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  1. I just wanted to see how many "someone reacteds "I'd get by posting that. So far only 4(I'm disappointed).
  2. I can't believe that this has generated 6 pages of responses! Forget about it already!
  3. Click the message, click the little box, click delete.
  4. I like the show, but I think he should use a knife or sprue cutter to remove parts from the trees, instead of twisting and ripping them off.
  5. WOW, a lousy garbage truck and a bunch of space ships. What a waste of time. There's 20 minuets of life I'll never get back.
  6. That kit is sitting on the shelf at Hobby Lobby right now.
  7. Well, I think you've knocked off all the rust, it looks great. The colors are perfect!
  8. My thoughts, exactly! I still stop in about once a week, just to see if they got anything new, because I drive right by there all the time. Lately I just drive right by.
  9. You da man, Ray! Thank You! PM on the way.
  10. Yeah, maybe if they would get some kits that haven't been sitting on their shelves for the last 3 or 4 years.
  11. Where did you get the "Purple Haze" decals? I'd like to get some of those for a 57 Ford wagon gasser I'm planning to build.
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