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  1. That's the stuff! Thanks Jonathan! I wonder what the black looks like?
  2. I was in Hobby Lobby today, and saw that they now have Testors chrome lacquer in spray cans. Has anyone tried this, or know anything about it? It comes in chrome and black, I'm not sure if the black is a base coat, or what. I didn't want to buy any until I know more about it(it's 10 bucks a can).
  3. I'm with James. I think that the act of posting pictures of your builds opens you up to comments(praise or criticism). If your skin isn't thick enough to accept help from someone that might have a better way of doing something, then don't post pics.
  4. I agree with Mike that telling someone who posts pics of multiple models with sloppy paint, no chrome trim, poor decal work, etc. that their builds are "great" when they really aren't. I've learned so much, just by reading the comments of some of the great builders here, that I'm actually building pretty decent stuff(once in a while). I only wish I had the ability to post pics here, not for any false praise, but for helpful comments that would make me better.
  5. Same here. Maybe he should not post pictures of kits that he doesn't want to trade...….naaaaa, that wouldn't make any sense.
  6. Mine is in the same mall that the gym I go to is in, about 10 min. from home(freeway all the way).
  7. Mask off whatever you don't want carpeted, spray with paint the color of your carpet, dump embossing powder, straight from the jar, on the wet paint, let paint dry, dump extra powder on paper and back into jar, unmask, you got instant carpet. Works every time.
  8. Yeah, I offered to trade one of the kits on his list of wants for one of the kits in the pic, and he said he needed to think about it. Figure that one out.
  9. You'd have your work cut out for you just to get those goofy looking headlights to look right.
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