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  1. Acme is a very detailed brand! they usually run just above 100.00! A good place to shop is either diecastmodelswholesale.com, or supercar1.com! Ebay is kind of ok depending on the brand and who is selling them. Maisto is a great starter brand and they can usually be found for cheap at costco.
  2. A working slider? That is awesome. Cant wait to see it slid open! I prefer sliders in my trucks anyways lol.
  3. When i worked at napa, I would by the cp cars! I had all three 57s at one point! The hard top was my favorite of all.
  4. Yes! the rear quarters on the bed include the wheel arches. Also the tail lights are slightly different on the 87 and up trucks!
  5. I will try to post when i do! I dont have photobucket.
  6. I have a question. Do any of you know if the motormax 55 stepside bed will line up with the 66 Chevy c10? Im thinking about ordering both, so i can make the 66 a stepside.
  7. I would copy the silverados. Much more accurate in my opinion.
  8. That is looking awesome! Loving the mean look with the wide body.
  9. I remember building one of those when i was like 14!
  10. If they made the 93 to 97 bluebird, then i could make a replica of my first car.
  11. Wait which one is the 1:1 j/k! Looks very much like the real one! I love when people do replicas of their 1:1 vehicles.
  12. If it were painted grabber blue, It would have matched my uncles eliminator clone!
  13. If you have a brookfield chevy van or two, they can be cut down for the cab. Being the cab of the topkick is the same sheet metal as the full size chevy vans from 96 to when ever.
  14. I have the yellow one! I love it. I added a set of corvette rallies to it for a street rod look.
  15. I love the GMCs of that era. Especially the 60-61! Your truck looks fantastic. Are you going to modify the dash to the correct gmc dash?
  16. I remember watching a snipit of Jay Leno's Garage. They had one on the show, and they confirmed that it was a ford y block.
  17. Id like to get my hands on the plain red with the black vinyl top! It closely represents my youngest sisters dads 69 malibu! I think shed love to have it on her shelf.
  18. I believe the aoshima datsun is 1/24th, and the revell is 1/25th scale! I bought both at the same time, so i could use the topper from the aoshima kit.Found out it was wider lol.
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