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  1. Great build Scott, I too had to combine the Serpent with the Bull Horn to get a decent result.
  2. These are all I have I’m afraid.
  3. As I recall the body would not sit on the frame correctly with the inner fenders in place and after a number of unsuccessful attempts to trim parts away I lost interest and the will to live.
  4. I have 2 examples of the ‘51 kit languishing in boxes having lost patience with the inner fenders…..
  5. This car was the inspiration for the build, though I couldn’t find the picture when work began and my memory is not what it was I’m afraid.
  6. Used up some leftover parts for this one, frame is from the early issue pick up and was lengthened about 5mm to better centre the wheels in the arches, while the body is from the Street Rod box with the blower hole filled.
  7. Nice work Michael, I like where you are going with this one. Here’s my take on the gasser Jeep to give you some inspiration.
  8. Thanks, the bed cover is from the ‘59 El Camino with just a couple of small notches to the front corners. No sense in making work for myself. Lol.
  9. Finally finished this one up, it’s the lower body from the sedan with the upper section from the wagon which was then chopped into a Ranchero. Some minor trim shaving and tunnelling the headlights sorted the exterior, while the entire inner body was recessed up into the outer. The suspension is at stock height on the frame and the rolling stock are from Pegasus.
  10. There are more details of your inspiration ‘57 here Ray. https://www.hemmings.com/stories/article/lofty-ambition-1957-ford-gasser
  11. A decision was made regarding the paint, hopefully it’s all downhill from here.
  12. Still very much a work in progress this Ranchero is the child of a previous ‘57 marriage , Gladys, my sedan build that required side spears only found on the Revell wagon body. Body bodies were cut up to achieve the desired trim level on the sedan leaving me with the mis matched remains that were combined to make another wagon. Still with me ? then read on, I have now removed the upper rear from the wagon to give me a Ranchero with stock cab height rather than the odd looking chopped offering from Revell some time ago. To achieve the low stance I’ve recessed the entire floor and chassis up inside the body, lowering the front inner wing tops and sectioning the bulkhead as necessary. The axles remain box stock and the chassis is above the rocker panel lower edge. Heres Gladys, the cause of all the work. And here’s where the bodies were cut. This is where the Ranchero currently sits.
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