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  1. Everyone looks at (and sees) things differently. I don't think the AMT 63 Vette is that bad. I built one in the 60s when I was a kid, and while I don't really remember how it went together, I do remember finishing it, and it looked pretty good for a build by a 10-12 year old kid. I have one in the stash that I plan to build someday, and it looks fairly good to me. The OP thinks it's junk, and that's his opinion, which is his right to have. I'm not going to beat him up, and act like he doesn't know how to build a model just because his opinion is not the same as mine. I just built the AMT Chevy van (Rescue Van) and in my opinion it is the worst excuse for a kit that I have ever seen. It has an engine, but you have to cut the hood open if you want to see it. It has some rescue type equipment, if you want to cut the rear doors open to see them. It does not have any interior door panels, so if you want any interior details (window cranks, door handles, etc.) I guess you have to scratch build those too. the parts fit is terrible, the instructions are terrible, and I'm pretty sure that this kit was not issued in the early 60s, so you can't use that for an excuse, it's just a terrible kit. If anyone thinks that the Rescue Van kit is a good kit, that's OK with me, I DON'T CARE, it's not going to change my mind about it because I have the right to an opinion, just like everybody else. Some people here seem to bash every new kit that comes along, no matter how good the kit is, but when anybody else voices their opinion about some old worn out reissue that they just wasted 40 bucks on they get told that they have not got the well developed modeling skills that you have.
  2. I sold GMCs when these came out, and you would be surprised at how many people call them Arcadias.
  3. This model isn't worth wasting any more money on photo etch, or decals. It's garbage!
  4. Try building the old AMT Chevy Rescue Van. It will make you think that the Vette aint so bad after all. I think that they are going to reissue this blob of plastic again too. It will probably have COKE decals, and a $40+ price tag this time!
  5. OK, I guess I'll have to try it myself.
  6. Has anyone tried this new paint from Walmart? It's 5 bucks fir a 10 oz. can, and there are a lot of interesting colors.
  7. Throw the instructions away, and wing it. You'll be much better off. It is not a good kit.
  8. Yeah, I only did the bottom half of the engine, and after disassembling most of what I had done, I finally got it to fit (sort of), but if you follow the instructions, it is not going to work. The fact that this is an old kit doesn't fly with me. I've built a lot of AMT's kits, like the 53 Ford PU, 40 Fords, 58 Impala, 59 El Camino, etc. that are a lot older than this worthless kit, and they all fit together great.
  9. Has anyone built this mess of a kit? I'm attempting to build it now, but I'm not sure I'll be able to get through it without tossing it against the wall! I was doing OK, in spite of the poor fitting parts, no mounting points, and insane instructions, but then I got to installing the engine, and it's like they put the wrong engine in the kit. once I did tear apart most of what I had built, and crammed the engine into the frame, the drive shaft is way too long. The front suspension is a nightmare too. I would already tossed it back in the box, and moved on to the next kit, but the two tone paint job on the body looks pretty good. Is it just me, or is this kit really as terrible as I think it is?
  10. Has anyone tried the AMT 67 Chevelle Pro Street chassis with the GTO body?
  11. From the looks of some of the extra parts in this kit (4barrel carb/manifold, traction bars, 4 speed console) it seems like a street machine version might happen in the future. Anybody know if this is a possibility?
  12. So, Hobby Lobby should have them in stock by 2027.
  13. Yeah, I realize that! All you have to do is walk through the store to figure that out. I don't think they give a rat's rear end about car models(or modelers). They are more interested in selling $600 doll houses, and $200 pieces of furniture that look like they came from a yard sale.
  14. I was not talking about the models, but all the other junk that fills the other 99% of the store!
  15. If that's the case, then how are the online stores able to get new kits? If the smaller operations can figure out how to get kits, I think HL should be able to get them too. They don't seem to have any problem keeping the rest of the overpriced BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH that they sell on the shelves. How much of that stuff comes from other countries, and why are they not having issues?
  16. Did your Jimmy kit have a badly warped roof, like both of the kits that I got at HL?
  17. Keith Marks wants $19 for a sheet of decals, and I can buy the whole kit for $19 at HL. I'd still rather trade for a set of the stripes, but I guess nobody has any.
  18. I bought the AMT 72 Jimmy at HL and the top was badly warped, so I returned it for a refund. When HL got more in, I bought another one, and it was the same way. Has anyone else had this problem? Are there any aftermarket parts available for this kit? I'd like to find a soft top, or bikini top for it, but I'll probably just build it without a top if I can't find something else.
  19. I get to watch a Super Bowl without Tom Brady in it!
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