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  1. AMT ‘33 Willys

    Thanks everyone for your positive comments, here’s the build thread for those that may have missed it.
  2. AMT ‘33 Willys

    Build now complete and in the Under Glass section.
  3. AMT ‘33 Willys

    Calling this one done, AMT ‘33 body meets shortened Revell ‘41 Street rod chassis. Running boards are modified Revell ‘32, trunk lid recess filled using part of a ‘36 rumble seat lid. Paint is Vauxhall (GM) Caribic blue metallic. Pretty pleased with the result as I usually shy away from body mods.
  4. AMT ‘33 Willys

    Bit of an update on the Willys, struggled to find a engine/trans/ header combo that allowed the body to fit properly and clear the flip front. In the end it’s a sbc with injection stacks from the Impala kit. Also found time to toss some paint on the body at last, artificial light doesn’t do it justice, it’s more of a teal colour in natural light. Now I can finally start real assembly and put this one to rest. Thanks to everyone for their kind comments so far & humouring a rank amateur.
  5. 1962 Studebaker Lark

    Here’s mine based on a 1:1 Lark I saw at the 50th Bonneville Speed Week.
  6. AMT ‘33 Willys

    Having used the ‘33 chassis under my Jeep build, I decided to update AMT’s offering with Revell’s pro street underpinnings. The chassis is a pretty good fit under the body needing only the rear overhang and body mounts removing, shifting the front suspension forward and narrowing to get the front wheels tucked inside the arches. I opted to fill the roof insert using the kit piece, modified Revell ‘32 Ford running boards to fit, then used part of a ‘36 Ford rumble seat lid to fill the spare wheel mount in the truck lid. This last modification was necessary as it fouled the wheel tubs in the trunk. These mods are pretty straightforward for many of this forums members, but were major for me as I hate performing bodywork of any sort. I have hinged the flip front and the trunk lid and they both seem to fit well when mocking up, time will tell when it comes to assembly. The Revell Willys engine was too wide to fit under the flip front so the motor shown had to be substituted, I have no idea of its origins. l have had to form my own headers from aluminium rod due to space limitations, they are unfinished because I’ve yet to decide where they are heading. The interior is mostly from the ‘41 that has been narrowed to fit, it’s a surprisingly good fit. and that’s where it stands as the filler dust and styrene swarf settles. I have no idea on colours or even if it’s street or strip at this point, I’ll just see where it takes me.
  7. Mall Crawler

    Nice build Andy, loving that Chrysler colour.
  8. Let's Post Our Snap Kits!

    This was based on a 1:1 Lark that caught my eye while at the 50th Bonneville Speed Week.
  9. Let's Post Our Snap Kits!

  10. Tweety Pie 2

    Thanks guys, the Tweedy Pie is quite short but lowering the roof height seems to help the proportions. The colour is from a cheepo range stocked at a local hardware store, these are the only metallic colours they keep. They seem to cover well with a really good finish, the ‘34 has a coat of the gold.
  11. Tweety Pie 2

    This is my take on the Revell Tweety Pie 2 kit that I have just completed. The Olds motor & trans are from the AMT ‘40 Ford sedan kit, headers from the Slingster, rear wheels are resin items, the screen and hood were chopped while the 3 diamond rear window was swapped for an AMT 29 pickup slotted frame. My only real criticism would be that parts you would expect to be chrome such as the front axle grille and headlights are not, while parts unnecessarily plated require stripping prior to paint.
  12. Ford GT40 mk II Daytona '67

    Thanks for clearing that up for me Bill, they say every day is a school day.
  13. Ford GT40 mk II Daytona '67

    Beautiful build Jason, can I ask what the 2 large aluminium boxes either side of the exhausts are ? I don’t recall seeing those on another GT40.
  14. Escort Pro-Stock

    Sorry Rodney, I missed your question. Baps are soft bread rolls, which when placed beside each other bear more than a passing resemblance to a woman’s assets. Every product mentioned on the van doors have subtle double meanings....
  15. Escort Pro-Stock

    We had several V8 Mk 3/4 Escort race cars here in the U.K. here is a example that ran in Super Gas class. There is even a tubbed street driven van variant here too.