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  1. How many of the mini boxes do you need for this? Does anyone know which kits the mini boxes came in? I don't want to look through every AMT kit I have.
  2. The decals that I have are black and white with a little bit of yellow. I don't know anything about making decals, but I thought that they could be copied onto a clear decal sheet with a color printer. Maybe I'm wrong, I don't know.
  3. I really just want the one decal, not the entire sheet. I thought there might be someone, with a copier, and a sheet of decal paper that could make multiple copies of that ONE decal that I could pay to do so. I just don't want to have to pay for a stack of Racers Wedge decals that I have no use for.
  4. I just want some copies of the "East Side Super Cars Inc." decals that are on the Racers Wedge kit that was just released. I have the decal, and a complete sheet. I just need some copies of that one decal.
  5. I think it's every other week, so that would be twice a month. Now if they can get something on the shelves that hasn't been there for the last two or three years, I might actually buy something.
  6. I have a decal that I would like to have multiple copies of. Is there anyone that could make copies if I furnish the decal? I tried the Wanted section, with no luck. Thanks
  7. Pentel "Sunburst" Metallic, medium point. Bought it at Hobby Lobby(I think), and yes it's a ball point. It also works good on interior trim and dashes. Chris(HPI GUY) uses one all the time. I quoted the wrong post, but you get the idea.
  8. I like to use a metallic silver gel pen, works pretty good.
  9. I got the resin tuck & roll interior upgrade set from Ed Fluck(I think) and fixed that problem.
  10. I just finished one recently, and i built one over 50 years ago. I loved it then, and it still builds up as good as it did back then. It is a great kit, great parts fit, and looks great when finished. One of AMT's best ever kits.
  11. Still looking for these.
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