt at rusting. All paint was Vallejo with chipping medium between the base coats and the final blue hue. The rivet counters will probably shake their heads and mutter under their breath’s but I’m happy with the finished item and it hopefully bears more than a passing resemblance to the original.
  4. crossfire 2004


    Take a step back to the U.K. hot rod & custom scene in the late ‘80S, and Martin Ayres ‘57 Fairlane was a regular at many shows right through into the early ‘90s after which it disappeared. It was always a favourite of mine and when Revell released the sedan and wagon kits I knew it was time. The major hurdle was the side trim, mainly the fact that the trim on the sedan was wrong and the wagon’s was correct, so out came the saw to both bodies. Surgery complete and several attempts in the paint booth gave me something close to the correct colour. The rest is pretty much box stock except the wheels robbed from a Silhouette show car. I mentioned that Gladys disappeared after several years , well it resurfaced looking worse for wear at an event a few years back... Finally, why ‘Gladys’ I here you ask ? Apparently Martin was so pleased that he had finally completed the build, he was ‘glad it’s finished’ and so the car was simply named ‘Gladys’.
  5. Many thanks, colour is VW Mars red from an auto store rattle can.
  6. Just finished up this Revell ‘29 Ford , it has the frame from the recent roadster kit with the axles from a Speedwagon. Engine and firewall are from the AMT Mod Rod roadster. Rear wheels and tyres are from the Pro Street Willys as I thought they looked similar to the old Firestone Indys with the sidewall detail on the inner face. I did toy with building it as the roadster pickup and painted both bodies but was swayed by the closed cab once mocked up.
  7. I love where this is going, great idea and it works for me. In a similar vein I removed the tops from both the sedan and del Rio and swapped them to give me the correct side trim on the sedan for a project I have waiting in the wings.
  8. A not so serious take on the Polar Lights Scooby van. Funny car motor and Pegasus rims scare the hell out of Shaggy and Scooby.
  9. Killer work Dennis, once again you have given us a master class in doing it right yet keeping it simple. Inspiring stuff.
  10. Snake, the body colour is Tamiya TS-90 with a semi gloss clear.
  11. Alan, I must admit to having forgotten to paint the 4 bar brackets - it will be addressed immediately ! Re the firewall rods, there is only one centrally positioned hole in the radiator so a vee’d 2 into 1 is needed. I will get right on it.
  12. Just finished this one up while under house arrest, frame modified to include ‘40 centre x member, ‘48 rear end with Parts Box finned drums all round. Engine is the Ardun from the F1 truck kit.
  13. Thanks guys, still waiting for a photo of a completed build though- anyone ?
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