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  1. Thanks Plowboy, I kinda guessed that is what you had done, now I’m even more impressed with the finished truck. Unfortunately you have now created another problem by directing me to a forum that until now, I was blissfully unaware existed, I now have to spend even more time surfing the web rather than building. Thanks !
  2. Great looking Hudson with some nice detailing, but I can’t help thinking that it needs a trip to the alignment shop !
  3. Having looked at both kits I think you may be over simplifying this conversion for us Plowboy. Out of the box the front of the ‘37 cowl doesn’t match the ‘36 hood sides and the raised detail at the bottom of the cab seems to have the profile of the ‘36, yet the door shape remains ‘37. Do you have any ‘ in progress’ photos of the build to show us the magic happens ? Many thanks.
  4. Finally buttoned up the last few bits on this build today, aerial, truck handle, correct license plate, BMF etc. Thanks to everyone for looking, I have enjoyed recreating this piece of history and hope to present it to the new owner of the 1:1 in a couple of weeks.
  5. The finish line is in sight for this build, some BMF and a few details to complete the ‘40. The paint is a little too shiny and the interior is not totally correct but as they say, it’s close enough for jazz. I had to buy a Maverick Dodge just to get the cam decals for the side glass and the stripes are decals from a Revell Jagermeister VW panel van.
  6. This ‘40 Ford coupe was owned and raced by Mike Bamber prior to his Silver Dollar Willy pickup and was last ran in anger in 1959. Originally powered by a Latham supercharged small block Chevy, which went onto power the Willys, it ran constant 10s at the drags before gaining an injected 283 punched out to 348. When he ran as part of the Dragmasters team he refused to paint the car gold but agreed to add the stripes as a compromise. Rather than chop up the original rear fenders to fit the slicks, replacement used panels were sourced hence the single tail light. The original uncut hood also survives with the car. There is still an exit hole on the upper bulkhead alongside the battery where the clutch departed when things became a little to much for it. The rear end is an early Chevy item on the original Ford spring. I was delighted to find that the Ford had been purchased by a U.K. buyer, then when I saw it at the recent Dragstalgia event, pleasantly shocked to find that it was someone I know ! Once I had seen the car close up I knew I had to build a scale version as close as reasonably possible within my capabilities. Body is a mixture of various ‘40 parts that I had to hand, Hilborn injected Chevy is I believe from the ‘55 nomad kit along with the rear axle, rear wheels are 4 slot mags from the Orange Krate. I have included the damage to the bulkhead and scratched the forward mounted fuel tank with bizarre regulator made from a 4 barrel carb, and deleted one tail light. The body was painted yesterday and is currently in the dryer, the interior is not totally accurate but uses the tuck n roll pieces from a Revell ‘48 Ford.
  7. Thanks guys, quite an enjoyable build despite its age and inherent issues with the flip front.
  8. That’s fantastic Claude ! The detailing is superb and it looks ready for the salt. You really should try to visit Bonneville - I’ve made the pilgrimage twice from the U.K. and helped out on the Rolling Bones cars at the 60th event. Highly recommended.
  9. A quickly build, pretty much out of the box bar remounting the flip front hinges so that it actually tilted without falling off and almost aligned with the cowl when closed. Paint is Vauxhall (GM) Blazing Orange rattle can over a white base and it really pops in the sunlight.
  10. That’s fantastic, I have both kits in my stash and this build has just been added to my ‘to do’ list.
  11. Great call Richard ! I have an Orange Crate in my stash and as you say it has the small window mags - I hadn’t looked and assumed the rears were solid like the fronts. Thank you all for your thoughts, let the build commence.
  12. Good call Sir, sadly the chance of me scoring an XR6 kit here in the U.K. is pretty slim and the parts pack even less. At least I know they have been made at some point, I just have to bide my time and find them.
  13. Many thanks for the suggestions guys, I have just won a pair of resin large window Halibrands on a well known auction site that may be an option if the small window wheels prove elusive.
  14. Could any of the forum gurus point me towards a kit that contains, or a resin caster who produces, these 4 slot small window mag wheels. I believe the recent release of the SWC Willys rear wheels are 4 slot but are they a close match for those show below ? Many thanks in advance .
  15. Fantastic work Paulo, I will be watching your build progress. I did a similar conversion on a 39 Chevy a while ago, installed a 6 cylinder motor and Jeep wheel / tyres.
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