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  1. Having just finished up building the Green Hornet as the box art Grasshopper and having a couple of the Black Widow kits in the stash, I will be watching your builds with some interest. Here is as hot of my finished Grasshopper, it can be found in the Drag Racing under glass section if you’d like some inspiration.
  2. This build of the ‘Grasshopper’ show and go car is based on the old Monogram ‘Green Hornet’ kit which was in turn based on the ‘Grasshopper’ 1:1 build, for reference I used the Rodder Journal feature of the full size clone which was painstakingly constructed by Dave Shuten at Galpin Motors. The Monogram kit is old, basic but nevertheless kinda neat and it’s inspiration is pretty obvious. I ditched many of the box parts including the grille sheet and insert, headlights, wheels and tyres, windshield and roof. The full length grille assembly from a Monogram deuce replaced the chopped kit item, interior panels with pleated inserts and a new dash with correct gauges completed the inside, rolling stock are Revell midget racer rear wheels and tyres while the rears are Revell model A with parts box slicks. The engine was ‘detailed’ with a scratched magneto and clear plug wires. The body was shot with rattle can BRG and clear coat , the firewall is chrome BMF. Sadly the build lacks the correct Grasshopper decals, I’ve not yet found anyone who has reproduced them, any offers ?
  3. Mock up looks great, this is how the revamped Rat Roadster should have been offered to us ! Yeah I appreciate all the work that would entail but we can dream…
  4. Nice work Steve, the Mystery Machine can certainly be a fun kit and an opportunity to let your imagination run wild.
  5. Sorry but I have no build shots of the T speedster, from memory I built forward from the original radiator using plastic sheet, filler and a modicum of ability until it resembled a Livingstone item.
  6. I carried out a fun build on this kit several years ago and ended with this.
  7. I’ve just successfully used this method to create 4 wheels and can highly recommend it to others. Thanks for the tutorial.
  8. The body was the b*stard child of of a previous project that involved mating a sedan roof and trunk with a wagon body to get the side trim I wanted. This left me with a wagon roof and tailgate mated to a sedan body which I later chopped into the Ranchero !
  9. Fantastic build, wouldn’t change a thing on that beauty.
  10. Firstly please let me apologise for yet another Revell ‘30 coupe but like everyone else I was excited by its re release. Mostly box stock, I couldn’t help putting my mark on it by converting the rear end to original crossmember, transverse spring and a quick change from the Challenger 1, swapped out the dirt tracker rear tyres, added the optional Deuce grille and made headlights from ‘36 buckets, 32 Phantom reflectors/lenses and Beetle front indicators as side lights. Finally the interior got a ‘40 Ford wheel.
  11. Nice work Phil, I particularly like the rear of the cab, when I did mine I deleted the roof overhang just to make the conversion easier.
  12. When I saw an article on this restored Ford coupe stock car I just knew that it had to be built. Originally owned and raced by Jim Travers, it was a regular on the New Hampshire area race tracks. The build combined both Revell and AMT parts along with resin wheels from ‘The
  13. That’s super nice, I’ve got 2 in my stash plus a promo but lack the confidence to do the kit justice, I’d be pleased if mine came out half as good .
  14. I built the ‘Truckin’ On Down’ boxed version some time ago, swopped out the front axle and the wheels to get it sitting right, and I think it turned out ok.
  15. The Revell Germany website lists the kit but will not allow U.K. residents to order directly “ as they no longer ship to the U.K. due to Brexit”. They never told us that when we voted on the issue !
  16. I’ve just ordered the 2 remaining kits from a French supplier for a very reasonable €66 including shipping to the U.K., absolutely no idea if or when they will arrive, but it’s great to get the drop on you guys in the states occasionally. Lol
  17. Slick, check out ‘The Parts Box’ website for blown flatties. They are happy to ship overseas and I can recommend their parts and service. https://www.thepartsbox.com/product-category/the-parts-box/engines-drivetrain/engine-kits/
  18. Great build Scott, I too had to combine the Serpent with the Bull Horn to get a decent result.
  19. These are all I have I’m afraid.
  20. As I recall the body would not sit on the frame correctly with the inner fenders in place and after a number of unsuccessful attempts to trim parts away I lost interest and the will to live.
  21. I have 2 examples of the ‘51 kit languishing in boxes having lost patience with the inner fenders…..
  22. This car was the inspiration for the build, though I couldn’t find the picture when work began and my memory is not what it was I’m afraid.
  23. Used up some leftover parts for this one, frame is from the early issue pick up and was lengthened about 5mm to better centre the wheels in the arches, while the body is from the Street Rod box with the blower hole filled.
  24. Nice work Michael, I like where you are going with this one. Here’s my take on the gasser Jeep to give you some inspiration.
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