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  1. Snake is right! Don't use Fusion on models, but the regular Krylon "Colormaster" (couple bucks a can cheaper)works good. Even though the can says paint&primer, I still use Krylon primer with it. I usually use the cheap paints on the interior, chassis, and engine, and use Tamiya or Testors lacquer on the bodies, but I have used Krylon on a few bodies too, and it works fine.
  2. I've used Krylon, with their primer many times, and it works fine for me. Just use thin, quick coats, and you will get a nice smooth, shiney finish. I think Chris "HPI GUY" did a video on painting models with cheap spray paint.
  3. That's a great looking 48! I just built this kit a few months ago, and loved everything about it, except the hood fit at the cowl, but I finally got it to look pretty good. I want to find another one(coupe or sedan delivery), they're great kits.
  4. I won't try to answer your questions because, like Steve said you will get a hundred different answers to the same thing. I will offer a suggestion though. If this is going to be your first attempt at a plastic kit, I would start with something other than the 57 Chevy Pro Sportsman kit. It is not an easy "beginner" kit, but there are many kits that are simpler to build and will be less likely to discourage a new builder, and will still produce a nice model. I've been building for years, and I'm still working my way up to Revell's Pro Sportsman kits.
  5. I don't care if they have 40% off sales if it's on the same old kits. I always have a coupon, so if they were to ever get something new, I can use that.
  6. You would think that with all of the nice 57 Chevys that Revell has done recently, that a Nomad would be a natural for them. It seems like they would have a good start with the other kits.
  7. I can't remember any vinyl roofs on any car that had the seam down the center of the top. All of them that I remember had the seams(2) running down both sides.
  8. Really? Nobody used the white stripes, or hockey stripes and has the black rally stripes laying around?
  9. The Flame Red is a great interior color, it's not too bright(just like me).
  10. Yes, they are different. I have the Z-28 stripes too, and I would use them, but I already applied one stripe to the hood, and it was OK, but it was such a nightmare to get to lay down, that I don't want to start over.
  11. I need the black rally stripe decals for the Revell 69 Camaro convertible. One side worked OK, but the other side fell apart. I have a lot of decals to trade.
  12. How do I do it without messing up the paint?
  13. Where did you get that blue Olds in the background? I'd sure like to have one of those!
  14. Try Lowes, they have a lot of Krylon paint, and it's less than 4 bucks a can.
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