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  1. Sweet! I just watched the Round 2 releases for May should see it soon.
  2. Very Nice! I can think of a few Modified's for the back of those I'll take a few of them
  3. I can't wait this is gonna be great to have this magazine back again I'd also like to contribute some articles! Only thing that would make me happier is to get the Slot Cars Magazine going again!
  4. Sure would make some awesome slot cars I would buy a bunch of them!
  5. I remember buying this in Two Guy's dept store back in the 70's I can't wait to buy it again those MPC Drag kits were always at the top of my list
  6. Can't wait I am a huge fan of those Modified Stocker Kits and that 63 Ford Galaxy has so many possibilities last time I remember seeing that one it was in a set with 2 other kits a Tbird and a 57 Fairlane think in the early 90's pretty sure I still have it my sons built the Tbird and Fairlane I kept the Galaxie I will buy a few of them for sure.
  7. I have always been a big fan of the AMT Modified Stockers I'll buy a few of all of them and build a few slot cars out of them too!
  8. I Would love to see that on the shelves I'll take a few of them
  9. Black with White Stripes looks really Nice!! Great Job
  10. Working on a project this is one of my Dad's Cars does anyone know where I could find a set of black finned aluminum "WIEAND" valve covers like in the engine picture?
  11. This is one of my Favorite Models a 1970 Chevelle Wagon The photo of the one parked in the street is in front of Pfeiffer's Speed Shop In Troy , New York where my Dad Worked would have been right around that time 1970-1971 he ordered it right from Bumstead Chevrolet in Troy it was ordered it with a 402 and a 4-speed he always tells me when he ordered it they weren't sure if it was going to be a small block or big block because that was the year Chevrolet came out with the 400 small block some how I think that car was a compromise with my Mom. My Dad being a Drag Racer and at that time having 3 small kids what a perfect combo a 4 door station wagon with a big block and a four speed I remember him changing the ring and pinion gear to 4:11's my older brother and I use to sit in the back seat and say "Goose it Daddy" we would get sucked into the seat so hard we couldn't move till this day even last weekend he still says boy wish I could find my old Wagon. Anyway body is a F&F resin cast 72 chevelle wagon body I used the front fenders and cowl hood from AMT's 70 Chevelle and the chassis plate from a AMT 65 El Camino finished in Lacquer I built it back in like 1995.
  12. That kit really looks good for me that kit will be a super stocker would fall into the s/s class can't wait!!
  13. Revell has the 57 Ford Del Rio Ranch Wagon on their web site to be out this month!
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