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  1. Nice build, this is one of my favourite TD kits that could have been full size back in the day.
  2. Good spot Tim yes they are, the Plymouth wheels were the nearest I could find in my stash and I was pretty sure I’d never find the real deal.
  3. I’m a little unsure as to which section of the forum this fits being a mid sized truck but I’ll park it here for now and slowly back away. This is the result of combining a Revell ‘50 Ford F1 pick up and an Italeri Opel Blitz truck by someone who has never seen either in the flesh. The bed of the Opel was shortened by approx 10mm to get the front wheels centred in the newl enlarged fender openings and various frame cross membered were moved or deleted to make way for the flathead and matching Ford mount. Bumper and grille were dechromed and painted to add to the commercial feel along with scratch built turn signal lamps. A rummage in the parts box found some suitable crates and barrels for the bed then everything received a generous coating of weathering powders. I’m not claiming any sort of accuracy with this build but I do like the result and it has cleared 2 kits from the stash.
  4. Absolutely stunning ! I love everything about this build, well done.
  5. I really like this kit and have several in my stash, the body to fender fit seems to be a common problem and I found it tricky with my last build. It’s great to see something a bit different done with this kit, I’d have never thought of an asylum !
  6. I have an unstarted Rough Rider for sale on EBay here in the U.K. that I’m happy to ship if you want to deal ?
  7. Nice work on you LARC so far, strangely there were 2 abandoned LX-50’s in a yard near the Portsmouth shipyards here in the U.K. for many years that I think have now gone.
  8. Yes but I didn’t make that clear - my bad, mine will be all ‘32 ! I have a set of resin Indy wheels and tyres ready, just been waiting for the kit to land.
  9. Here are a couple shots of both roadster windshield areas confirming that deleting the Duval would be pretty straightforward. Personally I will be aiming for this with my 1st build.
  10. It seems that nearly all the DS parts including the interior panels are included (I don’t recall seeing the hood )and yes the frame is notched for the exhausts.
  11. Pleased to announce that my roadster kits arrived via France today, can’t wait to get started on one.
  12. The fringe is 2mm waxed cord for a hobby store that is pre coloured and I think it’s for beading. I cut what seemed like hundreds of short lengths then set them into a bead of Modge Podge around the canopy, once the glue had set I carefully trimmed them to length with a scalpel.
  13. Great rebuild Al, here’s my red convertible that was inspired by a real one I saw at Bonneville one year.
  14. Had this MPC military jeep kit on the shelf gathering dust and decided to build it Surrey style as I haven’t seen it done. The kit has the Surrey canopy included but that’s about it, the rest is left to the builder. I had no idea just how many differences there were to make a civilian version let alone a Surrey Gala until I began researching on the web. Delete transfer box, front prop and axle, move fuel tank from under the driver’s seat to between the chassis rails at the rear, convert to seating for 3 up front, one piece windshield , column shift, bumpers & irons, rear mounted spare and tailgate delete. Not one of my best builds but it will join the rest in the cabinet gathering dust.
  15. Sorry about that, I’ve been watching their site daily and they 1st appeared today. I think it said 9 available when I ordered just before I posted here, keep watching the website.
  16. Here you go Les, I’ve used them in the past without problems and can recommend. https://www.scale-model-boulevard.com/
  17. Just ordered 2 from a French supplier as Germany will no longer ship to the U.K. and they should be with me before the end of the month.
  18. Thanks guys, the finished build can be found in the Drag Racing Under Glass section.
  19. So I finally finished up my Rusty the 3100 drag pickup, you can find the build photos in the Drag Racing On The Bench section of the forum. Pretty happy with the results considering my only reference material was the above video and a few pictures stolen from the owner/ builders Facebook page. Im thick skinned so all comments are welcome.
  20. I happened upon this YouTube a few months back and just knew I had to build it. Started with AMT’s stock Chevy 3100 truck kit, added the chassis from the Revell SSR pickup then set to with the saw. Rear axle is from a Revell ‘32 coupe, the engine, exhausts and wheels are from a pro street Chevelle ( I hand drilled all the wheel holes) and the bed floor is coffee stirrers. Lots of parts box bits & pieces were sacrificed along the way. Paint is aerosol primer with sponge & brush applied rust top coat. There have been several versions but this is my favourite guise. Mines not a 100% recreation but there’s no mistaking what it’s based on ! I’ve finished up the truck today and will soon post up some photos in the Drag Racing Under Glass section. Thanks for looking.
  21. Having just finished up building the Green Hornet as the box art Grasshopper and having a couple of the Black Widow kits in the stash, I will be watching your builds with some interest. Here is as hot of my finished Grasshopper, it can be found in the Drag Racing under glass section if you’d like some inspiration.
  22. This build of the ‘Grasshopper’ show and go car is based on the old Monogram ‘Green Hornet’ kit which was in turn based on the ‘Grasshopper’ 1:1 build, for reference I used the Rodder Journal feature of the full size clone which was painstakingly constructed by Dave Shuten at Galpin Motors. The Monogram kit is old, basic but nevertheless kinda neat and it’s inspiration is pretty obvious. I ditched many of the box parts including the grille sheet and insert, headlights, wheels and tyres, windshield and roof. The full length grille assembly from a Monogram deuce replaced the chopped kit item, interior panels with pleated inserts and a new dash with correct gauges completed the inside, rolling stock are Revell midget racer rear wheels and tyres while the rears are Revell model A with parts box slicks. The engine was ‘detailed’ with a scratched magneto and clear plug wires. The body was shot with rattle can BRG and clear coat , the firewall is chrome BMF. Sadly the build lacks the correct Grasshopper decals, I’ve not yet found anyone who has reproduced them, any offers ?
  23. Mock up looks great, this is how the revamped Rat Roadster should have been offered to us ! Yeah I appreciate all the work that would entail but we can dream…
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