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  1. Escort Pro-Stock

    We had several V8 Mk 3/4 Escort race cars here in the U.K. here is a example that ran in Super Gas class. There is even a tubbed street driven van variant here too.
  2. AMT ‘33 Willys

    Having used half of the chassis from this ‘33 under my recently completed Jeep ‘gasser’ it seemed only right to rob the chassis from something else to replace it, enter stage left the Revell Willys street rod. I can see this will be a vicious circle with who knows what frame ending up under the ‘41 body. With some modification to the front suspension and shortening the rear of the frame, it looks to be feasible and the stance looks good. This will be a slower project than my usual builds as I’ve been sidetracked modifying a Tweedy Pie 2 at the same time.
  3. Monogram Little T

    Truly stunning, amazing workmanship, thanks for sharing.
  4. 67 Charger

    That’s a truly gorgeous build Ken, looks just like the real deal. Well done.
  5. Just another Willys

    Thanks guys, in hindsight perhaps this should be in the drag section - maybe admin would like to move it across if need be.
  6. Just another Willys

    Recently had yet another crazy build idea that has resulted in this Willys. I’ve no idea what class it would or could compete in, it was just built for fun. I figured that not every racer had access to a coupe body, so why not a decommissioned military jeep instead. Hogans Heroes body and rear half of chassis mated to the front half of a AMT ‘33 Willys frame and suspension. Rear axle is narrowed Matchbox ‘55 nomad as is the engine/trans, seat and part of the floor. There are parts pack slicks and parts box bits & bobs. It will never win any prizes but I really like it, hope you guys do too.
  7. ‘39 Chevy Long Distance Rally Car

    Cheers Cale, that’s a neat build - sure would be a handful with a hemi up front !
  8. ‘39 Chevy Long Distance Rally Car

    Pleasantly surprised by the renewed interest in this build and the positive comments from you all. Heres another shot of the finished Chevy.
  9. Mystery Machine

    Thanks guys, the build was just a bit of fun at the time and has proved to be very popular when displayed.
  10. Just a bit of fun from a couple of years ago, hope you guys like it. This build began as a simple Polar Lights Mystery Machine snap kit but soon escalated to this crazy finale. A set of Pegasus wheels got the creative juices flowing before I had the mid mounted hemi idea. The motor was robbed from a wrecked 1:16 funny car bought off EBay. Drive to the axle is a little sketchy to say the least, just use your imagination! Up front Scooby hangs on for dear life while Shaggy grabs gears, eyes popping from his head in excitement.
  11. 32 Ford's

    Just finished, AMT Pheaton body converted to 2 door with Revell Speedwagon frame and modified interior. A real pain due to the body being a good bit shallower than everything else.
  12. Pics of your Showrods anyone?

    Here’s my take on the Predicta, a Salt Flats racer.
  13. ‘39 Chevy Long Distance Rally Car

    Thanks to everyone for the kind comments regarding the build, I have made a couple of adjustments to the restraining straps on the spare wheel and the hood since taking those photos as both were annoying me every time I looked at the model. Heres a link to a similar car with a few more details regarding long distance rally events. https://rpsrally.com/1939-chevrolet-coupe-long-distance-rally-car/
  14. ‘39 Chevy Long Distance Rally Car

    Originally built for a rally themed UK forum build off this Chevy is based on the coupe style used by the legendary Fangio and replicated by a number of current vintage race car builders. Stupidly I chose to start with the Revell lowrider kit which I then had to un lower to restore the original ride height, then swop in a 6 from the Matchbox ‘51 convertible to which I added dual carbs. Body mods were restricted to running board removal, reprofiling the leading edge of each fender and making hood sides from a pair of ‘36 Ford couple items. Paint is Peugeot white which has a nice creamy appearance and is straight from a rattle can. Wheels are from the Hogans Heroes Jeep with parts box tires, the roof mounted spare is held down using a scale tank tow rope. Seats are from the Willys street rod, seat belts and hood straps are made from masking tape. Side exhaust is a mix of solder, aluminium tube, plastic rod and Tamiya tape ‘heat wrap’. Seasons greetings to you all, your 2017 builds have all been so inspiring. Thanks.
  15. Willys Surrey

    I too started the same project but using the MPC jeep kit as a base, swapping out the front axle for a beam. Sadly I found the task of masking up the two tone paint scheme and tackling a realistic Surrey top ( the MPC kit includes one) rather daunting and back in the box it went. Good luck with the build, I will be watching your progress.