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  1. I just ordered one from Spotlight Hobbies last night and it shipped this morning.
  2. If the paint still sprays you can still use it, right out of the can. I've done it with no problems.
  3. Check Hobby Lobby in about November, maybe they'll have it by then, but I wouldn't count on it.
  4. The Revell 41 Chevy pickup has some. They are plain white letters, and say PLEASANT ACRES FARM. There's one for each door, and one for the tailgate. Send me a PM if you want them, I don't think I'll ever use them.
  5. I'm all for it, as long as I get to have a couple whacks.
  6. There should be laws against doing these things to a Corvette(or any car). I vote for life in prison without parole.
  7. They had these at my Hobby Lobby today, if anyone is interested(I wasn't). They were just unpacking a bunch of big boxes, and there were a lot of kits, but this was the only new one that I could see.
  8. So, do you think you could tell us where you got this, or, maybe give us a website(link)?
  9. Yeah, I figured that out. I guess people should read what is being quoted, and not just the quote.
  10. Yeah, it can be confusing when the subject of the original thread isn't talked about for three, or four pages.
  11. It's on the shelf at Hobby Lobby right now. The person was referring to the AMT 59 Imperial when they said "it's on the shelf at Hobby Lobby right now." Hope that clears that up. What is this supposed to mean?
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