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  1. There is currently a Tamiya Cheetah kit on EBay here in England with a eye watering £900.00 price tag, that’s approx $1160.00 to you guys ! I guess that it will remain available for the foreseeable future. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RARE-New-1978-Tamiya-Lamborghini-Cheetah-RC-Kit-58007-Sealed-Parts-NIB-1-12/174439117207?hash=item289d61b197:g:y6sAAOSwLcZeyYkx
  2. Recently purchased this Sling Shot re pop from an E Bay auction as it was a kit that I always wanted as a kid but never received. Only took a couple of days from start to finish, box stock except decals and a circular disc on the rear of the block to represent a bell housing and fill the gap between the engine and firewall .
  3. I was fortunate to meet Mrs Peel during a break in filming The Avengers, and yes she was in the catsuit, which left a far greater impression on a young schoolboy than my sitting in both the Elan and Bentley that day. I grew up in a small village close to Elstree studios where many ‘60s and ‘70s classics were produced and there was always something being shot in the surrounding area.
  4. Keith, Revell did produce small scale Harley kits, I have this which dates from the early ‘60s boxed for the U.K. market and is I believe 1:25 scale. Sadly the box is rather distressed, only has one of the two models present and is missing the rear tyre, but all that can be overlooked by its cool factor ! If anyone has a replacement rear tyre I will happily pay shipping to the U.K.
  5. Richard, I built one from a junk ‘59 Cadillac a couple of years back for a still unfinished garage diorama.
  6. The Mystery Machine sure is a fun build, sadly I got a little carried away with mine....
  7. Great work Alan, you’re correct that kit has potential, here’s my Bull Horn.
  8. Probably the same guy who fitted the rear shocks - there are none ! I deleted mine in the interests of authenticity.....
  9. Alan, the Australian Chrysler range was distributed here by the Warwick Wright group starting in 1966 with the VC and continued through to 1976 with the VK, there were many VH and VJ Chargers , only 1 known E38 but no E49’s. I ran the owners club here for some time and had around 6 VE’s , the VF , 2 VH wagons, and a VJ sedan. Most have succumbed to rust while many were broken for spares when the parts supply dried up here in the ‘80s prior to the club and the internet.
  10. The VF and VG coupes were essentially Darts. The VF had the ‘leaning tower of power’ slant 6 while the VG used the new upright hemi 6. The convertibles were built from coupes with much underbody strengthening. My VE sedan and VH wagon.
  11. This build bought back many happy memories for me as I owned a number of Australian Mopars, VE ‘s , VF’s and VH’s. Heres a shot of my old VF convertible .
  12. Thanks Nigel, I’m pleased that others remember Gladys too, she wasn’t a ground breaking money no object build just a neat, clean and well remembered car here in the U.K. Heres another later shot with the one off wheels and I think it had been bagged by this time.
  13. I was a regular at the Thurrock too in my Mopar, as I used to live in Hertfordshire, they were great times. Regarding the AMT ‘57 Ford kits, at first glance it seems the easy option , however they are hard tops not sedans so the side spear dips in the centre of the door rather than on the rear quarter as seen on the Revell wagon. I’m no rivet counter but it just wasn’t good enough even by my low standards ! Also the hard top body lacks door posts at the B pillar though that would be an easy fix. Lastly I had both Revell kits in the stash...
  14. Thanks David, I have the wagon body glued together just waiting for a tidy up prior to building, it will be low on Astro Supremes.
  15. https://kustomrama.com/wiki/Frank_Maratta's_1930_Ford https://www.hotrod.com/articles/historic-1930-ford-model-gasser-helped-establish-drag-racing-new-england/
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