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  1. I'd like to know this too! Is there anywhere that we can order one?
  2. I think he meant the engine color. A 383 Magnum would be orange.
  3. I'd have to clean mine up to get it that good. I bet you know exactly where everything is.
  4. RichCostello

    Cars in Songs

    I prefer the FOGHAT version.
  5. I just thought this might be the case, since there is nothing wrong with the Revell 63 Impala chassis. Why would anyone go through the trouble of swapping a chassis when it's not needed? However, the AMT 63 Impala Chassis isn't that good, and the 62 convertible chassis is much better, I thought that would make more sense. I apologize for trying to make sense. Oh yeah, I know what the title states, and I know Revell has a 62 Impala.
  6. I wonder if maybe he's thinking AMT 62 Impala convertible chassis under the Amt 63 Impala?
  7. Almost every thread on this forum goes off topic. Something that's not funny to you, might be funny to someone else. If you can't take a little joke than don't read it. Not sorry.
  8. Other than a very few cars, I don't think it ever recovered.
  9. I'd like to have one of those 70 Corvairs, just to see what it looks like.
  10. Too bad(or maybe not)I'll be the only one who sees it. I don't have the camera, or technical ability for pictures. Wish I did!
  11. I'm thinking that nobody wants to turn a kit loose for a Snap kit.
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