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  1. Go Mango is not metalflake, try Testors Extreme Lacquer Flaming Orange.
  2. It's just that this kit can be bought at Hobby Lobby for less than 14 bucks, with coupon, and that's pretty close to what shipping on the kit that you pay forward will be. And besides that, it could go on clearance soon for $7.49.
  3. I store them in an old photo album with the clear magnetic pages. It keeps them airtight, and doesn't seem to damage them in any way. It's also very easy to flip through to find what your looking for.
  4. Krylon has a paint called "Make it Suede" that looks a lot like cloth.
  5. Revell could convert the Honcho pickup into one of these, couldn't they?
  6. How To Build an Engine: 1. Place all parts in plastic bag. 2. Add plenty of glue. 3. Close bag, and shake well. 4. Dump out completed engine.
  7. Yeah, I want one! Not an $80 resin kit, but this one in this box!
  8. I've still got an unbuilt one in the baby blue plastic.
  9. I agree too. I like to build models that look like something you might see at a 1/1 car show, and of all of the 1/1 car shows I've been to, I've never asked the owner of a car to flip it over so I could see if the chassis looked right.
  10. Great to see that 65 Fairlane stocker. That is one I've never had, but always wanted. When will it be available?
  11. Why does it have an entertainment center stuck to the back?
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