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  1. Top man, your generosity is much appreciated .
  2. Jack, thank you so much for posting the Harley tire to me here in the U.K., I will now build it as you suggested ! Please let me reimburse you for for the the part and overseas postage.
  3. I managed to make this from an original Bullhorn with help from the Serpent kit.
  4. You do Jack ! I have had this kit for around 3 years and never found a suitable tire. Would you sell it , and more importantly put it in an envelope to the U.K. at my expense ?
  5. I have this U.K. issued double Harley kit, sadly there is only one bike and the box is poor - but it is cool ! I could really use a rear tyre if anyone has a spare.....
  6. This was a enjoyable quick stress free build that turned out quite nice. There are numerous variations available straight from the box, my only modifications were to add a belt tensioner for the blower and some plug wires as the motor looked a little bare. Hope you guys approve.
  7. Thanks Martin, just read through Richards build thread and found it both inspiring and depressing. No way will my build ever reach the detail or standard of his roadster. I’m trying to fine a suitable colour to get the painting under way, I feel like I’m treading water at the moment. Do you know anyone who could reproduce the lettering as decals ?
  8. It seems we are talking about the same guy, I just assumed that he still owns the roadster. The more pictures that I see , the more things I have to redo, interior, both axles, mag not distributor, this could take a while.
  9. Good to see you back Martin and with such a cool project, I’ll be following your progress with the build. I have looked at those IFS kits from Motobitz and look forward to your feedback on them. I like the instruction to ‘clean off flash’ when it’s hard to spot the parts amongst the excess plastic.
  10. Wow ! Thank you for the photos, there are some great interior shots that will certainly help the build. I have no idea how I’ll reproduce the lettering, just trying to build something resembling the car is tough enough. I am in contact with the owner, Mikael, but will respect his privacy and not disclose his surname . Your friend built a stunning roadster , he should be proud of his work.
  11. Thanks Tim, I have a couple of the Rat Roadsters in my stash but this build will be strictly sans fenders as per the photos.
  12. I have no idea to be honest Snake, the car is in Sweden and the owner’s English is only slightly better than my non existent Swedish. I don’t believe that it’s a restored survivor with history, more a really cool toy as his serious race car seems to be this beauty.
  13. So would I Mike, so would I ......
  14. That’s turned out fantastic John, the Troublemaker is one of my favourite TD designs. I built one several years ago but the decal sheet was toast so a change of direction was in order.
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